Kris Kristofferson - Song I'd Like To Sing Lyrics

(na na na na na na na....)

There's a song I'd like to sing
Do you know the song I mean?
It don't always sound the same
But it's always good to sing.

Maybe it don't mean a thing
It's a pretty little tune.
It's a song I'd like to sing
And I'd love to sing with you.

And we can get to know each other
Like a sister and a brother
Like a father and a mother
Like a woman and a man

We can sing along together
Just enjoying 'til it's over
It don't need to last forever
If we want it to it can.

([muppets:] na na na na na na na....)

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Kris Kristofferson Song I'd Like To Sing Comments
  1. Anna Kcmb

    Rita needs no eye makeup. It hides her natural beauty. Great team for a while.

  2. Kine Fjellheim

    Guess I`d give a coment down the road here, but ...I love the way you do this videos Tina, it must have takes forever to adjust as good as this... trying to adwers for you this time,lol


    Thank you, Kine! And keep watching 😃

  3. Terri Manuri

    I loved there music,ld jump in my truck and blast there music,in the 70 it was them and the Eagles ♥️

  4. Miramar Elvia

    Did u got marry again

  5. Miramar Elvia

    Why did u separate God bless u both nice couple

    Amy Lynn

    I don't think they did💖

  6. spinztarella

    Wow, I haven't heard this song in decades

  7. J Burt

    I can't ever get enough of  Kristofferson  and his music!!!!!!!!!

  8. Anita Huie

    They cannot be duplicated, so I'll just say thanks for the beautiful songs.

  9. Larry Ward

    An awesome couple, an awesome song

  10. Esmeralda

    Kris kristofferson is one fine man

  11. vikhtaurja

    I like and love the song great together

  12. vikhtaurja

    Couple always love

  13. Christine Weber

    Chris and Rita and the muppets😍♥️😍

    Cornelia Denninger

    Kris !!!!

  14. rachel blanton

    love kris!!!

  15. Lana Hieftje

    Their harmony was outstanding!!! Love them singing together!!!

  16. Lowell Morse

    If I were Chris, I would bonk in point

  17. Jeannette Faulkner

    Great song

  18. MathiasCorvin

    wonderful song!!--really great as the times have been....;romance comes,romance turns,very good when friendship remains.....

  19. Jonathan LaBenne

    Kris and Rita! What a fabulous match and so many good memories! The full Moon Album was our honeymoon special! 39 years later my wife and we love it just the same!!!

  20. June Reyneke

    Absolutely LOVE this song!

  21. CocoPink44

    Both so cure here :)

  22. abe watkins

    He's a great song writer, but his voice is horrible, the man can't sing


    But when he sings with her he sounds pretty good.

  23. Magnus Eriksson

    Kris Kristofferson2017-06-13 19:30 is coming to Sweden this Sommer .. and ami have bocked a ticket.. and now i going to se him live..

  24. Teresita Augustine

    My two beloved people! Still love to see their performances on videos.

  25. Newjack Newjack

    Beautiful. Hope I can find it at Karaoke.

  26. lindagal

    Hi, biggestkkfan. So glad you're still here so I can say thank you for all your work. Have only just found it in the midst of a massive retro-trip brought on finding stuff I wrote when I was 20 - 45 years ago. KK wrote the soundtrack of my life at a time when it wasn't "cool" in the UK to admit to liking anything even vaguely Country. I responded so much to the lyrics and the music, feeling he wrote for me. I went through "The Silver-tongued Devil", "Help Me Make It..", "The Taker" (big time!), "Loving Her Was Easier....", "Casey's Last Ride" (so beautiful), up to and including "The Lady's Not For Sale" before I finally did "win the gentle man" - though I nearly blew that too, I wore out my vinyl and a couple of tapes - all I could afford that was available over here then, so am so happy to have discovered all your stuff on Youtube. Most of it has been here for so long that I was afraid I'd missed the chance to say thank you - a million times thank you - even if most of it makes me cry..


    +biggestkkfan I certainly will. Not sure where you get the stuff, but it's wonderful. Such a shame the copyright rules keep screwing things up. Nobody seems to understand them. Love the look on KK's face on the line "like a sister and a brother"! Well, it was a family show,


    +lindagal Have you watched my latest video of this song? Somehow I couldn't find the song in my channel and thought it had been removed and so uploaded my edited video which I only had on my other channel by then... I used slow motion to add some more scenes from the show ☺
    It's here


    +biggestkkfan does the link work???


    +biggestkkfan Yes. I've just watched it. You're very kind to do all this, in spite of the problems you encounter. Thank you.

    Fred Raffle

    biggestkkfan N

  27. Hilda Wiesner

    biggestkkfan....I beg to differ!!! I'm in the competition. Your the one the one that led me, with this song even, several years ago through my journey to discovering Kris on this venue. It was a hard trip made so much easier, by listening really listening to this man's beyond genius, right into just plain, ordinary, insightful everyday life experiences, culminating in me seeing him in person at the Comox Valley Music Fest. I was going to buy his "All Hits Album" for my souvenir, at the last in a truly karma moment, I bought "Being Mortal" instead. Suffice it to say that it got to the point (only about a week or so after I bought it) where I could only play it when none of my family was in hearing distance. I'll subscribe now. THANK YOU!!


