Korn - No Way Lyrics

Lately things won't go my way.
Lately everything is grey.
It feels like something.
It feels like.. nothing
So I came too far.
To end up this way.
Feeling like I'm god.
Feeling there's no way.

So I came too far.
To end up this way.
Feeling like I'm god.
Feeling there's no way.

So I'm angry for today.
Anger's the only thing I've made.
It feels like something.
No it's.. nothing.

So I came too far.
To end up this way.
Feeling like I'm god.
Feeling there's no way.

To live this way.

Hating, feeling, falling to the
Place where people haunt me I can't
Help but keep from falling to the
Place where people call me I can't
Wait to give them these feelings of hating.
Deep down inside me for all to take.
picking at me.
They're ripping at me.
Ripping at me.

So I came too far.
To end up this way.
Feeling like I'm god.
Feeling there's no way.

(Hating, feeling, falling to the
Place where people haunt me I can't
Help but keep from falling to the
Place where people call me!)

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Korn No Way Comments
  1. maya mitchell

    Went dark the last time
    So why did you do it again
    You kept picking at me
    Boasting on another sexlife about the friend
    Wanted to make peace by ignoring you
    But your all I think about
    Afraid of the boredom moves
    Closer like a punch in the mouth
    Drying drywall air
    Conditioner blows heated
    You leave me with a vibe
    Like I'm already defeated
    Defected disowned
    Non co-opperating
    Lost ability in everything
    Yeah but are you hating
    Chance is up close
    And outlined
    Love has always been a good sign
    That things will work out
    So don't shout when u talk to me
    In grievances and unforgiveness
    Stop blocking an apology
    To misuse and disguise the truth of what I can be
    What I already am now
    In my delivery
    A poet with dreams scribbled out on a napkin
    A title at the top of a page
    No way to release all the rage
    In the sickness of this world stage
    Perhaps then
    I must hold it in
    Wait for the right lesson to teach another how you left me
    Unable to recover
    When being judged to be a bad lover
    Hopeless trouble
    Rain parade
    Make the day
    Lonely as a shovel for a cold grave
    In a grey town
    Where no one comes around
    To touch you or love you
    Once your trapped into the underground
    In another world
    Like the under world

  2. Lynn Colberg

    At least Jon has it normal I dont

  3. Nadeeya Afiza

    Listening to this song brings you to another place where its dark,quite,sad but its so beautiful..Too many emotions at one time..

  4. John Brito

    Que sonido tan bacano .I like 💩 😉


    Perdón pero que significa bacano? 😂

    John Brito

    @DaCERüLLI en Colombia bacano es muy bueno ,que gusta mucho . cuidate Mijo feliz año garra😉


    @John Brito Igualmente, saludos desde Argentina, tremendo sonido el de está bella banda!

  5. Isaiah Mcdonell

    A bad Seed I grow to be,

  6. GhastlyAlden

    This album is haunting

  7. sean barker

    20 years old now and still a brilliant album. Love their sound. Here's to another 20 years of Korn.

  8. Mikey Mateo

    Last good korn album

  9. Tornamixz

    This album is so good!

  10. dicksucking slut

    being homeless, stalked, hated by the whole world, Korn is just the best stride music. I don't regret having a huge Korn tattoo in plain sight for everyone to see. Depressed people don't listen to music( I would think) but this isn't music, it's medicine

  11. Ashley Makeup-Addict

    So angry for today, angers the only thing I've made

  12. Burnt Chicken Nugget

    I love this kind of music!

  13. rob hartmania

    This really should've been released as a radio single. It would've been KoRns biggest hit at the time I promise. Everything about this song is perfect and KORN.

  14. wexley84

    Love this album. Korn has so many great songs and albums. Amazing band. The first song I heard from them was clown. It's hard for me to pick a favorite album.

  15. ken santapaga

    "The Ripping in me!" JD is a champion lyricist when describing emotions

  16. SnakeTheCowboy

    I'm 32 now & heard thousands different songs. But only this one was affecting me in very special way. When I were listening this one I was drowning into deep state of magical hopelessness. Also loved whole album so much...

