Krayzie Bone - That's That Bone Lyrics

[Wish Bone]
You can call it what you want to
Respect when we roll through
fight like yeah, Thats just what we bust through
swear niggaz straight thugs
Really nigga rolled up
Layed out
Blacked out
Know niggaz fucked up
it dont really matter
they scatter
we bustin'
so fuck'em
let 'em lay
I ain't really playin, niggaz playin
Bone ass niggaz down, to me that shit is gay
better than my black gauge too
hear ya blountin buddy but my eyes on you
watch that step, do what I gotta do
gotta go fuck in my hotel room
its about that money that money gotta have me some
or else
hit a nigga to the white meat
gonna get me some money
i ain't gotta tell, a nigga know
when you fuckin with that bone better go for broke
it ain't really that serious betta let it go
ain't no tellin where that might might just might go

[Krayzie Bone]
You niggaz better wake up and smell
that marijuana in hell
that little gotcha
and realize ya dealin with a monsta
i rap the crime
i blast ya mind
im so sick
but dont need to call a doctor
cuz you wont find a cure for this
besides I dont need no remedy, I'm already fixed
nigga take a hit of this and you aint never goin back
to that wack shit
y'all know what clique got the hits
wait a minute
im sick of niggaz gettin all the credit
for bein tough guys and aint got the balls and said it
i read it little nigga when I seen him in the video
you can tell who really real on them really hoes
just because you stack up hoes and some pretty clothes
really dont mean you niggaz automatic criminals
you can fool that at a show
they dont really know
how a real nigga let the mutha fuckin trigger go

[Chorus x2]
we them thuggish ruggish niggaz that'll get in ya mind
with the reefer and the lyrics that a spit like a nine
it dont matter what we give em
its a hit everytime
but you thats bone
thats that bone!

[Kryazie Bone]
i told you nigga, you dealin with a beast
from the streets of clevland, down with Easy-E
niggaz give me a reason to keep that heat in the seat
but in my lap so I'm in position to bust back

[Wish Bone]
guess who's back to shut the lights down
screamin out thug and no you ain't none
gotta do something
when we see we gon' run up on em, nigga gotta tell me
somthin, somthin

[Krayzie Bone]
Take a journey to my violent side
the riots lie
hit 'em with the silenced nine, a quiet mine
and still fuck the law, and any other nigga wanna run
up, come on

[Wish Bone]
and its easy it dont take much to make ya blow
before you hear it you gon' feel it
stay locked and loaded
thugs like us they dont make it get it straight dawg
get rolled up
they gon' like it when we roll off

[Krayzie and Wish]
missed with the sawed off
creepin through the fog
all y'all niggaz die
compitition dry
to see me wit a dollar
gotta get it
get with the lyrical killas from the 99
spittin when I ride ride

[Wish Bone]
know what you doin when you step, you can fall off
hands up thugs comin through when we raw dawg
everywhere we go yes its like that
everywhere we roll strapped with black a thug ready to

[Chorus x6]
we them thuggish ruggish niggaz that'll get in ya mind
with the reefer and the lyrics that a spit like a nine
it dont matter what we give em
its a hit everytime
but you thats bone
thats that bone!

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Krayzie Bone That's That Bone Comments
  1. Rif Jones

    Ok that's The Wish Bone I'm talking about....Kray still a Monster...BTNH

  2. Michael Huang

    wish is nice

  3. It’s yogurt

    Fuck bitch ass Migos

  4. Noeum Din

    Wish kept up with krayzie bone on this classic.

  5. Poul Julle

    This track n beat is gonna be cold as fk for ever. classic shit

  6. Awoodward7899

    As Above, So Below....Killuminati

  7. Ray V

    Ain't nothing like that BONE BONE BONE!!!!

  8. Bernard Cooper

    This track so 🔥🔥🔥🔥 my phone melted in my hand. #bonethugs4life #e1999

  9. Krayzie Roach

    59 dislikes? to me, that shits gey

  10. Terry Baker

    what a song.
    to the stupid nigga cesar McGee u don't know bone shit young muthafucker get of the tit nigga

  11. Jason Reinert

    "Mista Sawed-Off / Creeping through the fog all / yall n***az die / Competition dry / They see me but I doubt if they really can get with the lyrical killaz from the 9-9 / Spittin' when I ride by " -- So sick how Kray delivered that

    Bernard Cooper

    That was actually Wish shit

    JosephandBrandi Sanchez

    Krayzie bone was behind wish vocally

  12. Ray Smith

    I wonder if Migos know they got murdered 10 yrs. before they started the beef. 🔥 still burnin in 2019 til eternal

    brian jackson

    Real shit

  13. Bo Majesty

    I think that Krayzie should've came out with this album before the "Thug on da line" album... That would've been right on time.

