Krayzie Bone - 24/7 The Grinder Lyrics

Yeah, yeah, yeah
I know what I'm a call this one
24/7 the grinder, the grinder, the grinder (let's go)
Kray jack ya boss
24/7 the grinder, the grinder, the grinder
U know what I'm sayin? ya'll gone feel me on this one
24/7 the grinder, the grinder, the grinder
I'm always on the grind man, never sleep, hardly eat, forreal
24/7 the grinder

[Verse 1:]
9 to 5 won't slow down til my money right
I'm tryna live a little with the sunny bright lights
And I admit a nigga loving quite nights
I'm addicted to living at a high price
So I'm tempted to risk it with my life
I'm straight through the day but then by night
I'm on the grind and my mind in the twilight
I go the hardest, coming like a snarling bull when I'm charging
I'm come through like a street sweeper on these weak niggas game full of garbage
What did they accomplish? they can't do what I did
Somebody tell'em who I is, the wicked lyric professor
Soon to be back on the stretcher, it's dead on arrival
The suspect is my flow
And it's armed and it's dangerous
And kind of hard to apprehend this
How raw my pen is, my harmonies a silent killer
Serial spitter, lyrical nigga
Figure they can sleep on me all they want
But when they awake and they see I was real
And leathaface still in the building
The swag is classic, kray jack's the baddest
Still on the block selling weight to rocks
This product I got they can't wait to cop
Competitors they can't fade me now
If you don't got dope that krayzie got
Took over the spot now make it hot
Don't think I gone soft cause the gauge is cocked
So hit some of this and go tell everybody I'm back
And the nigga is blazzing hot

If you got the doe I got the dope
Hit me up I got whatchu you need
If you tryna blow I got the dro
Hit me up I got whatchu need
If you got the doe I got the dope
Hit me up I got whatchu you need
If you tryna blow I got the dro
Hit me up I got whatchu need
Show your right
24/7 grinder
I'm always on my grind, on my grind, on my grind, on my grind
24/7 grinder
I'm always on my grind, on my grind, on my grind, grind, grind

[Verse 2:]
Everybody wanna get a brick of the good dope
So pure, so potent, so cold
Injection, make a nigga feel a lil better
The po po still wanna know what I'm sellin
So I tell'em it's deadly medicine
All you need is a dose
And off you go
Into a zone you have never been
You can call it melodic marijuana
I call it heroin harmony
From Mr. dope man got the fiends still callin me
Everynigt, cause I'm 24/7 the grinder
I advertise I gotta remind'em
If you lookin for something a lil stronger
Then you know where to find us
Just follow your nose, nose, nose
It always know, know, know
You smell the dro inhale the blow, go tell some mo, mo, mo
We got some flotion potion that's gone fold you open up
We keep our smokin signal floatin in the air
So you know it's us
If you got the doe I got the dope
Hit me up I got whatchu you need
If you tryna blow I got the dro
Hit me up I got whatchu need
If you got the doe I got the dope
Hit me up I got whatchu you need
If you tryna blow I got the dro
Hit me up I got whatchu need
Show your right

24/7 grinder
I'm always on my grind, on my grind, on my grind, on my grind
24/7 grinder
I'm always on my grind, on my grind, on my grind, grind, grind
Yeah, yeah, yeah hustler, hustler
Yeah, yeah, yeah hustler, hustler
Yeah, yeah, yeah hustler, hustler
Yeah, yeah, yeah hustler, hustler
I never sleep, (never sleep) I barely eat (barely eat)

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Krayzie Bone 24/7 The Grinder Comments
  1. StarSystemStudios

    whats that tune right at the end?

  2. duriel lee

    It a real

  3. Matt Pazz

    That beat/tune is a beauty. Mysterious mist. (I call it)

  4. joseph davis

    Yes he is best

  5. Magondu kinyu

    Yes,yes, this is what the world was missing,good music,welcome back born thugs

  6. Reece Overstreet

    perfect track to farm alliance pussies in wsg....high warlord grind is real 24/7 shit

  7. James Duncan

    Oh krazyie bone he's got the dope haha jD ya'll

  8. Erica W

    LEGEND 💯✊💪

  9. raul diaz romero

    Sinplemente una leyenda

  10. Krustywho

    The popo askn me what I'm selln
    If I heard right krayzie sayz
    Heroin harmony from mr dope man !!!!!

