Krayzie Bone - My Perfect Lyrics

I wake up and I can see the sun shining,
And the bright blue sky, natural high I'm vibing (Vibing),
I'm not evening going acknowledge my problems,
Today I'm just going to run and hide from them I might dodge them (dodge them),
It's kind of like my better day, finally I can celebrate,
I'm not even high but I'm Flying (Flying),
Steady rising watch me elevate, to the clouds and levitate,
I ain't even walking; I'm glidin' (glidin'),
I see the police but they speed on pass me,
Didn't even harassed me, waved at me, that was classy (man),
I see my child hood friend, but he smoking, but I don't know today it just seems like he's glowing,
And I can't believe I haven't heard a gunshot yet (nope),
I'm feeling good and I haven't drunk one shot yet,
So I say it's a wonderful day "let's parlay" who's ready to parlay, with me all day,

Ain't nobody gonna breaking my stride, go mess with my vibe, my high, not my day,
"Perfect" my day, its "Perfect" my day, it's "Perfect" my day, my "Perfect my day,
Ain't nobody gonna breaking my stride, go mess with my vibe, my high, not my day,
"Perfect" my day, its "Perfect" my day, it's "Perfect" my day, my "Perfect my day,

Look up the block and I can see my partners chillin',
But they ain't slanging the rocks, they mentoring all the children,
Teaching to grow up and be real man, so there aint be no more graffiti on the buildings,
Or in the city dealings, I heard the Crips, and the bloods drop their rags,
And they decided to stick together "Word Up" I'm glade (for sure),
The vice lords, and the disciples are no longer revivals,
They realized survival only works when we unite (oh),
They say the Mexican, and black man, is (unknown) (Then alright),
White pride co-insides with the African (Man),
If I didn't know better, I swear I probably think I was dead and gone to heaven (no better),
Life is good in the air is, so pleasant, niggas that once were enemies,
Is my brethren, I don't even need to smoke weed, I'm not stressin',
This is what life supposed to be, my blessin' (blessin'),

Ain't nobody gonna breaking my stride, go mess with my vibe, my high, not my day,
my "Perfect" my day, its "Perfect" my day, it's "Perfect" my day, my "Perfect my day,
Ain't nobody gonna breaking my stride, go mess with my vibe, my high, not my day,
"Perfect" my day, its "Perfect" my day, is "Perfect" my day, my "Perfect my day,

[Ending Chorus]
If this is just a dream, let me dream the way I dream,
Let me see, what I see, let me be what I want to be,
It's my day (day, day), it's my day (day, day), and it's my day (day, day), it's my day (day, day),
"It's my day", Ain't nobody gonna breaking my stride, go mess with my vibe, my high, not my day,
"Perfect" my day, its "Perfect" my day, it's "Perfect" my day, my "Perfect my day,
Ain't nobody gonna breaking my stride, go mess with my vibe, my high, not my day,
"Perfect" my day, its "Perfect" my day, it's "Perfect" my day, my "Perfect my day,

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Krayzie Bone My Perfect Comments
  1. andrew HILLMAN

    This the best of krayzie there is no better

  2. ChestRockwell1983

    I needed to hear this at this moment. Blessings.

  3. Brian Cle

    Song is only 3mins 39secs long.. Why is there 2 n a half mins of silence at the end?? WTF🤔

  4. Tymaries Tso



  5. Anthony Collinsworth

    Who playing in 2019

    aermax 7321

    OUT THAT 19143

  6. Redant23

    Boss fan

  7. Polar

    The Best Rapper and Singer of all Time! listen to Krayzie Bone if you are drunk or high is like living in a another better World. Greetings from Germany

    Brian Cle

    Proud to say I grew up listening to BTNH and that Im from Cleveland.. only live 10mins away from East 99th N St Clair. They put C-Town on the map. 💯

  8. Eddie Arias

    Krayzie minds some times speak a lotta truth, but truth be told we all gotta start thinking a little bit krayzier if we wanna survive this sick and twisted world

  9. Unconscious Awakening

    I turned 30 this year and I'm still listening to this brother. Great music that you don't here on the radio no more.

  10. Caleb Herbert

    This song continues to get me through hard times, thanks Kray Jack

  11. Mizz Marvelissh

    Me and my 5 brothers grew up with Bone all got the pleasure of attending one of their concerts in New Zealand at auckland supertop.....I find there music therapeutic and the kind of BIBLE I follow they are guided by our Lord and savior. They council me through my life journey when i have a down day...I can guarantee to find summin in the BONE BIBLE that would pick me right up! Love BONE for Eternal 100%

    aermax 7321


  12. Luis Saucedo

    I feel your pain krazyBone.

  13. J6IX LARRY


  14. tanner kier

    This one of the many songs that started my musical love for just one person, this is untouchable. This. This is forever. The vibe is good and the air so pleasant!

  15. Derrick Sam

    Word up am glad

  16. danksta lemonaide

    If this is just a dream let me dream the way I dream let me see what I see let me be what I wanna be its my day, it's my day, it's my day, it's my day, it's my day.

  17. Aaron Maldini

    And used to look like Nick carter, nhs! And weeeed,.......!

  18. Aaron Maldini

    No more searching for batty man gal in the spastic uk, when u !like the illest off the dome ever.

