Krayzie Bone - Cloudy Lyrics

[Male reporter:]
"It's the weekend, it's finally here, unfortunately the clouds may hang tight... "
[Female reporter:]
"Today it's going to be a very dreary day, so let's go ahead, take you live outside for a beautiful live picture, but you can see those clouds are hanging awfully low this morning."


[Female reporter:]
"While the radar looks pretty clear to the back side of this, we can see a lot of clouds right now.... it's actually a cold front."

Overcast in my head keep my vision cloudy
Like gloomy weather, got me down, feeling really drowsy
Even though the sun is shining all around me
I seem to have a dark cloud, steady raining down on me
I try to shake it, can't escape it, pray for better days
Trying to find a better mind, set with never rage
I can't focus, there is too many obstacles
They say I'm hopeless, I used to pray to god before
But that's before I started hastily, chasing the devil
Living on the edge, fast paced, and racing the treble
Nobody here to help me weather through my bad storms
So my so called friends, I lost the love I've had for em'
So it's heavy rain with a chance of a hurricane
My forever pain runs deeply in my veins
I bleed struggle so I never see the rain
But forgive me if I make the wrong decisions everything's so cloudy

I guess I'll never see the sunshine
I never get to see the early morning sunrise
At night I look up in the sky, I know that one time
I can see the stars sometimes but the sky so cloudy
It's rainin', it's pourin'
It's rainin', it's stormin'
It's rainin', it's pourin'
It's stormin', it's so cloudy

My god, it's hard to focus when your vision blurry
But my decision make a scurry, I live in a hurry
I'm plenty worried I can lose my soul
If I don't start acting like I'm supposed to know (better!)
I'd say a prayer but I know he probably fed up (crazy!)
I need a blessing I'm just giving a heads up
Now I'm weatherin' a bad storm, stand strong, it's the last one
And I ain't seen the sunshine, even when being on top of a world it wasn't right
And I've never been comfortable amongst the bright lights, something I'd like, believe me they living quite trife
Sometimes I feel like I might not live past the storm
Seem like its been forever and forever just keeps passing on
I can't escape this bum weather, so it's just me and my umbrella ella, ella

Why does it rain on me? Why must it rain on me? Why does it rain, rain, rain? [x2]


I guess I'll never see the sunshine
I never get to see the early morning sunrise
At night I look up in the sky, I know that one time
I can see the stars sometimes but the sky so cloudy
It's rainin', it's pourin'
It's rainin', it's stormin'
It's rainin', it's pourin'
It's stormin', it's so cloudy

I can't see clearly, my mind is stolen
I don't want to go outside, cuz it won't stop pourin'
Walkin' in the rain, walkin' in the rain, walkin' in the rain, rain

[Male reporter:]
"As the high clouds are starting to drift in late in the day but we're going to to have to get used to that, more clouds are in the forecast..."

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Krayzie Bone Cloudy Comments
  1. S. Davis

    So damn near 5 years later I find there was a video for this....SMH

  2. Krayzie Roach

    Shot on a Galaxy S3

  3. Reuven Zi

    Best rapper alive, amazing beat and melody hard and directive lyrics... just perfect..

  4. kosmique

    people hating on this video definitely were not alive in the 80s lol...which really makes me question how you're a longtime fan if you dont know the old days to be spoiled this much.

  5. Dustin Hof


  6. Rudy Herrera

    It’s weird how this dosent have more than a million views by now got this album for this song itself and still feels like a hit!!

  7. Chad Corrin

    I've never seen a more talented artist in my lifetime

  8. Amanda Covey

    Krazyie you look like without your braids but you still look nice and sound good grew up on you guys never won't stop listening.

  9. Martin Xayachack

    I'm so happy that I get be amazed by these individuals. At least before I die I can say I got blessed by them. It's just crazy how far they have come and their music.

  10. Alexander Murdock

    This an amazing, special song. Fuck hating on the video. Real bone fans know what's up

    Mind of Gemini

    I never really got what they're hating on. The quality? When I put it to 1080p it looks pretty dang clear to me. The visuals? If you hear the lyrics the video scenes tell a fitting story. I'm not D riding, either. Maybe just drunk and see it differently lol

  11. Tayvone Smith

    krayzie bone all these years you're still the greatest gift of life and I love you for what you stand for a god's gift when you came in to the game for 20 plus and more keep it up your music is great

  12. dkd

    just rite/

  13. Oussama amrani

    it took me dozens of listens to finally realize how of a masterpiece this track is , apologies to krayzie

    Mind of Gemini

    Bone is too far ahead of their time. It took almost a decade for me to find out how great Uni5 is....

