Kris Kristofferson - Sandinista Lyrics

Sandinista, you can hold your head up high
You have given back their Freedom
You have lived up to your name

Sandinista, may your spirit never die
Hold the candle to the darkness
You're the keeper of the flame

Sandinista, keep believing in the dream
The truth is stronger than the shadows
Keep it shining in your eyes

Sandinista, may the soldiers disappear
May your children live forever
May their laughter fill your lives

Sandinista, los fuerzas de la oscuridad
nunca pueden extinguir la puridad de tu llama revolutionara
con su terror y sus mentiras
con su dinero y sys maquinas
la libertad en tus ojus
el amor caliente en tu corozon
son fuerzas mas poderosas
que las armas de la guerra

Sandinista, you can hold your head up high
You have given back their Freedom
You have lived up to your name

Sandinista, may your spirit never die
Hold the candle to the darkness
You're the keeper of the flame

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Kris Kristofferson Sandinista Comments
  1. James Sr Fehr

    Too bad Ortega has done the same thing now to his people and continues to do so!

  2. JohnDaWhale3

    Flithy liar...

    God Bless The Contras <3

    Scott M

    go fuck yourself neocon

  3. Bob Gillis

    Very Courageous of you, KK. Kudos to all those who helped the movement survive the onslaught.

  4. Silvia Morales

    Valiente .

  5. Carlos Perez

    Wow. That was beautiful.

  6. Peter Mueller

    Today Daniel Ortega is a Dictator also !

  7. Evelyn Coghill

    Kris one of the great ones love you.

  8. Alberto Ferraris

    Great Kris, many thanks

  9. hoohaw286

    The ulimtate useful idiot. Ortega slaughtered his people in the 80s and he's doing it again right now. Burning families alive including a 3 month old baby. 14 month old shot. 350 dead so far with hundreds more disappeared. Man up and help the Nicaraguan people Kris. Atone.

  10. Maria Eunice Costa Lima

    Sempre ouço kris kristofferson fico muito emocionada as Lágrimas rola pelo meu rosto porque são belissimas😢😢

  11. eek0212

    its ironic to see now FSLN kill the bunch of peaceful demonstrators in managua, leon, masaya and matagalpa.

  12. D A

    Sandinista I'm wishing Lord that I was stoned

  13. Douglas Friedman

    While Kris Kristofferson has had many great songs, this one is total garbage. Musically it's weak. The lyrics are nothing but Sandinista propaganda, which is to say lies. The Sandinistas and a coalition of pro-democracy groups overthrew the Somoza dictatorship. Once the Somozas were gone, the Sandinistas destroyed their coalition partners (as is typical of extremists in coalitions - Iran is another good example) and established a brutal, repressive communist dictatorship. They did not restore the people's freedom as the song says. It is true that they regained power in an election years after they were forced out following the collapse of the Soviet Union and they undoubtedly have significant popular support, but never forget that they were and are communist thugs. For Kristofferson to write and sing a piece of junk like this is a disgrace to his name.

    Jonathan Fuentes

    Douglas Friedman judging by your name you are not from Nicaragua so you do not know what really happened my grandfather fought throughout the whole war I had uncles killed under Somoza and other family member it was bad you don’t have the slightest of idea of how bad it was even though Ortega seems to be heading into a path of absolute ruler for now the Sandinista have given more freedom than Somoza ever did

    Douglas Friedman

    Jonathan Fuentes I don't doubt that Somoza was scum. It's just that the Sandinistas are no improvement. They certainly weren't the great liberators KK says they were in this song.

  14. ricky mop

    muerte la invasor

  15. john smith

    a great songwriter he is however I enjoy his work more when it is being covered. I searched Sandinista, looking for the Clash, and was honestly hoping he was gonna cover them but oh well. to beat the devil.

  16. Bryan young

    A long way from a Vietnam fighter pilot

  17. tinus van bakel

    one off the few YANKS i respect a GREAT GUY

  18. Danny Foley

    great singer/songwriter/ he's a cool fella

  19. jqt gils

    Een fantastisch muzieknummer en word mooi gezongen.

