Kottonmouth Kings - Neva Stop Lyrics

Can't stop
Won't stop....
We ain't gon' never stop

We need to make it clear let me pop my shit off
We've been here for like ten years bitch don't pop off
Tattoos all over my body I'm covered in Kottonmouth Kings
I believe this shit dog don't even bother me
Microphone on my left arm I got to keep it real
Rocking gold records on my wall bitch D-Loc got skillz
I ain't telling fairy tales and I'm not conceited
I could give a mother fucker the chills and make him believe me
Can't stop won't stop we need to make it clear
Stop asking dumb questions 'cause I'm still standing here
I catch a cat sleeping give him a contact
Ask him if he got this 'cause I got that


It took me so many years to get to the top
And now that I'm here I ain't gonna let my altitude drop
I stay flying high like aces checking people's faces
As if I'm in a poker tournament in Las Vegas
It's Johnny Richter so you know you can't play this
Support the type of people who'll leave you lying faceless
I got the kind of weed that'll leave you feeling weightless
Tell me what you need and I'll soon be on my way kid
Bullet proof tires keep me moving on
JB designers hook me up with bongs
And all my homies hook me up with bomb weed
So how you gonna stop us when the clock hits 4:20 come on


We ain't gonna stop
We ain't gonna stop
We aint gonna we ain't gonna we ain't gonna stop

We ain't gonna stop
We ain't gonna stop
We ain't gonna we ain't gonna we ain't gonna stop

We ain't gonna stop until the wheels they go pop
Until our casket top drop
Until they resurrect Pac
Until they outlaw hip hop and put a ban on punk rock
Until they legalize legalize legalize pot
See we ain't gonna stop until all our houses are bought
'Til we run the whole city then we own the whole block
We ain't gonna stop until we're sitting on top
'Cause them Kottonmouth Kings got the beats that go drop
Lights, camera, action, go
Kottonmouth Kings are in full control
I said lights, camera, action, stop
Kottonmouth Kings got them beats that go drop


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Kottonmouth Kings Neva Stop Comments
  1. Marie Antoine

    I'm 29 been a fan for over 10 years I still smoke to these motherfuckers! 🤘

  2. Marie Antoine

    Pot got so far now!

  3. Jimmy Bachand

    Best thing about this video was the blond


    Yo the blonde girl on this video is a # 10!😁


    🔥 classic

  6. BEATS n Tapes by. Matt

    he said he ain't gunna stop till they legalize pot. so that's why they suck now lol.

  7. Bryan Smith

    who wanna toke up

  8. Bryan Smith

    where's the weed at

  9. Kirk Brindley3

    the bus is awsome!!!

  10. bundy one

    mad shit

  11. ayden page

    That fucking girl is hot but my girlfriend is hotter 😎😎😎🔫:-$ :-)

  12. Daniel Samuels

    KMK is shit without richter xD

  13. Kyle Wright

    But yet years later they have stopped smfh so sad how it happend. To

  14. Chris brown

    Great video

  15. jhon doe

    Reppin my Crown till I'm dead in the ground

  16. GlitchersAcademy

    KMK 4L

    rip Pakelika

  17. Stevepwn Productions

    yea some of the members are.

  18. WickedMo13

    arent they in their forties though

  19. Stevepwn Productions

    this band is so funny because they always mad and yelling at someone like theyg ot mad fun of for the band or something lol

  20. Stevepwn Productions

    i dont thnk theyre ever going to stop man..

  21. Stevepwn Productions

    ritcher goes hardest

  22. James Hoffman

    those rhymes were elementary

  23. James Hoffman

    what the fuck happened to them. 1605 life bitch forget where ya came from?

  24. BigNastyreborn

    i dont think we can afford to not make it legal

  25. MrXassassin

    no it wont. maybe medical will for some more states but it will never be Leagle for recreational. And dont think in Colorado its Leagle because its not, its still illeagle by federal law

  26. BigNastyreborn

    well weeds going to be legal in the u.s soon

  27. wassayntv

    Love the kings and love the blonde babe, thumbs up if you are a long time king lover :)

  28. benson brown

    i actually dont think their ever ganna stop

  29. joulz x

    Haha. Damn that was probly the last time we ever saw Richter with a bald white head.

