Kottonmouth Kings - Koast II Koast Lyrics

We met a lot of scratch
X we made a lot of dough
We always rolling grass
Loc we smoked a lot of 'dro
We wrote a lot of songs
X we played a lot of shows
We packed a lot of bongs
Man we flipped a lot of hoes
We did a lot of this
I know we did a lot of that
We traveled lots of miles put the styles on the map
We recognized world wide if you didn't know
We flow with the clouds rolling out Koast II Koast

Now I know you never seen somebody like me
Up on the stage ripping the M-I-C
With so much ease clearly
Time for you the parents gonna tell their peers
That their sons and daughters are filled with beers
Now their sons and daughters are filled with fears
Because lights and sirens are getting near
See I recall one night in Omaha
We was getting' drunk all having a party ya'll
At a house where they had a party ball
At the end of the night I could hardly walk at all
Said fuck that and I started to crawl
Was in the backyard but I started to fall
On the ground like I was a basketball
Up and down like a fucking see saw
I remember getting' baked up in the great lakes
Trying to make hash and weed cakes
Then it got so late with bus call at eight
Had to bounce out quick catch a break
Trek down to the southern states to the dirty south
Where the girlies shake their asses
To get some backstage passes man I love my life


I remember one time we was out in the Carolina's
A group of hippies came up on us saying they was trying to find us
They heard about us in High Times you know the magazine
They said it's groovy what we're doing for the cannabis scene
They put a box in my hand it weighed at least two pounds
And it was custom painted decorated with a Krown
I opened up the box and smelled the sweet aroma
We had a massive session almost left X in a coma
Now that's the type of love the Kings are getting Koast II Koast
You know we chilly most always going out for broke
We put that Southern California life style on them
And make them freedom songs that make you want to rip your bong


Now you need to simply understand
Kottonmouth Kings roam all over this land
And we rolling until the wheels fall off
Stoners reeking havoc we ain't never gonna stop
Break 'em off Loc

I'm flowing now Koast II Koast
On the gas we be dipping through the map
Smoking buds in the back of the bus rolling blunts
Represent with the raps steady moving on the dip
Microphone on my hip let me tell you all like this
I was drinking like a fish one night I recall
Getting faded off that eight ball
Taking mushrooms tripping thought I was on the moon
Hey yo Mike stop the beat because I got to go to the bathroom


You can always catch the Kottonmouth Kings
Rollin' on the interstate highways
Through the deserts to the mountains to the shining sea
From the East coast to the West Coast
To the Midwest to the high plains
The Rocky Mountains
The dirty dirty South
You know the Kottonmouth Kings are still blowing smoke rings
Sub Noize family going Koast II Koast
Where you at

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Kottonmouth Kings Koast II Koast Comments
  1. Andrew Escalante

    Fuck you high school

  2. zakuman

    After all those years, I finally found that one song Spax3 used as a intro

  3. Joseph Ferrando

    Love the weed where the weed at

  4. Christina Allen

    Best music ever

  5. PlatinumLawnServices

    24 people must be tweakers

  6. PlatinumLawnServices

    Last album I bought...Miss these days

  7. Ignacio Alvarez best


  8. Gabriel Maimone

    I'm here because I was watching Cops reloaded, whilst looking for contraband a officer mentions "where's da weed at?"
    I'm like.... where the fuck was that line from? Completely forgot about kotton mouth kings until Today

  9. chris Thompson

    Puff puff pass

  10. Robinson Gagarin

    the weed is in my room

  11. Half Hour

    good comment

  12. Tiffany Hancock

    11 people don't know were the weeds at

  13. Edward Ortiz

    Is your picture from Silent Hill

  14. Very Rare Ant

    fuck you and funk volume

  15. geary butler

    funk volume got talent

  16. geary butler

    funk volume got talent

  17. HugsAndChainsAws

    you have terrible taste then, sir.

