Krayzie Bone - The Devil's Deal Lyrics

"Uncle Krayzie, can you read us bedtime story, please"
"Alright, you kids get to bed, I'll get the story book. Ya'll tucked in?
"Here we go (we go)"

It was a stormy late night and I was just cruising in my ride, had my music turned up high so you know I can vibe mo'
Hydro consumed my mind and I was feeling kinda tired but at the same time I was wired, trying to keep my eyes open, focus!
Hoping that I can make it to the flap before I doze off because I'm not trying to wrap this big-o truck around the pole ya'll, no ya'll
But something happened kinda strange, my car started to starve and my radio went blank
I know I got gas and this is a brand new truck and I'm on this long dark road thinking, "Damn, I'm stuck!"
I tried to get outta the car but all my doors was jammed, that's when I started to hear this crazy voice in the air and saying, "I can give you everything you need, if you follow me. Allow me to introduce myself, I'm the Devil!"
Man I must have lost it and got to kickin', the windows are swinging, just like a bitch I was screamin, I'm like, "What the what is going on?!"
Next thing you know, my car has started man, no joke and I'm like, "Woah!"
I'm not even touching the gas but the pedals to the floor, doing a hundred on this dark and long road
Losing control, swerving from lane to lane, what is this crazy game makin' my brain insane?
And then I look over to my right, the dude I actually seen, the Devils sittin' right there in my passenger seat, he said,
"Come with me, I can give you anything, run with me, come must see"
And he showed me all these visions of just how I would be livin', plenty riches, pretty women, gotta admit it was so temptin'
But a nigga heard the price right? Said that for exchange for my soul, he wants me to let it go, to live this nice life
And he said he'll give me money and the power, money and more power, more money and more power
I'm thinking but I'm tweaking cause it feel like I'm dreamin', I'm tryna figure why they come for me? Want me for what reason? Why me?
I was minding [?] and then some nigga that said he the Devil just showed up in my seat
And offered me the whole world, even showed me the world, and told me I can have it I help corrupt the world!
One side was telling me, "Don't you do it, nigga don't be a fool!"
But the other side was like, "Ok! Whatchu want me do do?!"

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