Korn - Never Around Lyrics

Hate is all around
If you see what I see
Definitely something's going on
These fingers
Pointed at me

The lying
The cheating
The hellish nights alone
While I am weeping
Just searching
Love is never around
All the waiting
The one thing I hold sacred in my life is
Left hanging
And I'm never around

Let go
And I will truly be free
Just let go
Her mind really is the disease
So just go
Enjoy everything I received
So let go
And I will kill this unease

Let's turn this around
I'll look down on me
Now I see what's going on
Warned about you all and not me

The prying
The cheating
The hellish nights alone
While I am weeping
Just Searching
Love is never around
All the waiting
The one thing I hold sacred in my life is
Left hanging
And I'm never around

Let go
And I will truly be free
Just let go
My mind is really the disease
So just go
Enjoy everything I received
So let go
And I will kill this unease


Hate is all around
If you see what I see
Definitely something's going on
These fingers
Pointed at me
Pointed at me
These fingers
Pointed at me

Let go
And I will truly be free
Just let go
Her mind is really the disease
So just go
Enjoy everything I received
So let go
And I will kill this unease

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Korn Never Around Comments
  1. matt11708

    I feel if this song was on the early albums it Ben even more hard hitting underrated song.

  2. Mr.SoloDolo

    This song is amazing...literally the 2nd half of this album has really well written songs. All with very relatable emotional lyrics and singing.

  3. maya mitchell

    Paranoia lost in the ripples of waves in lace ruffles of distance
    For instance when she makes you smile
    The miles of tile I weep against with blood filled cracks with no defense
    Suffocated sheep in silence and the agony of loneliness
    Keep sheep by the fence of your house
    So you can know your owning it
    Changing the mood of the subjects day
    Pray grief and wait for it
    Your motive for leaving
    To betray me with decadence in dismay
    And her when your seeings Smit
    Disgust a page of vowel wit
    Act like you love me dear time and quit
    Quick shit move cuz you really want it
    To hurt as you desert me in the desert
    Pleasant to mention marriage to turn lights off in the street
    canvas plush in darkness where you left the sky
    Killing as your shooting stars in your fast car drive-by
    69 times leave me beside myself alone
    No people in my telephone
    To murmur your name drone
    Basically alone
    Homeless in a hotel bed
    Vision of sugar plum songs in my head
    And you dancing with me
    And doing candle ballet
    In the shape of a heart around us
    Spin, step and pray
    Whispering sweet nothings in my ear
    He just apologises sorry to me just now
    Later die through tears
    Shake the wind
    Move the tombstone your under in
    A casket
    As drastic
    As street lights
    As mean as a white boy
    Whose beautiful
    Sing a funeral song at dawn for me
    Too late to cause a changing scene for me
    Wait for spring greenery
    To cover the bare rocks with grass
    But you know I'll always love you
    So don't even ask
    But she knows, more then she does too
    For instance when she makes you smile

  4. EroticExotic

    fell in love with this song because of the laughs

  5. Артем Коженов


  6. Juliette

    Korn is my doom



  8. XXX Ghost-horse

    Daily dose of korn to stay healthy

  9. PearlJammer07

    Great album. I have an MP3 sampler of the album that features snippets of the tracks of this album before all the songs were mastered so they sound super raw even more raw than the final mix and master of the album. Just purchased the CD/DVD of this album. I fondly remember right before this came out and listening to the songs off this on You Tube the day it came out and totally being blown away.

    W W

    Can you upload them? I'm curious to listen to those raw versions.

  10. Aidan Saylor

    All the kids at m y school only listen to that rap crap and justin beever and not real music like korn. im only 14 and i listen to better music than most of my generation

    Viewing Account

    Yeah right on! - From someone that wasnt too much older than you....when self titled came out in 1994

    nokthor 1

    Its so real im also 14

    Gert Jørgensen

    Hang on dude there's a trophy for you somewhere.

    Cody Zent

    I completly agree with ya.

  11. Jonathan Anderson

    i miss my lil bit she was so sweet and cute

  12. Donovan Keith

    this is awesome.

  13. Wolfram Wolf

    amazing.. like ever from KoRn!!

  14. Dreypa

    3:20 the instrumental looks like Slipknot on their self-titled album !

  15. Eric Morana

    Kinda hope everybody kills eachother

  16. edgy meme

    the laughing is so hot

    ilove MUSIC

    Ice Lord so true

    Julissa Gaitan

    edgy meme i k r

    Julissa Gaitan

    edgy meme remoneds me of joker

  17. maneschijn jongen

    kinda sounds like Divine on their Self-titled

    Viewing Account

    I dont hear that at all. Lol and you got 7 people to like that. Wow.


