Krept & Konan - Nightmares Lyrics

[Hook - Siah:]
Deep inside this city where the streets know no pity yeah
It's pretty clear I am not one to trick the tears
A million day dreams and Nightmares of prison yeah
Down in there
It's redder than red
Speaking of down there
It's redder than red
Down in there
It's redder than red if you get deep enough down there
Down there

Its like the premier league where I'm living
Enough teams let me fight for their position
Nigga don't be slipping, because everybody's Wigan
Get a clip, fill 'em up start spitting
Running round city with an Arsenal top
Have your top redding if they hit you all up
Swap Chelsea around you'll see shell's
One shot will make your liver pool, blood
Yeah the hood had my Nigga's moving devilish
It was R.I.P if they let it rip
Snap my finger, I could get my clip
They'll make your blood poor
Because they were never rich
Because I'm from where the killers are
Banana clips got gorilla's in charge
So little nigga down the road stay spitting your bars
Or have have the wig on a star like Nicki Minaj
130 years what they gave to my dogs
Doing life for a crime they didn't commit
I speak to Femz and I know it's killing him quick
And people wonder why we police-anti
Because they don't know how unfair the police can be
It's mad G, just bare beef
Our hands freeze the only time you'll hear peace


Just another piece of my story
Through the pain and the guts and the glory
Now I put my all in the music
Because since I've got free it's been the only thing for me
No face showing
Run up on you with the tool if they find that your growing
Because most men here track Jordan's on but won't put the Air Max
Slave mentality, dreams of a Maybach
With black's so white like they're trying to get payback
But now I'm on stage looking at the crowd
In the 02 making everyone proud
But I swear I'm too real for this shit
So all the fake love kills me a bit
Just imagine how it feels when your big
We're selling food now it's [?]
So I don't give a fuck if they like us
I see my dreams better with my eyes shut
I was at wireless
Thinking I've come a long way from dial-up
Pocket full of queens, heart of a king
Trying to do it big but the chances are slim
Looking at the photo of my little sister
I'm just trying to make her see the bigger pitcure


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Krept & Konan Nightmares Comments
  1. TheEastPort100

    i would like this song better if it didn't have lyrics. but the actual "background music" is awesome

  2. OfficialJawz

    who are Krept's dargs in jail?


    SIAH - DWMT REMIX - (Krept & Konan - Don't waste my time) #youngkingz

  4. JamalMusic

    Did a Remix of this song (added a beat and a few chords in the background) check it out :)  Nightmares - Krept and Konan (JamalMusic Remix) 

  5. Compozie Ent.

    Its Like The PREMIER LEAGUE Were I'm Living Nuff TEAMS And They Fight For Their POSITION Nigga Don't Be Slipping Cause Everybody's WIGAN Get A Clip FULHAM Up Start Spitting Run In MANs CITY Where The ARSENAL Tutt Have Your Top READING If They Hit You All Up Swap CHELSEA Around You'll SEA CHELs One Shot Will Make Your LIVER-POOL Blood.

  6. Young Anjie

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  7. 19karl16

    yo congrats on the mobo lads

  8. Zion Mensah

    Can u get it for me please

  9. Zion Mensah

    What instrumental is this?

  10. Gunna

    the bars are mad crazyyy !

  11. Dreamchasing247

    1000 likes wtf???

  12. Lucien Carty

    thanks for the link been looking for it for timee

  13. Sanchez Enger

    Sicckkkkkkk #youngkingz

  14. Miao Mao

    U uploading more?

  15. Around Messing

    Emotional this 1

  16. Lizzy White

    Thanks for the download link

  17. Berniece Boutin

    Love this song!