Krept & Konan - Bloodclart Lyrics

All about the British Sterling
Can you not see, the cars German
Put my money where my mouth is, cause my grands are high
Fuck the talking dog, this ain't family guy
Yeah, my hood's nuts, mind how you speak here
Cause them 2 9s, will make you leap, yeah
Yeah your jewels shine bright like a diamond
Round here, if you shine bright, you could die Mond'
That's the hood, nigga, don't take it personal
If they let them rounds off at your circle
Don't underestimate the youngers lurking the strip
Think their things are drama till they murk all you pricks
The same ones that you Salaam could be the ones to draw the piece on you
Youths wanna poke a man, girls wanna peek at you
If A bad B likes what she C's, she'll get the D from you
E don't give a F, he'll stick you up and take a G from you
And you can't call police
If they stick you with that knife
You better fork the Ps
From the narm to the hill down to Thorton Heath
Where they'll nappa man (why?) for talking grief
So focus on the money, road life shit
Now my bank balance's looking like mileage
5 bottles, what are you on?
Them broke niggas buy cups, thats a boob job

What's these niggas gonna do when I stick it on em
What's these niggas gonna do when I stick it on em
Click it on em (click it)
Whip it on em (whip it)
Slip it on em
Get Bloodclart wicked on em

Went from a ringer to a ringtone
Could have ended up in pen for the [?]
Change to the plimsolls
You know how the thing goes
Bruddahs doing birds
Phoning me off the wing phone (Behave)
You could get bottled for a cheap shot
Dirty money, yeah my bruddahs really see rocks
Tell him ease off
Bars ill [?]
So don't be moving funky round my crazy cousins (Oh yea)
Now I got the rapping all my bars
Little begs call me 'cous' but family we aren't
Thinking back when I was out there
Jacket out my mask
With the canon in the car
Like I'm hanging with Jamal (Kaboom)
Have you on the run
Four hours pussy till I got the cunt (Kone)
How could I go lidge?
Ribena in my fridge
I was still out robbing sons
All the grief from police with the 'let me live'
From a rugrat was itching to pepper pigs
Out there on the roadside all day (why's that)
Cause robbing man for Os was my forte
They can't chat to Giggs they can't chat to Krept
Boom bye bye old school racket set (Kaboom)
Fuck getting bad, that's a bag of stress
But I'll still thief your watch if you're aqua fresh

What's these niggas gonna do when I stick it on em
What's these niggas gonna do when I stick it on em
Click it on em (click it)
Whip it on em (whip it)
Slip it on em
Get Bloodclart wicked on em

What's these faggots gonna do when I stick it on em?
This that traffic warden strap, stick a ticket on em
Niggas stuck cause shit go'ne go get sticky for em
Blow that fucking shotty through his back, did it Ricky for him
Oh Mama have to mac it
Little Riz, Chief Keef catch them man in traffic
If I want your life, send a bunch of man to snatch it
Man, I got the custom made air force matching with the jacket (I had to)
Got that wotzit nigga
Better watch it nigga
What's the gossip nigga?
Wanna step up to that bridge, you better cross it nigga
Feeling like this the prophesy and I'm that prophet nigga (oof)
Hood fella, Hood breddah
Old school, Woody Woodpecker (jheeze)
Phone call the little hood repper
Got that crazy petrol, call it hood pepper
On a violent hype
Creep on a silent night
Bitch niggas got me boiling out
Like a pilot light
I don't really like to talk to the confiding type
So all you'll really get from me is goodbyes and hi's
Mac fully spread
Back of his head
I just left a hell hole
Back from the dead
Thought he was invincible, He actually bled
Put that bit of work in then back to my bed

What's these niggas gonna do when I stick it on em
What's these niggas gonna do when I stick it on em
Click it on em (click it)
Whip it on em (whip it)
Slip it on em
Get Bloodclart wicked on em

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Krept & Konan Bloodclart Comments
  1. Andre Castello

