Kottonmouth Kings - Positive Vibes Lyrics

We need some positive vibes for these rainy days
Let the sun come out keep push these clouds away
We need some positive vibes life’s for fun so go and play
Let the sunlight in, brighten up your day
Let the vibes blow like the ocean breeze
Mamma always told me there’d be days like these
Keep your head right, just do as you please
Never interfere with an evil man’s schemes
Keep your heart pure, conceive your own dreams
Respect your fellow man, the earth with the trees
The air that we breathe and the highest mountain peak
Bring truth from your soul to your mouth when you speak

No need to get loud .. messin with others, stressin’ your brother, it’s time to uncover
Time to choose another path you see
Cause the road most traveled’s negativity
Put your fist down (fist down), throw your hands in the air
Respect yourself, be somebody who cares
Don’t let life get you down, don’t feel abused
Keep a positive view unto yourself be true


Everyday’s a new adventure You got to keep what you got
Livin’ life in a studio bustin’ rhymes in my socks
I got to keep my head up and always do what I feel
Avoidin all the evil and just keeping it real
(I need some positive vibes)
All these situations I keep hearin’ about
People dyin’ in planes and buildings crumbling down
This world goes round for no apparent reason
People robbin and theavin’ just to feel good for the evening
(I need some positive vibes)
What happen' to everybody’s peace and love
Throw your drinks the sky, raise your hands up above
Get yo head out of the gutter and be respectful
We need some positive vibes for these rainy days so let it go
Don’t never get it twisted when I’m on this track
D-Loc the kind kid that be kickin’ it back
Of the class everyday I was high
Goin to school in 95 easy that how we ride


It’s time to leave this rat race chant down Babylon
Keep my head straight, keep my family movin' on
Find my own place, create my own space
Detach my whole scene from this wicked rat race
The two-faced friends, the snakes in the grass
Daddy always told me there’d be men like that
So watch your own back keep your eye on your stacks
Don’t ever write a check that that ass can’t cash


We need some positive vibes
(Keep on reaching for it)
For these rainy days
(Keep on hoping for it)
Let the sun come out keep push these clouds away
(What we need is, all we have is positive vibes)
We need some positive vibes
(What more can we say to you)
Lies that so forth go out and play
(What more can be said to you)
Let the Sunlight in, brighten up your day
(What we need is, all we have is positive vibes)

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Kottonmouth Kings Positive Vibes Comments
  1. k- krops

    smokee on

  2. Camron Audsley

    Don't ever write a check that dat ass can't cash

  3. Corey Carlson

    2k19 loves it

  4. Steve Blymyer

    Taking the aff skydive course next summer and this is going to be the song for the video! So stoked

  5. The duh ScRIP Shunn

    Miss the OG Kings being together. Daddy X is needed in the group!!!!

  6. The duh ScRIP Shunn

    2003........ Man, what a year !!!! Aw, those were some beautiful times :)

  7. White Stoner Mane Aka OGDoms

    2019 still Smokin and bumpin 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💨


    65 downvotes? "U can't please everyone, so ya....got to please urself"

  9. Lance Mckeithen

    This should be President Trump's campaign song for twenny twenny... As we all blaze for another 4 With a 20..🤔😏

  10. Shane DOXTATOR

    Whoop whoop to kmk and boondox

  11. General Iroh

    Kicking back with the homies and smoking it up to this song! Ah the memories

  12. Tiny Humanoid

    Keep your heart pure, concieve your own dreams. Respect your fellow man, the Earth, and the trees.

  13. Jim

    This song was Banned in the USA on another channel for copyright like wtf

  14. Arizonaian Grizzly

    Bong Paradise I'm Flying

  15. Arya Fantastic

    Being round your closest, back-up for daaaaaayyyyyyzzz n a sunny weekend near the water don't hurt either. 👍😎💎

  16. Alicia Daniels

    Love jesus

    Chucho Tres

    Amen, peace n positive vibes to you and yours!🙌🏽🙏🏽

  17. Jaded and Empty

    Life's for fun, so go and play!

  18. Nathan Kayhan

    420 BLAZE IT

  19. Ronnie Hill

    Not really into smoking, but this song and album, really, bring me up to better "Vibes".

