Krayzie Bone - Rescue Me Lyrics

I've been up, I've been locked down
Done had ta bury some'a my reallest niggas underground
Still I pray, Lord Almighty take me away (away away)
(Would you rescue me, rescue me...)I said I've been up, I've been locked down
Done had ta bury some'a my reallest niggas underground
Still I pray, Lord Almighty take me away (Away away)
(Would you rescue me, rescue me...)

When I got in this rap game, I got in ta repentin for all of the bad thangs, erasin my bad name, who said that we can't change?
But you know the world we live in is so cold n so wicked, and explicit
And the people that say they can fix it are the enimies, don't you listen, they're only human
Pretendin to be God, Allah, bullshit
Nigga you play with the Lord and by sword you die
Even now, a nigga with money and power still can't compare with the heavenly father
Nigga your forgetin where he put ya, he could put you falt on your ass
Niggas get a little money n they go through the same thing, they forget where they came from, who made em, who gave em the world
You better think think, stop, drop, thank the Lordy Lordy, that you ain't hungry no moe, ooohh yeah
Cause if you don't he'll take it right back, and your right back where ya started, with jack shit
Nigga ya finished, done with, up shit, that's it
And actually, it's kinda fucked up that we gatta face the reality that what goes up, su
Re better come back down, nigga that's called gravity, gravity


It's the same old shit in the hood everyday, ya try ta make a livin n dead they lay, it's 6 feet deep in they grave, n they never comin back no more
Just like my boy, life destroyed, put to rest too soon, death the ultimate doom
That bloody murder, 187 mo murda murda
Closer my, for all a my, souljahs that died on the line, think about'cha all the time, I guess I, see ya, see ya at Tha Crossroads (Crossroads), see you at Tha Crossroads (Crossroads), I guess I see ya at Tha Crossroads (Crossroads)
So souljah rest while you sleep, and every time we blow our weed, puff one for you in memory
We dedicate this to all the casualties war
We gon stay strong, n we gunn surely keep on movin on (Movin on, movin on)


To all my niggas in the cells, my niggas
If you get that chance to rebel, raise hell
Ready to riot, gettin ready to riot

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Krayzie Bone Rescue Me Comments
  1. Jaime Salais

    Does Krayzie bone even listen to his old dope shit?like man you just listen to this shit

  2. Amy Lafferty

    Love this song

  3. Greg Jr

    Krayjackson is a beast like most yall say but wish gets slept on like mfer ..everything wish spits is fiya but he dont get the love kray lay n bizzy get ..wish kinda get treated like flesh by the fans

    Just saiyan

  4. DailyLight 365

    Listen to these lyrics Really listen to em .. remember being locked down doesn’t just mean physically it also means mentally

  5. Adam Durrani

    May Allah bless krazyie. Only real people with knowledge understands what he means. He doesn't disrespect islam

  6. Amanda Covey

    Theres a lot more then krazyie that dont get recognized and they really should and its bunch of bull shit too sorry for the language.

  7. Isaiah Tukuvaka

    Rows hip hop too lion kings same too millionsire zillionaire singers songs my owns on top..romieo solomon msrch 1992/07 boss bond new jsmes 007 see tv best bonus holidsys fast bsck spots go on..your love wife sarah..

  8. D Ellz

    Still a banger in 2019


    Classic 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  10. jaynee323

    This song is deep ..real lyrics

  11. ak47oldog2shots/leggo0f! Larsson

    For real

  12. BuckMarley

    Love this song, only part I hate is the “God/Allah” part when all you hear is Kray talk about is the God of the Bible, Yahweh or Jehovah. Yes I understand somewhat that it means “god” in Arabic supposedly but it’s misleading.

    DailyLight 365

    BuckMarley “there only human pretending to be God/ Allah ... bullshit” real talk

  13. wilmar hanks

    Krayzie saves lifes with his messages , bringing people like me out of real dark depressions allowing us lost souls to find peace within . God bless you Anthony !

