Krauss, Alison - Killing The Blues Lyrics

Leaves were falling, just like embers,
In colors red and gold, they set us on fire
Burning just like a moonbeam in our eyes.

Somebody said they saw me, swinging the world by the tail
Bouncing over a white cloud, killing the blues.

Now I am guilty of something...
I hope you never do
Because there is nothing
Sadder than losing yourself in love.


Now you asked me... just to leave you
To go out on my own
And get what I need to
You want me to find what I've already had.

[Chorus x2]

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Krauss, Alison Killing The Blues Comments
  1. Nancy Ries

    After meeting my grandson at 5 days old.Again before he turned 1,I spent 8 weeks caring for him out of state. And this song brings that love connection back to me ea. Time I hear it. Thank you!❤😘😘 We live 1600 mi. Away.

  2. Taylor Fausett

    This song never gets old! So beautiful! I lost my partner October 9, 2019. This song rips my heart out!

  3. Francis Dedumo

    From a Rock God to a Bluegrass legend

  4. Richard Haynes

    I love these two, but...listen to Aj Lee and blue summit do it.

  5. John ComasKendall

    english male and american female voice in folk-rootsy idea can be lovely. Here is a precedent from a few decades earlier, less polished and produced, but that's partly the point. The late, great Peter Bellamy, and Lisa Null.

  6. duda

    calma e maravilhosa

  7. Patricia Davey

    I wondered what Rob Plant has been up to. Nice one!

    Valerie McKnight

    Listen to his Band of Joy album - another collaboration with T-Bone Burnett. It's great.

    Patricia Davey

    @Valerie McKnight thanks I will.

  8. jess c

    Oh man. So many goosebumps. There's no power quite like the male-female duet. The adi & shakti, solar & lunar... just cosmic, divine.

  9. Jose Medeiros

    Ty Sr in you lady for the beautiful song❤💖👍👍👍👍

  10. Dolly Trimble

    Love Alison, love Love LOVE Robert Plant!
    Never would have Imagine this Combo would work. Robert Plant, you are an Absolute Genius.
    It So Work's and I hope they can find time to do it again. ✌️💖🎶🙏

  11. Steve Roloff

    They are so perfect together!!!

  12. B. Allen

    If I was given the choice of having only one song to listen to until I died......this would be it. Bless

  13. Jose Medeiros

    Ty lady in you Sr great in 💘 SONG. 🌹 💖👍👍

  14. K. Pope

    Found this after reading a biography about Robert Plant. Am not a country music fan, but DAMN. What a lovely and unsuspected find...

  15. Megan Laiacono

    Love this version best! ❤️

  16. Justin Smith

    I'm glad Robert plant branched out musically and didn't do the old tired led zepplin stuff forever like some artists.

  17. bernard walsh

    Hidden Gem pure bliss ...

  18. Julie Mooney

    Killing the blues. Yes Sir. X

  19. Eileen Kehoe

    Do you know what, Molly is round. Joyce talks of her feminine parts. She understands men, she loves them. Molly has lovers, her husband..Bloom..walks the four corners of Dublin because he knows of the affairs, it breaks his heart & he is avoiding going home to Molly. Molly has one particular lover who is windy, he just uses Molly for sex and has no respect when around her. Molly lets him go. She is forthright, not shy & enjoys the pleasure men give her. She represents the world, she represents every women. Bloom does return home to Molly, she decides she is better off with Bloom..they are comfortable together. He has a peculiar habit of sleeping at the other end of the bed with his feet beside Molly's face...everything is circular.. Bloom represents everyman, he is Homer's Ulysses..away from home after war & adventures, avoiding the Cyclopse, the one-eyed monster..ME I suppose..well I tell you this I am essentially shy..but sometimes I am for being worldly..I wouldn't say that either.

    Devil Dog US Marine

    Yawn! Oh be quiet with whatever it is you are tying to say

  20. George Reynolds

    I've got to get this album!!

