Krayzie Bone - The Ghetto Lyrics

Kill me, son
Yo, it's on
Come follow me to the ghetto
(Dedicated to the hustlers)
Come follow me to the ghetto
(Hustlers in the hood)
Come follow me to the ghetto
(To the projects)

Come follow me to the ghetto
But this ain't a place that everybody can go
(You got to be a thug to know the love in the ghetto, ghetto)
Come follow me to the ghetto
No this ain't the place that everybody can go
(I say you got to be a thug to know the love in the ghetto, ghetto)

Come follow me to the ghetto
But this ain't a place that everybody can go
(You got to be a thug to know the love in the ghetto, ghetto)
Come follow me to the ghetto
Nope this ain't the place that everybody can go
(I say you got to be a thug to know the love in the ghetto, ghetto)

What a wonderful day off in the neighborhood
G-double O-D good mornin' to ya
(Wake up) get up, hey there, whassup?
Let's take a stroll through this place we call home
And everybody be knowin' your name
The PJ, where we tryin' to survive
Of all our good times after workin' all day
So we hangin' all night, drinkin'
Feelin' all right from the love in our community
You're a friend to me keepin' it real
Is what we done to get by day
You watch my back, you back is got
What a nigga from, it's like that
It ain't all good, then again, it ain't all bad
It's hard times, but some of the best times we don' had
Now can you feel me?

[Repeat 1]

And I gotta give my love to the projects nigga, feel me
We should let him know we ain't forgot
It's about this on your block
When they got a fist full a rocks, runnin' from the cops
Keepin' it real, they try to come up with a hundred dollar bill
If not, anything to get a meal is all right
It's all about that bank roll
Cuz when you're broke low, only the strongest survive
I know people who vanish, so just do what you need
Just demand to sit public or when they get business
And if it's illegal, just play with your fears
I hope I'm forgiven for robbin' and stealin'
Stickin' your butts up for 50s and 20s
Dollars, quarters, shit, even pennies, it don't make a difference
I'm hungry, just give me, y'all feel that?
Casualtie's caps get peeled back
It's wild down here where we live at
Real quick you could get killed, that's the way it goes
You never know
Givin' my peace to hustlers strugglin' in the ghetto, ah
Tryin' to make that money, what we'll do to make that money

[Repeat 1]

What you know about hard time?
What you know about the hard time?
What they know about hard time?
Say, what you know about that hard time?
I can feel it, feel it

Hard time
What they know about the hard time?
What they know about hard time?
Say, what you know about that hard time?
I can feel it, feel it

Supercat told you that the ghetto's real hot
But you's didn't listen
So we gotta deliver another rendition
For instance, everybody knows how it go
1st of the Month, don't front, you did there before
The place where random family confront you
Cops will try to hunt you
Cats will try to pump you and stunt you
Nobody wants you to succeed, just fail
The crabs in the bedroom theory
Clearly the ghetto has it's ills, but hear me
The streets is where I learned to chase goals instead of my tail
Learned I wanted to sell lyrics instead of Yale
Studio time instead of time in the cell
I was compelled to excel
But to appreciate heaven, gotta see hell

[Repeat 1 until end]

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Bone Thugs-n-Harmony comin' back atcha in the '99
DJ U-Neek, Krayzie Bone
Shouts out to my true T.H.U.G.S.
Layzie, Bizzy, Wish, Flesh
Bone Thugs-n-Harmony
Representin' every thug
Every hustler
Every ghetto
Across the USA
(Got to be a thug to know the love in the ghetto)

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Krayzie Bone The Ghetto Comments
  1. Ronald Parker

    In all honesty I’m not even from the ghetto but I have family members and friends that are I will admit this song gave me a strong message and good perspective on the ghetto. Much love n respect to all the real OGs out there 💯.

  2. andy1181985

    Fu*kin love this song

  3. Jh Hawthorne

    My shit KB

  4. Dennis Rhone

    hell fucked yeah!!! this song by kray is epic!!!!

  5. Matthew Kaydus

    One land to another land I been listening to krayzie for a long time since bone thugs came out I could never get tried of listening to krayzie thug luv real music for life send u some Portland (503) thug luv bone thugs all tha way

  6. Amberly Lynn

    Krayzie bone HooD
    Neighborhood sLanG
    Everyday 100

  7. Apollos of Burque

    U watch my back and ur good, it aint all good, then again it ain't all bad

  8. Enrico Elseal

    I always loved this song, and I still do!