    Thank you! Feeling Mortal is such a beautiful album... his latest three albums (Feeling Mortal, This old road and Closer to the bone) are kinda trilogy... really worth buying them all 😃
    I have even made a better video to the song when I couldn't get to this one here even when I was logged in to my channel...

    Hilda Wiesner

    +biggestkkfan I will buy all. Just watch the new version. Great. Another song that drew me into Kris' world at the same time was "Please don't tell me how the story ends". Did THEY ever record it.


    +Hilda Wiesner Yes. On Kris and Rita's last common album "Natural Act" (1978). It's track 8.

  28. Valerie Stone

    Thankyou "biggestkkfan?

  29. Henry Lindholm-Ventola

    hieno pari ja kaunis laulu!

  30. Rm M

    They looked great together and sang great together. Most good things do not last

    elias bannoura

    +Rm M Just enjoying 'til it's over
    It don't need to last forever

  31. Teresita Augustine

    I love them very much! Thank you, biggie for redoing the video. I am enjoying watching them happy together.

  32. James Williamson


  33. Brian Byrne

    a lovely song sang by the only pair who could really sing it

  34. Dienie Fay

    Rita has an absolute Angel voice ...

  35. sandy noe

    She couldn't handle his drinking any longer but they are still friends... they were great!

    Lowell Morse

    She knew going in. Watch Cher and Rita. I Would go with Cher, but I drinks abit....Cheers

  36. Chandani Silva

    Songs Eternal !!

  37. wilfred perera

    This couple was and is hard to beat... Glad I grew up with their kind of music...

    Bill Fraser

    +wilfred perera With you every step of the way Wilfred

  38. sauquoit13456

    Per calendar.songfacts(.)com/events/February/14/
    On this day 1978 {February 14th} Kris Kristofferson and Rita Coolidge, then married, appear on 'The Muppet Show' and performed "Song I Like to Sing"
    {It was a track from their duet album 'Full Moon'...


    @Mary Shaw That's not quite correct. Rita and Kris have a daughter together, Casey, but Kris shares the stage for a couple of his songs in the concerts with daughter Kelly, who is 23 and Kris' wife Lisa is her Mum.

    Cynthia's Channel

    Thanks Mary..... So Kris and Rita has a daughter together named Casey ?   Then does Kris and Lisa have children.. together. too ?  If Lisa is the mum.... So who does Casey belong to... Rita or Lisa....... ?  Because I am not sure......

    Mary Shaw

    Yes, they have several and they now live in Hawaii. They have a wonderful retreat there.


    Kris and Lisa have 5 children together, 4 boys and Kelly... the youngest is 19, the oldest 30.

    Eliene Costa

    happiness for you kris, and his beautiful fa family

  39. wmbrown6

    The "Maybe it don't mean a thing..." verse was cut off the song for the 45 RPM issue on A&M 1475 (US).

  40. George Margo

    They were such a great couple ..Sad ending

  41. Timothy Himes

    Simpler music times, post hippie craziness, ballads my favorite.

  42. Helena Biscaglio

    I have seen the videos with Kris Kristofferson that I liked more, but I love anything from him

  43. Jofred Hansen

    I love this music!

  44. biggestkkfan

    Thanks for watching and commenting :-)

  45. stormrider chin

    Great music. Both voices complement each other. Thanks for uploading this video.

  46. ElvisFanForever19561

    Loved it. Kris and Rita were so great together. Thanks.

  47. ellienc

    Used to sing this with my kids, dancin around the Lake waaayyyy back then!!!! Love and happy times!

  48. biggestkkfan

    @Daniaboot lol

  49. William Doyle

    So Biggie ... what cha doin' ... raising a whole generation of little kids to be Kris fans ...?

  50. biggestkkfan

    @Daniaboot my class that I'm the class teacher of, is really musical, so when we learned the song they started to move and dance to it... that's cute, and they loved the na-na-na part lol

  51. biggestkkfan

    @Daniaboot This is a song I use to deal with my 5th grade students - I cut all the lines to let them put them into the right order - they just start out with written English in year 5 ... it's fun to them to arrange the lines - and Kris was so kind to let a gap between each line to give them enough time to manage it lol

  52. biggestkkfan

    @Daniaboot ... but my ears are or my eyes, for i would have to read not hear your advice ;-)

  53. biggestkkfan

    @ItsWaldo Thanks for watching here!

  54. ItsWaldo (Walter Brinkman)

    Great song and video....thanks for sharing

  55. William Doyle

    You ought to be ashamed ... I've been waiting for this video (vid) forever ... quit screwin' around and get on the ball ...!!! And where is Josie ...? I would not presume to offer advice as to what movie you should use ... you've been doing okay so far without any input from me ... I'm still waiting Biggie ....