    It doesnt

    Nolan Ransom

    Viewing Account it's better

  18. jadene

    Shame this is korns last good album before they turned like techno fuck sake


    +Jadene They're trying something new. Johnatan's first music pieces were techno. Give em time c:

    Nox Vega

    In my opinion Issues and Untouchables are Korn's best albums. I don't mind the new stuff they are making, lots of good songs there, especially in the last album.


    +Nox Vega Word!

  19. Maya Mitchell

    i gotta let words flow-i gotta learn to go-i gotta learn to grow-when things get critical-i gotta mean spot-that wants to be hidden and drop-other things-i wanna stop-i try to stop-but i cant stop this vicious circle-jump over it too hurdle-but you just dissapeared again-things arent the same-guess not even friends to be there-i laugh like jon-dropping bombs out the window who else would care-they make me croak like princess frog-sober i can sleep straight for like 48 hours-im cinderella freeing a bird while young working like a slave scrubbing silk-must i contine i give the children quilts and juice or milk-i love them and i aint got one-gotdamn all these guys but who cares-its overbearing-the rubs and stares-cant meet another-lover-perfection is a rough one to cover-and who am i-supernatural but dont ask the main spy-im not even high-im godsmack-keep away tired-musik bust never hired me to have me fired-you give me no other juice-IN THIS BEDROOM EVERYDAY-IN THIS CONDO WITHOUT THE BAY-IN THIS CONDO NEVER RARELY TOUCHED-IN THIS CONDO I VE HAD ENOUGH-CRAMPED ALL OVER BROKEN BONES-HOLE IN THE COVER-PRATICALLY ABSTINENCE BUT DONT WONDER-LEAVE ME ALONE AND DONT HOVER-thats funny-somehow it was snatched from me-since yesterday something changed-but im still deranged-listening loyal-hooked on that korn krack

  20. Maya Mitchell

    whispered yelling for you-till draw back
    weeping like you too fond for the dawn sack
    meet and greet in the street lights where back pack cars go beep
    before i fall i fall out
    you might know how to catch me
    but you wont set me free
    i love you like a god
    im more soft than hard
    constantly bleeding it as i breathe
    cant stop the time to give me what i want
    a love bandit expand the wind of trees
    im waiting as i roam the wave
    water rushes over me
    and your not there and i act like i dont care
    but i do
    the hardest thing to let go
    stance with your head back
    mouth waiting i wish
    one day i wish
    i want that love spell kiss
    i want it as you teach
    i dont want ordinary
    want you to feed off but not a leach
    i would rather die then make you cry
    stay blissful even if its one way
    strum on your song
    if you never turn around
    keep your head back
    in my god the lights
    good lord.


    you wrote that, i assume idk if a korn video was exactly the most appropriate place to post your iwn writing haha. but there's some good lines in there. i like "expired the desire."

  21. Jun Bathory

    I Like The Way They Played Bass On That One...

    Hook Grip

    it sounds like the other songs on the album

  22. Narga22-

    "high quality" in max 240p is like a 4k video on my grandad tv lol.


    High sound quality..

  23. William Fowler

    Korn my favorite band. This is one of my favorite songs from them. I dedicate this to my ex

  24. Kevin Bray

    Una buena canción

  25. djvankoy

    best song

  26. Samuel Šipoš

    Fuck! This is my favorite song from this album!

  27. Cosmo

    I bought this cd and I only know 3 songs :P


    You only need to know three of the songs off this album.

  28. Ismael Molina

    este album es la ostia, JD vuelve a sentir emociones y se parece al de los anteriores disco, Fieldy vuelve a sonar, lo único que me parece a mi que falla la guitarra un poco, Ray lo hace muy bien

  29. Benjamin Beggs

    Still really good

  30. Xtreme Games

    High quality my ass.


    AND EVEN her ass -_-

    Captain Bodyshot

    +Xtreme Games At least it has good audio quality


    +Xtreme Games not bad for 240 xD
    dat hidden 420, blaze it

  31. Corvo67

    muito foda gostei!!!! \o/

  32. Fixacny krem blendadent



    Yo Chuck, we got runnin mixes in the headphones...



  33. Jetbence

    3:10-3:16 drum <3 <3


    A introdução lembra Sepultura

    Nathália Pakrauskas

    A introdução lembra Sepultura


    A introdução lembra Sepultura

    Nathália Pakrauskas

    A introdução lembra Sepultura


    A introdução lembra Sepultura

    Nathália Pakrauskas

    A introdução lembra Sepultura

  37. kestrelsweatywumpus


    Fabio Endo

    does anyone know if there's a live video ???


