Kris Kristofferson - Late Again (Gettin' Over You) Lyrics

Woke up late again this morning
Cause I was late again last night
In the mood that I was born in
And my skin was feelin' tight
I took a short cut to the city
Had myself a drink or two
I got over feeling shaky
But I'm still not over you

God, I might as well forget you
You ain't never comin' true
Seems like ever since I met you
I've been gettin' over you

I don't crave no conversation
I don't need no sympathy
All I want is my old lady
That old lady wantin' me
So take me any way you want me
I'll take you any way I can
I don't want your sack of candy
Just some sweetness now and then

I got to get myself together
With someone who wants some too
Maybe I can learn to love her
While I'm a-gettin' over you

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Kris Kristofferson Late Again (Gettin' Over You) Comments
  1. nancy cordero

    before the Lord?? when I heard 'Why me Lord'. I asked why you took EVERYTHING from me?? when I should've asked, "Why Me?? did you trust so much in me?? I was on the edge, only would've took a nudge.. yeah every day, I'm there.?? 100 percs in hand, bottle of whatever is there usually rum. so ez.. just sleep.. but that would hurt my grandkids. Lord you know I'm not that brave, to take my own life.. but it's there... I hurt soo much, I won't give up till my Mom passes.. once she goes,, I'll be done..

  2. borderlord

    Stephen Bruton Lead Guitar
    Funky Donnie Fritts Keyboards
    Billy Swan Rhythm Guitar vocals

  3. Shellys Sweet Finds

    One of my favorites!

  4. david quinn

    I got over feeling shaky

  5. Dynasty Glass

    Rita Coolidge did a great job on this on her Delta Lady album

  6. Big Daddy

    The album was released in '92, recorded '72

  7. borderlord

    It's not 1992 but a New York concert from the 70's is available on Spooky Lady Sideshow album

    I like this Funky version too!
    Kris had one of the best bands!

  8. Lisa Robbins

    How did I miss this song???  Love, love, love it!!!!  

  9. Marcia Hess

    I was at that concert. The late Stephen Bruton was playing lead guitar.

  10. Dimitris Skazas

    *lead guitar is Stephen Bruton (November 7, 1948 – May 9, 2009)


    kalimera how you know this ?

    Dimitris Skazas

    +helvetos you can check the credits:

  11. Frank VanHoose

    While I love all his music, I think this is my favorite.

  12. JamesBarriere

    this is one of my favorite songs on earth.. why the original album version isnt available is incredibly sad!