Kreator - Sculpture Of Regret Lyrics

It never left this world
Negative part of duality
That is the cause
For all men's evil
The force that leads to endless wars
To destroy what's been built
Over the centuries
Element of fear
Ever present
Eternal hatred
Spirit of demise
Conquered our minds again

Wartime confrontation
Conflict ends in rage
Sadistic tendencies awake
Progress turned the land
Into a mountain of dead bodies
Sculpture of regret
Triumph of the primitive
Knowing earthly peace
Ain't possible
Sheltering mutation
Protection from demise
Euthanasia demands
Violence is the modern way of life

No direction got nowhere to go
Death, aggression, terror from below

War is reality
Peace just a fantasy
Hellish disharmony
Repression misery
Kill for your fatherland
this war will never end

In this field of corpses
War drags ever on
Ability to kill the proof
Murder and aggression
Is the rule

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Kreator Sculpture Of Regret Comments
  1. Noah Monroy

    Anybody else enjoying pure Thrash Metal in 2019..?

    Yakoff Legrand

    This album is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  2. Louis Minett

    such a underrated fucking masterpiece!

  3. wiltzer1

    @faggotsmutilator666 exactly man..this is one of their best albums! so underrated...

  4. Orkhan

    The voice is a fucking shit...

  5. Neil rittberg

    awesome never herd this till now kreator rocks

  6. Neil rittberg


  7. GoGuer

    fucking iluminatis