    Brian Cle

    Kray the G.O.A.T.🔥💯

  14. Baby Darko

    This that real, sad shit like this aint around no more.. Music from the soul.

  15. Gabriel Martinez

    Krayzie always bringing back the memories of lost ones! RIP Rob!! Love my family especially my big cuz 💔 gone way too soon

  16. James Campbell

    Krayzie is the real deal and that's no joke....he is the realest nigga hands down fuck the migos bone is the best group and you fucking hater's can't stand it

  17. Cindy Mell

    So glad u kicken out more jams awesome love you Mann

  18. Cindy Mell

    So real thanks god

  19. Cindy Mell

    Much love

  20. Justin Zamora

    Fuck migos

  21. Vincent King

    Krayzie47 hey bruh I love the music you put out and I am a subscriber and I would have private messaged you but I'm not sure how to but I just wanted to let you know in the beginning of the song when you have subtitles pop up, underneath the "Rescue me" you spelled krayzie bone with a T we're the R should be homie. Love the channel!

  22. Abdoulaye Ndao


  23. Mario Reyes

    ✊✊✊ Krayzie Bone 🔥🔥🔥 Definitely One Of The Greatest To Ever Do It And Deserve Way More Credit ..

  24. D Ellz

    Damn this song is timeless he speaks from the heart from the beginning to the end true to life from the Cradle to the Grave........ every time I need a reality check I come listen to this song

  25. Marcus Mar

    🙏..its all REAL

  26. 21 7xe

    Words cannot describe this experience

  27. Aaron Tempest

    Wanna know what makes this truly krayzie?! Hes speaking truth about reality bout a billion times better than almost every new age rapper out there all of bones always had it that was the golden age the platinum age now were back with wood and rocks worst ever... mid 90s early 00 was it really the best years now we might as well grab anyone off the street an signem up lol

  28. san5324

    Man kray was on a whole other level back in the days.

  29. Don ellis

    Much respect Krayzie Bone this shit hits home so hard. 😨😗🙏💪✌👏💥

  30. Q Horton

    True artist

  31. ronyx616

    Love the track! Funny that this was a spice girls beat tho lol

  32. Everything4405

    47 dislikes can catch the ak47

    Madd Dogg

    Probably some triggered salty ass who just forgot where they did come from

  33. Harry Barry

    Soooo underrated can't belive !!! I was down with this song back in the day , now I'm even more down . Fetty Wapp or wtvr are theyr names now these days have to go kiss these guys feet bone thugs man all the Fucking way

  34. Khambha Shylla

    to every 1 who lisent this song hold on n stay strong like my nigga krazy bone.......

  35. Der Tomos

    Krayzie's songs are so Deep .not one of the best , he is the best songwriter raper Legende whatever

  36. G-Dogg Godfrey


  37. Carbin bane

    46 people need to be rescued from their bad judgement.

  38. Krayzie guy

    years after it's release still the shit

  39. Mando Gonzales

    lve been up lve been locked down

  40. jayy lamarr

    great song

  41. Mr Pumpkinpatch

    Krayzie bone is fucking amazing.

  42. Christopher Figueroa

    one of the realist

  43. Josef Lemos

    untouchable. KB is above the rest!

  44. Swamp Thing

    Awesome song but Krayzie bone should probably have voted

  45. VooDoo Wiz

    this my fucking shit fuck these rappers man kray for lyfe goat

  46. Melvin Grant

    Good music

  47. Dimitri Romero

    krayzie is the most diverse rapper ever, one of the greatest, very underrated, unfortunately he doesnt get the recognition he's earned.


    i kinda enjoy us having KB all to ourselves. makes us just as unique as him. ask people around me whats the hottest shit ... its all the same, ask 10 people u get 3 names at most ... i'm different than all these fools. krayzie is a musical genius. takes a genius to recognize one i guess . be proud of yourselves. yall know what good music is.

  48. Anthony Hernandez


  49. Jamie Cirone

    yo krazyie is one of the best rappers still alive if not the straight up best nothing real like this I'm a rapper so I know but I'm on that real shit not this new school bullshit


    Bizzy and Krayzie one of the best still alive!

