Kris Kristofferson - The Junkie And The Juicehead, Minus Me Lyrics

I was a stumble bummin' down the neon Music City sidewalks
With the Junkie and the Juicehead who had problems of their own
Stuck with luck it kept me standin' just a step away from starvin'
And the talent that I swore I'd show before I'd go back home
Ninety days I looked the army makin' neither love nor money
And my only set of clothes was gettin' closer to the bone
And the Junkie placed an order with the Prophet on the corner
And he told him of the soul that he'd been sellin' for a song
He said my future was my fortune but I let it slip away
Slowly smokin' myself broke on eighty cigarettes a day
Findin' out that crime ain't all there is that doesn't pay
And writin' words that no one's gonna see but did you said it who said it
I can read my fortune in the bottom of a glass
And I can see it's time for me to make my last request
Won't you fill my grave with whiskey when I'm laid away to rest
So the boys can say I drank myself to dead
Well I drank the whole thing over puttin' one and two together
And it added up to more of what I didn't want to be
I ain't blamin' Music City but it's only gonna see me
One more day and the wake up and the time it takes to leave
Cause I got a dirty picture of what could have been my future
In a Prophet pushin' day dreams on a corner for a fee
And the wino lookin' lonely at a bottle gettin' empty
And a hungry lookin' junkie huntin' tea in sympathy
And I bet that junkie's laughin' after the life he threw away
Slowly smokin' himself broke on eighty cigarettes a day
Pleadin' down the Prophet to a price that he can pay
And writin' words that no one's gonna see but did you said it who said it
Every empty bottle is my private crystal ball
And starin' into the future findin' nothin' there at all
Which is what I'll miss tomorrow when the neon shadows fall
On the Junkie and the Juicehead minus me

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Kris Kristofferson The Junkie And The Juicehead, Minus Me Comments
  1. Dennis Piot

    I grew up thinking Kris Kristofferson was following all the others but I'll be damned this is one of the best songwriters in the world

  2. Gianmarco Groppelli, hillbilly


  3. Lucille Meisenhelder

    As always a song with a meaningful message. Love ya Kris..

  4. just4music

    Still blows me away how biggestkkfan expertly edited this, esp when "who said" is sung and Kris is shown mouthing just those words!

  5. Ricky Brogden

    Has anyone ever looked up the lyrics for this song? It is sad how they all blew it

  6. szs voc

    utnbe/google,, communits criminals that block comments

  7. Bernie Morrissey

    A modern day poet actor and a long time fav.

  8. Anne Milne

    Some of the best lyrics ever written were by kris in my opinion and sang with real emotion and what a honey 🤩💋🦜🥵🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  9. Kine Fjellheim

    :-) lOVE

  10. Brenda Watchorn

    What a talent and the looks oh my what a cutie, I've always loved you Mr Kris Kristofferson xoxox

  11. Trish Mckeigan

    I thought I had save ever Kris song he ever made - then I found this one, which I saved mainly to look at those fantastic clips of the "young(er) Kris) Gorgeous then - and at 80 he still is ( + NOW )

  12. just4music

    Tina, you're the best ever. Thank you! Love this one SOOOOOOO much! xoxo


    Thank you and keep watching! 😉 This has always been one of my very favourite songs of Kris. It's such a smart cute song, so much irony in his words. I was happy to be able to create a video to it.

  13. just4music

    This video is SO good. Thank you for making this!!! I watch it everyday b/c I love this song and Kris' voice xoxo


    Thank you! Glad you like it 😊

  14. Elaine Creighton

    Love this song, have tickets to see Kris was supposed to be in January and now been pushed to February. Can't wait to see to see him again last time was in the 80's and have wanted to do it again ever since.


    That's a long time ago! Enjoy the concert!

    Elaine Creighton

    @biggestkkfan thank you, I know that I will.

    Ricky Allen

    @Elaine Creighton Where's he playing ?

