Krept & Konan - Green Street Lyrics

[Hook - Fekky:]
You ain't making no dough what you talking 'bout
You ain't talking 'bout us what you talking 'bout
All my niggas get dough what you talking 'bout
You're a bummy nigga (Yeah!)
C'mon then (C'mon then)
C'mon then
You wanna straightner
C'mon then (C'mon then)
C'mon then (C'mon then)
C'mon then

Yeah rude girl you better fix up
Bout you're lying in my bed all goofed up
Couple truey's and a couple Gucci's
If the Devil wear's Prada
Thank God i'm in Louis
So much tweets got my phone froze
Girls ring me cuz they know i throw dough
Better have a plan B about bump me
You won't get jumped you'll get bungeed
Soon as I step through the door
I told boss man give me more
I'm like one shot, two shot, three shot, four
Now I can't feel my face someone get me off the floor
Dead thing tryna kiss me
I told her behave with ya shit weave
Hold on to your wifey
I ain't Wiley but i'll give ya misty


Put money in her cup
But trust me she knows it
Took her home enjoyed that
Trust me she condoned it
I know these hoes think I'd wife them as well
Kick a ho in the head bout she wanna be my girl
Play dirty bitches love the sex
Get your miss taken if you don't come correct
Train for this as real as they fuckin get
Think my niggas playing, til they bust your head
All my boys been loyal from a junior
No snakes around hear like Medusa
Left your girl's crutches [?]
Ask her so you know it ain't a rumour
Fucked her first link and you wifed it
Side man with a side chick
Said you make a lot of money
What a lying prick
You walked straight in the shop
Didn't buy shit


You say you want it dog you niggas must be silly
I got that thingy mate I tuck it by my willy
And you can hate me but you know you gotta feel me
Now hit a nigga up have me spinning like a Frisbee
I got that [?] you know I got that Whitney
I got that [?] you know them [?] looking pretty
And you'll never catch me shotting to a nitty
Never going jail for a fucking 3 for 50
I've come a long way from walking round the block (round the block)
A long way from talking to them cops (fuck the cops)
And them fuck boys been peering what I got
I'm like I ain't got shit all I got is gun shots
All I got is gun shots (yeah!)
I'm like fuck em though
You ain't bust shots
He ain't touch em though
Me and my man, hmm touch and go
But if I catch him in the strip I might touch and go


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Krept & Konan Green Street Comments
  1. LondonBoy Llew

    Dead ting try'na kiss me, I told her BEHAVE! with your shit weave.

  2. OfficialLfym2


  3. Yg Devi

    Kick a hoe in the (head) about she warn be my girl (Miguel)

  4. Compozie Ent.

    Kick a hoe in the (head) about she warn be my girl (Miguel)

  5. Mr.AntiSocial