  17. sliwqa

    one of my personal favs from korn

  18. Thomas Lopez

    I've been playing air drums at 3:08 for 20 years

  19. Ms. Blaileen

    That bass, y'all...

  20. John Torres

    To Be With Who?

  21. 11secondeclipse

    Saw Korn play this live in 2000 at a Metallica, Korn, Kid Rock, System Of A Down, Powerman 5000 concert. It was called Summer Sanitarium. Best concert of my life! \m/ all day event.

  22. conqururfear

    wicked song

  23. steven jimenez

    The guitars on the bridge 💖

  24. infiniteincongruence

    So many days riding home from school listening to this song, contemplating why my life was going the way it was and not realizing those struggles made me the man I would later become.

  25. Bosco26726

    theres a point in this song that always hits so fucking hard emotionally, for me it stats with "So I'm angry for today, Anger's the only thing I've made,It feels like something...No it's...nothing" and then "To live this way, hating, feeling, falling to the place where people haunt me. I can't help but give up. Falling to the place where people know me-I can't wait to give them these feelings of hating; Keeping inside me, for all to take
    Picking at me
    They're ripping at me
    Ripping at me"

    Its like JD dove inside my psyche, found the problem and plopped it on the table like "ok...there it is, do you want people to see this side of you or the better side? Focus on the better side, push the garbage away and show the good. otherwise all theyre going to see is the ugliness; the nasty, disgusting, immoral picture you paint for them"

  26. Drevial Zerathustra

    feeling like a god????? what the fuck?

  27. Dell Palmer

    So I came to far, to end up this way. Feeling like I’m god, feeling there’s no way!

  28. Bill Killer32

    Issues is a beautifl album of sorrow and misunderstood meetings in the park.

  29. Jeremy Hanson

    Trying to click on a song from the beginning of the album to add it to one of my playlists but the song won't let me click, only groove and headbang.

  30. Adam Turner

    Bought this album about 6 times, id buy another 6 too.

  31. mikkonevalainen

    I'm sorry to still burden people with my issues. A voice idol of mine hanged himself last year. Two of them actually. In/on my list of three best (rock) voices these were the 2/3 (one of them is still alive). Why tf? For me, the feeling I get from this song epitomizes the anguish of trying to come to grips with loss. Or something, or nothing. I didn't react this strongly to my mom's passing. Wtf??

  32. Jamsys gin

    Jon's vocals are so so Erie and haunting throughout the entire album; especially this song

  33. BroZ x Legit

    IT’S AMAZING!!! :D

  34. Ryan Morley

    7th grade bus ride soundtrack. 2001. Limp Bizkit, Disturbed and Sevendust. Miss those days...

  35. Kartoffel

    [Verse 1]
    Lately, things won't go my way
    Lately, everything is gray
    It feels like something
    It feels like nothing

    So I came too far!
    To end up this way!
    Feeling like I'm God!
    Feeling there's no way!

    [Verse 2]
    So I'm angry for today
    Anger's the only thing I've made
    It feels like something
    No, it's nothing

    So I came too far!
    To end up this way!
    Feeling like I'm God!
    Feeling there's no way!
    To live this way

    [Verse 3]
    Hating, feeling, falling
    To the place where people haunt me
    I can't help but keep from falling
    To the place where people call me
    I can't wait to give them these feelings of hating
    Keeping inside me for all to take
    Picking at me, they're ripping at me
    Ripping at me!

    So I came too far!
    To end up this way!
    Feeling like I'm God!
    Feeling there's no way!
    So I came too far!
    To end up this way!
    Feeling like I'm God!
    Feeling there's no way!

    To live this way
    Live this way

  36. Ryan Morley

    Ah... I remember this was the album that introduced me to Korn back in 2001 or so. I still liked Follow the Leader the most, but this was also a damn good album. They kinda went downhill after this point... I believe

  37. Andrew Zigmont


  38. David Miller

    So I've come too far, to end up this way

  39. aleks1991

    16 years ago... Damn life was easy back then, song hits harder now.