  21. Ricky D. Berny

    Leaves were falling just like embers
    In colors red and gold, they set us on fire
    Burning just like a moonbeam in our eyes

    Somebody said they saw me
    Swinging the world by the tail
    Bouncing over a white cloud
    Killing the blues

    Now I'm guilty of something I hope you never do
    Because there is nothing
    Sadder than losing yourself in love

    Somebody said they saw me
    Swinging the world by the tail
    Bouncing over a white cloud
    Killing the blues

    Now you ask me just to leave you
    To go out on my own and get what I need to
    You want me to find what I've already had

    Somebody said they saw me
    Swinging the world by the tail
    Bouncing over a white cloud
    Killing the blues

  22. Linda Redlick

    The whole album is gold.

  23. Karen Riches

    This is the one Steve Massam liked

  24. peter mulheron

    could listen forever

  25. Juggernaut _

    Now I can die...doesnt get better than this..

  26. Charla Pheister

    So love this 💜

  27. Deborah Bertolani

    They are doing Rowland Sally proud. They won him a Grammy as writer

  28. Frank Tucker

    I've listened to every song these two did together. I go around trying to sing them for days every time I listen to them. I have never been a country music fan but Alison! My Lord, a goddess. I've been a Led Zeppelin fan since their first release, never thought I'd hear Robert Plant sing like this but I am glad I did. This collaboration was his idea and it's a gift to anyone able to hear. Bless Roberts vision and all who collaborated on this

    Vicki Mingus

    It's not country

    Steve Roloff

    I totally agree! This collaboration is perfection.

    Edward Hopwood

    Vicki, Frank didn't say this was Country, Alison Krauss is a Bluegrass/Country singer & musician

  29. Joe Horizon

    Album of the year. Memories. Greatness. The whole album.

  30. Jim Woest

    How good is their harmony? They switch melody and harmony four or five times in each verse and unless you're really trying, you don't notice it at all. Remarkable.

  31. George Ballentine

    T-Bone is indeed a genius. Don't underrate the guitar playing and arranging by Buddy Miller.


    Buddy Miller did not contribute to the album, although he was in the touring band following it's release.

  32. Gary Smith

    This beautiful song was written by Roly Salley, who is Chris Isaak's bass player. I always thought the bass mix in this version was too distorted though.

  33. Kevin Larson

    Bloody Hell.......this is so beautiful

  34. cocteautwinned

    Brilliant together

  35. damonsnomad

    Plant singing harmonies..well i'll never. Bloody well too may it be said..

  36. Mike Burkard

    Two voices in perfect sync... =)

  37. cheryl evers


  38. MrsARDM Parsons

    Is it just me or does she look untrustworthy


    It's definitely just you.

  39. MrsARDM Parsons

    Is Alison Krause trustworthy?

  40. Blue Herron

    Burning just like a moonbeam in our eyes...somebody said that they saw me...swinging the world by the tail!!! Killing the blues. Now, I am guilty of something ....I'm sure I'm guilty of something ....killing the blues

  41. Kitty Bruåsdal

    Vakker duett å sang

  42. patrickspoint

    This is so calming, so serene

  43. Judy Blaine

    this is heavenly,not of this world,amen.unbelievable and im 65 yrs old heard a whole lot of music,im most content here,my opinion!swinging the world by its tail???indeed

  44. Budd-Gems

    Mother Judge does an excellent job with Rowland’s wonderful song also. Very heartfelt.

  45. ruben hinojosa

    You want me to find what I've already have

  46. Curtdog 061

    The most beautiful thing I've ever heard.

    Taylor Fausett

    Me, too!

  47. Linda SKS

    Everyone sounds better when singing with Alison Krauss.


    But not everyone is Robert Plant

  48. Shari Hephzibah

    I love this version, although Chris Smither's is still the best.

  49. carl remscheid

    how bout a cup of coffee folks and lets talk about it

  50. cosmic explorer

    Omg. I had no idea this was out! Two wonderful beyond measure. Thank you God thank you God thank you 🙏 God


    Since 2009

  51. Chaos Thierry

    This was beautiful. Both of the singers compliment each other very well.

  52. Cliff Wheeler

    Adding Greg Lietz on pedal steel was a master stroke. It gives the track a lovely wistful feel that compliments the two voices.

    George Kovacs

    Thank you Cliff, Mr Lietz does not receive the real appreciation he deserves.

  53. Annie Davis

    So so beautiful. Brings back memories of my youngest brother Dan who passed away

  54. Joan Barbacoa

    ...bouncin over a white cloud...kissing the moon....