  20. Ari Kohn

    Love this man, his music, his songs, and all that he stands for, and very much love this song!

  21. Martin De Wilde

    Great song... great composition... great composer.... yes... he  may sing his own songs.... although many others sing his songs much, much better... great composer... great singer???????????

    John S

    @Martin De Wilde Yes he is a great singer. Just because he does not meet your myopic tastes

    sam hill

    +Martin De Wilde I think he would agree with you about not being the best singer.

  22. el spider

    Patria libre ho morir viva sandino

  23. TheFirefox8192

    SEE Noam Chomsky on Nicaragua, Sandino Vive

  24. teller121

    Stupid bastard ignores that his heroes were building submarine pens for Soviet subs to be based there.  America always to blame back then; USSR only butchered scores of millions and were responsible for China and Pol Pot slaughtering millions under same philosophy.  KK didn't learn much at West Point.  Can't sing worth a shit and never has been able to.  Wrote a couple good ones but this ain't one of them.  Ignores that Sandinistas double crossed Contras and took over overthrow of Somoza and turned it into pro-Castro - another red butcher that's just fine with KK and Teddy Turner and Hanoi Jane.  They've all helped bring the current red into the once-vaunted White House.  Thanks Kris for selling out your country and turning it over to enemies of the republic.  Hope you feel better about being white now.  Stupid bastard.


    @ILoooooveCamels only if you are a white guilt puke who doesn't care to deal in reality. You got called and you got no answer, so you go ad hominem. You like to cherry pick your numbers and make it a statement against the US and capitalism as a whole, when really it only applies to a minority (regrettably, growing problem) of dysfunctional, perpetually irresponsible, unimproved, problematic people. You and yours use these fools like the masters of the Demoncat plantation use them - for their own purposes. Their lot hasn't improved one iota in half a century despite 20 TR poured in. Great Society my ass.


    @EricDavidFloyd I see this Fox (a bunch of moderates who like Bush, Romney, McCain better than Cruz, et al.) thing will be the comeback no matter what I ever say to any of you people. That being the case, why bother talking to a communist who is either too stupid or to dishonest (like Bernie Sanduz) to admit it. Either way, it subordinates the masses to the "elite." Those plantation owners were pretty smart and accomplished people. maybe they should have had the slaves design the nation. dems (leftists, both socialists and communists that now make up dem party [since 1960s]) STILL have them on their welfare, victimization plantation. If you leave, you will be branded an Uncle Tom.


    While you're choking down cognitive dissonance over your self-evident racism, here's some more: if the infant mortality rate is disproportionately higher among non-white Americans, that doesn't invalidate the statistic. Non-white Americans are Americans, too, regardless of what your buddies on Stormfront tell you, and if the system is failing them, it's failing, period.



    Alex Munger

    You realize that Pol Pot was...overthrown by Soviet-backed Vietnamese communists right? And he was...aided by Kissinger and the US? You seem absolutely delusional.

  25. danny mccartney


  26. Alaskan Harley Man

    wow, singing about commies. Idiot.


    Hasta la victoria siempre!


    *Commies who successfully defeated American-sponsored terrorism. Let's be honest, Mr. Suck.


    @ILoooooveCamels I thought the Sandinistas stole the revolution against Somoza, which led to Contras blowing whistle and calling them Cuban stooges, which they were. They admitted being communists while USSR was still on rampage. Then, Ortega ended up driving a cab in Managua until after USSR was toppled. Who won? And why were we terrorists trying to keep USSR/Castro tyrannical cabal from stealing revolution and spreading slavery throughout Latin America? Hmm. But let's be honest.


    @teller121 You almost had a worthwhile comment going until you said our intervention was to fight slavery. You're saturated in myth. The right-wing mind's propensity to see every conflict as a GI Joe "good" vs "evil" cartoon trips you up every time, and makes you vulnerable to this kind of mythologizing.