    @Fabio Endo no don't think they ever done this song live.

  38. Dixie Rect

    I've never complained about a group sticking with their roots, only when they change to try and sell more albums.

  39. MusicMoviesGames

    SOAD Sounds like Korn!

    frank camacho

    Idk about that. They are both top tier in terms of u predictability in their music

  40. Luna (mana sama)

    Jonathan at the beginning did not seek money by telling his story, he just wanted to get rid of some bad memories and complex ...great music great lyric ...
       but then they make anything just to have more of fortune and become even richer...
    everyone is looking for money this is normal... i love this album but i prefer old Korn

  41. Luna (mana sama)

    sound look like System of down :p

  42. JediKnight0811

    Best song from the album.

  43. Koressen

    Best band in the whole universe no doubt..Best music Just amazing.

  44. MrJiilo

    looks like avril lavigne on the booklet

  45. Rand Smitty

    no korn is flabergasting

  46. Rand Smitty

    korn is good

  47. Rand Smitty

    l like korn

  48. UntitledKirk

    I don't really listen to much of KoRn's stuff anymore (used to love them like crazy), but unlike a lot of bands I listened to as a kid, I still have a respect for them, because they were so revolutionary back in the day. Nowadays they're still pretty good, to be honest. SYOTOS, Untitled, and even KoRn III were good albums. I thought so, at least.
    As for TPOT, it was a noble effort, but a hit and miss, in my opinion.

  49. Angie Nivens

    Hey man I've been buying every CD since the beginning but the last one was kinda 0_0 just wasn't words for it. I do miss some of the older stuff.

  50. Billy Jack

    Korn just keep amazing me with the music I hear their wording makes perfect fucking sense not just head banging shit.Good music I appreciate their kind all bands like them also!

  51. Eric Cox

    damn, i've not been listening to korn very long. It's started with listening to a few songs, then i think (this is alright, goodish). Then i listen to this older stuff and i'm loving it, from the album cover to the last song, i love it all! so talented and makes me feel just the way i want to by listening to this!

  52. Lydier Pie

    You start to feel real messed up in the head when you're crying and laughing along with JD's laugh.

  53. MusicMoviesGames

    korn is korn there not a dubstep band...there a rock band who incorporated dubstep on ONE album! next album will be a korn record no dj collabs!

  54. Justin Garvey

    joking about that with Jonathan is just harsh man, considering his past.

  55. Sean L

    korn 3 is my favourite but the path of totality is pretty good for a dubstep album

  56. duggie campbell

    love this album just not he dubshit they sold out to when they done the song with skrillex think johnny sucked his dick lol or vice versa hahah

  57. Deviant Frenchie

    to people who bitch about korn that as changed their style of music i just wanna say, look at their albums, ALL OF THEM sounds different from each others.

  58. Kittens Yo

    let go and i will truly be free

  59. SangheiliSeparatist

    2:50-3:08 and 3:17-3:28
    that's how I laugh now

  60. SugarBeetSyrup

    ha haha hahahahaaaa haha hahahaaa
    great song :) ilike it

  61. Donnie Davidson

    wow epic fail

  62. The Hiver

    He meant the new dubstep album (The Path Of Totality).

  63. egorka2201

    What is "dubstep" korn? you mean the remixes?

  64. N!ck

    Any 1 got me some PopKORN!

  65. Nudedragon

    I love how there's a dozen of these comments on every korn video and yet they're always somehow popular.

  66. tyiscool111

    korn never sold out now everyone shut the hell up about it the are an experimental type band they decided to change types and experiment dumbasses they do this stuff all the time the first three albums were their original then they started to experiment with other types JUST READ WIKIPEDIA IF YOU DONT ALREADY KNOW AT LEAST THIS MUCH

  67. Josh of Mars

    This album was pretty good but it was seriously missing a second guitarist. You can't have the classic koRn sound without the second guitarist it just sounds off. Also this album had no scat. :(

  68. Steve Walters

    Korn.., ROCKS :)

  69. Heartilator

    I don't hate Korn's new music in general, but I cannot stand this album.

  70. seth olson

    “I think rock’s gotten so stale. Just because labels are just wanting to churn out you know, same formula, bands sound all the same, and they don’t know any other way. Then it’s been in the Korn fashion to always experiment and push the envelope and I think we’ve finally nailed it.” – Jonathan Davis

  71. martin vidovic

    you can make dubstep, pop, rap and all those other genres without selling out. if they did it for the money they sold out. but if they did it because they wanted to make that genre its not selling out. and i dont think korn would sell out, they always do there own thing :P

  72. Bladeclone

    How did they sell out?
    Do you think they're making more money now or something?