  11. saez waters

    WOWZ!!!!!!! , 1

  12. Francesca Shade

    can we get this man a deal

  13. Aki Goros

    I am ashamed that i did not knew this track until yesterday..bone fan since beginning

  14. zonunsanga tetea

    Mizo an tlem boka zo takin ziak ang aw. Thuchham hla ah chuan ka duh ber che. 17 nov 2019 thleng pon.

  15. Debora Martos

    I Love You Krayzie ❤😘❤👏

  16. joseph davis


  17. Misscommentary Cleveland


  18. Misscommentary Cleveland


  19. Olivia j

    Got respect an love from the southwest!

  20. Hip Hop

    Amo rapper americano ❤ agaraga❤❤

  21. Vearak Boi

    This is a hit song

  22. hyper beast

    2019 💯🔥

  23. MicVain

    Krayzie bone is the truth on that 🎤

  24. Dokameze

    pure 🔥🔥🔥

  25. China Jo

    I see around 1.5 million views , seriously

  26. Krissy Bousquet


  27. rootsnlivity

    I like his flow but not the lyrics condoning heroine usage.

  28. Dee Oz

    someone tell this nigga to come to canada .. str8 GOAT!!!!

  29. Antron Baker

    That was dope af

  30. poupy Toulouse guérios


  31. Brent Hodo

    All day krazy

  32. Jay Slate

    La crooked grinder still sounds good super fresh and cool. Should be proud of this one.

  33. Cem Toktaş

    bunu da beğendim

  34. greg gonzalez


  35. Josh Puckett

    Cop shot his arm found purple heart tkin 3 c

  36. Greg Sykes

    He took this beat. An bodied it..

  37. Evan Lujan

    Kra kills this song

  38. Shelly Ann

    Oh wait never mind I found Canada lol I was just a little high at the time, lucky I went back and checked ha well you know because weed is legal in Canada A lol

  39. Shelly Ann

    I tried to order a shirt and then I got cut off because there was only the United States. I'm wondering should I just move to a state just for the shirt I wanted and then some damn. I'm from KKKanada.

  40. C4Platinum

    I'm getting a little tired of people pretending this Man ain't been the GOAT

  41. Allen Abaca

    Temperature raising. Thank you

  42. Heloisa Oliveira

    A hora que vcs ver todos pais quem tiver andando com armas de fogo e para executar agora é suave da lei de deus caranho vamos fazer o melhor para as crianças e família é animais e natureza Rio e cachoeiras e o mar tudo posso naquele que é único PODEROSO do amor do povo e Deus

  43. Yung Doe

    Im a bone fan all day. But krayzie is the best bone member in my opinion ijs.i love the group. An in certain songs they all have they mojo. But hands down kray the 1..

  44. Nathaniel L.

    Shoutout from Knoxville, TN!

  45. Nathaniel L.

    Awesome beat, lyrics flow well, relaxing!

  46. Allen Abaca

    THANK YOU 🙏🏽

  47. Martin Xayachack

    Got to respect how they've always came back from being down. Once they know what suits them musically it's a wrap.

  48. Juice419

    Here 8/5/2019 6:32pm est

  49. øyvind Skarsten

    Was an "freestyle friday" thing with a woman on the same beat? Only 2 min long or so but... Anyone know?

  50. Gordon Bradley

    2019 from Tampa! God bless bone! Go bucs

  51. Evan Lujan

    Fucking great song he kills it yes

  52. Corey Burns


  53. Morgan David

    Marion town will charge of molean Michael sufficiently ordered in the system arcade in Manassa T against me and he knows I'm a binary Valentino very educated even though after his present life and he passed away and was buried in the colion spring or sitting very old kind of Canada

  54. Anthony Collinsworth

    2019 still down and showing the world a real master at his craft

  55. Jeremiah Gagne

    That’s the flip flop flow ,flow motion EST.east 1999 St,Clair respect leatherface lyrical magician everyone should listen baptized again it’s your christening, when the tune goes In your ears suddenly the fog clears and finally the truth is revealed to all here, BTNH for life there rhymes are raw and lyrics real, beats on there tracks hit your chest pierce your vest and six pack like raw steel, y’all feel, and everybody know when the popo roll that’s when u lay low when the popo roll that’s when u lay low, but partna if ya get caught up and about to get shot up remember bone is with ya and how u we’re brought up, toss that yayo grip that bank roll and if ever second guessing call Bone Thugs cause they know certified G’s In these streets ya got beef Rest In Peace go to sleep peep my heat, all of a sudden don’t want to speak, what u looking for change are you hungry here eat your teeth. True OG’s still holdin it down

  56. level 99 house guest

    Yeah buddy

  57. Mikey Bone

    2019 still grindin! who else?