  27. Marco Garcia

    Dis song is so beautifull n painfull I love it may god bless u brother

  28. Chris Groeneveld

    I was wurking in Nigaragua in 1989 and 1991 In Rama and San CARLOS as a enginieer.
    That was for me onbelievebul, so warm so human.
    Kris his song long time a go Break a man seems to me for Nigaragua.
    And now this SANDANISTA.
    I am to old to ga dare but i take it withe me in mij grave.
    God bless all  Nigaragua

    Doug Zachary

    I think you are correct re break a man, Under the Gun, exactly what it moved in me. en solidaridad. I met Sandinistas and FMLN in the Zapatista village Realized in 1996, surrounded by Mexican soldiers.

    Doug Zachary

    oops Realidad

  29. ozleftistman

    Why don't you go fuck yourself? You stupid troll! You're not a Kris Kristofferson fan!

  30. ozleftistman

    No moron you are the one who shouldn't be here now go fuck yourself troll.

  31. ojromero88

    great to hear The Contras commited Human attrocities like rape, murder, burning down villages, schools, hospitals. LOL

  32. ojromero88

    you obviously do not know anything about Nicaragua at it's current state right now. In fact things have improved under the Sandinista Government since 2006. Rhetoric means nothing, please use actual facts to back up your claims. Go to Nicaragua, ask the people how things have improved. Btw Nicaragua and the Sandinistas were never communist. It has always been a mixed economy. Big difference, Learn your facts.

  33. Honest Umpire

    i didn't know about his commitment to social matters it's just amazing congrats to all with a heart and sould to give on behalf of others

  34. Anthony Pairet

    arriba para siempre

  35. Nancy Hey

    Muchos Gracias!

  36. Cristian Vintila

    pueblo unido, jamas sera vencido

  37. Az Evadi

    es bueno saber que algunos admiten el error de la intromision e intervencion de EEUU en Südamerica, pero porque no protestaron cuando murian decenas de miles de personas, porque esperar a ser viejo, porque no arriesgar la fama el money y enfrentarse al monstruo ??

  38. seezarorest

    The fact of the matter is that US set up brutal dictators mainly in Latin America, that were suppose to support US military and economic interest. In the times of the cold war there were only two interest's. The US and the USSR interest. Many small countries were exploited by one of them, and had no choice but to teem up with the other one. In the and they were dependent on their ally's, entangled in a conflict they had no effect on. The victorious right/re wright history as they please..


    Unfortenately, nothing has changed. Even the today's bombing in Syria by the American-, French-, and UK-Liberation Forces, follows the same old, hopelessly outdated, scheme..... But them, the responsible leaders in the countries where this forces do come from are only 70 and something (US), just 40 (France) and therefore too young to know anything in real life, and a post-menopausal women (the UK) fighting for regaining her youth, no matter what. Please, understand me correctly, I have nothing at all against the biological course of things that totally naturally lead for a women to be post-menopausal; I have some reservation against those, who stay at the stage of pampers-wearing girls with no clue whatsoever; not different from what some boys do, and whom are electected POTUS by about 100 Milllion of grown up voters in the US. Grown up? You might ask.

  39. Ari Kohn

    I don't just "Like" this song; rather, I "Love" it. Like so many of Kristofferson's songs the words are wayyyyyyyyyy more important than the music, as is the case with this song. I've been listening to Kristofferson since the very early 1970s, and he just keeps getting better and better and more and more relevant.

  40. rodrigo suarez

    Brave guy. I respect him.

  41. Bill Kellems

    Kk is still one of the best. Best story teller that i have heard. Please keep posting these. Thanks

  42. Ryan Saylor

    If the US is so bad, GET OUT OF HERE COMMIE KRISTOPHERSON. Maoist guerillas killed people in Peru and Colombia. He won't talk about that.

    Ismael Carrillo

    Ryan Saylor He's referring to the US government not the US ppl dumnass

  43. GUINEA79

    Viva Sandino

  44. ItsWaldo (Walter Brinkman)

    @nylrede247amayu You're welcome....indeed an amazing and superb song by KK

  45. ♥Eden 宇山♥

    Thank you.

  46. Tisatio

    Kris, you 're fantastic.
    And Waldo, you too.