Kotzen, Richie - Fast Money Fast Cars Lyrics

Some guys got the money and the fast cars
Some girls want the green and a pop star
I'll give you the dream if you say you want it

It's not so complicated I never been into chasin'
I may seem educated but I'm not
I know I'm not the greatest but I'll treat you like a lady
I just need you to tell me what you want from me

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Kotzen, Richie Fast Money Fast Cars Comments
  1. Frank Abbey

    Great Funky-Rap \m/ ☺

  2. Elle Lawliet

    240p, really?

  3. omer aktas

    this guy is unbelievable! how can a musician be that great at any kind of music at the same time??

  4. DesertHobo

    this is my favorite song from kotzen, poppy tune combined with kotzen's classic rockstar voice = sex

  5. NocturnalStar22

    Kotzen badass!!!!!

  6. Videoteka Teka


  7. Tony W

    ...Funky and Smooth...!