  9. Stacey Sinclair

    pj's soundtrack

  10. Joey Mianulli

    Krazy classic!!! This was so over looked

    Leon Barnett

    I'm just now hearing this and I can't stop

    Keenan Holland

    Mmmaaannnn me too 💯💪🏾

    Matt Guerra

    I just found this yesterday and I have had it on repeat since then, can’t believe I missed this song

  11. Dionysos Sjaak

    Chilling on this one !!

  12. Deeskey 95

    did any one els get an add befor the video of snoop dogg rapping about hot pockets lmfao random as hell but it was so fuckin funny 

  13. Anthony De Souza

    Yeah, I felt this one all the way here in Pretoria in the South African Ghetto...much love to Krayzie Bone, Bone thugs and the Mo thug family

  14. krayziejones

    The featured artist should not have been on this track, I stop the song after Krayzie's second verse.

    Adam Martinez

    Really? Understandable to be honest but I think the last guy breaks it down and just delivers it so nicely. Those last words were ballin' that he said.

    Noble Wolf

    listen to the message bro



  16. Kush&Music

    Lmaooo no need to let them tears roll!!, nobody said you had to agree with my opinion fool, go back to you`re miserable life

  17. illmatic826

    fuck dallas

  18. Fred Flinstone

    Free my bro Tommy Gunz RSG

  19. Alex B

    im jst a white boy from northern ireland and dont know shit about rap compared to u brothas. but i can tell u this, this guy is on another level.this guy has more talent than the whole of mtv put together. if only he was main strteam. but hey, go to CHURCH!

  20. lllSickneSS

    Krayzie is a f*cking CLASSIC!

  21. Kush&Music

    @NorthernLTS420 i thought i was the only person who realized that. i wanna see a krayzie bone ft eminem track

  22. Mike Wilson

    @V1KT0R10U5 hahah fool im from MN the only ghetto we got is North MPLS lol aye you go to Moorhead College tho? You know Marcus Pierce?

  23. Gil O

    killa kali south central

  24. NorthernLTS420

    all my friends bitch at me for listening to krayzie so much but hell he's got more badass songs than any other rapper. can't help he has more good songs than everyone else.

    Nick Call

    I hear ya. Ain't my fault he's so amazing and fills up my playlist.

  25. Gil O

    This Was On The P.J SOundtrackk Nice K Mind Been On That Level And Still On That L:evel Since Day 1

  26. BizzyBobby23

    one of his most underrated songs. Very universal. Everybody needs to hear this jam. I used to throw alot of parties at my old house and for music, I always used a large playlist of popular and generic current-radio songs (which i hated) that would work well for the large crowd. However, this is one of the few Bone songs that i would sneak into the playlist and everyone would always ask me what song this was and who sang it. My buddy who is a hardcore/metal/scream fan loves this song.


    fast forward to now, 8 years later, youtube is full of metalheads doing reaction videos to bone.

  27. Moonie Gmabini


  28. DannieCleo1978


    Thanks for that. I have been wondering for the longest time how you get stuff from YouTube onto an MP3. I've done 3 songs already!! (Cut to me now looking for every Bone song I ever liked on YouTube that wasn't on an album!!)

  29. 5thwheelsandgrills

    thats dj u neek hell yea, bring it back my nigga

  30. range567W

    1999 shit

  31. k1i8l7l

    some ppl are saying past. over. dosed and i always figured passed out drunk


    p.o.d.'ded is weed'ed

  32. jolly timeez

    past over dosed

  33. bigdl72

    how come in the begining it says kay-fed?
    by the way bone thugs are going to start recording with kay-fed
    its official

  34. cyrone capone

    I can't take it !!! so many good songs!!

  35. Gregory Cinnamon

    K.B a legend forever

  36. AxM37

    nice to hear dj uneek back in the pictures..
    love to hear that freshness...

  37. JokerThaGemini

    eddie murphy did that right

  38. tbizone2002

    yea....a clay-mation show. Good music

  39. JokerThaGemini

    wasnt that a tv show?

  40. M Dub

    yall fools come 2 nebraska and talk that shit.

    Johnny Martinez

    Lmao im weak rn

  41. tbizone2002

    this song is on the "PJ's" soundtrack. Actually a really good ST!

  42. studioo3

    real music for ya eardrums ppl