Kris Kristofferson - Come Sundown Lyrics

I heard the front door closing softly,
as I wakened from my sleep;
With the soft touch of her lips, Lord,
like a whisper on my cheek;

And I cursed the sun for risin',
'cause the worst, Lord, was yet to come;
'Cause this morning, she's just leavin',
but, come sundown, she'll be gone.

See the lipstick on the pillow
that I placed beneath her head;
And the soft sheets still feel warm, Lord,
where she lay upon my bed;

And it hurts to know it's over,
for the hurt, Lord, has just begun.
'Cause this morning, she's just leavin',
but, come sundown, she'll be gone.

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Kris Kristofferson Come Sundown Comments
  1. Christine Weber

    ...and I curse the sun for rising...♥️

  2. Alice Johnston Johnston

    Love all Kris Kristofferson"s music!Brilliant musician!

  3. Alice Johnston Johnston

    Brilliant love Kris Kristofferson!

  4. 9496Tull

    Great album

  5. Deathkampdrone

    I discovered this album a couple of months ago, and I gotta say it's already one of my absolute favorite country albums of all time. Haven't heard these bonus tracks though. The xylophone backing up is really comforting. :) I'm pretty new to this straight sort of country music, but really enjoying it. My faves are Sweetheart of the Rodeo and White Light, and I like the Louvin Bros as well. I know about Cash and Hank. Anybody have some recommendations for a newbie like me? Thanks in advance. :)

    Kenny Dobbins

    Conway Twitty


    re: suggestions hey, also Merle!! The purity of Kris' early stuff like this somehow also makes me want to listen to Ola Belle Reed also. This album is a masterpiece for all time, any genre!

  6. NoRosesForMe

    Yes he is indeed. I want to post his 2nd album "The Silver Tongued Devil And I". Just gotta find the time. SO glad you dig this tho. Thanks and peace "Jenny"

  7. NoRosesForMe

    aww wow....811 shows geez :D Youre more than welcome dear. Peace to you "Jen"

  8. flatroofer


  9. seenfromsweden

    Its probably me all the 811 shows... I love this song! Thanks!