  18. jayde harrison

    Where it at lol

  19. Smok Morte

    where's the weed at `? yo where's the weeeeeed at :D

    Brian Neijts

    its in my backpack but you can't touch that

  20. ray becker

    down 4 tha crown

  21. donald cruickshank

    -.- never an excuse, im always smashed

    rj zander

    Do this s*** sucks 1980s hardcore punk is the best https://youtu.be/K21_926zwJk

  22. Thomas Robert Kelley

    Cut me slack. I was fried when i commented that.

  23. donald cruickshank

    dude..... tisk tisk tisk

  24. Thomas Robert Kelley

    Your name's Jazmine?

  25. MaizuAMV

    theres a lot just not mainstream in any way lol. Local showsssss.

  26. 564rrs

    7 people must smoke crack.

  27. I8OutYourGrandma

    Peace and Love and Shit, who needs drama. Just chill and enjoy any music you like, don't bash on other peoples tastes. If you don't appreciate it don't listen to it.

  28. James Taylor

    I'm in the Marine Corps and I like this fucking song! Why? Not because I smoke weed cause thats to damn stupid! It's because I have a sense of humor and I'm open to all music! You smoke weed? WHO THE FUCK CARES ALL YOU HATERS THAT ARE TRASH TALKING ON THIS VIDEO ARE MAKING NO GOALS BRO YOU JUST RUNNING YOUR MOUTH TO PEOPLE WHO DON'T CARE NOW SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LISTEN TO THIS MOTHER FUCKING SONG!!!!!!

  29. Productofnothing

    Said it before fucking say it again never were a juggalo than because the real juggalos rise up above past all the bullshit homie not like you care anyways sounds like you did it for others not yourself

  30. Camtron Soowull

    i used to blaze all day and actually quit blazin about a year ago after 8 yrs game in so cal slangin it and everything. but ill still listen to these guys, they have talent and sick beats and they stay true to what they love and that smokin bombie dank. not tryin to get fans just doin and rapping about their life. money bitches and herb they get my respect for being real regardless of race or clothing style haha

  31. emoisloveify

    Fuck yea! This song is the shit(:

  32. Jared Peters

    Your a fucking moron, these guys are terrible... Wu Tang? NWA? Bone Thugs? Black Star? A Tribe Called Quest? and many many more. I can't believe you could be dumb enough to even type a comment like that.

  33. Isabelle derp

    Ill tell you were da weed at mofo right hurr

  34. donald cruickshank

    lol u needed to scrutinise this song to know that? what bout the name XD, thumbs up anyways

  35. Amy Maeda

    You know what bitch?! This is fucked up that you are talking shit about us juggalos and juggalettes. If you don't have something nice to say about us lo's and lette's GTFO and STFU!!!!!!

  36. Jackin Jaws

    Lol reason i quit being a juggalo is punk ass kids with big mouths that dont fit in. so all you do is talk shit on the internet instead of making homeboys and enjoying your life. instead all u guys worry about is shit other people do.

  37. Swift

    @kylieisnowawesome Yes mam! they are BURNT. Out here, Us woods, have probs with the "Juggalos". "clown Smashin"

  38. kingknowles2112

    @kjkilop Theres a special place in hell for people like you.

  39. nvrslippn

    I'm a Juggalo and that lette above sounds like a fucking idiot.... fucking juffahoe

  40. Vido Mang

    i disliked it.

  41. xI uk Stoner Ix

    Yo wheres the weed at? Total off subject coming camping this weekend with my older brother and a handful of mates gonna get a few 8ths for it going to be such a sick weekend :P

  42. kyle mark

    @indysick440 AIRSNAP!

  43. xI uk Stoner Ix

    @AllThatRemainsTDH You like KMK, listen to Wu-Tan-Clan and N.W.A ;]

  44. Blunt blowin

    bull. this isnt the full song

  45. Twinsfan453


  46. AllThatRemainsTDH

    yeah same here and i will

  47. AllThatRemainsTDH

    KMK is the shit. One of the only rap/hip-hop groups that actually has talent

  48. donald cruickshank

    well get a comp like a normal person u fuk head instead of making urself look like an ass lol fuck off iight
    i dont no wat they are but stay the fuck off my vids and my profile

  49. 6Ale1Av9

    oh yeah im the first comment