Kris Kristofferson - Closer To The Bone Lyrics

Ain't it kinda funny Ain't it just the way though
Ain't 'cha gettin' better Runnin' out of time
Making pretty music Closer to your feelings
Working on the reason Running on the rhyme

Heading for the highway Rolling like a river
Soaring like an eagle Skippin' like a stone
Comin' from the heartbeat Nothin' but the truth now
Everything is sweeter CLOSER TO THE BONE

Ain't afraid of moonlight Ain't afraid of freedom
Love will make you crazy But your soul will keep you sane
Singing to the starlight Over the horizon
Open to the pleasure Equal to the pain

Heading for the highway Rolling like a river
Soaring like an eagle Skippin' like a stone
Comin' from the heartbeat Nothin' but the truth now
Everything is sweeter CLOSER TO THE BONE

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Kris Kristofferson Closer To The Bone Comments
  1. Avinash Thakur

    Took me long time to get here 😌 Hard to find songs like this one

  2. victoria palmer

    I don't think you'd want to hear my opinion of this album..... I'll just say it's the worst I've heard from Kris Kristofferson it was a disappointment

  3. James Ritchie

    He is like me, a hard bitten old buzzard with a great heart!

  4. J Burt

    My all time favorite singer.

  5. Anna Flowers

    "Open to the pleasure and equal to the pain". Awesome.

  6. sylviajh14

    Thanks Kris for your passion and sharing your music.

  7. Lowell Jones

    when we loose Kris and Willie that to me will be the day the music died. johnney, waylon, Kris and willie, Royalty.

  8. narniagirl 4ever

    Looking at this video again, I am again struck with the creative symbolic imagery of the barren, cheap, transitory hotel room and all the symbolism of the clips throughout the movie: starting up the ignition, rolling down the road, the picture inserted in the guitar frets, etc.. The person creating the visuals matched note for note, emotion for emotion the poignancy of Kris's words. Kris, I don't know if you read comments on YouTube, I certainly hope so. To me, you have picked up Johnny's mantle: the gift of transparency, of being real about life's struggles. Most people are lost in a world of vapid materialism, of shallow relationships, of being bereft of any spiritual hunger. First Johnny and then you, in my opinion, point people back to the inscrutable fact that we are spiritual beings and we owe it to ourselves to have an honest, no-hold-bars search for our Creator. That search is the reason we are here. God bless you, Kris. We have been blessed by your willingness --how did you say it? -- "makin' pretty music, closer to your feelin's, . . .running out of time" to tell the truth. Thank you Kris

  9. Jason Lee

    Hope he makes another album. hes a great man..

  10. John G

    this music make my lonely time, precious and sweet.

  11. John G

    America. Fuck yeah.

  12. cracked black pepper and rock salt

    what happened kris' voice. smoking

    Knox Gaming

    He's 82. He's getting old. That wat happens to country singers. Still great voice. Still better than any of the shite they play today.

  13. Matthew Rosemier

    Thank you, Kris

  14. Scotter

    Awesome song!!

    Ron Pinson

    +Daily with Scotty YEP;

  15. IRISH ROVER AND THE CREW ® By Irish Rover - Rover MacChroi, The No.1 Anti-System Irish Punk Singer

    Classic. With attitude & essential lyrics - rarely seen in music these days !

  16. Skelet3n

    Great writing from one of the best!

  17. Melissa Greene

    Seen this legend over around Dayton Ohio took my Dad all we could say was he's a genius

  18. Donald Killeen


    Ron Pinson

    +Donald Killeen  Your welcome Donald

    Leonie Godfrey

    Ron Pinson uuhhh

  19. prairie mark

    My first truck was a 1949 Dodge 6cyl. flathead with corner windows.....similar to the one in this video.  Brings back memories to the late 1960s

  20. mjordan072

    I don't know why, but this comment really moved me. I checked and Becky Haines was really active on Youtube up until 11 months ago, then nothing.

    Damn. I guess that's the way things go. RIP stranger, if you've moved on. Makes you remember that all this is temporary, but it's full of beautiful little moments we get to share. This journey is the very definition of precious - I for one need to take heed and start acting accordingly.

  21. Deb Shively

    get to see him Sat. night!!! in Elkhart, IN Can't wait!!!

  22. gypsies0

    The phrasing and much of the tune are the same. The lyrics are pure Kristofferson though. I wouldn't call it plagiarism - probably unintentional influence - I'd say welcome to the world of 3-chord music.

    Dolly Price

    Plagerism and Kris Kristofferson should never be used in the same sentence. Shame on you.

  23. Claire Lowry

    Yeah -- he's lived the life that he wanted. And his voice tells the story. He wouldn't have it any other way. kristoferson is poet -- and a national treasure...

