Krayzie Bone - I Remember Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Yo, what up my nigga? Yeah it's been a minute since I saw ya
I hear your lawyer still tryin' to get that appeal for ya
Wanted to holla and tell ya what's poppin but you probly
Already know we been goin' through problems, anyway I
Hear you been excercisin and gettin strong in the mind
I hear you been searchin for God inside The Koran
That's cool man, I been prayed up myself
I pray for my health and stress way less for wealth now
I'm still a soldier but I'm tryin to be one for Jehovah
We in the Last Days and tha Last Days is almost over
We all older now, my minds much stronger now
I can see in ya letters ya vocabulary's broader now
I wish we woulda been this smart before we let this game rip us apart
But we forgot that God was our heart, heart
But dont even sweat it my nigga stay strong
And we gon kick it when u come home, my nigga Flesh n Bone, Flesh n Bone

I remember, remember back in the day
When we all used to hang, Yeah
Back in the hood that was a everyday thang
Yall remember, how we got in this game
We was all in the same
But in came the fame and thangs changed, thangs changed

[Verse 2]
What up Lay? Hope you and ya family okay
I don't even know where I should begin 'cuase I got so many things to say
We been dawgs since the Seventh Grade, the Seventh Grade
Struggled together for a better way, and better days
We was Kid n Play, Kriss Kross and all them niggaz
They called you the light one and of course I was the dark skinned one
Hey! You was the human beat box and I was the rapper
In the battles in between classes, those days
They ain't the same no more, we don't even hang no more
We let the fame destroy something's that's worth way more
'Cuase friends are kinda hard to come by ain't no tellin these days
We should of seen it comin' ain't no trustin these snakes
But all in all, we had a ball
And even though we took a fall, it's not for long fa sho!
We'd be some damn fools if we let silly ego's
Come between some damn trues and cause a fam fued


Wish, my nigga, I can clearly remember
See me and you go way back to that day and night in November
Or was it December? When you was mobbin tryin to rob some niggaz
And I was out, put the slug in the pump and I cocked it nigga
But I had my finger still on the trigger, Oh my God, my nigga
Screamin at me like "You shot me nigga!" and I was shocked my nigga
My ears started ringin, I was tweakin, blood was squirtin
You was swervin on the curb man, word man
Rushed to Emergency, coppers came and arrested me
Even though you told them I didn't do it they cuffin me
We told them we was just chillin and niggaz hit us
Half dead and ain't snitchin now that's the realest, that was the realest
That's why we still down, what's really real now
Make ya feel how, we in it to win it with a ill style
You suckas better recognize, better check it
When Krayzie and Wish head over ThugLine Records nigga


[Verse 4]
I ain't forgot ya Bizzy Bone, what's happenin?
We was always in some action every night straight to ?brackin? its crackin
We walked the streets together, starvin, ain't eat together
Slept outside in zero below, it's gon freeze together
I remember I went to the county
And when I got out you went to bustin your pistol, nigga you rowdy
Now how'd all of a sudden it gettin so cloudy, so cloudy
They say Krayzie got problems with Bizzy, that's why they, they breakin up
Only problem I had was you runnin out on the band
But you explained to me deeper and now I understand
So why is niggaz beefin when there's cheese to get and bread to stack
And head's to crack, we got a deadly rap
Nigga together we the coldest, coldest
The realest East 99 soldiers, soldiers
United we ball, divided we fall
When Bone come back we silence 'em all

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Krayzie Bone I Remember Comments
  1. thatboi X

    It seems like krazyzie don't have a connection with Lazyie like he do with the other members.


    Because that’s natural 2 alpha normally don’t have a connection as tight as others

  2. Jack Lyons

    Bone thugs 😍😍😍😍😍 ruthless records for life 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  3. Jack Lyons

    Coconut records 😍😍😍😍😍 chicago il 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  4. Jack Lyons

    I love the fact that artist sell more independent now but still mainstream 😍😍😍😍😍😍 its different but all good cause of the different styles and sounds 😍😍😍😍😍

  5. Jeremy Woods


  6. shaniel fo real

    When me and my brp grow apart im gonna send this song to him

  7. Bazbaz 08

    Someone has the lyrics I'm french please this is dope

  8. Señor Danks

    Fuck migos . this is real rap .

