Kottonmouth Kings - Coffee Shop Lyrics

We love it in the palace when we smokin' off the chalice,
Quiet as a mouse on the couch we sit,
Fillin' the pouch eatin' sour patch kids,

Coffee Shop stop we found another strand you all,
Searchin' for the dank the space cage roll,
Coffee Shop stop my lungs are gettin' lovely,
Amsterdam a place called home,

Thirty-eight strands we through em on the table,
Sampled em all one by one I was able,
They all taste good, defeated to smoke,
Next the two footer, I wanted to choke,

First morning over seas I'm up a quarter to seven,
Wakin' up on a boat a floatin' tokers' heaven,
I head to the future to where I got the future roller,
A hash ?? with a special loader,
Hey yo, roll up the chiva, the paper the comb,
Insert the filter, head rush, mind blown,
I call it bluff if the herb ain't quality,
I'm hunting for the dankiest buds in the country,
Well I dismissed all rookies with the keyfast cookies,
And I head to red light just to get a little lookie,
Hit the green house, too crowded,
Just checked out the entry,
Smoked so much weed I got the highest in the century,

[Chorus x2]

I'm in the mellow yellow, hello, hello,
Smokin' double purple just me an my girl,
Richter shows up ready to puff,
We start smokin' snuff, don't bluff no more skunk,
The PT Bump? the last of the bunch,
The dirty dirty smoke, we all passed the hump,
I'm all up in my high so I played a little pinball,
Gave my girl a kiss we jump like pitfall,
Ding ding to another level,
Higher, getting higher, we sat down at the table,
Breakin' up strands got mad amounts of herbs,
Observe my headache kid i was high as a blimp kid,
Now I'm Johnny Richter never say that I'm done,
Smokin' vaps all day I got that golden lung,
Blunts and backs? 40 sacks ?? pipe to his bong,
I even saw a po po puff a bowl from a gun,

[Chorus x2]

Why does everybody keep on planting bud seeds,
It's obvious to me that it's fulfilling some need,
A plant is a power like a human is a being,
Put the seed in fertile soil then continue to feed,
Whoa! Sit back and watch it grow,
The miracle of life is so beautiful,
Don't ever let them tell you mother nature is a bitch,
Laws that restricts only benefit the rich,

Loaded with hash eight-teen is the winner,
You get the picture I started to shiver,
I'm as high as can be with my girl and weed,
I'm insistology overseas stay high,
John Rastafari handles my business,
Licorice sticks at a flick of the wrist,
Coffee Shop stop but some mocha and some crop,
Amsterdam where they legalize pot,
Yo Coffee Shop stop this daze my last strange,
Slapped on my shades as I step into the rain,
Try to regain up your ?? and refrain,
Johnny Richter's playin' games,
High as fuck ridin' trains took a plane to the cup ?? cannabis,
You know it got me so lit I forgot what song is this,
I'll never miss another year you know I wish you were here,
Heinekens all day and grips of krypt with my beer,

I'm on a paid vacation,
Smokin' purple silver hazin',
The back of the cad '82, rippin' out the pap,
The herb makes me wiser and quality taste smoked out the whole place,

[Chorus x4]

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Kottonmouth Kings Coffee Shop Comments
  1. Tearzero Magz


  2. Norrin Radd

    This song inspired me to travel to Amsterdam. Which I did, 3 times, first time in 2004. One time for 3 months. I listened to this as I walked alongside a canal there. Was awesome before weed was legal here in Colorado. Good memories

  3. xXSmack_DabXx

    I think D.A.R.E. and high school were pretty good gateway drugs

  4. tubular turtle

    The time this song came out best time to smoke buhdda

  5. Hunter Brosnan

    this song is dope

  6. KeYBuMp

    Senior year high school shit

    Kamran Jan

    KeYBuMp class of 02

  7. hugo figueroa

    damm sweet song

  8. anthony moran

    smoked so much weed I got the highest in the century haha

  9. ReFLexX ii

    Best kmk cd

  10. jto19871

    Sir you are correct. Just to add most people who use "hardcore" drugs did not start with cannabis it's alcohol.You are more likely to do so if you start drinking alcohol or using prescription pills at a young age.

  11. Scatter Brain

    1) I didn't drop out, don't use heroin or cocaine, don't know any cocaine or heroin addicts who smoke pot.
    2) I'm not a convicted felon, 100% of the weed smokers I know are also not convicted felons.
    3) weed doesn't change who you are, so if they lie and steal, they would do so without marijuana use. if this indeed was proven, I'd like to know how, because if they are liars, they wouldn't be telling you about their thievery..
    4) bullshit statistic.
    5) *see #3. there is no link to schizophrenia.

  12. 410unclerayray

    Awesome song brings back good memories.....

  13. DMT_702ACIDRAP

    Marijuana leads me to ignore idiots like you

    tubular turtle

    I am not an idiot unlike you are haha just joking I love kmk

  14. SmokinChiva

    @wermzor they actually all effect you the same, the dillys are ok ... I wouldnt say better. Bottom line, 30mg blues are the easiest , an quickest rush. while dilaudid , opanas, oc are all extended. . only a junky needs such high mgs anyway. an oxy is mainstream? hahaha id say thatd make it cheaper. There one of the strongest out there anyway.

  15. SmokinChiva

    @wermzor hahaha , thats why i get 250 a zip of some kill nearly every week... buds a necessity , but theres other / better things out there. but you wouldnt know. so maybe when you "grow up you'll start runnin into these better quality DRUGS"

  16. citalopram40mg

    @SmokinChiva na man this is bud smokin and drinkin type shit

  17. SmokinChiva

    ahahah smokin herb ... dont get you that faded. try sniffin a couple roxys. some some-what pure yayo. youll be leanin for real hahahaha vibin out to this shit

  18. dsspark

    WOOO my first trip to amsterdam is coming up xD

  19. Claytron830000000000

    Thier first few albums were pretty dope when they came out, the beats on this one especially are consistently dope...

  20. Nicholas Contrea

    @Hmakinaw ye well i smoked my self retarded :P ohh shit thats bad hahaha

  21. BigBubba Doo

    AmsterdaM!-A Place called home!, indeed!!!!

  22. BigBubba Doo

    @xenugears hell yeahh!!!

  23. Lauxin666

    @toxic420timothy thanks for the advice bro. my family is all dutch but ive never been to holland.

  24. elcamo1212

    only 20,359! come on guys there has got to be more out there that love this whole album let alone KMK let alone Amsterdam let alone the herb of life!

  25. Kiberius

    @BTastings how do you know are you fucking psychic?


    Smokin Everyday

    piezzzzzz from the netherlands

  27. tre monti

    better then a world full of crack heds n meth heds!!!! toke it up!!!

  28. bhenrichs30

    great song. smoke weed all day.

  29. H311ZAN63l666

    brings me back man i use 2 listen 2 this before school and smoke


    marijuana ADDICTS?
    what the fuck?!
    daaamn, i'm not even gonna start an argument here.
    fuck it, ain't worth it.

  31. W W

    All marijuana addicts should be imprisoned. Locked away not to infect the coming generations. The world would be a better place without these criminals.

  32. Rekkless

    Fuck this shit takes me back. bloody awesome album

  33. James Higgins

    Kings Blend, best in the WORLD!!