  14. kimber vicki

    I like the clouds

  15. Chad Corrin

    This is me

  16. MARCUS Dix

    love this song

  17. MaCC Mayor

    1 of my favorite songs ever 💯🔥💯🔥💯🔥💙💙😎😎😎🤔🤔🤔🤔☝☝☝📿📿📿🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃

  18. Ocean Shark

    dumb fools sleep

  19. J-ANT

    dang man all these people talking crap on the video like they some big name producer or artist smh

  20. Randy Failinger

    everyone talking about the super bowl today.....and I'm over here like i just wanna watch krayzie bone videos.

  21. Lalrinawma Lalrinawma

    i love cloudy

  22. Altomin

    this song is immortal

  23. Poppa Magi 1 Views November 26 2015

    This dat REAL. Krayzie spit dat heat.

  24. Christian Patterson

    how can you dislike this?

    Christian Patterson

    SmokeMyBlunt 1.what makes you think i think everyone should like this, 2. how am i trying to be "right" or "wrong" at all?


    You should read your first post and my response.After that,all the nonsense you posted that's been wasting my time.

    I @Christian Patterson

    Christian Patterson

    SmokeMyBlunt you're wasting your own time by stating the obvious


    @Christian Patterson
    The obvious..As in you know how wrong you are ?

    Gotcha,last reponse for me then.Bye bye.

    Mind of Gemini

    @SmokeMyBlunt is that blunt still going around? If so let me get a puff off that stuff

  25. Mad Dog

    Yo! Krayzie; Bro' you put my life into music and don't even know me;..... damn...

  26. kray z Dude

    Kray needs his braids back fo real

  27. Chuy Meza

    on me right now

  28. Scott Williams

    Happy born day homie Krayzie Bone

  29. OnThePorch Ent.

    Rip krazy bone


    OnThePorch Ent. whos krazy?

  30. Nathan Medicine

    He had a 1 sec clip, of a virus😳 and exposes the devil, sheeeit😏 #BoneThugFan4Lyfe

  31. DJ Buddah Lova

    Chasing The Devil ist ein absolutes Hammeralbum - Mit Sicherheit und grossem Abstand das beste Album 2015!

  32. str8247

    The newest addition to Krayzies greatest tracks!

    About the video, i think most bone fans would agree youtube is the place to show visuals, not just audio. We would like to see visuals that match the quality of the audio.

    Get the CD if you just need the song, I come to youtube to watch videos. thsts why most are complaining about the video. just sayin...

  33. Hugo Ramirez

    wow you suck.

  34. Tab Valentino

    Awesome Krayzie. Mr. Henderson get well soon. God bless brother. Love this song. Nice haircut dude. All I can say is:

  35. Dan Zena

    Fuck the video. The song is fucking DOPE. Krayzie Bone is PERFECT for this type of hip-hop or "cloud rap". Right up his alley. Hell, he was ahead all of this new cloud rap stuff.


    Dan Zena for real. i want to hear him rap with underacheivers.

  36. pidigi

    I'm not english, sorry: what the woman says at the beginning of the song? "today is going to be a very ??? day"

    Mind of Gemini

    3 years later ...
    dull, bleak, and lifeless; depressing.

  37. Contessa Sanders


  38. paul catalano

    kray been my favorite for 20 odd years. deserves so much more

  39. Arthur Lindquist

    I want to talk to you man

  40. SupaFruff629

    Video is dope song is dope.. 🔥🔥💯

  41. Vince Heredia


  42. Redant23

    Wack ass video

  43. Jtoya Robinson

    that haircut slapping tho....cute self. #krayziebone

  44. Matt Welch

    i need a blessin im just givin yah a heads up

  45. Sheik David

    The whole album is a classic however this video could have.been way better in order to paint the picture perfect. love the song as well.

  46. carLOS BEATS

    For everyone not liking the video I'm waiting for yours to be uploaded So we can judge it like we're experts

  47. Anselm Hall

    video is trash!

  48. Misty Lynn

    CTD is amazing

  49. Terrence Griffin

    Classic Banga and thought Provoka and yes i know i spelled it wrong.