  15. just4music

    Loved Kris forever but never realized so many much fun as John Prine, what a songwriter! xoxo


    Yes, he often is slimmed down to his 4 best-known songs, which probably are Me and Bobby McGee (and many people still don't know he is the songwriter of this famous song), Sunday morning coming down (and here too many people think it's a song Johnny wrote), Why me, Lord and Foor the good times (I bet most people that love this song, also don't know who the songwriter was).
    Isn't that just sad??? He has written so many great songs... I love each of them 😊


    @biggestkkfan I'm so glad I found your channel, thank you!


    @just4music glad you like it! Enjoy 😊

  16. Danny Foley

    goodbsong back then

  17. TheDudeOutfHisElemen

    He would have been great as a rock singer. I don't know why A Star Is Born didn't teach him that. It's a shame but I guess he was into country music so be it.

  18. James Dunn

    The cowboy boots shown at 0:36 are well worn and I believe not only has he worn 'em since time begain he still does....wear 'em.

  19. Chris Sawyer

    this was the year I turned 21... juicehead right outa the gate.

  20. gocciadiluna057

    I love this man

  21. Zarathustra

    shit i thought your name said biggest *kkk* fan for a second

  22. Hartmuth Malorny

    great video!


    Thank you! Glad you like it.

  23. Clarence Bodicker

    My favorite line is the bottles are private crystal balls I live that line everyday

  24. Blondiegrrl

    I must have watched this video at least 100 times over the past 6 months or so. This is one of my favorite Kris songs, and I love that it has so many clips from Cisco Pike (my favorite film of his). You did a fantastic job with the video!


    Thank you! I'm glad you like the video AND the song 😃


    @Culture Comes Alive I made a video with The pilgrim. You'll find it in my channel 😊


    @Culture Comes Alive


    same here; love this video by biggestkkfan and love this song by Kris xoxo

  25. horst hause

    es gibt kaum ein lied was ich von ihm nicht mag einfach toll.

  26. skater girl

    you make the BEST videos....


    Thank you very much! I'm really glad you like them :-)

  27. Ilene Armstrong

    my favorite Kris song is the only exception I am listening to at the time until I hear his next song and that goes on until I've heard them all and it starts all over again

  28. Bel

    I think you did a fantastic job


    Rosie Rosie Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it

  29. Ilene Armstrong

    love this song, that is talent

  30. Derek dawe

    Thankyou !

  31. Turid Heimdal Sakariassen

    Love it too ...

  32. Traci Van Velsor

    I love Kris Kristophersib,

  33. Iron Feliks

    I heard that Shaquille O'neil's ex girlfriend said Shaq has a tiny penis...I also heard that wearing a hat makes you bald

  34. Bob Schillemore

    Pretty Awesome!

  35. george stamps

    Love it!

  36. lindagal

    Have now received - and watched (twice) the dvd of the bio. Wonderful stuff - doesn't he look young though? Thanks for help. Have also been listening to a more recent cd of an Austin City Limits performance and note that he still sings "Help Me Make It......." and @For the Good Times" back to back and sounds as though he's "makin' myself depressed" as he does on the early Artbound recordng! Such songs are ageless and timeless.


    +biggestkkfan Hi. "Breakthrough" dvd was waiting for me when I got home from shot break by the sea. Wonderful interviews and performances of older and more recent songs - interesting running order, sometimes. Now going to look up the political situation at the time, to which he was responding. We here knew something was going on in Nicaragua, but probably not the whole story. Hadn't realised that 3 of KK's kids are adopted. Will definitely watch this dvd again - probably many times.


    +lindagal I did some of the things you're doing also when I heard or read some of his songs or inteviews for the first time. For his adopted kids, it was the daughters of a nanny of his kids after she was shot by her hubby. He also has 8 kids, the youngest born in 1994.


    +biggestkkfan but I think he talked about them in Breakthrough, right?


    +biggestkkfan Think he says he adopted 3 little girls "out of there" whjen he was talking about Nicaragua. Will watch again to check. . Another amazing performance of "Under the Gun" on this dvd.