  20. Adam Stitt

    this album tho. so many memories

  21. Dockomocko Pocko

    This song holds merit. Long live the kings

  22. Michelle Bower

    we need this

  23. Josiah Burns

    positive vibes make it through life

  24. Dj7baylum

    come to Jesus for some positive vibes, and still listen to some Kottonmouth Kings.

    B D


    Scott Castleberry

    Nope I'm not a sheep lmao but kmk I agree

    Bobby Kenehbosm

    Right on brother ✌


    Blessed are the poor, for their inheritence is the kingdom of heaven

  25. Desert Sun

    go Donald Trump

  26. Selvaria Vaciim

    I listen to this every time I have a bad day (every day) and it always makes it better

  27. Benji J

    we need some positive vibes for these rainy days so let it go.

  28. alyssa8585

    Kooning no

  29. Donut Monster8

    This is really good🤓👍🏽

  30. Anthony Giunta


    Ty Jackson


  31. skittzolette

    666th like yaw positive vibes

  32. MiSchelle Barbaruolo-Tvrs

    Cory ray . thank you for makin me peep this jam. ... im hardcore. .. this hit the spot

  33. J W Kitchens

    Awesomness !!! HAPPY )O(

  34. woofer420guy

    Man this makes me miss high school so damn bad lol I remember smoking out my old 1990 ford probe before class listening to the kings haha best memories ever

    SYBRIX Official

    same bro same!

    John Frank

    Awesome bro I had a 1992 Ford probe, fun times

    marconi ferrelli

    woofer420guy Bryan lol is that you


    I remember having to go to the park to smoke, hiding the blunt when the cops show just to feel happy for a few hours with close friends

    April Neal

    woofer420guy ko

  35. Steve Celestino

    Question...are there two recorded versions of this song? The one I was used to and I've also heard on youtube is just SLIGHTLY different.

    Jan Voesten

    Yes, this version and the other 'trippy' into version. Like "tangerine sky" had two versions

  36. Jimmy Clifford

    Good memories.  Takes me back to 2008  listening to this song over and over while high on X and LSD.  Positive vibes y'all!!

  37. Jean Reno

    tj lavin doucumental

  38. aubrianna davis

    love this song. always have always will

  39. Galang Kasta


  40. Slouchin

    thank you kottonmouth kings stay up

  41. Vibez Rodriguez

    This song & this band ALWAYS makes me feel better no matter what. ((PositiveVibes))

  42. The ARMS Collective

    Absolutely, dude. It makes no sense... and it's not like these guys were as hard on the industry as Tech N9ne, who's currently making waves. KMK STILL deserves a chance.

  43. The ARMS Collective

    Seriously, 7 people have negative vibes

  44. 913dynasty SupaNovaHelix


  45. JeMeSouvienPu

    You're so right bud!

  46. Dropkick Murphys

    smile more and smoke weed more ;P


    famosela pia a bene

    B D

    BRUNETTO PIZUL yea whatever the fuck you said

  48. Holly Northrup

    Kmk will live on forever. Great message we all need to hear this!!!

  49. bsunite

    this song is what needs to be playing on the radio every day not this lil wayne and waka flocka bullcrap.....the message is what people wanna hear KMK 4 LIFE the most positive and talented group I have ever heard in my life

  50. BroncoFan68

    Everytime I hear this song I wonder why it didn't just blow up the radio from coast to coast. "Rollin' Stoned" might just be one of the best albums of it's genre, and sadly, not nearly enough people have heard it.

  51. Froostie Dub

    this is my favorite song at of all the songs i know! kmk fo life

  52. RyanRamseyx

    i love the positivity of this song

  53. h4x0rman1

    Think of what Music would be like if everyone that made it was against drugs especially weed :( Imagine if the bands like this or the Beatles were sober...it'd be like Justin Bieber Dx

  54. h4x0rman1

    That's what they're afraid of man, they make money off of wars, violence, and selling us crappy medicine that barely keeps us alive.

  55. tyler walls

    word. we always got big high listening to kmk back when. stayed high. The lottery

  56. Tyler Hardcastle

    you forgot to smile man:)

  57. Froostie Dub

    hell ya positivevibes all day erry day!