    Fam this songs proves Krept and Konan are punchline kings - too many 🤤

  2. Ellie O'kane

    Anyone else here cuz of the recent beef between Giggs and Krept & Konan


    Ellie O'kane Yh g- I was just wondering the same thing. Giggs called him out but I don’t get why he would if they’re mutual friends and have a song together although it is 5 years later


    They actually have 2 songs aswell

    Ellie O'kane

    Zain iqbal Yh I don’t understand it either

  3. Zaarish Suleman


  4. Jimmy Flacks

    From a Rugrat i've been itching to Pepper Pigs JHEEEEZ

  5. Louis Barham

    Giggs verse ain’t even that bad lol

  6. Hootla

    Anyone here from the Giggs interview?


    What do you mean 'y'?

    King Henry

    loool yeah it wasn't even a bad verse tbf

    Reubs231 642

    Yeah he’s right this was shit

  7. deano

    giggs kills it

  8. Charles Xavier

    3:54 he might wanna take that back before he becomes a pack😂😂😂

  9. Naylor619

    Napa man for talking Greece

  10. wonanshox

    i always have to check k&k comments to see what punchlines i miss

  11. contrarian

    Krept & Konan and Giggs are the best Mc's on the British scene.


    +Jon Brunton and jme

  12. bigl rom


  13. nathan jackson

    kone gets me gassed 

  14. 011blades

    Jheeze #RELOAD

  15. Yohann 2412

    Giggs is too good

  16. Stacey Moe


  17. shabz aka shihab

    can you nazi the cars German

  18. Sameer Shazad

    Krept & konan + giggs= DANGER

  19. Miz Rahman


    Miz Rahman

    @YOUNG B shut ur bitch ass up b. don't make me call d rose boy he 6 double 00 boy 

    respek it

    @KSI GETHYPER loool kl call de am in killburn lool

  20. Qasim Hussain

    0:50 the ones that u sallam could be the ones to draw the peece with

  21. The Whisperer

    Only listened cause of giggs. Other two are played out same shit

  22. raleigh ritchie

    Brian griffin lol

  23. Kieran Dixie

    Krept and konan samsh all there songs but giggs is ondiss one shitttttt raw fair play

  24. Shy GOAT1

    RIP Brian Griffin

  25. Kpnta



    Best bar in the track!

  26. stichakaypree watisit


  27. Hazel S

    This is too good!

  28. @StrengthV2 | Comeback !

    Giggs + Krept and konan = Madness

  29. dec dally

    Fucking big

  30. Jetzartist

    buy the album

  31. Young Gucci

    They copied gecko. "Yutes wanna pokemon, girls wanna pickachu."

  32. 4 Legends: Drwz Rico Tekz and Xao

    if A bags B and gets what they C they get the d from you E dont give a fuck he'll stick you up and take a G from you

  33. E Jizzle


  34. Scott Hill

    Which road you on krept konan you said no road music now your back with giggs make your mind up !

  35. Selena Gomez

    can you nazi the cars german*

  36. Kim


  37. M12YYW122YY

    Jheeez play dirty making some big noise #madness

  38. Sonny Coggin

    How Can I Download This & The Banger Ft Chip?

  39. decertoNerve


  40. SOUNDBOY-1

    All 3 of them murdered this track

  41. Dreamchasing247

    broke donnys cant afford to buy it

  42. Connor ewing

    Needs more bass but hard still

  43. kyle mckenzie

    Giggs went in

  44. G.A

    oowwwwwww da videos gonna be mad

  45. teds moore

    sound like old skool giggs love it #oldskool giggs

  46. TheChelseaboy1234

    Best song of the album

  47. samz marsh

    video please?

  48. Mesado Fitness

    Gigga actually went hard

  49. JEDK

    The one

  50. Luke Britton

    Have u uploaded all the tracks geez?

  51. DailyParTV

    All About The British Sterling Can You Nazi The Cars Germannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  52. Shamzz HD

    Upload all of them please.

  53. NinjaShakz98

    Nice keep uploading these, subbed