Korn - Somebody, Someone Lyrics

I can't stand to let you win.
I'm just watching you.
And I don't know what to do.
Feeling like a fool inside.
Feeling all the hurt you hide.
Thought you were my friend.
Seems it never ends.
I need somebody someone.
Can't somebody help me.
All I need is to be.
Loved just for me.

Giving you this and that.
Giving gave nothing back.
It's all related to.
All the things I do.
Feeling like a fool inside.
Seeing all the things you tried.
I am nothing.

I look I sign.
I need someone.
Inside to help me out.
With what I'm trying.
I'm crying, I'm frying.
In a pile of shit.
I'm dying.
I'm dying.
I'm dying

I need somebody (someone).
Somebody (somebody).

I need somebody (someone).
Somebody (somebody).


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Korn Somebody, Someone Comments
  1. Hertz4

    <3 my youth <3

  2. Ana Ramirez Gordillo


    Beautiful 🙂

  3. Delilah Cagle

    Man I miss this kinda rock! This new age shit sucks!

  4. Jeremias Delupi

    Awww my teen years.........................

  5. samiel armijo

    Korn+Korn=Korn :v
    Some+in 2020?=stupids
    Hotel+Trivago=Bullshit hahahaha

  6. Justin Cline


  7. Chris RJ

    MTV-X memories, anyone?

  8. Dan A

    I heard Papa Roach used the same set to film the Between Angels and Insects video 🤔😉

  9. Terren O'Neil

    Best song all time .

  10. Asbestos Fish

    They Vibin’ through the fifth dimension

  11. Kaela Creighton

    I don't like it, but it's not a bad spell unlike "Love and Death." The traps aren't very nice, but if they find someone, somebody, great.

  12. Monkey See Monkey Do

    all Korn fans want to be that fly in this video

  13. Brandon Groth

    Korn been my favorite since I first time they come out

  14. Raul Duke

    Too bad they made such bad Korn shirts. They are all Korny.

  15. seguidor de Amon_40l

    3:00 BEST moment

  16. theodore james

    korn became a band in 1993,it is the music of my up bringing, and im proud to have the korn logo tated on my arm.

  17. Eliam Bahena

    This will live on forever.

  18. Edwin Pantoja

    The same bands helping me through life sometimes the same Songz I wouldn't change a thing just make it harder louder and better 💪 with 2 ts

  19. G Davalos

    Ughhh I fucking love Korn 😩😤🔥❤ si much raw emotion in one song😤😭❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
    #Korn #4life

  20. Guitar Slayer888


  21. Tyrell Lovitt


  22. Boolean's Poker

    Go back korn !!!

  23. Adriana

    Música pra lavar louça💖

  24. Guyinpajamapants

    Their best produced album. All business.

    Edwin Pantoja

    Who saying this who's still making great music

  25. Kazem Shehadeh


  26. bruno cerutti

    Happy new year everyone from argentina

  27. NM Rc

    Jaming last night of 2019 thumbs down if u suck

  28. White Wolf

    Great song but one thing I realized is, I need a jumpsuit like Munky has in this video. Badazz

  29. dante perro

    Alguein en el 2020

  30. Stanislau Charnushevich

    2020 yo

  31. josé carlos

    Ouvindo korn na última segunda de 2019 🤟🏻😎🤟🏻

  32. jimi dante garcia n

    The best ! 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  33. Esmeralda Edith Corales


  34. bE rIgHt BaCk

    This past year I dont know who or what put these black widows in each entrance of my moms house where I stay but i managed to kill every single one I need some answers if anyone out there can shed some light please

  35. Valentino Racuk

    The bass here is orgasmic

  36. Zachary Staton

    This song has been in my head all day. When I got home, I kept saying "somebody!" And my 11 yr old would finish the thought with "somebody once told me the world was gonna roll me." I said hold the phone and we jammed to the real somebody!

  37. MightyThor97

    Nobody headbangs cooler than korn does

  38. Sarah Hutchinson

    Love their energy in this one!

  39. Steve Smith

    If you can't bounce to this all is lost

  40. Mariano José Maradiaga Salinas

    The best of KoRnHub!

  41. Eric Cartman

    This song and this video is the reason why I got into good music

  42. Jason White

    This song still slaps harder than a pimp on a Friday night

    ellechero vergara

    Ok boomer

    ellechero vergara

    @Jason White ok boomer

    Brent Walker

    @ellechero vergara hOw OrIgInAl

    Delilah Cagle

    Lol i just saw your post! Lol we think alike

  43. Sebas Club

    marvel zombies dead days

    ellechero vergara

    tu si comprendes

    Sebas Club

    @ellechero vergara si jajaja

  44. Ice Cream

    Обожаю <3

  45. M Sal89

    Probably my favorite kornn song

  46. Oz Gomez

    Almost 2020... Anyone?