  40. Sharingan AMV

    i always put a Like in the 15 first seconds with korn =)))

  41. BlimaWormtong

    Lately, thĩngs won/t go my way
    Lately, êverythĩng is grey
    It fēels like sʌmethĩng
    It fēels like nʌthĩng
    So I came tōō fαr
    To εnd ʌp dhis way
    Fēēlĩng like I/m gαd
    Fēēlĩng dhere/s no way
    So I/m ãngry før todây
    Ãnger/s dhe only thĩng I/ve made
    It fēels like sʌmethĩng
    No, it/s nʌthĩng
    So I came tōō fαr
    To εnd ʌp dhis way
    Fēēlĩng like I/m gαd
    Fēēlĩng dhere/s no way
    To live dhis way
    Hatĩng, fēēlĩng, fallĩng
    To dhe place whεre people hāūnt me
    I cæn/t hεlp bʌt kēēp frʌm fallĩng
    To dhe place whεre people call me
    I cæn/t wajt to give dhem dhese fēēlĩngs of hatĩng
    Kēēping insîde me før all to take
    Pickĩng æt me
    Dhey/re rippĩng æt me
    So I came tōō fαr
    To εnd ʌp dhis way
    Fēēlĩng like I/m gαd
    Fēēlĩng dhere/s no way
    (Hatĩng, fēēlĩng, fallĩng)
    So I came tōō fαr
    (To dhe place whεre people hāūnt me)
    To εnd up dhis way
    (I cæn/t hεlp bʌt kēēp frʌm fallĩng)
    Fēēlĩng like I/m gαd
    (To dhe place whεre people call me)
    Fēēlĩng dhere/s no way
    To live dhis way

  42. Fuck It All




  43. Justin Johnson

    Was 14 when this came out ...memories

  44. Kyle Lehigh

    "If it wasn't for Korn, I'd be dead." More like, "I'm dead, and I listen to Korn."


    Кill yōūrsêlf

    Queen of Cats

    BlimaWormtong no u

    spongebob square pants

    SUicide is gay

    Belladonna High

    @BlimaWormtong I would if I had the guts, but I don't have a pistol like you guys in USA

    I put the 'hot' in psychotic

    I love your comment!

  45. Marduk 11

    I love the bass line in this

  46. tapeworm1969

    One of the bumpers in GTA 4's classic rock station uses this groove. Noticed it today because the game ad played on the radio at the same exact time this played on the speakers through my phone. Awesome.


    Brĩng bæck life-form∴
    Priôrity one∴
    All odher priôrities rescinded∴

  47. luxcxy

    i forgot how decent this album is


    Dhey forgot about K.OR.N.

  48. Thiago Rezende

    when you really have no way....


    Ðhey αre noш goĩng into æ Multikultišajse mode, ænd Hazers шill бe resεnted бecâûZe of Our lēādĩng role∴

  49. junior silva

    eu .adoro!!.korn
    desto ...!!!## duais meus
    de 16..;,!! anos idade. blz


    ЯIP Chris КoЯnell

  50. 999alex9991

    too bad all mixed up was not sold with every copy

  51. Fabián Véliz D'Angelo

    best korn album by far


    Yep, it flowed so well, like a concept album, not a bad track on the whole album.



  52. Big Bird PH

    Issues was the first KoRn record I got (and remains among my favorites). I was a sixth grader back then and was just getting into harder music. From time to time I still revisit this album and this track is one of my favorites here!


    КoЯn Lêgacy

  53. Sean Major

    no matter what they make i love how the voicials and the music match up beyond great!!!!