  14. thatEpicguy 1

    Wish so sick in this

  15. Free Indeed Music TV

    Thats that bone

  16. Daliso Emmanuel

    Just because you strike a pose in some pretty clothes
    Really dont mean you niggas automatic criminals ----- Kray Jack said that shit from long way back.. Niggas only catching up now

  17. Darryl Reed


  18. Darryl Reed

    Man krazy and wish this track🔥🔥

  19. Jimmy Lewis

    i think the migos should listen to this and that one other guy(snaps fingers) the one that call his self ummmmm.......21 savage b4 they diss sum original ogs that paved the way for them lil ass kids


    And talk about fucking Layzies Queen...people out here in the Bone Army will knock his head off for that

  20. Arson Phoenix

    Wish bone is that brazy flow one the best colabs

  21. Noeum Din

    Migos,, u hear that.."its that bone" greatest alive. 👊👀



  23. tony pack

    Wish bone nough said

  24. tony pack

    Migos beef brought me here #fuckmigos👈

  25. Emerald Knight

    FUCK 21 garbage

  26. daniel brady

    Holy Fuck krayzie bone burnt that shit to the ground. Nobody will ever flow like Mr sawed off the best rapper to ever grace this earth.

  27. scottwb19k

    Take a hit of this and your never going back to the white shit. Damn I need some of that shit they smoking

  28. Eric Roper

    I think Wish had the coldest verse on thug love with pac

    Jacky T

    Yeah, id say Bizzy brought that.. Wishs repetition is pretty vibe ruining.. however Wish on No Surrender.. perfection


    @Jacky T wish kills creepin through snl..every studio album hes good

  29. K Money

    Wish I see you nigga

  30. deadly steele

    58 dum mafukkaz

  31. Krista Monias

    They all Kill the beats not just one of em ! bone for life

  32. smokey 420


  33. SyncOfTheWord

    now that mutha fuckaz cant rap anymore, Wish sounds so much better than he used to in my estimation.... he does kill it on this tho... tends to make me think Kray wrote his shit for this. his vocal has always been awesome tho, just seems to fuck up a loada bone songs simply cuz of how talented the other dudes are.

  34. Kevin Boston

    Bone being Bone,still got it,tops!

  35. MsNooneinparticular

    I like the Wish/Kray collabo. They're definitely the most hypermasculine dudes in Bone, lol. Wish need to come on with that solo project already. He contributes to the group as much as any of the other members.


    The whole world still waiting on wish solo

  36. Kevin Boston

    You cant copywrite speed, but Bone is the best judged on beats, lyrics, tone, music, and seeing tbere fans

  37. Prince Gambini

    Wish Bone bodied this track... KB i hear you granddaddy...Bonelife

  38. anterious jones

    No shit wish is a bone thug who else he supposed to be lol a walk on check da record TL

  39. anterious jones

    Thug shit that SUPA SOULJAHS listen 2

  40. Adrin Woods


  41. Steven T

    You. Feel off Ann buzzing

  42. Joseph Enrico

    dont sleep on Wish

  43. Aaron Hennessey

    Krayzie bone as the illest flow out there aswell as twista now them 2 should do more plus wish bone kills any tune he hears period

  44. Awoodward7899

    "I'LL blast your Mom, I'm so sick, I don't need to call a doctor" Saw'd Off Lethaface

  45. Andrew Miller

    This or migos.......this or migos........this or me old school but I'd rather hear this over some fake ass thugs any day


    You'e not old school. You know real music.

  46. Julio Guerra

    This was the closest shit to a dr.dre beat bone ever had . They talking about dr.dre gon be on they last album I hope so. You can tell krayzie had a lil hand on wish verses . But overall this was the dopest song in years by any bone combination.