  50. Dave Kemp

    15 people are dead in tha clouds


    Music is about THE MESSAGE. I LOVE THIS SONG! we need to stop feeding our minds with this new music that only speaks about death and wealth. PEOPLE HAVE REAL PROBLEMS BRUH!

  52. iGhostLuna

    Dope video! Love it. #Cloudy

  53. Nado Williams

    fucc yall haters its about da msg look at da visual to his msg if he wanted u to do somn wit da video he wouldve called yo asses .. ppl so blinded deez days

  54. Dorian Ben Yah 'Omman

    His Lyrics, Are Too Real, The hook the melody and the track all merge Perfectly

  55. Flex 4 Em

    Everybody complaining about the quality of the video 1)must not realize his videos have been like this for the longest and 2)don't realize that Krayzie DOES NOT CARE and neither should anyone else. Listen to the lyrics because that's the point. He isn't a "mainstream artist" so he doesn't have funding for that shit. And even if he did have money for a 'better" video, I still don't think he would do anything different because he is more focused on lyrics and lyrical substance than what's visually appealing to people who goin complain regardless

  56. bfan82

    video ain't all that...but does a video rate a song? Great cut, Kray.

  57. Chris Qualtrougeehjdd

    All y'all on here arguing about the video quality and I'm sitting here like Krayzie actually made a rap album worth listening to. Finally someone other than Tech. I'm three tracks in and wanted to come to YouTube to see if anyone else was feeling this shit like me. Of course not.

  58. Ricardo Lopez Jr.

    Dope video! Favorite song on chasing the devil

  59. BMWDC201

    "And I ain't seen the sunshine
    Even with being on the top of the world it wasn't right..."

  60. Christopher Khoun

    Keep the gewd work Kray

  61. cmatthewb103

    And here Strange Music just released Tech's "Burn it Down". World's of difference in production value. And honestly, if you just take out the shitty, amateur cloudy borders, it would be 100% better.

  62. Lai Bak

    Good Video more about story and acting...vibe out song and video Chasing The Devil is awesome...Krayzie Grand Daddy!! One thing grow back the hair Blahhh!!! BTNH

  63. North Carolina Ballin

    this song is tight krayzie bone keep doin yo thang

  64. GervYaHeard954

    You don't think he has the budget? Of course he does. But he's not like all these flashy rappers. This message is powerful. Love this.

  65. YoungShoLive

    Wtf is wrong with the video? Whatever dope song

  66. Brandon Jackson

    Reading some of your comments I see people are stupid af. The song is called cloudy and it has meaning which the industry is missing. I guess you dumb mofos prepfer him being on a island with women in bikinis smoking weed. The song goes with the video keep doing your thang krayzie

  67. Brandon Jackson

    Been a bone fan since they came out with faces of death. Krayzie bone is by far the best member and this song is such inspiration. Bone thugs 4 life!!!!!

  68. Larry Peters

    this song has a real message and it's what goes on in everyday life for some people. some people like myself are going through a lot of hardships. it's not all about the glits and glamour that you see in most rap videos. no flashing lights or big booty bitches dancing. yes it's a relatively simple video....WHO CARES! it's always somebody out there knit picking about something. if you're wanting thuggish ruggish krayzie then go watch an old video. he grew up and matured, get over it. #bonefan4life

    Oliver Hernandez

    Larry Peters yo true not that bone thugs like girls of course but in they're videos you don't see a lot of women like shaking they're butts half naked and stuff

  69. NoShoeOn MyFeet

    The song is dope Krayzie still have it

  70. TheRedman790

    The quality of his videos is irrelevant. Krayjack's boss. His music speaks for itself. CTD tomorrow. So pumped!


    @Yung Gatsu I actually can not remember any of the songs anymore... Deleted this sub par product 2 weeks ago.

    Afro Shinobi

    @san5324 lol. damn I actually like it. not his best by far but it's decent. hopefully the next two volumes are better 

    Tab Valentino

    +TheRedman790 That´s right. Not to mention he´s only worth half a million Dollars. Most people think he is richer than that but it´s not true. Bone thugs has not sold an album in years. Online piracy pretty much ruined their careers. They survive by playing shows worldwide now. Not enough for expensive videos. His solo career was always mediocre. Look at this video and you can see only 41,000 views in four months. He is not very popular. Bone Thugs dropped an albun three years ago, not enough. His net worth is not all cash it includes his belongings. He is only worth $500,000 Dollars. He can´t really afford a million dollar video. He doesn´t have the cash.


