Krayzie Bone - Can't Fuck With Us Lyrics

Oh shit!
these niggas can't ready for this shit nigga, trust me!
Fuck that nigga, it's mothafuckin K in my Leathaface (uh-huh)
in this mothafucker, yeah (once again, it's on)
Represent that shit (don and dewel)

It's the niggas on the Thugline, Thugline, Thugline
(K-mon, Krayzie Bone, Thugline, Two-Thousand)
It's the niggas on the Thugline, Thugline, Thugline
(Everybody start takin these fake thugs about the game, yeah)

[Verse 1: Asu]
As the sky darking, automatics keep a sparking
Would you killed for the paper I'll be a full time hater
I just found myself to love ya a bitch ass niggas
When they come around when I sneeze tryin to play me and I squeeze
To pull to ya back - maybe one of your face
Riding nigga another dick is what I called disgrace
You can take it how you want it nigga you know who you are?
You know talent ass rapper plus you're far from the star
You just outta work acting nigga playing it row
But I'ma show you how I can do when my heart gets cold?
You can handle this right gentleman and battle with his
or we can take this to the street to get it some gangsta shit
Niggas loves companies to prepare for the riot
I'ma ride for the Thugline, the Fed no man forgot
I'ma continue to get money nigga I don't know 'bout you
But I'm straight out of the bricks, mothafucker I thought you knew

[Hook x2]
If we roll, we roll, get fo', ride die
Yes you know, fo' sho' place right high
If we roll, take natch in sky on public
Real killas gon' die, can't fuck with us

[Krayzie: Talking]
Yeah, it's Thugline baby
Real mothafuckers thugs back in this...

[Verse 2: Krayzie]
We got this mothafucka just tazz
and all these bustas like they stole some (stole some)
Two-thousand and mo' my money relation they change row some, nigga
and game away but I'm feeling alittle bigger, alittle cocky
It ain't breast broad shit - but a Twelve gauge
Nigga wanna get yo' Leatherface to get it inside of Gemini
Plus Mentalities got a few of 'em inside
so they can make 'em kill a nigga
Fuck you, if you ain't a Thugline - who gives a fuck about you?
They can run Leatherface
all of you niggas shit with lagging
It's stupid - past with this
Pick for talk and blast with this
And did it for nigga come back for something
Because I'ma mad at these weapons right HERE
And mamacita and gimme the heat, hot cocked and ready to burn
and got FIRE we spit FIRE
And where are my thugs at? Where the fuck are my thugs at?
Find of fake niggas duck us and who you put your gun at?
Thugs for life, this shit is in my Blood for life
And I'ma Bust Slugs for mine

[Hook x2]
If we roll, we roll, get fo', ride die
Yes you know, fo' sho' place right high
If we roll, take natch in sky on public
Real killas gon' die, can't fuck with us

[Verse 3: Young Dre]
Say now, is it nigga match fo' and mo'
Feeliated with the man ah! my nigga open do'
Something prove - fo' and mo', fisting charge
Take the torch - you ride with it
Real dough and ?? ninning, drop the top and side with it
Can't fuck with us - representin it real
Soldi' still coming for the hill, road is blood stay in dollar deal
For the goodness come and get killers in my red
Fed they fond - cause man I ask niggas used to crazy

Killers, Killers - ready to ride down to the high
We ballers, ballers - when that desper in yo' mind
Too much that you live for, when the bitch made niggas in yo' wig
or we fuck Ki' Poul - that's to be here to get it to the end

Say now, here where we sees in my clique the house dope
to close the shop is who we bitch - on the dick, get yo' mo' shit
Wannabe rappers plannin gangsta now - sash po's, hell lope
Most caminion 'round Hell No! you ever get fuck these hustlas

[Hook x5]
If we roll, we roll, get fo', ride die
yes you know, fa sho place right high
If we roll, take natch in sky on public
Real killas gon' die, can't fuck with us

[Krayzie: Talking]
F'real nigga, I don't wanna be fucked with the Thugline nigga
Off to the mothafuckin real nigga
Mothafuckin is too mothafuckin hard goin' on nigga
Straight from the god damn streets
Yeah, my mothafuckin nigga is in this mothafucker in Thugline, nigga
Rest in peace to all the niggas that fuck with me
and them niggas in mothafuckin Thugline nigga
Don't let us be the niggas you runnin' to yo' on god damn streets nigga
I'm just gon' tell you that
And fuck every mothafuckin body, crazy.. city.. bitch
You niggas don't see what kind of mothafuckin niggas be hears, right
Two-thousand nigga, Thugline sunshit down in this mothafucka
We don't give a fuck about ya
Runnin' mothafucka mouth in this shit bro' [Laughs]
And that's real nigga
Got us say what's up to them niggas who put this shit togetha
Y'knowwahtI'msayin', much love to them niggas
Samposted, Manhouse and Heatvisions in this mothafucka
Ehh, what's up to my mothafuckin Squad nigga, Thugline Records
Shut your ass down, like I told ya nigga, Fuck what ya heard?
This shit is real! [Repeats and fades]

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Krayzie Bone Can't Fuck With Us Comments
  1. killcops921


  2. DJ Buddah Lova

    Krayzie Bone feat. K-Mont

  3. jim murphy

    E vicious does last verse and chorus

  4. jim murphy

    Maybe asu or kmont

  5. jim murphy

    Bam sings the chorus. And stop fucking always sayin white boy and shit like that. People like u keep racism alive so grow the fuck up!

  6. DJ Buddah Lova

    Get Down Mixtape 2003


    DJ Buddah Lova 2000

  7. Skye Fuego

    At krayzie verse at 2:00 I once heard it a few years ago but it was like a mix. It had the rest of bone in the mix but it this beat that was so wierd but catchy. Does any one what track im tal Ko ng about

    Jason Reinert

    are you just taking about FIRE the track from the Thug Stories? There's a concert music video for this online from the DVD

  8. Bizzlamic

    FINALLY I found it! I've had this song buzzin around in my head for years not knowing what it was called.

  9. nolanjuice84

    im been looking for this shit forever...dmamn

  10. bigdl72

    stupid ass fu
    i was singing krayzies part at 1:43
    and im mexican but thats irrelivant

  11. bigdl72

    personalities got a few ofem and sum ovem aint that cute
    nigga fuck you if you aint the life

  12. Johanna Escalante

    @WezpaH Three six mafia sing chorus im sure


    You cute tho

  13. avillecruiser31

    what album is this song off of?

    Adrian body

    avillecruiser31 post to be thug on the line bouns cut


    MVP’s Soundtrack

  14. Cadeem Burks

    We dont give a fuck aboutcha LOL

  15. Ryan Ifft

    stop fricken swearing u dont need to make rap with all swearing