  73. Tiago Duarte

    they didndt sell themselves they are tryng to make something new and unique a mix of metal and dubstep

  74. MusicMoviesGames

    Munky was just as important! and worked his ass off on Korn1 and Korn2, but a lot of the stand out riffs on issues and FTL were head! basically what they play live is what they write, I don't think munky ever wrote a part for head or head wrote one for munky, they bounced off each other usually! the chuggy heavy/punk riffs on there early albums was usually munky, head wrote a lot more of the lead parts tho!

  75. Alex B.

    I LOVE KoЯn

  76. TheSacrificeRock

    KoЯn KuЯwa !!!

  77. WHAT THE!?

    chill! they won't do another dubstep album! they just did it once to show it compliments them well, korn will continue to make outstanding music :)

  78. Kevin Buhler

    now that's just silly. Narcissistic Cannibal is an excellent song.

  79. monodrox

    I didnt really like this album, there was like 4 songs i liked on it, but the new new stuff is pretty bad ass.

  80. Tesdant313

    think this was their best album since talitm, it really felt like they were trying again. i think they took a big blow after brian left. he seems to have been one of the main song writers back in the day. someone correct me if i'm wrong

  81. Scott TheWyckedRiddleBox

    korn fuckin rocks i don't care what anybody thinks ........idgfuk ...lol

  82. Thanos700

    This album is alot like their old, raw sound.... like Take A Look In The Mirror....this is their best in a while, and it kicks ass

  83. ang33rr

    ahahahahahahaha, ahahahahahaha, ahahaha! : D

  84. rockxxx555

    couldn't agree with you more

  85. guageoooo1

    my gosh korn is so talented so everyone just shut up.. if you dont like a song don't listen to it for fuck sakes.. simple as that.


    11? well he must have been raised differently and all that because if it were me it wouldnt happen

  87. TheDeadStretch

    That song Pretty is about when JD used to work at a morgue and one case was about a little baby that was raped and left for dead in a bathroom stall.

  88. TheDeadStretch

    Raped? That's putting it lightly. He was tortured and betrayed by people who he thought were close to him. Most notably he was molested by a close family friend and when he told his parents his father didn't believe him so he got beat for "lying." He also had a step mother that basically tortured him which the song Kill You is about JD having dreams of fucking her than killer her.

    And that was all just at home. Imagine having to deal with that as a teen in high school.

  89. Moose Goose

    I don't remember where I read it. It's relatively obvious that he was raped and molested though, just read the lyrics. Tons of shit about him being beaten, bullied in school, raped, molested, neglected etc.

  90. Gustavo Santiago

    You never know... but Jonathan is so traumatized because of that.

  91. Chronic Cranium

    i'm not trying to be sexist, but how could a guy get raped by a woman, unless he was really young and the woman was ugly...

  92. Gustavo Santiago

    No, it's not. Jonathan was asked in many interviews about that. Some said that was his father that raped him (because of the music Daddy), but Jonathan and his father said it wasn't (and it was a woman).

  93. Chronic Cranium

    where did you get this info from? i've never heard he was raped and molested... are you sure it's not just a rumor?

  94. Moose Goose

    To answer your question, Jonathon Davis was raped and molested etc as a child. He had a fucked up life.
    He writes about what happened to him in most cases, he expresses his anger and hate. That makes the music relatable.

  95. Moose Goose

    I love them because of the perfection they possess. If you said ANYTHING bad about any of their albums, or called them "pussies" because they're almost forty and are chilling out, you're not a true child of the Korn. Get the fuck off of this tab and go listen to Nickleback.

  96. Moose Goose

    Don't you think it's a little fucked up that you can't let Korn creatively express themselves in the fashion they see fit? If you're in it for JUST the sound, you're not a Korn fan. The depth of their music gets to the heart, their music is insanely relatable. Their lyrics are real, the crying he does in his songs is real. He has passion and spirit that virtually no other artist could ever imagine.
    I love every one of their albums, the Kornstep, metal, rock... no matter how hard or soft it is.

  97. Andrew Rice

    I have to play this album so loud to make it sound right due to the way it's mixed :P I have no problem with that

  98. Chronic Cranium

    korn has a lot of pedophilic things involved in their work. like trash.. was there a lot of pedophilia in bakersfield? because that would explain this a lot. also the album cover of korn 3 remember who you are has a dude staring at a teenage girl from his car. O_o