  9. Richard Caballero

    I will always love this song. I feel you Krazyzie Bone 💯

  10. RyEnjoyment

    1:54-2:17 SO TRUE! Almost brings tears to the eyes.


    I hear you been searchin for God inside The Koran
    That's cool man, I been prayed up myself
    I pray for my health and stress way less for wealth now
    I'm still a soldier but I'm tryin to be one for Jehovah
    We in the Last Days and tha Last Days is almost over

  12. Russell Cadell

    "United we ball, divided we fall, when Bone come back we silence them all"

    Loved that ending.

  13. Shriaz Hennessey

    U said niggas hit us, half dead and still ain't snitchen, that's the Realist 😀

  14. B4D D 12 3 4 M

    🎶🎶"I Remember when there was no Migos or Drake"🎶🎶

    🎶🎶We was bumpin Everyday thang🎶🎶🎶

    🎶🎶But it came to fame,Things change..things change 🎶🎶


    Migos are are fucking joke, BTNH are OG's from way back.. 🔥🔥🔥

  15. Jose Veliz

    #hardest song.

  16. bizzy511

    The realest song.

  17. Ronada her many horses Her many horses

    Right on krayzie

  18. Johnny Prum

    my homie once told me whats that bone song you was playing. Im like what song u talking about. hes like the one they rap about all the good times. At that time i didnt know what song it was. So i know which song it was its this song by Krayzie Bone. R.I.P. my brotha Blu. This song is so deep. Highschool days was our shit we ride and bang on fools and did a whole lot of gangsta crip shit. Love u Blu my homie my brotha rest easy and i will always remember and love this song cuz of you.

  19. Mario Maxwell

    Love this song

  20. oliverrando

    you know i know he rapping about bone thugs but dont really like this song that much

  21. Gregg Gutfeld

    the concept of jehova isnt real.

  22. GarbageCan MAN

    ive listened to these thugs for 20yrs!

    Jiang Li Feng The Underground BeatMaker

    GarbageCan MAN lol I been on the roll buying albums from amazon for a few days now and waiting weeks....brand new wrapped In the case. It's the only way I'm going to have the door opened bumbin the hell out of these albums.

  23. Oliver Hernandez

    Nice song from krayzie

  24. Kayson Dehmer

    Anyone know what beat this song is from?

  25. Nisha Garza

    love this song.

  26. Jay Townsend

    best rapper ever

    kidd blue99th

    Jay Townsend yep

    Russell Cadell

    To this day

  27. Fayze W Haira

    Love ths song. Brings bk some old skool memories

  28. Hustler 24/7

    Oh man this goes very deep

  29. Matt Welch

    very grounding. thanks bone


    @Matt Welch Grounding right word.


    Deep shit

  31. Waldo P. Schmeer

    This song hurts on many levels. It reminds me of people I used to have in my life, and how people lose friends like hair from the scalp. Also reminds me of when Bone were on top of their game.

    Enrique Andrade

    Frankie Presto they still on top........ top of their high!

    Christopher Liedtke

    I know what u mean. I'm 33 an because of mental illness, my life hasn't changed much. All my friends got kids and good jobs, and here I am still living like I'm in high school and all my friends have become productive members of society while I'm sick. Danm I miss my old homies. Much Love y'all God Bless!

