Kris Kristofferson - Mal Sacate Lyrics

Mr. Money Man, I know you've had your way
And I know the way you're winning
And that bloody hand you're holding
Ain't no bargain at the price you had to pay

You have stolen all the land that you can steal
And you killed so many heroes
But the dreams they left behind them
Ain't as easy as a man to blow away

And they say, "el mal sacate ni el fuego lo quema"
And los mexicanos dicen, "cosa mala nunca muere"
Don't you know?

The fire don't burn a bad weed boy
And a bad thing never dies
Like the bad weeds growing wild around
The broken wounded body of El Salvador

They killed so many heroes
Like Zapata (Presente!) and Fonseca (Presente!)
And Sandino (Presente!) and Guevarra (Presente!)
And Allende (Presente!) and Aquino (Presente!)
And Steve Biko (Presente!)
But they can never kill the human spirit

And they say, "el mal sacate ni el fuego lo quema"
And los mexicanos dicen, "cosa mala nunca muere"
Don't you know?

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Kris Kristofferson Mal Sacate Comments
  1. Barbara Stone

    Your words and music tell thurth the whole earth should know hero’s of freedom all should honor I mourn thes heroes

  2. Jean Brown

    I love this album. You have to respect Kris. These lyrics, the music, the songs. He sings the truth. It makes me cry.

  3. Marie Haga

    Often listening to this, - a favourite by Kris ! Thank you a lot, Tina ..(You remember I told you at a Kris concert))


    Sure I do remember, Marie 😊

  4. Kine Fjellheim

    I have this CD in my car theese days, so I can`t remember if I played this CD...and your vid`s Tina


    Thanks, Kine! 😊 I could listen to this song in a loop... Love it!

  5. Grietus Buist

    Goed beter best.

  6. malcolm linton

    KK the legend, cant praise him enough.

  7. Tim Dussel

    We should be ashamed how we have exploited South America of it's resources .

    Stephen Cannon

    more Central America - but yes

  8. Alberto Ferraris

    A great song. A very great song

  9. 1NABUCCO1705

    Ай-я-яй Никарагуа, Ай-я-яй Сандиниста! Спасибо, отличная песня!


    Yes, it is! Thanks for commenting 😊

  10. anita espedal

    Very power ful lyriks , it makes me cry. ❤ I love this song.❤

  11. Dolly Price

    Absolutely Beautiful!!

  12. Ellen Johnson

    Thanks for sharing, love it!

  13. stefanie perthold

    einer seiner besten Songs


    stimme ich dir voll zu! 😊

  14. stirnersept

    Kris, t 'es un enfoiré.
    J'aime ce que tu fais
    Mais défendre des assassins.
    Guevarra et ses 660 victimes revendiquées
    Des dictateurs en puissance, genre Allende

    Non, niet, no.

  15. thestick52

    Can anyone tell the meaning of "Mal Sacate", please? Thanks


    grass, straw..... bad weed, even fire doesn't burn it
    (Thank you, Elisabeth and Carson! 😇)


    Many thanks for your reply and definitions.



  16. jimmy-driver mc'scotsman

    tried to find this on iTunes and failed. does anyone have any info on where i can buy it on cd or an album i could find it on iTunes ???? cheers :D


    +shaun graham you can buy this with this cd. This actually is a double album of the two albums "Repossessed"(1986) and "Third War Warrior"(1990) which you probably won't get for that low price...

  17. Klaus Eberle

    one of the best! Thanks Kris

  18. Michael CC Irving Music

    Watch also: "Man of sorrow" by Michael CC Irving under "Mike Irving man of sorrow" on youtube!

  19. Bev Sawin

    Fuck you Kris, I love your music but how can you support the likes of Allende.You did not live it

  20. Kine Fjellheim

    One of the best Kris songs I`ve ever heard,  hubby played it so many times he broke the tape and we had to buy a new one afte a short time......Love it Tina, guess I`ve told you before, but I want to give this a new


    Thank you... this was one of my first very favourites of Kris...

  21. miguel rafael alonso calatrava

    Como dicen en esta parte del charco Valencia-España, ni el fuego lo quema, la hierba mala nunca muere.
    Un abrazo


    Thank you :-)

  22. biggestkkfan

    Glad you like it, thank you!

  23. Jean Dieter

    Brilliant Tina! I Love it!


  24. biggestkkfan

    Thanks for commenting :-)

  25. touttamoi

    Love this song. Great job as usual Tina, thank you.

  26. biggestkkfan

    Thank you for listening, watching AND reading :-) And thanks for your comment and the nice words... I'm glad you like the videos.

  27. southernsibe

    BiggestKKfan, thank you for these vids, they are awesome. I have loved and watched Kris since I was a small kid, and seeing him in so many different phases through your videos is awesome. Thank you for putting them up, and the information you share with them. Keep up the great work.

  28. Cactass Dupree

    Thanks Biggest, Aitn't heard this one yet THANKS

  29. Frank Zapata

    So many people died in nicaragua for a cause. But today the sandinistas are corrupted millionaires and ortega and family probably billionaires , was there a real revolution? Just be honest . Did people died for all that corruption ?

    Martin Bezuidenhout

    Frank Zapata Same story in South Africa

    Doug Zachary

    Bullshit! reactionary, anyone?

  30. biggestkkfan

    @JamesMoore98 Thanks, Jim, I'm glad you like them, and thanks a lot for your nice comments :-)

  31. James Moore

    I had no idea that you were making some of these videos yourself. That just adds a new dimension to my respect and admiration for you. Thank you again biggestkrisfan for a song that I have never heard of until now and the beauty of the video that you put together to go with it.
    Jim Moore

  32. biggestkkfan

    @ItsWaldo ... actually, I've just revised my original vid, adding a few scenes, mostly with Kris in them, and some motions to the pics using some features that I didn't have with my software two or almost three years ago... I'm glad you like it.

  33. biggestkkfan

    @touttamoi Thanks :-)

  34. biggestkkfan

    @ilaiza He really did? Wow, I would love to hear him sing it in a live show... have "stolen" the scenes in here, that may look like he was singing it, from "Aguila del Norte"

  35. ilaiza

    you know it's one of my most favorites.... you did a great great work (again) here. listening it for the 4th time and as always singing it loud loud ... and they say el malsacate ni el fuego lo quema, y los mejicanos dicen cosa mal nunca muere, don't you know :))
    ay ay ayyy Nicaraguaaa
    You know that the only time Kris came here on TV, in the 80s he sang this one?

  36. ItsWaldo (Walter Brinkman)

    Another great KK song and a beautiful video.
    Thanks for sharing.

  37. touttamoi

    Masterpiece as usual - thank you!

  38. biggestkkfan

    @Daniaboot Thanks, Billy... it was my first album of Kris, has been one my most favorite lol songs since then and will forever.

  39. biggestkkfan

    @JamesMoore98 You're welcome! Thanks for stopping by and commenting... And for the thumb up :-)

  40. biggestkkfan

    @Daniaboot hmm... just some pics to it? Can't find a movie that would fit... Or do you have any idea??

  41. James Moore

    Thank you to krisfan for all the hard to find videos of Kris that he has found and posted

  42. William Doyle

    Oh ... by the way (btw) Biggie .... where the hell is "Josie?" ... 104 videos (vids) and you can't upload Josie? I thought you loved me ...!!!

  43. William Doyle

    Fuckin' great Biggie ... haven't heard the song before and I love the vid (video for old farts like me) ...