    Julio Guerra dre son excel beats

  47. ethan mulholland

    This so is soo underrated! Needs a film clip or just a solo version of wish. Love it

  48. Tyrox 222

    2.16 - 2.24 epic flow!!

  49. Wayne Martin

    Tech nine can't fuck wit krazyie or bizzy y'all heard them joints fuckin clone ass niggas bone is original

  50. 4ever90s Music. 90smusicEternal

    come on now wish.That was garbage bro.


    funny shit bro

  51. Joseph Cardenas

    daaammnn, wish started off hard...

  52. Nashawn Green


  53. Ghetto Music

    Great track!

  54. John Cobb

    Every time krayzie raps he sounds like a m16 going off fast as hell

    Brian Cle

    More like MG-42 💯💯💯

    Cameron Redstar

    AK-47 with unlimited rounds
    On the real

    Brian Cle

    @Cameron Redstar An AK is very deadly but MG-42 rounds come out much faster. It's like an A-10 Warthog busting at you. Ik you didn't reply to me but just Google MG-42 machine gun... 1800 rounds per minute. AK-47 only 600 rounds per minute.. facts 💯

  55. Whistle Teets

    this shit goes so fuckin' hard. I remember the first time I heard it when i bought the album. straight flames.

    Adam Martinez

    Speakers catching on fire and shit lol.

  56. Awoodward7899

    this for all the bitches that hate on Wish

    Anthony Hernandez


  57. Awoodward7899

    one of favorite Bone tracks

  58. Cesar Mcgee

    wish bone kill it

    JosephandBrandi Sanchez

    That's krayzies voice behind wishs voice thatd why sounds harmonized beautiful winding sound

    24k Tv


    Javante Davis

    Broooo wish went crazyyyyy

    Chris Rodriguez

    @JosephandBrandi Sanchez if you talking bout that part that goes Mr Sawed creepin thru the fog...wish isnt in that, they just used reverb on Krayzies voice.

  59. Danton Steele

    soundlike the undead

  60. Andrea h

    but hey wish throwing down tho

    look out

    Wish gangsta with it

  61. Andrea h

    shoot krazey and bizzey bone on that business

    1985 Gemini

    Andrea h no boo boo.....this is krayzie and wish

  62. Mr. M A J E S T I C XIII . Blackstruggle77

    Finally, Wish Bone's first solo album called "Recognize" is in the works. I would like to see Krayzie Bone & Wish Bone do more duo tracks together.


    3 years laters it still ain't drop

    Curb Hill

    @BC STAR Id pay like 30£ for wish solo album. When he gets it right its right

    l Omerta l

    BC STAR damn that sucks. hope it comes soon.

    Brian Cle

    @BC STAR ikr WTF is Wish doing..🤔

    Dwight Mitchell

    @BC STAR ...i checked the comments to see if it was true....NOPE

  63. sixie6e

    11 young thug fans clicked the dislike button

  64. Joe 228

    I wish I had the software or whatever to do remixes, I'd switch up the beat maybe throw in a classic Dj Uneek, definitely something that hits. Then I'd put all five on the track.

  65. ClassicBRO

    wish killed it though

    Javante Davis

    ClassicBRO oms

  66. Rena Deon B

    After being a fan for 18yrs I never could answer who was my favorite member? Now that I'm 32... it's Krayzie Bone hands down. Then I read somewhere that Kray was trained vocally to be a singer or some shyt, so it's no wonder he can make any song sound good.

    Rowdy Jansen

    +Rena Deon B Amen to that. I'm just a whiteboy from the Netherlands and not even really into hip hop. But Krayzie Bones' lyrics, flow and harmonies are pure magic compared to the rest. I especially like "The Fixtape Volume 2: Just One Mo Hit". Grtz

  67. Ca- Blaze

    sick ass Flow fron krayzie

  68. Thundrilla Da Killa

    I wish the whole crew was on this one. Untouchable group!

    Bobby Douglas

    Thundrillium triple six mafia better dirty south hoe

    Brian Cle

    @Bobby Douglas nahhhh🤣😭

  69. OldD1rtBas1ard

    Now I know why Chris Brown ran out that club that night Bone walked in.

    Layla Nicole

    @OldD1rtBas1ard yo when that happen?

    Action Zach

    @ThatJ R-yan A while ago, Bone was on tour (i forget where this took place) Krayzie and other Bone members were in a club, Chris Brown just so happen to be in the same place wanting to go to the same club. Chris Brown found out Bone were and did not want to go in after hearing they were in there.