  54. Mariano Rivera

    after having a very shitty day, this song helps alot

    Xavier Valentine

    u got that right


    I æm æ pœrfεct creature of flaшlεss lαgic, superjør întellεct, бoundlεss αpportûnity, ænd mârveløs бeauty∴ My ideolôgical ênemies αre illôgical, stupid, hopelεss, ugly, ænd bæckwards∴ I love dhis sõng бecâûse it pojnts out exæctly what dhey αre∴

  55. OscarJay1974

    I found it, good song, the intro, screaming guitars


    Hazerja αre goĩng to бe æt dhe cεntør of dhat∴

  56. dave mack

    Remembering listening to this on my CD player , 6th grade, 1999 walking home from school. Good days.


    so good right man?


    same man, listened to this going to bed, walking to school, shops, practising drums. Korn was life, and im 33 now and its still life.. people like what they like


    I’m new to korn and I wasn’t even alive in 99 and this is so far my favorite album

    lazy coconut

    I miss my Sony cd walkman 🙁


    Same age, real shit.

  57. Luis Watkins

    something that I keep dear to my soul


    Čhαcolate КoЯn

  58. Thomas Morgan

    Easily one of my favourite Korn songs...they're songs mean so much to me!!



  59. xXSilver&VeniceFan1987 _


  60. Shaun Owston

    korn r the bollox.best band in the world

  61. Jurauskas

    Fucking great song



  62. Rabbiteye Verdandi

    a timeless album for me first in hand 16 years ago. and as now, I will inevitably also revisit this an old man.


    Dhat/s шhat šhe said

    Big Bird PH

    Nearly 20 years later, I still revisit it from time to time!

  63. Sheila Mcwilliams

    It's been YEARS since I've listened to this! Why tf did I stop? 💖


    Because you forgot what its like to hurt -___-


    No whey

    Issac Wilson

    Sheila Mcwilliams I never stop!♨👀💕🎧

    Joe Ordonez

    I stopped listing whern I was 16 been many years since I heard a korn album lol.

  64. Tristian Montoya

    beautiful song. i carry it in my heart on my darkest days


    I Ж КoЯn


    +BlimaWormtong я тоже

    Leon Hermn

    Tristian Montoya favorite Korn Songs of all the time?

  65. Aiyana Walker

    I love this song


    I lo♥e КoЯn

  66. Damian lopez

    Frank iero sexy korn no way

  67. Jimi Barnes

    Only problem I have with issues is the production quality, the mixes are pretty bad on almost every track. Would love to be able to get a remastered version of the album!!

    Rosker Jenkins

    What are you talking about? It sounds phenomenal.


    Something/s nαt quite КošheЯn

  68. Gary Cullen

    to in thies fell ing is no way solwell dying so pen full no far diends evy one haets meee

  69. SloppyChrisCovers

    The only problem I really had with issues was that some of the Bridges were kinda lacking that heavy korn sound they need, Although it's easy to look past as the album is SO GREAT!!


    As Jon says lol "It's Evolution" xD I had to do it.

    Tough guys don't dance

    Not every song has to be brutal to be great. Grow up son.

    Xavier Valentine

    it ain't lacking shit


    Of course I should have clarified, By Heavy I don't mean like HEAVY heavy, I mean like the heaviness in emotion and power. Dirty for example, is heavy all the way through



  70. Yuno Onolito

    Eins der besten Alben die jemals aufgenommen wurden. Sick & good!


    Šharĩng ńēēdles is carĩng

    David Kekstroll


    Corey 742617000027

    Ja, es ist.....

    (Mein deutsch ist gut genug)

  71. Peoples Choice



    Jônathan “H∴I∴V∴” Davis is dhe greatest geńius of all times ænd peoples

  72. Mitchell Brown

    Great song!

  73. Spiro Agnew

    The sound at the end sounds like the beginning of Schism.


    What part of the end

    Spiro Agnew

    3:50 on it sounds like Mantra, the intro to Schism.


    €urope is nαt goĩng to be dhe monoliþic socîeties dhat dhey once wœre in dhe læst cεntury∴

    kobe ryan

    Neither will your stupid symbol character text

  74. whoisjukes

    I listened to this cassette maybe over a thousand times as a teenager :D Still incredible!

    Mr V

    Some things never really get old. It's been a while since I used a cassette tape.


