Kottonmouth Kings - Smile Lyrics

Smile when you cum
Cum as you please
Smile when you cum
Oh won't you cum for me
Smile when you cum
Cum as you please
Smile when you cum
I hope you never leave

Relax and follow me
I can make you feel so right
Sit back and let yourself go
I'm all alone with you tonight
I know that you know baby
Look me in the eye sweetheart
It's no surprise that we're together
How you make me feel inside my heart
So you follow me I'll follow you
You be me and I'll be you
Let's drift away like the breeze
I hope you never leave
Now my soul is running free
I can see you in my eyes
Ain't no telling what's going to happen
When I cum inside


I'm addicted now
I'm addicted then
I want to see you cum
Again and again
You know it feels so right
It flows so naturally
When us two are one
Let me plant my seed
Candles light the room
Incense fills the air
Waterfalls cascade
Down your flowing hair
I'm in ecstasy
My body's getting numb
I love to see your face
Smile when you cum


You know I love to make you smile each time we meet
And I hate to wait for you to come back believe
When our souls come together it just feels so right
'Cause we can make each other smile all through the night
So won't you come and smile for me
Come show me how it's supposed to be
Let's do the deed and grow together
In sunny days or stormy weather
Like shooting stars colliding in the nights wide open sky
Just make a wish girl and hope it comes true
'Cause all I want to do is watch you smile


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Kottonmouth Kings Smile Comments
  1. HeyBoyProductions

    On of the Best fuckin albums ever

  2. Raven Night

    Still SEXII AF in 2018

  3. Divalorr


  4. georgiegothgibson666

    30 odd but fit as fuck , ill smile if its them makin me cum ^_^

  5. dylan johnson

    it could also be about weed

  6. Odin793ce

    is it just me or does kottonmouth kings remind you of some hippie group

  7. jasmine b

    my boyfriend told me this song makes him think of mee :))

  8. beachbreaks

    Best love song ever

  9. sheepfinger

    this is at the top of my playlist in the bedroom, the ladies love it

  10. dyindaze

    its about being with your girl not sex it means you have a good time with your lady reminds me of my ex

  11. Renae Downey

    I don't care what anyone says...this is one of the most sexiest song ever!!! I smile when I cum....and my baby makes me SMILE alot!

  12. kenney940

    @ChitownJuggalo92 exactly what i was thinking...If its about sex.. i always smile when i cum..if its about smoking.. i get that permafried face.. if its about love.. i just smile about loving sex and smoking

  13. Max James

    @RamirezNatalia lol idk but this song is one of mine nd the love of my lifes songs still even tho i cant be with him any more cuz he will be 18 in a year and ill only be 15

  14. PARKOUR204

    I love Kmk, My oldest bro turned me on to them, but i never heard this song til my buddy Aaron aka A-Loc sent it to me threw AIM!! haha *SMILE*

  15. Zack80100

    Nvm i was told its supposed to be wrong lmfao

  16. Zack80100

    does this sound completely wrong... im absolutely fucked right now though if im wrong.

  17. Sean Cole

    fuckin eh i love this song