Krayzie Bone - Weapons Of Mass Distraction Lyrics

We slipping into the future, into the future [x2]

Everybody caught up in the matrix,
everybody roaming, so everybody zoning,
everybody blogging so an't no body talking
an't nobody speaking cause everybody tweeting
(they sleeping) I feel like I been living a lie,
paranoia got me tripping cause I thinking they're spying,
on me - really got me feeling like I'm losing my mind,
so I'm trying to keep my focus while I look at the time,
they really trying to make us all slaves to the system,
so can't nobody see their dark ways in the mischief,
we all considered the prey, that's why they hit us with,
the venom, to numb to us, to bring in, destruction,
I'm feeling kind of distracted, and inactive,
they taking over it's massive call it madness,
I hate the devilish fashion with a passion,
they taking over our lives, it's sad
it all comes down to power...

We slipping into the future, into the future [x4]

Into the future, one world order
Into the future, new world order
Into the future, one world order
Into the future, new world order

"We have before us the opportunity to forge for ourselves and for future generations, a new world order,
A world with a rule of law, not the law of the jungle, a law that governs the conduct of nations."

Keep slipping into the future [x4]
Keep slipping into the future
We slaves, (future) [x2]
(A new world order)
We slaves, (future) [x2]

We slipping into the future, into the future [x4]

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Krayzie Bone Weapons Of Mass Distraction Comments
  1. Cory Esser

    Luv this album,Krazyize bone makes the best solo albums besides Bizzy Bone.💀🚬💨💨💨

  2. P D

    This album would have been flawless except for the horrible mixing and mastering job. Most songs like Hold on to your soul you can bairly hear the beat..only vocals. Krays a perfectionist, so how this happened on his watch is perplexing.

  3. chris cass

    Krayzie is Unplugged

  4. I love mexoxo

    KRAY JACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. havich44

    The devil is afraid of me and Krayzie combined or together cuz he know that ppl will see God threw us (as I saw threw him and as ppl say they see in me) and know that God is real ans is of love, beauty and wisdom and many wonderful things that the devil has nothing to do with that will change ppl and take ppl outta the devils hands and into faith, love and belief in God ans be saved. But hey, it is what it is.


    U know how they say that two is better than one which is also mentioned in the Bible as well but many ppl that are of God ain’t ready to be of God yet but I understand. It’s that they are still very carnal ans is not ready to leave the way of the world cuz they think that they will lose everything when God made some of us Thugs ans ganstas and goons to be able to stand against the evils of the world and ppl near by but by us being separated or away from God, the devil can beat on both of us separately but not together or while we’re with God even if we are separated. But idk. 🤷🏾‍♀️ yet.

    Psycho 830

    If god is real were he at and how many tea u seen him...yeah thank u...ur a stupid motherfucker to believe everything u hear in church and bibles...i only believe what i see not what they tell me to believe...u a stupid ass

    Raushaun Rigsby

    The "bible" and white supremacist christianity religion is fake, only GOD should be worshiped, fuck the fake ass bible.

  6. Phantomface Final

    This song was created to induce thinking!

  7. DoNeil Rhea

    Krazie the best ever I'm been listening to bone my whole life born in 92 and I listened to there music before I was in elementary I remember bone thug Enterprise fuck these lame ass rappers of todays error Eastside of Cleveland Ohio for life nigga

    DoNeil Rhea

    Krayzie bone shiting on mumble rappers and everyone else

    Jan Som

    Agreed! same here and I'm 33!!!!