Krayzie Bone - I Don't Give A Fuck Lyrics

[Chorus x2]
You been talkin', now we caught you
Bitch now its on
Thug line nor I don't give a fuck (I don't give a fuck)
About you jumpin' up, actin' like you Krayzie
'Cause you Hollywood niggas can't fade this

[Verse 1]
Turn off that muthafuckin' radio
And put in a CD or a tape
And let them thug niggas show
We comin' to invade your space
In your face like "Ho hey!"
The original, criminal, blowing up on these niggas
Give them something to listen to
Is Right back up in the house
Mastermind of rap or crime
Another clack of a nine
Damage your spine (spine)
Mash us and blast at your mind
Niggas really think i'm carin'
What they sayin' like they scarin' me
But all they talk is noise
I'm not a toy, so boy don't play with me
Thug Line, Thug Line
And yeah thats my clique (thats it)
And if niggas wanna trip
Then we can do this shit
I'm not no muthafucking ho-nigga
I came but i can go
So nigga come on
And let me know what you down to die for
Stay strapped these days cause i don't know who to trust
So I just point my gun everywhere when I bust
Fuck these niggas
I'm in your city, your TV and your radio
So don't act like i'm hiding
Nigga, y'all are just some scary-hoes

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2]
Why niggas be actin' like they know me?
Then talkin' my shit
All on my dick
Now nigga you know what we call them (A bitch, bitch)
I'm running from nobody and nothing
Motherfuck them if they coming
We'll be waiting with the pumps
And bucking slugs into they stomach
A hundred mini-missles won't miss you
I can bet you we hit you
Split 'em, get rid of 'em
10 of them, at the same time killin' em
Keep my presence to a minimum
But I'm in your vision
Every time you see the thug line
I'm on the front line
I love mine
I'm tellin' you now
We on a mission with no mercy
Wanna know how bad we wan't it?
Just say we thirsty for it
And any nigga trying to get up in my way
Might i say, them bitches beggin' for a beatin'
So we left 'em bleedin'
Competition (competition), to me is an enemy
So think before you come try to get in it with me
So you can frown all you want to
Get loud all you want to
But now we see you
What you gon' do?

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3]
Now if y'all really trying to get in some action
You heard my song
Come nigga, get at me
And bring your family
'Cause we really need to practise
"Walk it, don't talk it", I say this time after time
Have the same nerve and courage when we see you outside,
Online, all right
Lets get this party started, spark it
Thug style, showin' em love
But we stay heartless regardless
Hit 'em with bomb shit
Better ring the alarm
Its the thuggish ruggish niggas
Bustin' the guage with one arm
Like Vietnam, the enemies expendable, so fuck 'em
First time we warn 'em
Second time we storm 'em
Nigga, you don't get no three shots
We not playin', and I know they understand
They tried to test the man
But the man was really a man
So its the plan
Stay heated heavy and ready to die
If not then eat a magnum full of hollow point shots
I'm just tryin' to make my profit,
Get up out of this shit
But until then I gotta cock my shit (I cock my shit)

[Chorus x2]

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Krayzie Bone I Don't Give A Fuck Comments
  1. Wilens Galette

    This is why he’s clearly one of the best ❤️

  2. Blaise Grenier

    Tout simplent le vrai Rap-Hip-hop !

  3. Dynamik07

    One of his best

  4. Dejon Welch

    Krayzie bone aka Anthony Henderson

  5. Paul Noon

    For the record, if u some how think having nothing, being nothing, and having to take from those who do, then ur just as fucking pathetic to look up to thst.

  6. Mr. Hypedman

    I remember bumping this this should have been on the radio back in the day

  7. Tony Funtain

    leathaface da coldest to ever touch da mic....peep game

  8. bryce wall

    They tried to test a saiyan but the saiyan was really a super saiyan lol jk


    2016 & I still DON'T give a FUCK

  10. density deep

    420 likes blaze up

  11. k bee

    legendary had the privliage of meeting him when he came with wish to kelowna bc last year

    Kings Paladin [RetiredAnon]

    +k bee My mom used to be his manager at Euclid Square Mall.
    I was very surprised when I learned this

  12. Ray Rattan

    thats why i love krayzie cause what he says i actually live it lol even if it's people away from me thanks krayzie you say what i feel without me saying it.

  13. antoine lax

    Thug life

  14. gianluigibuffonm


  15. Laventure Alix

    great song from Krayzie Bone

  16. Layla Nicole

    thats most of his shit really....i feel u tho. The tryed to test a man but the man was really a man!!

  17. hanics1

    unreal that this album came out in 2001. ahead of its time

  18. Ally Raiseman

    Fuckin AWESOME! I give a fuck when it comes to this song!

  19. BlakG92

    One of the few rap songs that i can relate to and live by the lyrics!

  20. David Alexander Sabala

    thugs pump slugs if foes past da chalk written & is a shame dat now in this days shooting 3 bullets by second yes car is stolen looks like they left a bone tape playing singing bnk mixes with fuck da police

  21. Noe Chavez

    I know I don't give a fuck.......

  22. wg1070

    damn i love this song .....

  23. Ronald Leonard

    @killuminati7upac how to do that

  24. Ronald Leonard

    @jnanle12345 true i miss it

  25. Ronald Leonard

    yes it the shit not his best

  26. Yung Feezy


  27. ScreamsOfLurve

    abandon all ship said : i dont give a fuck i just came to party :)

  28. Gil O

    Thuggish Riggishh Boyzzzz Killa Kali Luv!!!

  29. TheXLTE

    shit bone thug in harmony r the best rap group ever cuz they got bizzy and krayzie bone who r some of the fastest rappers ever yo!

    Jay Razz

    the realest on the tracks on 2000's - foreva Tha bone

  30. chuckytj18

    nigga i ain't a toy so don't fuckin play wit me

  31. bizzybone951

    this song gets down some raw shit

  32. gloyal

    @creeball nah like mid evil voice

  33. RoughDog#86

    Thug On Da Line is Krayzie Bone's best album to date!

  34. Rina Selimi

    Stay heated heavy and ready to die,If not then eat a magnum full of hollow point shots..

  35. gloyal

    Thug on da Line albums track knieght rideuz was here his hot too but i only find the bs other ones not the one it has the same beat has house and massive attack

  36. JetWorldOrder 94

    I FOUND IT THANKS TO lyrster

  37. Mark Hogan

    only Krayzie can say i dont give a fuck so nicely

    aermax 7321

    Mark Hogan

    See Money

    Lol... Ikr

  38. slamgame71

    TL nor I dont give a FUU-UUCK!!

  39. realife59


  40. BoneThugE19999

    let me know been lookin for it all over. tight as hell too if i remember rite.

  41. SINofPEACE

    if its open it ruins thavalue, nigga.

  42. BoogWeed

    This tune is waaaay under-rated...

  43. trewbone

    yeah true, but he was in miami fl for a while in trick's city. trick daddy also made a reference to krazy (maybe) in ti's song talking abiut thugline

  44. BoogWeed

    One of the best Krayzie Bone tunes ever...

  45. trewbone

    hello everyone >>>>>>>>> was this a song a diss song to trick daddy??? hollywood fl??

  46. D'Lajuan Bell

    "they tried to test the man, but the man was really a man"............ realest line in bone history.

  47. BoogWeed

    In your face like "Ho Hey!" hahaha

    BAAAAAD tune..

    great post..

  48. dooneybaby


    I've been looking for this song forever!! I kept getting the lil john version.