  58. Stone Cold

    Bone Should do a song to "Knuck if you buck" instrumental

  59. Stone Cold

    Thank you Krayzie; 🙏🏾🐐🐐🐐💯💯💯

  60. Cady Elbaz

    Love it!

  61. Automotive Hulk

    Leatherface 🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯

  62. blackdrag450r

    So smooth yet staccato enough to kill mumble rappers fa sho.....

  63. yayarea 82

    All of these lil rappers need to take a lesson from the one of the greatest

  64. Sergio Hernandez

    Fool this 2019 n im still banging the shit out of bone thugs

  65. David Singleton

    Cold Kray

  66. Michael Green

    Leathaface aka Krayzie Bone has some of the best flows an awsum videos tru shit an real raps I been a Bone fan since Bone enterprise came out

  67. Redant23

    Ant dogg

  68. Ya Boi Scooby

    He is the king of remixing ppls song and making it sound better than the original


    he's the king of everything, man.

  69. an bo

    I hit him up. He never served me tho

  70. thomasdizon990

    This my motivation

  71. Kebs Pogi

    May 14,2019 still driven at the fast lane while chasing my dreams...

  72. L Peoples


  73. John Doe

    Please do a thuggish remix ya'll PLEASE

  74. Lisa Vape- girl


  75. Brittany Sullivan

    Did anyone else notice that this song and motivation by Kelly Rowland have the exact same beat.

  76. Peter Da isser

    He is the best... i hear his music over 25 years... i‘m 40 years... Bone forever! Greetings from Gernany!

  77. Rasckal Rasckal

    They can sleep on me all tgey want but when they awaken they find out im still in the building an the streets is my victim

  78. Methadone4Life

    Never dropped a bad track!! This man is a legend and one of the best none!!! Is as good as any that ever lived!!!

  79. Raul Machado

    Dealers motivation forsure

  80. Rod Schermerhorn

    I would always talk about bone and krazy to people back in the day.he is doing just fine,over 20 years later.

  81. Rod Schermerhorn

    Bone fan since the 90s!!!

  82. jesse murray

    Never sleep only eat

  83. juliano bone

    in my opinion best singer of all time krayzie bone👏👏👏

  84. sukesh Kasala

    Bruce lee?

  85. Dom Benites

    My father, put me to sleep with Bone when I was baby. 1996, was when I was born, and even though people that were much older can interpret Bone a different. I remember being 3 years old listening to art of war, and bizzy's sold album. Growing up my dad learned every single song by them and showed me as well. From being born listening to Bone to now I can successfully say I'm the ultimate fan. I've even met them in person and attended their concert. They sang all their classics and even Easy E and Biggie's verse. It was the best experience I ever had. Even though the rap game has changed, Bone will always be Hall of fame hip hop God's.

  86. r0llinlacs

    It just saddens me to know that one day he will be gone and nobody will ever be able to replace him or even come close.

  87. Christine Henderson

    My medicine man the best rapper KB.

  88. Robert Burris

    Been thinking about this song all morning

  89. teecali

    WHO THE FUCK DISLIKES THIS?!?! Shit is Krayzie gooood.

  90. Farouq Khalil

    Kray Jackson always puts down for the workers. 24/7 grinder. Money doesn't sleep neither do I

  91. Cali Fornia

    2019 still slappin!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  92. Sanga Khiangte

    What show is this...I've been searching for it a while


    Think rock the bells

  93. G-Money

    2019 😎💵💵💵hustla.. see me on my grind

  94. chloe curry

    the only rapper that can say grindr and no one question what he talkin bout

  95. KrayzieJay87

    THA GOD DAMN GOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!