    @Tab Valentino ye right ..that 500 a lie .plus k isn't about to tell people how much he makes .net worth 500 '000.ha ha .20 years in the game .believe .he hustled more then that .ye I saw it to ..that was something to throw people off ...

    Tab Valentino

    @God First Right on

  71. ry ko

    who gives a fuck about the video. the song is dope

  72. Dry Bonez

    We are all here for one thing, right? MUSIC! we all know KB is a mastermind and imo is the best rapper walking on planet Earth, i might get flamed but i also believes he is better than 2pac(sorry). anyway, Yall know damn well bone has NEVER been mainstream. Which imo is a good thing, but yall bitch and complain about a shitty video? really? yall would complain if he did a mainstream video and say he went mainstream and he sold out. So honestly,yall needa chillout and be grateful its FINALLY coming out. On an ending note, They have ALWAYS been ahead of the game and sooner or later everyone adapts it. tLook at Ty Dolla sign, He was on a track with them before he blew up, same with many other artists and trends. So complain,bitch, and cry over these "iphone 4" videos because we are basically at the point that you wont need high end cameras to do a decent music video.


    I wouldn't say Never.....they have sold about 40 million records.....and plus...Most of the "Hits" out there today are full of Bone's influence....Without Bone there would be No Drake, Nelly, Flo Rida, Rich homie Quan, Young thugs, a Million rnb Singers, etc...Hell Herman Dupre took their song and relaunched Mariah Carey WHOLE career

  73. Gus Rivers

    Awesome video!!

  74. Dexter Downey

    It's 100% about the music and the message this time around. He has won Grammys and had million-dollar videos done. "There is nothing else to prove"

  75. The Most Interesting Man in Hyrule

    wish krayzie went commercial with this video and put more effort into it to make it MTV worthy. I know krayzie doesnt care about the money that he's doing it for the message, but his fans DO care because it affects the quality and the product. great song, shitty video...sad.

  76. Onde deChoc

    Why nobody complains about Young Thug's music videos such as "Check" and many others ?


    Cuz who gives a fuck bout them shitty song writers


    we don't bring that garbage mainstream succas to legends music.

  77. Jaw Ji

    I hope they release a version without that horrible snare drum.
    When it stops around 1:40 the song is ten times better.

  78. D Mensah

    Great concept, but the video could have had a better setting, i mean a song about despair and struggle called 'Cloudy' shot on a damn hot day didn't really fit. I'm a big Bone fan and will always support the movement but Krayzie, being one of the best rapper dead or alive, should be doing better and deserves better promotion, management and in-house support.

  79. Aaron Dodson

    I could care less about what he pays to do his videos kray represents real hip hop his messages are deep and harmony lovely unlike all the rappers you see today that only have to rap about money women and cars drugs and such

  80. WicKked WiazZard

    so much soul in this LOVE BONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! music today is soulless,puppet shit. smh.

  81. Mr C

    Hope his next single is on some thug rapid fire spitting shit.

  82. Mr C

    If Ruthless didn't fuck him over so bad he would probably be able to have a better video.

  83. someguynameMike

    dang Kray.. long time fan and supporter. I love it!

  84. Slatt Slatt

    ~Bone 4 Life

  85. BoneThugsNL

    wow this shit is fucked up. This is CTD level for video? Even the quality is fucking wack!!!


    +Pastori Nestori The video is wack period! If u think this is good then u just lucky. The mix/mastering from CTD is not that great either. But perhaps we cant say that either right?

    Chris Topher

    fuck yourself then @bonethugsnl ..

    Mind of Gemini

    It wasn't all that great. Double rubber up if you ever do.


    +murcie lago "thug mentality wasn't flashy, getchu twisted wasn't, hard time hustlin wasn't."

    Yes it fucking was lol

    Mitchell Sanchez

    range567W how was thug mentalty flashy. Oh yeah hes flossin jewelry and cars throwin liquor through the fuckin vide. Oh wait hes not he steals money and throws it to people that need it. Hard time hustlin there was no flash shit in there bruh.