    TCB *

    @Christopher Liedtke damn dude, just saw your music. No wonder you got the illness. You listen to nonsense juggalo music. Try to listen to something else. Try some alternative rock or classic rock. Don't get me wrong cuz I listen to that too once in a while. I wouldn't worship them tho. Hope you feel better and heal. ☮️

    Christopher Liedtke

    @TCB * actually the western sciences consider schizophrenia, shamanism. I am a healer and I work with many people who have so-called schizophrenia and help them realize that they actually have a spiritual gift rather than an illness. What i meant by my comment was that my friends have become brainwashed by society into a life they hate living. I really only listen to Juggalo music once and a while nowadays. I compare ICP and other artists in the horrorcore genres to being like Stephen King in a music sense. You know what I'm saying? It's purely entertainment, not to be taken literally. I mostly enjoy artist who are making music exposing truths like B.o.b, Sa-Roc, Vinnie Paz, Immortal Technique. I never really got into classical rock, but I do like some songs from that genre once and awhile. Stay Blessed my friend.

  32. Isaac Kamau

    I Remember...

  33. thuglifebabay

    Fuck man...

  34. miguel angel franco

    Jehovah is our heavenly father, I love the fact that he mentions our lord through out his songs.


    I hear you been searchin for God inside The Koran
    That's cool man, I been prayed up myself
    I pray for my health and stress way less for wealth now
    I'm still a soldier but I'm tryin to be one for Jehovah
    We in the Last Days and tha Last Days is almost over

  35. miguel angel franco

    Love his music. There is no other like him.

  36. antbanks415

    yea man. When this song came out, I was kiccin it with my niggaz back in the day. Now we're in our late twenties and we no longer talk. Man, i miss my peoples.

    Waldo P. Schmeer

    antbanks415 crazy how life works, right?

    One day you wake up, and YOU'RE the one using phrases like "back in the day". Why does it all have to change?


    @Waldo P. Schmeer and now you're out there telling your kids the same things your parents told you, knowing they wont get it, cause you didnt either :D

  37. Chelly Montoya

    Love their songs they are very original and tell stories about what they been through. They speak the damn truth about the struggles in life and how to be hopeful that things will get better when you leave everything in the hands of God that's real music.

  38. jays waller

    what a true poet.. so amazing!. the word genious is not even close. never stop make history KRAY!!!

  39. Dragan

    ''I'm still a soldier but I'm tryin to be one for Jehovah''



  41. Estevan Estrada

    I have 2 Real homies That Ive had since Tha 5th grade!! Marco And Roberto!!! Lol

  42. iamsukafree

    krayzie is in my top 10 greatest of all time list


    he is in my top 10 too .... but he is riding 1st place :P

  43. Ivan GodIsGracious

    I been prayed up myself I pray for my health and stress way less for wealth now Im still a souljah but Im trying to be one for JEHOVAH (GOD) WE IN THE LAST DAYS AND THE LAST DAYS IS ALMOST OVER...


    real shit


    God bless y'all.. 🍩

  44. AustinReyes121

    @AustinReyes121 oh nvm lol i had to listen to it again :P

  45. AustinReyes121

    @LivinInHarmony1 no dude krayzie shot himself and wish saved him lol

  46. 76cutlass87

    @cuadra86 real life.. i had a crew i hustled with every day... now i jus got one homie left outta my crew... n im the only one without kids... outta my whole crew.. crazy how time changes so much.. ill never for get them days... miss yall..! L.C.B. FOREVER..!

  47. rip coug

    wish bone would come back together man! id have no problem dieing tomorrow if i could see a btnh and outlawz show!

  48. Hazardbone

    i miss my boys

  49. GraveyardSouljah

    he should always remember his verse in this song when he has problems with bizzy.

  50. Jordan D

    @lemontoalime me and its my best m8 so rare though

  51. honeybun33

    money should never tear a friendship apart ! money can be replaced but tru's are hard to come by

  52. Johnny Breeze

    Reminds me of my boys, we tight but we aint had anything strong enough to compare to this, but its strong to us. I hope they see this!

  53. Madessa Barksdale

    kray shot wish....dis tells it all

  54. TheSeventhSignClown

    i wish they stil was hatin so they could do some east99 music.

  55. Steven Borges

    thst the best part of him adn wen he talks about his life

  56. IINawarII


  57. marzzaa

    what a dope song n beat man... Krayzie Bone is dope as....

  58. quietsouljahsaj

    i love when Kray tells stories