Krept & Konan - Young Kingz, Pt. 2 Lyrics

You know how it goes fam
The manners aren't fun
Make your own luck cause your talent can't done
Use what you got to get what you want
But it's up to you to figure out what can and can't run
I'm still tryna see some more food on my bruddas plate
Told you i came out the blue, from a blood estate
So why know what's at stake when beef ain't rare?
Mistakes get grizzly and we make bare
But don't be surprised to see a black yout blossom
We become accustomed to the back roots often
The looks you get for your tracksuit bottoms are justified and
Reinforced by the crack you've shot and it's a cycle if anything
Thats why I'm so conscious of what my two princes Micheal and Kenny think
Cause we go round in circles, more than a hamster can
But there's gotta be more to life than ballin' in Amsterdam
Turf wars for turfs sake
You realize if everyone in every ghetto everywhere
Jumped at the same time it would cause an earthquake?
We inherit this world and we're given nothing more
But I can't accept the fact that we're livin' rough and raw
There's pagans at the top, of course they're above the law
But how handle your business fam
All's fair in love and war
Bruv, I'm more than a black person shouting vex
Rap version Malcom X
Stronger than a 1000 texts
Straight out of housing 'jects
Dedicating my life to convincing you
That all this time, there was a prince in you
And once you're standing tall and steady on your own
You'll be ready for the throne
Young Kingz

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