    [[Solid State Entity]]

  75. Samuel Šipoš

    Awesome song.... Memorieees

  76. Angelina Willoughby

    My fav korn song ever...


    Dhis desêrves more peшs

    Przemas Raven

    Dla mnie cala płyta jest najlepsza


    Same for me. I was 14. Now 34. Even if I mostly make and play techno music. KoRn is for ever in my mind.

  77. 6korn6chik6

    XXX000XXX I can't  help but keep from falling XXXoooXXX

  78. 6korn6chik6

    it feels like something it feels like nothing


    @6korn6chik6 Orly


    Шe all hæve æ little КoЯnîvorous КôЯnimal insîde


    BlimaWormtong The fuck is wrong with you?

  79. 6korn6chik6

    next person to like it is 1,000!

  80. TyBear Alexander Knight

    Korn sound a lil like marylien mason

    dRty Xon

    @TyBear Alexander Knight Damn that don't even sounds near to marilyn.


    @***** well played :L


    @TyBear Alexander Knight I dont see how it sounds like Manson at all.


    The bit from 2:10 to 2:32 (my favorite part) really does sound like Manson

  81. aaron rukus


    Josh Becque

    Classic 2000


    What Is a heavier album issues or follow the leader? I think John's voice lost a bit of power on this one and never went back to that raspy raw voice but it's darker than follow the leader.

    Josh Becque

    Roots of Truth. This album is definately betted than follow the leader


    @Josh Becque well I agree it's better as far as songs and music but I think follow the leader was produced more raw . Ross Robinson makes them sound the best . I wish they used him on the nothing .

  82. FixedWayz

    Issues is so awesome


    FixedWayz Agreed.




    are you retarded?

    Wrradr r

    A piece of art!.

  83. Nic's-Electronics

    I'd happily buy this album again. Worth every penny


    Dhe prαduct КoЯn is my reШârd for my lôyalty to dhe prαduct КoЯn∴

    Wesley McCabe

    Power of The Secret yes it is


    Power of The Secret same


    I've bought it twice, because I lost my first copy on some drunken excursion but I definitely don't regret is buy it again if I had to


    Since this album has came out I have had to re buy the CD 5 times from wearing them out.

  84. ★Ez2decieveU★

    Love this song



  85. ★Ez2decieveU★

    Hey sralhlie? ?


    I like dubstep but they cannot do it


    It/s æ yuge Tran$formation før ¥urope to make∴

  87. LamarsCorner

    LMAO XD!!

    I immediately recognized that this was the chorus so I started singing along, but I had no idea that as it progressed it would be so funny.

  88. MeanT241985

    So Korn came to faaaaaaaarrr....to end up this waaaaaaaay.....hearing this dub-shiiiiiiitttt......feeeling theres no waaaaaaaaaaay...

  89. Khadijah F

    I agree.



  90. 666Metalbassist

    I love how korn mixes up there sound on every album to truly give there fans something new even the whole dubstep thing i mean sure its diferent but damn at least they tried something knew which is what these guys do and thats be original so dont hate to bad

  91. bojka masko

    this song is like not serious ahaha

  92. ethan colpetzer

    love every korn album have em all korn 4 life!!!

  93. MasterMITSURUGI

    This was the 1st Korn Album I ever purchased. Words can not describe how many emotions I felt while listening to ever song on this album over and over again.


    Dhe Noбle КoЯn

    Big Bird PH

    Me too! It is in my Top 3 favorite KoRn records - the other two being their self-titled debut and Untouchables!

    Veronica Robinson

    Ik the feeling!

  94. Bryan Martini

    i think this was their best album

  95. MeanT241985

    @camalcigs96 You need to d/l Ad Blocker bro...


    If I hæd æ ☭hæmmer★ I/d smæšh câpitali$t pâtriarchy

  96. Till Lindemann

    @MartyrLoserKing You can just say you like that part, you don't have to be weird about it. Just trollin'.

  97. MrBdog5

    @hauffenschweiler HAHAHA