  55. penny miller

    lovu,I wish you'd do harder things-alice n chains anthem to raise youth consciosness.all the things you wish to tell your grandkids-fight the good fight,love2 the earth, flower children are stl out here;)

  56. Furious Sherman

    This entire album is one of the best things I've ever listened to. It's one of those things I'll never get tired of hearing.

  57. Angelo Sapio

    Esecuzione perfetta ed emozionante.

  58. Danny Shutts

    dammit!! :-)

  59. Tone Seeker

    What an awesome collaboration

  60. keep smilin

    fantastic harmony

  61. Patrick McHale

    I love this rock album.

  62. Michelle Missy Rowland

    Love...I thought i found true love....

  63. Sonia S

    Just when I think I can’t love plant more than I do.. then I hear this

  64. Ron Gutman

    The most beautiful lyrics in any song ever are these:
    Somebody said they saw me
    Swinging the world by the tail
    Bouncing over a white cloud

  65. Ellen den drijver

    Mij loved have kill himself ..this number will ever  remember him for ever.......

    Jack Schneider

    I'm so sorry.

  66. Archie Merwin

    Isn't this a Chris Smither song? Loved his concerts.

  67. Ruth Easton

    These two are great together

  68. James Connelly


  69. Travisthehamster

    In a dream I am driving from Colorado to Texas through New Mexico and I pull into a bar in no where’s ville and get a beer and this song is playing on the jukebox. Over and over and over and it never gets old


    Travisthehamster 👍🏼

  70. Helen Kay

    Two Angels singing together ..😇😇

  71. Helen Kay

    Love it 😍

  72. Clinton Conrad Oman

    A Heavenly combo epic song

  73. JP Patches

    This song is beautiful. Sung by beautiful voices. One of my favorites.

  74. Germain Piéton

    Thank you ladie for this wonderful performance. Continue to make us dream:

  75. anneallman1

    Two of my favourite performers! Lovely.

  76. Kristine Blake

    Fabulous pairing......

  77. Jimmy D

    FFS, how do you give this a thumbs down and consider yourself a human?

    Carolyn Schwan

    seriously, the thumbs down for you was by me by mistake. Perhaps the thumb downs are mistakes. Also, I think maybe people that are used to other people singing this song might not be used to Plant and Kraus. Personally, I love it.

  78. Elizabeth deVries


  79. Feather Black

    Adorable duo and sound.

  80. Jordan OBrien

    Yeah, I've been doing too many drugs lately.

  81. graham doyle

    Hauntingly beautiful!

  82. stargazer

    it is now

  83. stargazer

    pure magic...if it ever was true

  84. Jenifer Mason

    Bouncing over a white cloud ☁ ❤

  85. Rad MillerJr.

    How in the world did these two get together? Perfectly suited to one another, this song is as good as it gets. Oh, check out Robert with Patty Griffin, utterly amazing. the Radman


    T. Bone Burnett is brilliant.

  86. Angélique Nomade

    Beautiful ....

  87. halina samulewska

    nice !

  88. Fading Dandelion

    The deepest sadness with the most holt hardened regret.

  89. Pete M

    Nice cover of a John Prine song


    This song was written by Rowland Salley, although I believe Prine was the first to record it.

  90. Jesse Ray James

    Luvin' it ! My kinda Music.

  91. Andre Newcomb

    Union Jack love.

  92. L Arnold

    I to.guilty of losing my self in love.sad

  93. Vee Friend

    Lovely.For my lost-forever love.

  94. EdCinAZ

    comfort food for the soul.

  95. White Tigress

    Winter made summer 2017: Killing the blues on a dismal week night in the era of the least reasonable man. This is lovely. Thank you.

  96. Gary Block

    Sometimes it's just the love of the music, nd the singers that are participating, i think they are from two different worlds, but not far apart at all ,we all do things when we are young, robert plant is making aminds and is a good man enyway, we all have a time,as for Allison just a lovely soul, has helped me tru some hard times, and i know there is a reason for it all . thanks gary block.

  97. Revolver6238

    Alison Krauss, such a beautiful voice. Robert Plant, such an amazing voice.

  98. Dennis S

    My favorite version. (Shawn Colvin is a close second!)


    Dennis S yeah,Shawn is my fave

  99. William Lewis

    Great song, written by Roland Solley, plays bass in Chris Isaak's band.