  58. IanWS

    my favorite song by this group

  59. FollowTheSunDown

    Thats a trippy ass album cover lol

  60. vampireprince5006

    how many songs actually have such a pure and simple message, respect yourself, let the sunlite in, and much more, i dislike when people say they dislike the rollin stoned album and the green album, it seems to me that when they say that their just wanna be white kids who wanna be like kmk without truly understanding what their about or just smoke tree for the hell of it

  61. Randy Worby

    the likes/dislikes bar looks like a joint! go weed!!!! chronic and northern lights all the way!!

  62. Randy Worby

    weed wud end wars, stop violence, cure cancer and nobody wud ever be bored this is y it needs to b legalized

    Brian Mahaffey

    IMPROVES Overall Wellness
    SUPPORTS A Healthy Immune System
    HELPS MAINTAIN Healthy Blood Sugar
    PROMOTES A Healthy State of Mind
    SUPPORTS Optimal Digestive Function
    High Quality Organic USA Grown Hemp
    #FreeCBD #CBDSuccessTeam #Hemp #Health #kmk

  63. Alien Contact


  64. silentslayer771

    i lov ethe kottonmouth kings.
    i absolutely adore them
    i have listened to this CD whilst rolling stoned,
    i defend KMK against haterz who hate the KMK for no reason
    but this album doesn't even crack the top 5...
    Dark Side and Sgt. Peppers forever!

  65. CloseEncounters

    it was a fitting way to close the ceremony. It reminded us of the good times we all had, that we will cherish and never forget. Music moves the spirit, and artists like KMK are needed in this world. As an artist of moving music, If the heart is at the core, everything will fall into place. Peace be with you, even though they are gone, they're always by our side

  66. Carrie Lakin

    Now THAT is what I like to read , all types of people , in all ages...right on !

  67. Carrie Lakin

    Gotta luv my sk8r's lol

  68. Carrie Lakin

    I just lost a friend who thought he had no way out other than to take a hi-speed chase and then a gun to himself I will dedicate this to WES....it coulda been ok bro , we miss u..funeral is wed....his kids 13,9, baby will miss him. I feel you Sean R.I.P to ya bro.

  69. Carrie Lakin

    I agree 420 .. but they still havent stopp since d-ball joined they rock still!peace

  70. CantStopRockin91

    Love this song. Never fails to lift my spirits when I've had a bad day.

  71. CloseEncounters

    i played this at my brother's funeral just as he wanted, and as the rain fell that day, peace was had by all

  72. titsbeerbong420

    It just started raining out and this week is supposed to be rainny because even thought its still winter a little while longer,were supposed to get mild and or hot temp's. Funny it was snowing off and on like 2 days ago. We need some positive vibes for these rainny day's! KMK 4 life!

  73. ddubbs420

    love this song

  74. WolfyWillow

    "Bring truth from your soul to your mouth when you speak" < follow this!!! peace <3

  75. StfuAndSkate420

    smoke thee pain away this song is bomb to get bombed to up here on cloud 9 KMK for life

  76. tcdcinreno

    Johnny Richter ROCKS

  77. tcdcinreno

    KMK puts on the best shows, and the fans are so cool. I'm 51 and love to get right in the pit and enjoy....Music speaks to everyone if they are listening..

  78. 765DARKLINK

    i feel so happy that i start to cry when I hear this song!

  79. briar hunt

    i listened to this ery day when i was out on bond in day report this is my shit! SRH!

  80. thesweetiepie18

    @HapPyDong746 Hahahahahahaha nice

  81. quincywho

    this is like the best song ever.

    Ryan Thyne

    hottest me up girl I take to d loc every day so u want go out some time

  82. Brandon Brosamer

    let's all smoke a fat bowl and listen to some kottonmouth! :D

  83. Austin Shepherd

    god im so fucking high right now

    Carl Moore

    Austin Shepherd what about now? 5 years later?

    B D

    I remember my first beer

  84. steve daniels

    rollin stoned has to be the best cd made

  85. nonemoreblack21

    @MKT9000 yeah but im saying if anyone ever does :)

  86. Kailur Marohl

    @nonemoreblack21 no one has disliked it

  87. nonemoreblack21

    if you dislike this then you need to smile more

    Shane Powers

    nonemoreblack21 do you still like this song 8 years later?

  88. Dennis Edwards

    Bring PAK back!