    Jamie Cirone

    Defineltly kray for sure all that mix tape and new shit is hit as hell


    Bizzy is my favorite ( heavenz movie, the gift, alpha and omega...), but Krayzie impress me since Mo Thugs Family Scripture ( low down, mo murda, no pretender)...

  50. Tony Funtain

    6 feet deep in the grave and they never coming back no more

  51. nystagmus

    I can't think of anyone who can sound better than krayzie. He just layers the voice so perfect. He is like the hip hop version of Enya. Best sounding rapper hands down, and his content is very decent.

    Jason Reinert

    everything you said was perfect until 'his content is very decent'. His content is real and always relevant. I would say his content is timeless.


    i meant decent with good connotation and he is not just about sounding good

  52. Matt Welch

    they forget where they came from


    congrats u guys are suckers.

  53. Saadiq Mohd

    Krayzie bone is the greatest rapper dead or alive, No competition.


    Saadiq Mohd only one on his level is bizzy but there never was anyone above

    redrum LOCC

    One of the best. There's many more dawg

    Donnell Weathersby

    Saadiq Mohd forreal Krayzie is the GOAT!!!!? Been the Goat!!!!!!!!!!! Leathaface!!!


    I see krayzie as a mature individual in bone thugs n harmony but as far as "no competition", first off it's not a competition, Christ gets the glory. That's the true purpose of music, to glorify Christ. For example check this song out, his twin was killed in gang violence and this individual chose not to retaliate.

    Eric Langevin

    Krayzie is the Goat.
    He is so damn versatile.
    He can rip your face off or sing you a nice smooth melody and much more.
    Amazing voice and the best flow in rap.
    The Goat

  54. Derek Espinosa

    @abdul it was just a cut, I don't know why he didn't release it, this is one of my favorite kb joints

  55. Donnell Weathersby

    im the biggest bone fan in tha universe And Krayzie bone is the greatest. rapper. artist. of al time


    Bizzy Bone


    whats your size ? ;)

  56. Stephen t86

    love this. glad krazie bone stuck around

  57. Marin Primorac

    he is a legend


    dam who can hate this song? he speaking real shit I been listening to this song for a long tyme, and it gets me thru

    Mental TheRealOne

    Real shit!!

    Carl Hankin

    only haters can dislike a song like this.

    Gambini Slauce

    OEAZY TRT facts

  59. andre kristoz

    Born to rap KB for real, luv from Malawi

  60. Pandacan Hustlers

    KB of BTNH is real artist. much luv!

  61. Jacob Elkins

    this is a song from thug mentality cut

    Derek Espinosa

    it's a cut from thug on the line

    Yafeu Khan

    Was it a bonus track i dont remember it

  62. CMD Tutorials

    old and cool rap :))

  63. Clifton Murphy

    real music

  64. mandelan jefferson

    Best. Songwriting ever

    Heathcliff, The Cat

    Yes sir.

    Q Horton

    mandelan jefferson agreed. VERY well put together

    redrum LOCC

    One of the best. There's many more dawg





  66. C Treezy

    what album or mixtape is this on

    Stoney Melony

    +C Treezy streets most wanted

  67. Karlus Jackson

    The word "Alaha" literally means God. No matter what context you use it in it always means God.


    +humblewarrior I can tell you have not read the Quran rather fed into what the media and other sources have feed you. Best judgement is the one you can do for yourself because for each his own.


     i can asure u my only information is straight from the quran lol, dont think im dump, ive compared the scriptures, the bible and the quran got nothing to do with eachother, 2 differents gods. 2 different doctrines. educate yourself before u start arguing and talking, the quran (mohammed) says the bible is fake, how can u say they are the same? man...please go and compare, u gotta be aware that jesus from quran is also a complete other guy than the real jesus we know from the bible 600,700 years before the quran was written, which is based on eyewitnesses, not so in the quran.


    mohammed was a anti christ, he and jesus got as good as nothing in common



    Alpha Omega

    And saying "U fucking bigot" is not spreading hate?

