Krewella - Human Lyrics

Is anybody there?
Does anybody care
What I'm feeling?
I wanna disappear
So nobody can hear
Me when I'm screamin'

'Cause I could use a hand sometimes
Yeah, I could use a hand sometimes

They say pain is an illusion
This is just a bruise
And you are just confused
But I am only human
I could use a hand sometimes
I am only human
I am only human
I am only human

The night is bitter cold
I wonder if you know
That I'm sleepless
Waitin' like a ghost
When I need you the most
That go unnoticed

'Cause I could use a hand sometimes
Yeah, I could use a hand sometimes

They say pain is an illusion
This is just a bruise
And you are just confused
But I am only human
I could use a hand sometimes
I am only human
I am only human

The weight of the world is pullin' me down
(Where are you now, where are you now?)
Every breath feels like I'm gonna drown
(Where are you now, where are you now?)
I'm the only one left alone on this Earth
Singin' this song but can't find the words

'Cause I could use a hand sometimes
Yeah, I could use a hand sometimes

They say pain is an illusion
This is just a bruise
And you are just confused
But I am only human

I could use a hand sometimes
I am only human

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Krewella Human Comments
  1. Efren Sanchez

    I Love you

  2. FäBïÄñ

    2020 there?This song deserve to be alive

  3. VexWinters

    A Couple Years Later & That Intro Hits BIG Different

  4. Ookami Higashi

    i still love Krewella


    Which human is still like to listen it in 2020??☺☺

  6. Moses Laing Kalang

    2020 , who still listening to this song ?

  7. Marko Stojanovic

    2019 ? 💪

  8. Jenny Wats

    Where did u guys go ? .. I loved ur voices

  9. Alex Holguin

    I miss Kris.

  10. Marco Dominic Gonzales

    #HUMAN I'm only Human 💓 #YeahYeah #Thanksgiving #Hot100 #ALIVE I'm thankful for a World Economy that can still FIX EARTH..HEAL..I'm thankful i can still feel Human Love..I Love this acoustic version of Song ALIVE 💓 #Krewella Lyrics "All alone..just the beat Inside my'on make me feel Until the pain don't matter.." 💓 sometimes I don't feel Alive these days.. #MDG #MusicHEALS #USA #Canada #LatinAmerica #India #Europe #Germany #France #UK #EU #Sweden #Norway #Australia #NewZealand #Iceland 💓 #WORLDWIDE

  11. Filza Ashraf

    Still here wow

  12. Trey Wiggins

    here to drag it into 2019 fellas

  13. Nocturnal NinetyTwo

    This one helps. Thank you Krewella 🙏

  14. Tree Vee

    im 16 now and i remember hearing this when i was just a kid time does fly by fast :(

  15. K a r l y

    This song has helped me through the worst time in my life. Thank you Krewella 💕

  16. Splitez DW

    Remember 2014 in the school love a songs krewella 😞 i am old

  17. Revolweł

    Penis just ilusion

  18. Mafia15 bitter


  19. lorraing coleman

    Who is still here October 2019 ❤️

  20. pspsoyotes

    Epic song

  21. Aldhi Prakasa

    This song gave me depression 2015!!

  22. Lucas Bustos


  23. Soft Night

    I need man versión

  24. Hoopty Rs

    Right here man! ❤ that's where it hit! Even this many years later.

  25. sean

    Rainman is actually my godfathers step son lol. Its a really sad story of what happened to their group. The girls were the face but he was the main music maker. All the girls really added was a pretty face and pretty lyrics. He did literally everything else. Hed stay up for 3 days straight producing the sounds you hear in their old (good) music. Busted his ass. He didnt rly even care about being famous. The girls just wanted to keep going to shows and partying and he just wanted to make music. Eventually it drove him into the ground and he just dropped out because he couldnt handle it anymore. This video kind of depicts that journey too. Ill always remember them as a whole. Krewella just isnt krewella without him.

  26. Nocturnal NinetyTwo

    This is so pure

  27. Philip Kupferschmidt

    'boyfriend' … but she's hella openly gay, no?

  28. Mitchell Clarke

    Just me feeling some major emotion when someone walks unto kris and just kisses him on the cheek.

    That woman deserves a cookie end of.

  29. moh zula

    Why am i crying

  30. valentina podgornova

    Another great song !
    We have criminals here too, mostly drivers

    Stay talented !
    Love and friendship agency,

  31. Lwd


  32. Justin Gathright

    👍!👍! 2019 Still here!

  33. May메이

    노래 진짜 좋다...

  34. TikTok #1

    si buscabas un comentario en español aquí esta :) amooooo krewella y lo veo en el 2019

  35. Majd Rh

    2019 I still listen this song as the first time .
    Love ❤ you krewella your soul Majd from Syria 🇸🇾 😍😍

  36. Adal Lopez

    Wuuuu lo mejor an fine ☆♡

  37. Krzysztog Barista

    Krewella I will cry this song

    Krzysztog Barista

    Seriosly. Please make me stronger

  38. Peter Wayne

    Is anybody there?