    Layla Nicole

    @Zach Faias wurd preciate that cuzo

    Robert Davenport

    😨😨😨 u wild ass hell 4 that 😂😂😂


    Reaction Zach he actually snuck out back door

  70. johnjohn albacete

    somebody dislike this' maybe those idiots has a fucki'n issues on their stupid hearing' fuck new age hiphop' Bone thugs!!!

  71. SELA Ghost

    Facebook remind me about him and that i why im here

  72. Charles Jones

    Krayzie been rapping fast way before Tech nine

    bill bobby

    Tech been doing it all his life he had a handful of bullshit records deals krayzie had the better deal and exposure so it wasn’t way rapping before Tech he was noticed before tech


    Krayzie is t9 fav rapper he said in a old interview. They actually like each other to those who felt bothered by the original comment lol.

    Shannon Gibson

    No one was comparing

    Abdenour Djebline

    in fact, tech n9ne was influenced by the bone boys


    @Michael Smith apparently you dont either since you put an 8 instead of 9 on his name 😂😂😂😂😂

  73. Uriah Haughawout

    It don't happen too often, but when wish kills it he really fucking kills it.

    El Boogie

    Yes this is so true. It makes Bone so much better when he isn't lazy and really comes with it.


    Hes the worse from bone he'd still merk alot

    Robby Reyna

    Thats cause Wish was the singer of the group.

  74. Something Nice

    Them Bone Thug Boyz Spitting Some Hot Lyrics Right Here!

    Darryl Reed

    Str8 🔥🔥🔥

  75. Crystal Compton Blevins

    Love this has that old bone thugs flavor to it.

  76. Cody Stinton

    One asshole dislikes smh

  77. Chelly Montoya

    Hell yeah this is some real gangsta shit I like lol

    Jamar Rogers

    Chelly Montoya that flow thats been m.i.a indeed Empress

    yen som

    Chelly Montoya i like it too Chelly

  78. PD Killuminati

    Yeah, Wish killed it!

  79. Xyan11

    They both have sick verses! my first time hearing it, love it already .

  80. Daniel San

    Love this song ... Mr.Sawed Off creepin' through the fog

  81. Crystal Christofferson

    wish ripped it better then krayzie.. I think anyway

    Jason Reinert

    Krayzie was unreal on this. Don't think Wish ever reached the level Kray went on this.

    JosephandBrandi Sanchez

    Crystal Christofferson its krayzie in backgroubd tge windy voice always kray jack

  82. Jack Bauer

    That's because the dislike button knows better than to piss off a nigga named Krayzie Bone.

  83. Uriah Haughawout

    WISH my fuckin guy!!

  84. miguel angel franco

    let these thuggish ruggish niggaz bust a cap on all the bone thugs haters...........BONETHUGSNHARMONY!!!!!!!!

  85. Dan Konrath

    krayzie the best rapper i ever seen. Gemini and thug mentality 1999, two masterpieces.

  86. Malchow O

    People are funny,Talkin abt confidence???Wish has been killin it since forever,Have u ever heard No surrender???I guess it's better late then never to realize whats been a known fact since 94'....

  87. Ash N

    Big Wish...!

  88. Gods Son

    wish bone is so amazing:)!!!!!

  89. loonatik91

    We them thuggish ruggish niggas' that'll get in ya mind, with them rough and rugged lyrics that I spit like a nine, and no matter where we get em' its a hit everytime, but you know that's bone, that bone...

  90. loonatik91

    wishbone comes so hard in this track wish that nigga had more self confidence and put out an album all us will buy it, feat kray and few other dudes keep it real like this :D

  91. klips the barber

    wishbone just goes off

  92. JackCastle999

    they're working on the 20th anniversary album right now.

    20 years! that's LEGENDARY!

  93. LilSlykk1

    oh yeah I'm a Krayzie fan now

  94. melenmike

    this is my shit!!!!!

    gotta love tha uploaders!!!!

  95. MrBh9445

    he's been workin in it... (since 1938) maybe someday.

  96. range567W

    Real recognise real. No one knows who wish bone is apart from bone thug fanboys.
    Imagine Wish bone in a battle, he would hide behind Krayzie Bone hahaha