Krayzie Bone - Put It On Y'all Lyrics

Put it on y'all... [x4]

[Verse 1]
We the survivors, the hustlers
gusslers, the riders, we don't know no busters
suprise 'em with guns and knuckles
they bound to be broken' buckle
been down before thuggish ruggish
come around with my motherfuckers
and let God keep it bumpin', love you
this money do wonders for me
you know me from Bone Thugs, so show me some Bone love
my (?) is strong love, drink forty's and smoke blunts
Still, I'm givin' all the shots
to the St. Claire Thugs in the glock, glock
for the niggaz on hot-blocks
bustin' back at the cops boy
you can't stop me, I'm up in your shit like papparazzi
Competition is sloppy
draw position, not even worthy got me poppin'
cause if you want me, buckin' them bloody body
they never did wanna come fuck with the thugs
they comin' to shoot up your posse
shoot up your posse, livin' with trill niggaz
If you don't true with real killas
on the road to this meal ticket
My mister was still with me, the lyrics is ill wicked
and niggaz is still trippin', and talkin' shit after this one
we gon' get up in that grill, hear me..

Won't weep no more, won't sleep no more
won't be no more once we
Put it on... dogg, won't weep no more
won't sleep no more, won't
Be no more once we put it on... dogg

[Verse 2]
Ever since I complete my mission
ten years and they still listenin'
when you see me you know me
but excuse me don't fuck with no bitch niggaz,
eads blown, heads gone, if they step in Bone
we let 'em know, straight from the do', just where we comin' from
let it go and reload, if you need some mo' let 'em know
there's mo', we split it, gon' pull it
no matter them thugs gon' get with ya killa
day time or at night when your kissin' baby night-night
you can die, rock-a-bye, got thugs but they ain't leaders
we thugs for a fuckin' reason
scuffed up, fucked up, leave 'em in the mud
That's how you gotta leave 'em, body bags
It's no trash bag, they pickin' up the pieces
Niggaz is hungry Dogg, they flossin' so get 'em dogg
If bitches step on it too straight up thuggin' to get you
that Gucci, that bling ooh, gotta (?) with niggaz
who they will murder y'all, sit 'em up
and there and then we rush all y'all
that's thugster shit, that's how we roll..


Won't weep no more, won't sleep no more
won't be no more once we
Put it on... dogg, won't weep no more
won't sleep no more, won't
Be no more once we put it on... dogg

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Krayzie Bone Put It On Y'all Comments
  1. MR. Marz

    Brah. This shit right here.
    Still a hellafied banger.

  2. Michael Huang

    twista would kill this beat

  3. Cee Dub

    I wish it had lay, bizzy & flesh on it!! 🔥🔥

  4. Jeremy Woods

    wish is the straight jacket

  5. Beat Studies

    Great Beat!

  6. SETH 7

    No Weed No Mo Won't Speak No Mo Won't No Beef No Mo😈💀


    Don't sleep on Wish Bone he go just az hard az the rest of Bone remember the points soundtrac every album he goes n hard

  8. Kenan O'keefe

    love this song already man .bone thug they real OG :)

  9. wildman solow

    This that bone sound

  10. Oliver Hernandez

    I wanna get this album


    Wish is straight fire wit dis jank

  12. Sputz3

    Dillio killed this track! It's a damn shame that this is the only song he produced for a major artist. He got talent like a muthafucka!


    they gonna learn about our cousin dillie come hell or highwater

    Joe Diaz

    Where's dillie from?

  13. Whistle Teets

    krayzie... can't be fucked wit. 💯

  14. jaymurdock1791

    kray and wish the shit yo

  15. Jd Harrison

    Who ever uploaded these Krayzie Bone songs chill out with the extra play time man.

    Da Don

    Jd Harrison -there's another version without the fuck up..mad fuckn song just a little too short

  16. darkliter8

    Wish's hardest song


    nah i gotta say body rott prolly his best

    Andre COOKE

    jaymurdock1791 His verse on thug always was good too.

  17. "No Hey Hey Hey"

    Eminem has nothing on kray

    Bam Medina

    dopeburger you damn right say it again

    Oliver Hernandez

    • • • • I think kray is one of the rappers that could go hard on Eminem

    thatEpicguy 1

    The 6 of them need to get together


    no doubt

  18. Valak 1984

    Krayzie ll it bruh

  19. Jaron Thomas

    They should do Krayzie and Wish, Bone Brothers Chasin the Devil and Wishmaster

    Wayne Jeffery

    U damn right Wish always go hard when it's just him krayzie

  20. Altraz Walker

    I am crying.

  21. Mella Macchione

    Krayzie bone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you know me from bone thugs so show me some bone love

  22. Dennis Ferguson




  24. D Tripp

    No mo once we put it on em!

  25. IAmTheCraftsman

    My dude Dillio did this beat! Greatness rubs elbows with GREATNESS!!!! DILLIO BANG ON 10!

  26. Clyde Optimistik

    Songs like this proves that Wish isn't garbage... He snapped on this one

  27. CashBlake098

    @SuperIkhy That's Kray, and then Wish... No Bizzy

  28. CashBlake098

    Body bag, trunk, trash bag. they pickin up the pieces/Ni*gas is HUNGRY dawg/They flossin! So get em yall!.... DAMN Wish go hard than a mo fucka! One of my favorites off this album.

  29. BTNHFan04200

    Dum dum da da dum dum da da dum dum da da dum da da dum da da

  30. BTNHFan04200

    This shit is hard, kray killz it !
    Keep it commin brah

  31. HustlaGirl Karina

    all I can say about this is one word: HAAAARRRDDD!!! <3

  32. Makaveli The General

    @BlackRadical001 heh,good and evil

  33. aaaalexffff

    @lemontoalime aha yee, he does that a lot

  34. aaaalexffff

    @lemontoalime wow, you got my thumbs up...rite wen i was reading this the nikka started spittin the same shit ahaa

    bone 4 lyfe**

  35. 100pjp001

    I know I noticed that recently too Krayzie's dark side in his reflection. Goes well with the title of the album I suppose Good vs Evil.

  36. djboy23x

    the funny thing about this is that my hommie dilliot2k made this beat for krayzie dont believe me go to discogs...after u do that check out dilliot2k on youtube!! and sub!

  37. SINofPEACE

    aww shit...i just now noticed that...its even on the actually cd.

  38. nystagmus

    wish did amazing on this one.

  39. nystagmus

    is he humming the instrumental in the beggining? sick
    the flow is unbelievable

  40. Jonathan Estrada

    This Shit Goezz Hard