  39. Miguel nuñez

    Hello guys. 2019 july

  40. Chris Conway

    Who’s recording all these people crying?

  41. Alex Kongor


  42. 洳煤 Aทα liʑα ɨ ʟoveγou

    Great music, just loved it! 😍❤

  43. Zisaa mythical


  44. Corey Sharpe

    2019 and this still makes me sad

  45. Diego Ribeiro

    2019 alguém ouvindo essa maravilha ???

  46. Pykechu

    2019 anyone?

  47. Youtube Needs to STOP

    Is it weird I think of Cruella De Vil every time I see Krewella

  48. Reynolds Benally

    Krewella was a good group BUT. These girls f'd up rain mans career, an its looked passed. This man played his heart out on the technicality while these girls sang their hearts out. This guy deserves the respect as a musician. All these tracks are hard, melodic an heart felt. Cause of RAIN MAN'S talent on the SOUND. And that's why SO CALLED KREWELLA don't sound like they used too. OLD KREW WAS IT...RIP.

  49. CimbaMuzics

    0:40 song start :3

  50. Pieter S

    2019 and still watching ❤

  51. Văn Nam Nguyễn

    08/06/2019 ..
    I listen to this song every time I'm stressed

  52. HashTagPedro

    Man I miss the old krewella

  53. Michael Lee

    This is probably the only song to ever make me cry. Me and my friends were on acid at the casino and one of my friends was freaking out because he was tripping hard and he said he felt like he was stuck in a cycle looking for us while we were gambling, and then the faces he saw were morphing. And after we started heading home, my friend Minh began to talk about how he was kinda in a dark place with that trip, and he starts talking about his grandma who was dying, and we tell him to let his emotions out, and it just became like an emotional ride, and this song comes on, which happens to be our friend who was driving, Jason's favorite song. I was tripping and just in my thoughts, a bunch of thoughts were swirling in my head, like how I felt my friend's pain, and how at that moment I started thinking about death, and the inevitability of it, and how everyone is going to face it at one point or another. Then I started thinking about how we're getting older and my choices that I'm making, and who I'm including in my close circle of friends which led to me thinking about who was gonna be there for me in my hard times when the people I care about start dying. It made me realize the importance of having a good support group, whether friends or family. I then started to think about my parents and how shitty of a son I've been lately, but looking in retrospect, it wasn't that I was a shitty son, it was that I was stuck and having trouble finding what I really wanted to do in life, which honestly, is still a process right now. Anyways that song really hit deep because I was fucking bawling streams of tears when I heard the words, "I could use a hand sometimes", it's so true and real and honestly, everyone could use a hand sometimes. Realest fucking song ever.

  54. Tae Tae Angel India

    Best Musicians ever For Me

  55. charly cortes

    i still waiting for some day fix your problems, make all an apologise and go back. i think your lyrics are real words. miss you all.

  56. Michelle Zimmerman

    Cuándo peleaba con Mayela :(

  57. SoulReaper

    2019 - 2020?

  58. Be awesome

    m so fucking in love with krewella...

  59. BlekMag AQW


  60. Si Kharisma

    1:56 ma feels right now.

  61. Amir Haziq

    2019 anyone?

  62. Zaidan Rizaki

    damn its 2019 already

  63. alex martinez

    2019 still here

  64. DerSchoreHD

    This song is good and deep. i love it and this is very different from the other songs. We love you #Crewwella.

  65. Kalila Hill

    I would love to see you guys come kill in ALASKA!! YOU GUYS ARE MY HEROES!❤💓💕💖💗💙💚💛🧡💜🖤

  66. axweel jeeves

    2019 and I'll be here

  67. Atharva Patil

    2019 Anyone?

  68. Your Nwa

    Anyone 2019??

  69. Scarlet Rojano

    2019? I'm still here

  70. ali moha

    Hahahah so nice 😍 💦

  71. ali moha

    Well human

  72. Alex Krycek


  73. W41K3r 23578

    I felt this hard i dot care if its 5 years o but dam you girls have come so far from the ad im proud to listen to your music, wear your merch ad its you two that have ispired me to follow my dreams i creating music KrewLife for life

  74. Nourddine Zayn Sbai

    2019 and I'm still here.

  75. Marcelo Alencar

    2019! Nostalgia ❤

    Erick Rodriguez

    Sabes q dice jasmine al inicio de la cancion quiero sabes ;-;

  76. karloss peter

    Yasmine is so cute

  77. karloss peter

    Rainman is the hottest

  78. mack crabtree

    This is such an inspirational song love krewella for life

  79. adrian andrade

    2019? here

  80. ghori33

    2019 and this still bangs 💪🏽

  81. Shweta Official

    So fucking relatable!!!💕💕💕

  82. Austin Abraham

    March 2019??

  83. Jeremy Asher

    I agree I feel your pain but I stop on that's all we can do.

  84. Ruan Sousa

    2019 💥😍

  85. Jen Lopez-Lopez

    I mean i was 4 years old

  86. Jen Lopez-Lopez

    I seen this i was 3

  87. biobabper123

    Listening to that drop.... ❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