Krauss, Alison - The Scarlet Tide Lyrics

Well I recall his parting words
Must I accept his fate
Or take myself far from this place
I thought I heard a black bell toll
A little bird did sing
Man has no choice
When he wants every thing

We'll rise above the scarlet tide
That trickles down through the mountain
And separates the widow from the bride

Man goes beyond his own decision
Gets caught up in the mechanism
Of swindlers who act like kings
And brokers who break everything
The dark of night was swiftly fading
Close to the dawn of day
Why would I want him just to lose him again

We'll rise above the scarlet tide
That trickles down through the mountain
And separates the widow from the bride

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Krauss, Alison The Scarlet Tide Comments
  1. papa 726 54

    This woman has the most beautiful voice I have ever heard. When I go to heaven, this is the voice I want to hear.

  2. mohessian

    Hearing this song after watching that movie just breaks open the dam.

  3. Zachary Pierce

    Oh god, I love this song! I even like the cello part, it’s totally f***ing gorgeous.

  4. Delphi333

    Alison never lip synchs - she's that good. Go watch her other videos like her singing "Ghost in this house" or any other really

  5. Zorian

    Hauntingly beautiful. It invokes the pain of mans' bad decisions that draw them into war and the heartache of the women left behind to suffer his fate. Love and loss. Inman made it all the way back to his woman only to be killed by a skip tracer.


  6. Rodriguez  Gonzalez Cinthya Beatriz

    Primera vez que la escucho, en una película, canta con el alma!

  7. Fred Fat

    how did this not win

  8. Nicolas de la Forge

    its not lip-synch because she makes a mistake in the lyrics

  9. Steve Mattson

    Is there anybody else out there that can't listen to this song over and over again.

  10. Donizete Oliveira

    araguaina tocantins

  11. bubgee1

    Is it Cheryl or Sharon White accompanying?

  12. tristancheyrose matthews

    Wow, her voice is so peaceful & beautiful.She is truly blessed.

    Virgil Davis

    She sure is...

  13. Andreas Zoellner

    Alison Krauss singt hier die meiner Meinung nach Beste Version des Costello Hits

  14. Feetie39

    Please what concert is this? And is on DVD?

    Michelle Maloney

    I think this is from the Royce Hall special "The Words and Music of Cold Mountain."  I've only ever seen it on the two-disc set of "Cold Mountain."

    Neveah Potter - Harry's Twin

    Feetie39 it is 2nd disc

  15. jarhead91559

    That is Cheryl White from the bluegrass group, The White's.

  16. logicalperson

    Voice of an angel.

  17. logicalperson

    I think the video just doesn't match the singing - don't think it's a lip synch.

  18. Roland Hull

    god almighty, HORRIBLE lip sync.. this is ridiculous, great song, great performer, BAD video

  19. John Thomason

    Who's that singing with her?

    Gabriella Wade

    John Thomason Cheryl White I believe

  20. Luis Lopez

    The goose bumps are so big, they actually hurt....

  21. Nick Ward

    Lovely Costello song.

  22. Chuyi Vue

    dumb ass the camera was just to slow

  23. HomeStarAlpha

    I wonder how many people have seen kevinrocks1's comment and thought, "Wow, what an idiot!".