  19. Aaron Maldini

    No more drinking piss weak Stella and listening to arseholes like Tom and mandy.

  20. Aaron Maldini

    Krayzie would Solve All My Problems, If I Knew Him.

  21. Jack Molina


  22. Ile à Morphil

    C'est juste magnifique, je me lasse jamais de ce son!

  23. Jermaine Washington

    he's the best of all many different levels he brings it on love his music it help me thru life it seem like the same problems he was going thru... I was going thru so thanks for helping me thru my life problems.....

    Luis Saucedo

    I find this music soothing God bless

    aermax 7321


  24. eaveyy ozbourne

    you didnt

  25. Blayze Dee


  26. Auntie Gee

    I love Krayzie

  27. Tony Funtain

    Today was a good day.....

  28. boogdagreat29

    This is what life suppose to be my Blessing!

  29. Mike Beezee

    anyone know the original song this beat is on?


    +Beezee Beats Where'd you go- fort minor

  30. Jason Seals

    But on the other note yes krayzie is more talented than most artist these days

  31. Jason Seals

    Stop tuggin on Bone Thugs nuts from down there just agree that there are many talented people around all of us Bone would would only turn away from the ignorance like a true human should

  32. Shadow Dawes

    He Makes My Depressions Go Away By His Perfect Voice And His Music

    WicKked WiazZard

    TRUTH.Stay strong and hold on, GOD bless u.

    Cesar saavedra

    Shadow Dawes your not lying bro! He makes my go away as well, he's just so real! There is no one like him at all, his voice but especially his music is so inspiringn

    aermax 7321


  33. Theodore Steiner

    One of the greatest rappers of our time

    TwoCool Studios ATL

    Yes sir

    aermax 7321



    WITHOUT a doubt🙌💯 U can easily tell Krayzie has a passion for this🎵🎶

  34. Adam Becker

    among the most uplifting hip hop songs ever written. love it. thanks krayzie!

  35. Michael Leon

    If it wasn't for krayzie bone, I don't think I would get through the day..much love to kray and bone!

    Mitchell Sanchez

    Michael Leon Ruthless from New Waves especially Krayzies verse man that verse gets me every time. Much love from down here on earth i know youre up there watching over me. R.I.P.

    Leon Barnett

    Michael Leon they call me Leon Michael to lol

    Mitchell Sanchez

    Mitchell Sanchez that verse on ruthless from new waves. Damn. When the world is on your shoulder ill be there im youre soldier

  36. Mighty Michigan

    This sounds a lot like Where'd you go by Fort Minor. This song is not at all original 

    Mighty Michigan


    Btnh_1999 East

    No Krayzie Bone sells his Fixtape still, but he use other people beats because everybody uses his style & doesn't say nothing about it but Krayzie always kill other artists beats!

    bsdalj aisoroiw

    he releases the fixtapes for free.....


    bsdalj aisoroiw he buys the partial rights to a beat, in other words yes its sampling like the other person said


    Heinrich MustyFannie Thank You!!!! This was driving me nuts and I couldn't recall who's beat this was.

  37. Gstatus32323

    I did ahah crazy!

  38. Ash N

    No one can ever come close to Krayzie's calibe, his substance, his subject matter, his notes and tones, He is beyond a rapper. No can hold a candle next to Krayzie bone.

  39. Bodhisattva777LV

    My new favorite song!

  40. Gerardo Hernandez

    still remember the day i first heard Krayzie..Notorious Thugs was the shit..but foreal screw all that YMCMB bullshit this is real music..hp hop aint dead cuz of Rappers Like Krayzie..BTNH 4life :)

  41. JeffTheDude777

    Pure excellence! Such a mellow tune. Everyone under the foundation of the pyramid must stick together. Regardless of race or creed.

  42. mike puff

    @Shisto5 I agree grown folk music.Krayzie is by far the best artist

  43. CaLiDubLicious

    @michiskawa he is one of my favorites probably the best

  44. Lal Charles

    @CaLiDubLicious lol. i said krayzie bone the best in my books, i wasnt talking bout your books bruh lmao.

  45. CaLiDubLicious

    @michiskawa stfu

  46. rapszu pawel

    i just finished 15 and i understand and love BTNH music

  47. Lal Charles

    i dont even need 2 smoke weed im not stressin
    this is what life suppose to be my blessin.

    krayzie bone number #1 rapper in my books. better then eminem and all those other rappers out there.

    Brian Cle

    You ain't lying..💯

  48. Kapreese1

    @chrisGangAudioTV whatever. bottom line = all boners have lost it over the years. #throwinthetowel

  49. Shannon Krohn

    @3000sabonis shut up with that shit man Kray makes music for EVERY ONE regardless of race go on somewhere with that immature bull shit

    Leon Barnett

    Shannon Krohn he makes songs for struggling black people not you other races

  50. Kapreese1

    Linkin Park sample? Really?

  51. Ash N

    Song is the shit!!!!

  52. brastmer

    It's pretty good. But i would like that old stuff. Creepin on ah come up and no surrender style. If they would make more songs like that it would just be awesome.
    But they did a pretty good song: "murda on you" thats pretty cool!

  53. Tim Tobin

    This is grown folk music. They are not teens anymore.

    Brian Cle

    Nahh... This is "REAL MUSIC.."💯

  54. ThaRealest616

    This album is great i dont what you talking bout cuz