  86. Kristian Bala

    Krayzie Bone is a Woman,

  87. Awoodward7899

    everyone complaining are wannabe producer director or artist...Fuck a Hater...Bone4Life


    +Stoney Melony yeah uni5 should've been second album after flesh released...or all songs got cut on it..much love BoneFanFam..Bone4Life


    +E Leo not stoney but yessir!


    +E Leo seen few comments people preorder from the life got today...wish I could've


    +E Leo two ore singles fire and devils deal

    REnato 51/50

    nah called havin a opinion, this video is weak, its a shame because this is my favorite song in thr album

  88. Bnoise22

    I agree man... this video shoulda definitely had a more darker vibe.. and it seems krayzie the warrior woulda fit better than bright headphones krayzie.. but the song is amazing


    songs have many different situations they relate to depending on who's listening...took domestic violence route...much love Krayzie


    +Awoodward7899 a man hitting a woman is pretty dark

  89. J.T. Marley

    WOW, once again Krayzie Bone absolutely killed it, amazing talent you are, thank you for all the years of melody. #praytopraywithkrayzie #BTNH #TL

  90. Agustin Saavedra

    I don't why everyone be talking trash on the video when if you clearly pay attention to the video you can see that this is similar to young thugs. Get off all that flashy video y'all see other rappers doing if you really know kray then you'll know he's not really big on being flashy. Props to the real kray fans who don't care about the quality but the message of his songs

    Veronica Adams

    +cbone1982 AMEN TO THAT!!!


    +Agustin Saavedra young thugs was a throwaway video to a song that came out years before it lol

    Mark Meyers



    Agustin Saavedra young thugs you did not just reference that song to this bull shit

    Aram Serverian

    i like the song and the video. it kind of had to grow on me tho i like the beat and the weather forecast from the tv or radio.

  91. Arkh!tect

    Please redo this video. Dont know why Kray settles for this low standard production. This is just embarrassing.

    Stoney Melony

    +ArkhitectProductions ^ This.


    go listen to futures wack ass then, if u make good music it doesn't matter how it costs. why spend alot when your probably not gonna sell alot cuz people don't know good music

    Stoney Melony

    i feel you, its all about music...but this video here is just weak af....i mean look at it......was it recorded with a gameboy? and edit via windows movie maker from xp ?....there are unsigned underground artists who have way better videos....hes a living legend and over 20 years in the game but this video ruins his would be better if he didnt released the video and i am just talking about the visual not the track.


    +cbone1982 first off I think future sucks so thats that. Just for your knowledge I am one of the biggest btnh fan since the beginning. In no way was I referring to the song...I love it, but the video is way below krayzie standards. To make it simple for you, compare this to change the world video then comment.


    +ArkhitectProductions u don't need to compare shit, idiots get videos 2 million views & the song is stupid as fuck. krayzie is the most underrated rapper of all-time, reason is cuz he should be selling a million in the first week but he probably won't even get to million total cuz of stupid ass people

  92. Mitchell Sanchez

    yall see all these real bone fan just steadily talkin shit about the video. Damn yall are some true fans

    Stoney Melony

    +Mitchell Sanchez the video is weak af but krayzie still the greatest rapper, cant wait for the album, its all about the music


    Fuck a Hater...Bone4Life

    Mr C

    True fans don't settle for crap videos or music tho, only dick riders except anything.

    Stoney Melony

    agree but we only talking about the video.

    Mitchell Sanchez

    A wanna b fan will talk shit about it f its somethin they dnt like

  93. Dee Danaro

    #madrespect big bro good job #Cleveland we here Tlfam

  94. Lucky Stratton

    As alwayz krayzie got dat music dat u can relate too. Bone4life krayzie jackson blazin at cha

  95. Joshua Scott

    There's no excuse for the video looking this bad. There are some decent shots but the cinematography is inexcusable. The video "DGN - Everyday Struggle" was shot for $4.80 on a Canon T2i by some absolute amateurs in the po-dunk state of Kansas and still looks far better.


    who cares Jesus Christ people worry about stupid shit


    +cbone1982 lmao BoneFanFam..peace..seen u got years on here


    +Joshua Scott ------Dude your just on here trying to promote "your" artist Really?? Get a life--Find a new venue to promote your work an stop trying to pick up views on the account of someone else's page. GO Promote Your Own Work! Amateur Crumbs....

  96. arcmach29

    Real life video!!!

  97. PrinceTheRealest1

    Deep song #MoThugs