  24. Micheal Welchel

    Plagiarism is copying all the words, word for word. The music may sound a lot alike but that does not make it plagiarism. If that's all it took then half the music in the world would be Plagiarism!

    jimmie Roan

    gypsies0 is probably used to listening to the beaver and playing with himself , very few of todays music fans realize they are not listening to what an artists really sounds like, it really is scary but unfortunately stupid can't be cured.

  25. Heacawroo


  26. Jim Mc Kee

    real kris is real.....respect...from co.clare,ireland ,bless the road he thread's..........

  27. ZombieKitty

    Hello Becky, I really hope, deep down, that you are still fighting fit. I know the comment is two years old, so I sincerely hope you kicked that cancer's ass! Music such as that spoken by Mr. Kristofferson can get you through anything. Thinking of you. All the best - Wayne

  28. ZombieKitty

    Kristofferson is my all-time favourite. This is absolutely wonderful. Like a fine wine, he has matured into an even greater artist. Such a feat is reserved for this genre. The likes of Kris himself, Willie, Johnny, Waylon, Bocephus, Haggard, Jones & Price - All only got better with age. Saw Kris live in December, and he was wonderful. Will definitely see him again when he's local! Thank you Kris, for this masterpiece, and of course, Feeling Mortal!

  29. Charlie Pressnell

    The real stuff by an Outlaw. Better than the candy dress crap they call country music now-a-days.

  30. Bugees

    This song is copied from "Games People Play" by Joe South. Pure plagiarism.

    Trey Alexander

    Bugees lolol. Look at this dumbass

  31. joe hall

    what a killer song. gotta love it

  32. Mick OBrien

    what song ..what a singer !!!

  33. Wayne Wilkins

    Absolutely adore this song, and this video is phenomenal. Kris accepting his age and thriving on it. The man is timeless. His voice has withered so perfectly. I have many of his older works, but I really can't wait for his future releases. The Highwayman is better than ever. Truly a masterpiece is this song.

  34. Donna Shaw

    Loved it! I think this is an amazing song! I go around to health care centers and entertain all the time! Love the sincere honest truth of this song!

  35. Wayne Wilkins

    3 people died while watching this amazing video featuring a flawless song from one of the world's greatest artists to ever live - and accidentally hit "Dislike" instead of "Like". They are forgiven.

  36. Cactass Dupree

    @cripplecog So Do John Prine !!

  37. Дима Белобров

    Kris is perfect singer!!!

  38. hambone9119

    Kris Is one hell of a Musician one of the all time greats.

  39. Cheyah Fitzpatrick

    RIP Steve.....Cicha.

  40. codynootchies

    How could someone dislike this?

  41. Dan Hennessey

    I like his voice, it sounds rustic and weary.

  42. Scott Roberts

    May you rest in peace drag

  43. Nostow Sissa

    Esse homem é foda !!! sou fã

  44. Ben Ascherl

    Great Kris... close to my bone!!

  45. Cactass Dupree

    check out John Prine that hillbillie shares our birthday but he is so far beyond me there are no words. cactassdupree

  46. Andrew Bingham

    Kris is a one and only. No one can write and/or sing a song with more honesty and conviction than this guy. Plan on seeing him and Merle Haggard in St. Louis in March. Can't wait!!

  47. springsteen869

    they don't make singer/song-writers like this anymore an thats a shame =/ Springsteen an Kristofferson have been my biggest idols all through my life to date an probly always will be

  48. Becky Haines

    Kris is helping me thru a journey of very rare Cancer, he's the most spiritual person I know...Thanks to my Mom and Dad for the Culture, just saw him in Jan. thought I had already died and went to heaven RIP Mom and DAd and Stephen!!

  49. Tasha Sayah

    I hold this man very dear to my heart and soul! He's played a big role in my life with his music and films especially convoy! My dad is a trucker it's our favorite film of Kris's. He has done everything his way lived the way he wanted to a true free spirit.

  50. Jeanette Hammons

    God ! I love this man! Awesome video!

  51. curbshoppin

    Kris has his own views and a differant look at lives he has lived many ifetimes in his years............nomatter what he sings you think its the truth and i think it him and thanks for posting the music


    the real american dream hope to see him in ireland ...a great man

  53. john snider

    Ole Kris has been my friend, in spirit, for forty years or so. Learned to play guitar listening to his music. I can't stand to see him getting older (cos I'm right behind him). I don't agree with everything he says politically, but he can move my soul with his words and the way he sings em. His voice is perfect for what he does.

  54. Scott Roberts

    Hey Kris! See what you started?

  55. Scott Roberts

    @irishroverandthecrew Wasn't THAT a party?