  68. getitrite

    its I lie

  69. David S.

    Nobody really knows but I'm Mexican and I've heard him say Spanish in some songs so "ala" coulda been used to say "ala verga" basically saying gtfo in Spanish but he said ala bull---. If it's the way I think it is I don't think it was intentional for that to happen

    David S.

    pinche eskimo vete a la verga!

  70. truth for god

    94 and on

  71. THUGSologist

    aint nobody fuckin wit this right here

  72. dwayne williford

    god bless kraziebone

  73. Antonio Herrera

    Ktayzie Bone ?????!?!?!?!?! lmao

  74. Jamie Vorstenbosch

    Why are u discussin that bull about kray sayin allah
    He is talkin about people thinking/acting like they are god, allah
    Just fuckin listen to the music before u go bitchin about shit


    @Jamie Vorstenbosch because some know that allah is not god, u should be aware but i don think so


    he is talking about the 5% nation. anyway allah IS god you should read the buddhist story about the elephant and 5 blind men youll understand

  75. Tambora Johnson

    Kray puts the realist shit out I'm felling this in my heart for real.

  76. 5thDawg

    I don't think he dissed islam by saying Allah, im sure his well educated and knows about the religion

    Jay Townsend

    @humblewarrior i think Layzie might be chrsitian.. i think they all were christian at one point considering they all have Crucifixes in allot of pics!

    Jay Townsend

    at one point Bizzy said 'and ima stay christian' but that was the gift im sure and was long ago


    jay howsoever, i seen u a big bone fan, same here ;) i always liked kray and lay the most of the group...u shoukd give the track a listen pyrexx ft layzie - life on it, i was suprised by that one its awesome

    Jay Townsend

    @humblewarrior he killed it! didnt excpect anything less tbh though hah!


    :) nice remake of 5 on it better lyrics i like all of them

  77. stok gls

    lord almighty, take me away take me away, away
    won't you rescue me, rescue me, rescue me...

  78. Donnie Smith

    Rescue me soul song

  79. Moe Gutter

    str8 up real nigga shit 100

  80. Ian Caron

    Kray the realest nigga ,coldest in the game

  81. Manbanley Man

    man yall do not known that they is the oranigarl g  keep it come karzyie and flesh one love for bone thugs n harmony happy hoilday solder of god

  82. A K The Street King Bling

    KRAYZIE  keeps the dopest  bone thugs n harmony music out.

  83. thomasfelipecastaneda castaneda


    thomasfelipecastaneda castaneda


  84. ETRFG Boss Up Gang

    This Ji Like One Of The Realest Krayzie Got #JussKnow  !!

  85. Mark Hogan

    One of his best songs.

  86. Jesus Lopez

    listening 9/19/13 Bone is timeless music

  87. mjay13

    Kray made a refrence to Islam, not as a diss but respectful manner:
    " pretending to be god,Allah, BULLSHIIT! nigga you play with the lord then by the sword you die!"

    In the times of the prophet muhammad(salAllahu alayhi wa sallam) swords were used to fight in war to establish Allah's religion and fight the dis-believers for his sake.

    Allah means "the one true god" in its arabic pretext.

    The diss is for the people who think themselves higher and greater than the creator of everything.

  88. Herman Lucas

    streets most wanted thugline records 2006!!

  89. The Mountain Sage

    1,151 people who know our father, 12 who do not.

  90. Ace318

    you done started some shit with the thuggish ruggish bloody murdah clique

  91. So King'd Up

    my nigga since 1995

  92. iJudgeYourVids

    ''What goes up, sure gotta come back down, nigga that's called gravity''

  93. Aaa aaa

    from which album or mixtape is this song?

  94. Purple Martin

    I recall when this vid had like 30 000 views.

  95. Thuggen

    Kray All Day!! May Allah bless you

  96. FokeTheDon

    How should krayzie bone famous like eminem or someone if youtube closes his videos in germany.
    He´s the best rapper i know with pack but the gema....

  97. fhorty2fo

    Maan! thats whas up