    @lindagal I read he had to be in hospital because of pneumonia that he had caught while being in Peru with Dennis Hopper who was doing "The last movie" there and had invited Kris to come over. In hospital, he didn't shave and grew a beard. Janis did Me and BobbyMcGee at a concert and because of that some newspaper man took a pic of Kris when he was leaving the hospital. Kris liked the pic and kept the beard... Something like that...

  37. lindagal

    Hi, again. Sorry to be a pest, but where did the documentary footage come from, please? There's so much KK around that I can't access over here ("The Last Movie"etc) - or can't play because it's region locked ("Songwriter" etc). Tantalising glimpses of footage on Youtube are great, though, so thanks again.


    +lindagal You aren't a pest, I'm glad if someone shows some interest :-) The docu footage is from a broadcast at the biography channel. Youtube has removed my uploads of it... But the good news, it's available on DVD now! Check the link- It's about 45 min long and was produced in 1999. The disc is DVD-R format. No HD, but quality is OK.


    +biggestkkfan Thanks a million for the information - have now ordered this. Adding to my collection by the day!

    shurshot 2

    Just checked and It's not available anymore. !!! @lindagal

  38. lindagal

    Brilliant, again. You are so good at this. I love this song - the humour doesn't completely mask the truth of the sentiments - something he's very good at. I watch this regularly when I haven't time to watch a whole movie, but need a "Kris fix". Thank you.


    +lindagal Thank you! Glad you like it. He is a real poet...


    +biggestkkfan another "quick fix" before I have to get out of bed and face the day! All Kris' early stuff got me through a bad time 45 years ago - and it's helping again. Kris Kristofferson as therapy.............

    Karen Tierney

    He's my therapy husband was a double for him, as a matter of fact, when he was in the hospital in '85 after a car accident, his nurses called him Kris because he looked so much like watching these videos is like therapy for husband passed in's like looking at my Brian...have always loved his music, from the first time I saw him on TV with Rita in early 70's. His music is heartfelt and the words! Kris is a brilliant poet/songwriter and , in his words, "Stands for the underdog", his music tells the truth and is always beautifully done!

    Karen Tierney

    Thanks for putting these out for all of us fans to enjoy!

  39. Dolly Price

    Love it!

  40. Sukiaki Deni

    Keep it Country ace DIGGA

  41. ChicagoJan

    Great job on this video. Can't believe how young he is in some of those clips!! Choice footage here. A treasure! Thanks! :-)

  42. Ana R Perez Martin

    te comiaaa to tu caraa oleee

  43. Joann Wood

    To quote x wife Rita Collidge "What's not to love about Kris?"

  44. o ceallaigh

    thank you biggest fan      you have just made my day brighter    great stuff .go raibh maith agat mo chara


    Thank you. I'm glad I could brighten up your day :-) Keep watching!

  45. Sea Shore

    This is Emily, Tina....incredible job on one of my favorite songs....then again, all the vids you put together are incredible. You ought to be a film producer!  :-)   Thanks!!


    Thanks a lot, Emily :-) That's a nice option for my next life lol I remember your name Sea... from the Kris list, I think?

  46. Elias McDaniel

    Thanks for posting all this great KK stuff, biggestkkfan.  This one is has Roger Miller all over it:  the narrative, the rhymes, the bass line, the guitar strum cadence and that full-beat stop. Kris's tone and phrasing is classic Roger (just listen to the upward inflection in "stuck with luck").  Love it.


    Thanks for watching and commenting. Love it too.

  47. collette bellpainter



    Thanks for your comment. Glad you like it.

    Anny Martinsen

    biggestkkfan love you

  48. jan tijssen

    very good song, Kris

  49. Gay Reynolds

    You truly are a fan. Thanks for all the super work you do bringing this icon to you tube. I have been in love with Kris since I saw him at the concert scene in Phoenix during the shooting of "A Star Is Born" with Barbara Streisand. God that was one hell of a party. I can actually see myself in the crowd scene right up front. Wild and crazy times.


