Kottonmouth Kings - Bong Toke Lyrics

Take a bong toke...

I love rippin' outta bongs it gets me so so high
When I take a big toke 'looks like my eyes start to cry
Tears start to swell up when I take a huge hit
Of that bong biggie bong diggity dank dank shit
Johnny Richter don't quit out the one two three
Take so many bong hits you might run out of weed
Thought you was fucking with a rookie but I'm really a king
I was just out playing hooky having fun with my team
Well now I'm back with a plan to get the whole world united
The plan's called bong tokes first you pack it then light it
Then you pass it to a friend and keep on paying it forward
Until we all live as one to form a weed world order

Take a bong toke...
Where's the weed at?...

It's time to put the chronic in the chamber
The bong water needs a little change up
I throw a fast ball right down the strike zone
And split the bat up to stick in the glass bowl
Mountain Spring always goes down the freshest
Before we spark it up D-Loc you must inspect it
Dirty water's like a sin to a christian
You want heaven but you never gonna get in
The high priest baptizes and purifies
The canni-bus now we're all getting herbalized
Pass the lighter spark the holy chalice
The Mavericks ain't the same since Steve Nash left Dallas
Sprinkle on the keef yeah adds a nice topping
We getting' baked like hash cakes there's no stopping
The water's bubbling my vision starts doubling
The smoke's rising fast I pull the stem it comes rushing in


Liar liar pants on fire...
Liar liar...
Hey naw
Liar liar pants on fire ain't nobody getting no higher
FUCK THAT where's my lighter
Sick of all you lyin' typers
We getting higher higher smoking on a vaporizer
Eyes red blazed up smoked out I'm tired as fuck
We got that supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
The type of weed that leave you breathless and flow less
So take a toke
And another
And another
And another...
Tell your mother
Oh no!


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Kottonmouth Kings Bong Toke Comments
  1. Richerd Smith

    Morning vibes 2020 baby

  2. elijah shepard


  3. Cod lord vapeman

    I had no idea this beat is in wheres the weed at?

  4. White Stoner Mane Aka OGDoms

    2019 still bumpin takin another bong toke 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💨

  5. BALLPIN h

    Still 10 years later blazing to this song.

  6. shibby

    this is all i used to listen to when i started smoking, like 7 years ago lmao

  7. Mason Bryant

    Who still listening to this in 2019??

    Leif Cooper

    Hell YEAH!

    Father Trump

    Mike Cors marijuana

  8. David B.

    Always gonna be a bearded bong toking bastard! MMFWCL

  9. Necronomix2

    2008 is when i got my first Ipod touch. this is one of the first songs on there and im still listening after all these years... "High" quality

  10. Steven Henderson

    *HAPPY 4/20 you beautiful stoners!*



  12. unknown unknown

    Lets ypdate that we still jam dis shittt . 200000018v. Huh

  13. Joe Knoedler

    Been smoking to this song since like 09. Still smoking today, just smoking more and got better weed. :D

  14. Shaw Costa

    Bong tokr str8 up


  15. Edde0425

    Take a bong toke......

  16. konkrete19

    always been a big kings fan but I first heard this on evil bong. that movie was hilarious


    konkrete19 there are seven of them now it freaking sweet and just as good as you'd think

  17. T.J. Freeq

    heard this in the first Evil Bong movie.

    Radical 142

    T.J. Freeq great movies yo

    Kailyn Wray


    joseph sedberry

    T.J. Freeq Me too I love evil bong its one of my favorite stoner horror movies. The tripper, Simon says, and evil bong are the 3 best stoner horror movies of all time in my opinion at least

  18. Krazy Sickgestions

    memories with dad here.


    i got that same shit with me and my dad but that with Cypress Hill :D

  19. Lisa Kelly

    Some jack ass had to go and fuck up the 420 likes.

  20. coshyno

    memories mann memories..

  21. Angela Haynes

    400 likes and 20 dislikes.....amazing, did it just happen like that naturally?

    Talon Td

    All natural!

  22. Tha Real Antidote

    Took a rip of that Form Cut GSC blazin this shiz

  23. TheSlenderman


  24. Trent Parman

    takin one now

  25. MDCKilla

    This was the good ol days of kmk lol

    Krazy Sickgestions

    Yeah you tellin me. lol.. my dad loved this song and showed me it.

  26. KodyKaneMark C.

    I don't smoke, but this track is a wicked track! Hands down my favorite kmk track


    @Kody Crittenden dude, when you hear it while youre high, its like touching the sky... but ye, its kinda good even if youre not high )))

    C .digiovanni

    +Kody Crittenden what lol

    KodyKaneMark C.

    Now im proud to say im a daily smoker lmao

    makenna belle

    That's amazing hahaha


    KodyKaneMark C. What changed? No whiz quiz anymore?

  27. RAV

    Like that police sounds mixed in.

  28. the_bear_jew

    All u stoners add chunk Payton on face book

  29. bonghits chevytrucks

    smokin sum blu cheese and trainwreck thru a 2 footer getin blazed to this song

  30. avatarumbra

    Puffing trainwreck out my medicali to this song

  31. boo love

    Venomistoxin420 Xbox li ve

  32. mongi5603

    Purple kush in the triple perc

  33. GhostlyHoots

    Bong/zong tokes all day everyday :)

  34. Taylor Bennett

    No dislikes

  35. Lord Sidious

    nah nah nah, Taake a long dong toke, dont choke !!!!

  36. Tony Hayes

    Take a zong toke!

  37. Atrocity

    nice try though

  38. travis hammer

    Like this up if your listening this in 2012

  39. roman cunningham

    waaz up ninjas whoop whoop

  40. Damien Colegrove

    Perfect song to blaze to (:

  41. Lacyy Elweed

    Hahahaha hell yea wake n bake

  42. Veronika En

    @mexite236 FUCK that where my lighter

  43. mexite236

    liar liar pants on fire ain't nobody get no higher
    best part of the song in my opinion