Kottonmouth Kings - New Destination Lyrics

where you gonna go when you can’t get high now
who you gonna call when you feel so low
where you gonna turn for some inspiration
new destinations is where we should go

Confused in life in the middle of the night
I’m sittin’ up with my pipe like my candles I’ll burn
thinkin’ about my baby the one that really loved me
and the time we spent together callin each other honey
the separation hurts i learned from my loneliness
cryin to myself thinkin about the last kiss
but things got funny we had two different lives
so much time apart and not enough by her side
being without my girl yo im feelin kinda empty
the joy that you’ve given me can’t compare to anybody
moments we shared they was like no other
the bond that we have built it slowly became a cover
but that’s how it goes five years down the road
i was away doin shows and let my love up in the cold
i can’t ever forget what had happened now its gone
i wanna give you props and shout you out in my song

where you gonna go when you can’t get high now
who you gonna call when you feel so low
where you gonna turn for some inspiration
new destinations is where we should go

I can’t believe i’m alive
survivin in the world but will i live till 25
i’d bet the farm read my palms when you look in these eyes
theres no room inside for crooked scams or evil plans
not wishin harm I offer out my hand to any man
and when a man extends his hand I offer blessings on his land
upon completion of passage earning respect for your word
build on a strong foundation straight conserve barely splurge
ya gotta plan for the future and take care of yourself
to live a long happy life you never needed no wealth
just be stealth with what your givin make decisions to invest
envision in your mind then hit the kind and be blessed
erase the stress (let it go) simply cut that shit
you be ruining your day over the same bullshit
and last surpass your past and go don’t let your fate be controlled
you should know reach for your goals and that the rest will be gold so?

where you gonna go when you can’t get high now
who you gonna call when you feel so low
where you gonna turn for some inspiration
new destinations is where we should go

my soul radiates a light that transcends my high
i digest the universe right though my third eye
in touch with my expand it opens me wide
these spirits connect transform and collide
some stay in touch while others divide
some flow and dive and hang around for the ride
some have that day until one has died
shedding your skin born again from inside
so follow the light into a new life
take a deep breath relax and open your eyes
reality is yours its what you decide
take a deep breath and open your eyes

Baby listen i forgot to tell you something
my life’s been a mess without Ami & Dustin
I been depressed popped a couple of biscuits
been staying out all night gettin fucked up what is this
all i feel is the ghost from your presence
thinking about the times we spent together
im fucking over it its too hard reminiscing to the past
we had way too much love and thats a fact
it makes me sad but i gots to move on
so i packed up my stuff grabbed my bong and wrote a song
wondering where my next destination’s gonna take me
and how long i got love for ami but now she’s gone

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Kottonmouth Kings New Destination Comments
  1. Patrick Mccoumb

    2020 kmk for l i f e

  2. mjd6280

    Damn D-locs 1st verse is deep!

  3. waywardviking 208

    39 yo kings fan here. Blazing og kush and montana silvertip here. What ru guys smoking on?

  4. Bitch ass

    like your song

  5. Jonah Chiarle

    are you the KUSH master or the master of kush ?

  6. michael fox

    Kmk always uplifts me

  7. Atom Shoemaker

    im starting to think these guys smoke weed..

  8. William Mason

    Ok seriously is everyone commenting born in 87?! Im just wondering. So many ppl commenting would have been homies if we went to school together. Shits deep and I'll never forget all the shows.

  9. Janie Hustler

    D loc and daddy x verse has been speaking to me since I was the age of 14

  10. Jonah Chiarle

    legendary verse from richter on this one

  11. Jesse Nichols

    Blaze all day every day regardless!

  12. Joshua Aleman

    Endless highway is right up this ally

  13. jason laster

    Y'all forget "life rolls on" ? Best Kmk ever

    Tj Edwards

    jason laster strongly agree thats one of their best. Top 5 all time forsure.

    Jonah Chiarle

    never forget pulling on some tubes in thr living room haha 💨💨

  14. Way High Radio

    2018 new kmk album

  15. pcdFadeD

    this was an amazing album .


    Problem. is going back to these albums and listening . All i hear is how every one except D-loc is good. i love the guy but his lyrics are jus so basic and simple. X and richter really look deep and rap so much better. Even though X is a basic rapper. His lyrics are so much better. Im hell ßtoned. lol. i love kmk. jus my thoughts.

    Tin Tizzy

    @pcdFadeD Yea dloc fell off after high society


    Tin Tizzy he had great flows on the number 7 album. But after that. Corny as fuck. Lol

  16. My Email

    I used to smoke and eat mushrooms to.this shit like ten years ago

  17. Jeff Wilcox

    I'm 59 and don't partake of the Bud , but this song is good for anyone.

  18. Frankies honda

    Wish they had more music like this

  19. ryan

    ahh, the good old kmk in a haze. lets blaze all day

  20. Shawn. L.

    I'm 30 been listening since this shit was real... Now it's all about politics within the label. It's used to be about the love... I miss this type of kmk

    Michael Vargas

    The group was always for a cause even if they got political.


    Another stoner classic..

  22. Gh0stman420

    Such a great n meaningful song

  23. Dustin Walker

    still jammin this shit

  24. k0l0t0cTheHolyOne

    one of the best

  25. k swarr

    you can only go up if u feel so low

  26. Todd Danielson

    It's called new designations I think

  27. Andrew Armenta

    nothing but love....   so long 

  28. Sarah C

    still fucking love this song <3

  29. Kyle

    best kings song yet

    Lets Go Blues!!!

    @ismokeot420420 Hey man I get what your saying a lot I graduated in 04 I started smoking weed and about a year later I was using heroin. I lost a lot of friends I died and came back my self.  It sucks going to funerals.  Anyways this music in what I listened to in highschool, this and ICP.  Anyways I can relate 100%  I would have responded to you but it won't let me.

  30. ismokeot420420

    This song reminds me of my best friends from highschool graduated in 06. And already have lost a couple from heroin. i remember thinking when i was at their funerals "how did you get here, from weed to heroin?"

  31. Meyaka

    I remember listening to this song early in the morning watching the sun break the peaks of the mountains surrounding Vegas waiting for the bus while smoking a joint.
    Raise a glass or some weed to good times. Life is short, its all about the journey.

  32. Ben Urban

    reality is yours its what u decide


    word man the Kings music has gotten me through a lot in life too I've grown up through their music

  34. Lester Fiend

    I'm a 30 year old Kings fan, and lemme tell U younger people out there, I was rock-bottom 10 years ago, didn't have a fuckin clue where I was going in life. I heard this song and it changed my outlook on everything. I decided right then and there that I would do whatever it took to one day make a better life for myself. Now, I'm all grown up and those dark times are gone but not forgotten. My experiences made me who I am today, and I have finally found my own peace of mind and new destination.



  36. Mike Weinmann

    where the fuck am i gonna go i feel so damn low
    gotta wake up and feel the breeze
    goddamn i dunno its like im in freeze mode
    kottonmouth kings please help
    gimme good health and the power to burn
    the ability to rap i know its my turn
    i know im ashamed this game i played
    feel like ive betrayed
    but i can make it up trust believe
    gonna recieve and fuckin retrieve but aint gonna decieve