    Thanks for your nice comment. I'm glad you enjoy my videos. Keep watching them.

  50. Sharon Edland

    Thank you for your hard work on this.


    Thank you for watching and commenting. Glad you like it :-)

  51. James Patterson

    6 of november 2014 just seen it well dun matwe

  52. Catherine S. Todd

    Another fabulous video! Thank you so much. Can hardly believe Kris is 78 years old - wow. 

  53. Catherine S. Todd

    "Me and Bobby McGee" is obviously a sincere experience for the thousand present, and they let him know it, loud and long. Without another word, he starts "Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down," and just like that we are all on that sleeping city sidewalk, knowing what it's like to be alone."

    Quoted from an interesting interview from this year, 2014:

  54. Dario Trucco

    Thanks biggestkkfan for every single clip you share. Kris is so important to me too.
    I got him inside my heart, forever.

    inés landi

    Me too!!!!

  55. Jacob Davies

    haha i will literally fill my grave with whisky :D 

    nana helen

    mine will be bud light  and tequila lol.

  56. Dan D. Dirges

    good song

  57. nana helen

    Been in love with this man for 40+years. Thanks loved the vid.


    Thank you! It's his 78th birthday today :-)

  58. Dan O'Bannon

    good job. enjoyed the vid


    Thank you. A great song deserves a good video :-)

  59. kathy haggerty

    Love it!  Love his earlier stuff for sure.  Kris has a way with lyrics like no one else!!!!

  60. Missi West

    A star is born! Justin Furstenfeld

  61. Missi West

    God bless Kris with a K. And no commercials.

  62. bar bel

    This vid makes me want to watch Cisco Pike once again


    yes, do it :-)

    Martin DEAN


  63. biggestkkfan

    you're welcome!

  64. Garbhan Daly

    tnx for the info

  65. biggestkkfan

    the scenes which are from the movie are from Cisco Pike. The others from a TV biography (you can see the bioHD sign on the right bottom)

  66. Garbhan Daly

    wat the movie ?

  67. flatroofer


  68. biggestkkfan

    I would be interested, but I don't wanna risk my account for it. If I check my favorites in which I still have the 4 parts of this bio, I can read " The YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated due to multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement..." email me to tinsta2ataoldotcom and I will give you a helping hand...

  69. tonyjoe1978

    Thanks for the information! Too bad it's not there anymore.. You wouldn't be interested in uploading it on youtube if you have it? Would really love to see the whole biography documentary.

  70. biggestkkfan

    This biography is from bio channel, I once downloaded it from Youtube, but it's not available there anymore. So, there is no dvd of it. You can send me a message if you want to learn more about it.

  71. tonyjoe1978

    Hey! The documentary some of the material was taken from, what's the name of it? Is it possible to get on DVD?? Love some of that footage.

  72. biggestkkfan

    Me too, Kine :-)

  73. Kine Fjellheim

    Still loving this one Tina,lol..

  74. Kine Fjellheim

    I`ve told you before too Tina, I LOVE this , you caught the spirit....forgive me for not be active on YT, Love you and your stuff....always.

  75. biggestkkfan

    yep, you've told me before :-) That probably was his trademark...

  76. girlgeorgeberk

    Thats what Kris Looked Like when I Met Him in S.F. 1970..Same outfit & everything..He wore the same Brown Swade Leather outfit For a long time..

  77. Martin McGorty

    I actually live in the area where Disappearances was filmed. I know the director's son, and I have friends who met Kris during filming. He also played a concert at my high school in Vermont.

  78. biggestkkfan

    lol but if you only know 12 movies of him you probably can still discover some good ones with him :-) Blood and Orchids is great, and don't miss Wooly boys, Flashpoint, Miracle in the wilderness and Welcome home...

