Kottonmouth Kings - Forever Lyrics

Just me and you
Just me and you
That's right
Just me and you
Just me and you...

You and me could go on forever
Making songs that we'll sing together
Just put your trust in me you're fine
Take my hand
We're going for a ride
You and me we both got each other
In this life depend on each other
That's the way that it's supposed to be
Me for you and you only for me

You helped me see so many beautiful things
Opened my eyes made me conscious of my surroundings
Helped me think before I speak you put my mind at ease
When I had you by my side I was truly a king
Unstoppable together we're like Bonnie and Clyde
Damn I miss my Aunt I wish she was still alive
Nothing to do with the song but her name was Bonnie
I still miss her to this day but that simply is beyond me
Can't change the past that's a lesson I learned
'Cause when you're down and out your family is the only place to turn
Believe me 'cause I know I've been down that road and crashed
It felt so good to know I had someone to make me laugh
Complete a feeling you're the reason I do
Knowing there's no way that I could ever repay you
Prices in my eyes you're my diamond in the rough
Promise to be here forever I ain't never giving up


Look at you now wow it's mind blowing
You went from a seed to be fully growing
Expanded perfectly right before my eyes
I love to see your face everyday when I rise
You're like a pool of water rainbows and blue skies
You're my beautiful daughter helped me realize
My true potential true love and real life
I could be high forever with you by my side
I know it's not easy going through rough waters
But I try to love your Mom like a real man oughtta
Teaching respect and how you should be treated
Sacrifices made like the miles between us
It might sound corny putting this in a song
But this is my gift to you to carry all life long
And one day we'll look back and laugh
You were just three years old signing autographs


This is for my girl my shoulder blade
The one I wake up next to each and every single day
My soon to be my life my everything
My little Miss princess from around the way
Dear Alison I got something to say
I've been wanting to write you a letter
But I think it would sound better
If I put it in song form okay
First of all I just want to thank you for being you
You know the way you look the way you feel
Your touch it's so real
We're getting stronger as the days pass by
I can still remember when you cried for the first time
In my arms I was right there to make you strong
We've been dating for a while now
And there ain't no looking back
We fight a couple times but I still got your back
We built a bond together it's me and you


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