  56. Liam Shipton

    Great video. I love Kristofferson. Granted his voice has never been smooth or anything like that, but the man's got soul, and it shows. He's a poet and you know when you hear his voice that it's HIS voice. His songs haven't got, in Merle Haggard's words "One long note with a hundred chords underneath it", it's got a real melody, with real words and it hasn't got a million backing singers and violins to hide his voice. It's raw, poetic and powerful. It doesn't matter that his voice isn't great.

  57. Bluesgerd47

    thanks very much for posting. Kris still goes directly to the heart after more then four decades. I´m proud to have him seen live in Germany several times.

  58. gent30x

    He can sing. Love his voice.But who the hell Who cares?
    let's all drink! Cheers

  59. gent30x

    He can sing for sure- Great Voice- It's the part of it. Takes a lot of whiskey and livin' to get it.
    Whatever I am trying to say. Let's Drink. Cheers

  60. tailcoatsixkiller

    ...and i'm w/ pistrolia...why the HELL would you say that anyway? are you saying he can't carry a tune? or are you wishing for some rascall flatts style vibrado? maybe the listener in this case is tone-deaf, but kris has been doin what he does for a LONG time...i'm still waitin for YOUR major label debut. bitch.

  61. tailcoatsixkiller

    when you say "can't sing", or "not a great vocalist" etc. are you talking about technique? in other words, what constitutes a "bad" country singer, or ANY singer? let me put it this way...robert plant may have more range than mick jagger...but who would you rather listen to?

  62. pistroliakrazies

    Ha! Country music with a long tradition of people who can't sing? Then you've never heard George Jones sing, or countless many other wonderful country singers do their thing.
    As for kris intentionally singing badly... NO WAY! He has never claimed to be the best singer, but his words move us in a way that not many other writers can. In his day he could SING and write.
    Of course this is my opinion, and I think it is ignorant of people to think he can't sing.

  63. The Internet

    HoboJim is close to spot on... I don't agree that Kris is 'intentionally' refraining from a more technically apt vocal style- he isn't a fantastic vocalist. Nature plays a huge role in that... What he is is a genius lyricist and you're dead-on when you say that this song stands more as a gesture of human expression than an exercise in musical technique.

    There's a reason a lot of "performers" couldn't write a song if their lives depended on it and there's a reason a lot of writers can't sing.

  64. hobojimathome

    Country music has a long tradition of people who can't sing. Technical mastery is very important in a lot of genres, especially when you're singing famous or popular songs. In Kristopherson music, he intentionally refrains from exercising that expertise as a form of artistic expression, particularly in this piece. By singing "poorly" Kristopherson is peeling away all the skin and muscle of aesthetics and form in pursuit of authentic emotional expression. Noob.

  65. Mustangstacey

    wow thats a lot ob balls old are you ??? dafuk do you know about music then what mtv allows you to listend.....get real dumbass....its just not you in this world

  66. Scott Roberts

    Other than his lack of "slick-wizard" gnashville presentation, I appreciate his songwriting most. [Give that some thought.] As far as his "saying it"... he did. If you just want to be entertained,...listen to the radio. They cater to people who just want to "veg" anyway.
    By the way,... I think the audio blurb in the video as he swung the door shut with his foot was probably meant to satisfy the needs of those who "just don't get it."

  67. Scott Roberts

    Yeah, well,.... maybe when you put a few years behind you you will then understand what Kris is trying to say in this piece. Life becomes sweeter as you begin to run out of it. Doesn't matter where you been or what you have done ... fact is,.. time is running out and you finally begin to appreciate the simple things that you never even paid that much attention to when you were younger.

    May your road go on forever .....

  68. Goldstone M

    Love this song with him singing it...always liked his music. Video is cool too.

  69. gummodude

    They could not have made this video any better.

  70. Timberbanktunes

    Great song and great album Kris. Come back to Toronto soon!
    Keep on writting songs (save the book for another decade or so).

  71. Steve Skafte

    Later than almost anyone, and with his dignity and songwriting ability still totally intact (can't really say the same for Nelson), this man is absolutely a reality. Man, I love Kris.

  72. gummodude

    Great video. I would have never thought he'd live this long, though.

  73. Bill King

    40+ Years and still on top of his game. Now Kris can only be described by Two Words Legend and Icon

  74. cashpresley

    great video and song. i remember hearin Kris do a demo of this song on the anniversary edition of the Highwaymen album The Road Goes On Forever and remember thinkin that i would love to hear him actually record it for an album. looks like my wish was granted. LOL!

  75. randall petermann

    great vid great old truck man i love kris

  76. MrFabioDiamante

    a masterpiece!
    as everything is done by Kris Kristofferson. Tks for the video!!!

  77. ronfurg

    Nice video. Great music and I love the old trucks.