  47. Nathaniel Smith

    I freaking love the Smashing The Beatles at the end

  48. TheGamingCrunch

    Back when music was enjoyable, makes sense, no mumbling like you have marbles in your mouth, no talking about cocaine and pot with another person and has good beat and it’s on the right tempo. And especially, they had experience on making music and practice not just walking on stage right away and having no experience on making music like on how the people today.

    Btw: “ Just randomly walking on stage being an idiot” is another saying for: Not having any experience and practice on making songs.


    No need to get triggered.


    So please calm down my fellow 6 year old. You just triggered.


    Makes no sense


    Lol you deleted your reply


    The trick was failed fellow, it was failed

  49. A Anddone

    Almost 37million views in a decade & this is the first time I'm seeing it. Dam am I late. lol

  50. Nathaniel Smith

    I love this song and the whole Motif at the end where they're squishing bugs seems hyper spiritual, I freaking love corn

    Teaira Johnson

    Life is Peachy another one falls victim to AUTOCORRECT

  51. Ricardo Valadão

    Quem assistiu várias vezes esse clip na MTV Brasil na época?

  52. Bear Wynos


  53. c p

    I love them

  54. renzo martin

    The off

  55. Sébastien Lavallée

    I just need my cat

  56. Oscar Rodriguez

    2:30 🤘🔥🤘

  57. AboutThat LIFE


  58. Samuel Dillinger

    Remember when old korn was new korn and we were all comparing album covers and arguing if it was better than Follow The Leader?

  59. Erica Good Times

    My nine year old daughter listens to this song all the time

  60. Sitag Beatmaker

    2:10 could have some overlay frames of a Transparent Green Flaming Lion head synched to JD himself roaring like a Crazy Jungle Lion Massive Man, gimme some Grime!

  61. Sitag Beatmaker

    I only want to patchy KoRn Somebody Someone tattoos.

  62. Terren O'Neil

    How did the maize end up in the hands of the white man?

  63. Terren O'Neil

    The world should learn “Don’t talk shit about anyone else’s culture. Ever.”

  64. Terren O'Neil

    If you raise the dead from hell to purgatory, it’s only bad if they don’t make heaven.

  65. juan enrique garrido

    Tenia 19 años, to Day 39

  66. Luboš Krejča #67

    this would be really interesting if KoRn made this song ft Corey Taylor , dont get me wrong i love it

    HuggyBear Johnson

    Ask them I'm sure they will

  67. Kassandra Murillo

    Kss was here cx

  68. mnd

    Love being born in 1990, tracks which kicked ass when I was a kid still do!

  69. Виктор Марьяныч

    Вырос на музыке Korn me 36

  70. Qrfy Rtf

    غامط كانت بابا غامط ما يموت >
    قريش بابا أحمد > مخمد ما يموت
    بني مالنك >مجنسة تبوك واحد يقالو ما يموت اليماني بش ياسيدي مطيريات
    ترونا ذولا ولا الخون بلى > سنين وهم عداء بإسرائيل و اليماني و الألماني غير الفست السفياني و ال سعود في اليماني و المنسلخ و جيش باليماني و قصور حكم ملاكة و دوول عمل نفس العمل

  71. jesus ivan espinoza


  72. Teo

    Visto 2019

  73. mike epps

    You guys think he gets a sore throat after performance

  74. Juana Ifran

    Korn inmortal

  75. VVicked. X

    I LOVE KORNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. PuffinGUY

    2:29 Korns bridges are perfection!

  77. Omega John

    Yo iv been sleeping on Korn

  78. joko digdoyo

    Soul of koRn drum .... please david back to koRn

  79. Trina Harris

    The part where he sez i am nothing always made me smile. He did that little hand motion n it had my heart,!!! Jon is so sexy! They all are but esp jon! Hes a metal god!!!

  80. H1Jonathan

    Best song ever.

  81. Black September

    Damn, this song hit me hard. Especially 1:52 quote. Never thought that there would be such a song completely about me

  82. Holly Cline

    Who disliked this, this is AMAZING

    põöpçørñ hûß

    People who like K-pop and rap

  83. The Sloth

    Here going through a divorce that I gave everything and got lil return. Im 37 been a KORN fan since blind. This song gives release

  84. Owen Benoit

    Can't Somebody Help Me With My Math Homework


    "Can't somebody help me" XD

  85. den ten

    when one fucking fly or mosquito comes into the room and keeps you up all night

  86. johnathanthegamer 29

    Metal's changing the world korn, slipknot, and bands like them

  87. Antonio Rain

    Buen tema 24-11-19

  88. Goku Super Saiyan

    Awesome song for the most awesome band!

  89. Najah S


  90. Francisco El patas

    Like por eco

  91. pablo soto

    Marvel zombies, oh yeah!!

  92. Alkaos 444

    Im 14 year old and i love this 😳

  93. А. С.

    Круче некуда. From Russia with love 🤘

  94. videoblogs y algo más

    Este grupo me mama XD

  95. Alex

    Who's listening to this in 2021?

  96. Cloud King

    This song is just incredibly brutal