    Trish Williams

    Biggestkkfan I don't know what to do with the same time I see you in the world to me and my friends to be able too

  79. Martin McGorty

    Oh that's funny, what a misunderstanding. I see now... "like IN Cisco Pike" not "like Cisco Pike."

  80. biggestkkfan

    You're kidding! He's played in about 90 movies. I have them all but two that I couldn't get...I once listed the 40 main movies of him in my channel info, but don't know where it has gone with the new YT outlook... Of course I know he played Cisco - it was his first big movie and is one of my favorites. I meant to say, in these scenes from the docu he was looking exactly similar, so these shots must have been taken in 1970 or while shooting Cisco Pike in 1971, because he wasn't wearing a beard..

  81. Martin McGorty

    He's acted in about 12 movies.

  82. Martin McGorty

    Kris Kristofferson played Cisco Pike in the 1972 movie of that name, that's why he looks so similar, Cisco=Kris.

  83. biggestkkfan

    Yeah, this is a brilliant song... I first thought he really would sing about three people, but now I'm pretty sure it's all about himself with them different characters, like he did in The silver tongued devil. He's a genius...
    The scenes with this bio HD sign are from a TV documentary. Since he looked exactly like in Cisco Pike, I mixed them with scenes from this movie and with screenshots from them both and some stills...


    Love that you did that; it works perfectly. This is my favorite Kris song right now and I'm learning it on guitar xoxoxo


    Yes, I believe that the only person involved is Kris himself, with three different/conflicting aspects/struggles of his life at that time going on; he liked the booze back then, the smokes, and then there was the man, the songwriter/musician. Thankfully, the latter won out. It's well-documented that he quit hard-drinking about 1976, but decisions like that don't just materialize overnight. To quit had probably been playing on his mind long before he actually did quit, and songs like The Junkie, From the Bottle to the Bottom, etc. flowed from that period of his life.

  84. prairie mark

    "Makin neither love nor money." Nice line.

  85. biggestkkfan

    @JoseyJames Thanks, and I agree, he does... They were co-starring in the movie "Dreamer - inspired by a true story"(2006), Kris playing Kurt's dad.

  86. biggestkkfan

    @MsPj33 Yes, I agree with you... although I know Mickey only from pics, he looks like him...

  87. JoseyJames

    Amazing video, one of my favourite songs! Also, am I mad in thinking the young Kris looks almost identical to a young Kurt Russell

  88. atelang666

    great song, great vid. good job:)

  89. biggestkkfan

    @bluegrassrle Thanks! You're welcome. I'm glad you like it...

  90. Richard Eubanks

    Hi I subbed U,I like you’re Channel! Great work!

  91. girlgeorgeberk

    @biggestkkfan ...OH YEAH..THATS HUGGY BEAR

  92. biggestkkfan

    @girlgeorgeberk Really? So he played in Cisco Pike?? He was cool, man...

  93. girlgeorgeberk

    @girlgeorgeberk ..The black guy at :47 is Huggy Bear from Starsky & Hutch ..

  94. girlgeorgeberk


  95. biggestkkfan

    @girlgeorgeberk I think the one who's shaking hands with Kris at the beginning is Terry Paul from his band...

  96. biggestkkfan

    @girlgeorgeberk Thanks, GG, I hoped you'd know some of the guys - it must have been about the time when you were in Nashville for the first time... So Chris Gantry with long hair and a mustache?

  97. girlgeorgeberk

    LOOKS LIKE Zack Van Arsdale

  98. biggestkkfan

    @touttamoi hmmm... Actually, I don't remember if it was A&E?? I not even remember if I downloaded it from YT or somewhere else... Thought it was YT, but can't find it there anymore, so I'm not sure. It was 4 parts, so I think it was YT. I made a private dvd from it... Can send you one :-)

  99. biggestkkfan

    @Daniaboot I think you did tell me about it lol

  100. William Doyle

    I think I once to you this song was about me ... I stopped being a junkie so I could be a juicehead ... thanks for posting it Biggie pal ...