  30. cBFCs

    I told my wife to stop doing videos like this.

    Marie Antoine

    Omg foh lol

  31. FutureFameMusic

    id do terrible things to that blonde

  32. dan dewolfe

    kmk mtha fcks.... neva gonna stop this shit

  33. Boony Brown

    Johnny Richter looks weird with no hair

  34. Riccardo Busser

    Holland, Lowest Country, Highest People

  35. WickedMo13

    Are these guys gonna stop?

  36. Zach Morell

    Danmmit man!! I thought I told my bitch to stop kickin it with that Pakelika!! Some hoes never learn it's ok though... I gave her a little present for the rest of her life. Wrap up Pak! :D

  37. landy ghaly

    big boobs i Tack off ?

  38. Romalynnsin

    @Xxpeopleschamp91xX They are beutiful, no doubt, but would someone please teach them how to dance, i used to club there are so many hot chicks that can dance, this music deserves some hard core moves, they look like there dancing to a slow song

  39. thebroskeez

    @HillcrestCapital you're an idiot.

  40. Justin renick

    KMK for life

  41. Johnsen

    1 girl, 4 guys?.. hmm

    Marie Antoine

    Yeah what a thot lol

  42. StreetFloTV

    d-loc wasnt 2 good here but richter always is

  43. bskater199

    @motule lets see u say tht to there face..... not gonna happen

  44. bskater199

    thumbs up for huge fake tits -_____- haha

  45. vaidotas86

    nice, a drag queen in an trash truck, very gangsta:D

  46. dayWayz86

    lol pak lucky ass man

  47. shadywalker

    ˙˙˙doʇs ʇuoʍ puɐ ʇuɐɔ ʎǝɥʇ ʎןʇuǝɹɐddɐ

  48. Veyronp87

    i clicked the video for that sexy ass girl

  49. shawn richard

    shut the hell up

  50. timcrow420


    ya the difference is about 8 inches! youd be alittle fuzzy if you stayed up till 3am with some friends drinking beer and playing axis and allies too after waking up at 7 am, so pardon the fuck out of me, but your obviously going out of your way to be a big ass douchebag

  51. timcrow420


    well arent we special!!! my big question is why do you come on to youtube to look up videos you dislike yet cant seem to stop talking about? wouldnt you simply just not listen to it and listen to your little dillinger escape plan? your only subscriber is a vegan, and your last comment someone accused you of whacking off to excercise yoga videos, your a badass.....

  52. timcrow420


    You are the reason why I stopped being a metal head, music doesnt all have to be hard with double bass and wailing guitars you know, its just fucking music. Id rather be at a Kings concert than some Screamo Deathcore Blow it out your asscore concert, way too many sub genres these days, its all FUCKING MUSIC

  53. timcrow420

    ya and what have you accomplished with your life that has supered KMK's 15 year career? your the ass clown

  54. motule

    super cheesy... dead prez blows the fake titts clean off of that tranny stripper. this shit is soo lame. ICP has a new gimmick it'S called not wearing makeup and losing weight. eminem's backcountry cousins who are the product of incest decided to make it big in hip hop and called their crew cottonmouth kings. anyone who follows this shit should be trolled to death. this shit is a grave insult to hip hop, i don't know how the fuck cypress hill could team up with these assclowns.

  55. Balls Mahoney

    awesome song. ohmyfuck... SHE'S FUCKING HAWT! dayumn..

  56. GenocideJunkie13

    anyone know who the stripper is? lol but this is a fuckin song, long live the kottonmouth kings, keep blowing smoke rings

  57. samubabe101

    Won't stop gettin high

  58. XxgoetfacexX

    Kmk4 life !!!!

  59. EscouT613

    damn straight kmk 4evers