Krayzie Bone - All I'm Hearing Lyrics

All I'm hearin on the radio (is the same thang)
And all I'm seein in the videos (is the same thang)
Same old song far from original (gotta maintain)
We just like a breath of fresh air so here we blow

[Verse 1]
They feel a cool breeze
Prepare for the comin of the new breed true G's
More than just ya regular little different than ordinary
Whateva you want I got styles and you know they vary
Sick of hearin the same thang on the radio
Sick of seein the same scene in the video
Everybody wanna be like some body or look like somebody
You just need to be yourself
I'ma tell ya, half these niggas aint even writin' (writin')
They just sit back watch cha, plot somethin n try to bite cha (bite cha)
They keep eatin my shit up so I guess they like it (like it)
Niggas try to hang wit Bone so you hear the same song (the same song, same song)


[Verse 2]
Here we blow, here we blow (blow blow)
See this is dedicated to the ones that really rhyme (rhyme)
See time after time after time after time say
This is dedicated to the ones that really rhyme (rhyme)
Say time after time after time after time (hey)
You try a little bit of this you wont want none of that
You really really want a hit nigga this where its at
They feel it anyway I bring it can sing it or rap
They try to follow my footsteps but get lost in my tracks
One and only, thuggish ruggish, Bone
Others wanna see us but they clones
You dont really wanna see me nigga gone.


Man when I turn on the radio today, you know what I'm sayin'
It's like, it's like man I'm hearin the same thing over and over again
You know what I'm sayin? Constantly being drilled with the same
Style, with the same, (with the same thang) with the same beat, with the same...everythang
You know? It's like a lot of thangs that changed about the music
Because the music ain't being original no more.
Every time, everybody tryin to ride the bandwagon,
And everybody tryin to do what this person doin, you know what I'm sayin?
Aint nobody tryin to take the time to be creative and
Go about it the hard way (with the same thang) and really earn a hit.
Instead everybody just wanna jump on the bandwagon, on what's selling or
You know what I'm sayin? This what's sellin right now at the time,
This what kinda song I'm gon' make. You know what I'm sayin?
With me, it's totally different man. What ever is, what ever is goin on,
In the music business right now, or on the radio, whatever is goin on
or whatever style is poppin, (with the same thang) that's what I try to stay away from
I try to, I try to be an innovator and a creator. I try to lead,
I try to be a leader and I try to do my own thang, you know?
I'm not tryin to follow nobody.
Cause I believe I got enough skill and enough style... to hold my own... with anythang.

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