Korn - My Wall Lyrics

And along came something sacred
I never knew what I found
The demons dance around, elated
They're hurting me

I put my wall up each day
You tear it down
I hide in my space
The space you found
And one of these days
I'll come unbound
The feelings I hate
Will finally drown

Falling awake in a nightmare
Images of horror abound
Thought I stumbled upon salvation
Hell I found

I put my wall up each day
You tear it down
I hide in my space
The space you found
And one of these days
I'll come unbound
The feelings I hate
Will finally drown

Well, I'll never be the same
It's the greatest lie ever told
No, I'll never be the same
I sold my soul

I put my wall up each day
You tear it down
I hide in my space
The space you found
And one of these days
I'll come unbound
The feelings I hate
Will finally drown

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Korn My Wall Comments
  1. GarGarBinks 4331

    This it my 2nd favorite Korn album but changing the speed sounds like shit pretty entertaining though

  2. Riley Paige

    The only reason I listened to this was because I saw excision, my friend absolutely loves excision, but now I guess I have a new band to listen to

  3. Open your eyes

    lol excision with korn



  5. sunshine68 berry


  6. cold water

    0:39 - 0:43 damn man

  7. Cyan Junkie

    Excision and Korn are some of my favorite artists, I'm glad I found this album from looking up "Get Up"

  8. Julie Wertz

    Trump Trump Trump! ❤❤

  9. jon morrow

    Fifty Shades Darker wtf

  10. The Prisoner

    Donald Trump's theme song.



    Bleep Media

    :| This KoRn song was relevant and EFFECTIVE long before Trump changed his payment and whose fault and bill the wall was tune....
    Does this make sense....sure it does.
    I take full credit (It's your fault)

    Marianne Grucza

    No it's not

    Todd Wilson


  11. Douglas Quinto

    Melhor música da banda na moral

  12. Ty Davenport

    get down with the get down

  13. TheHyperioniteChannel

    Try to change the speed while listening to the intro

  14. Hela ‘

    soooo good, but soooo short.. T>T

  15. berk mendi

    agunzagun <3

  16. Big Bird PH

    My fave song from Path of Totality!

    jon morrow

    Big Bird PH Burn The Obedient for me

  17. Jack The Muss

    HOLY SHIT!!!!!! F***KING BRUTAL!!!!!

  18. yoshie8706

    Sick. Love it

  19. EliteRanger_

    Man the vocals don't fit the music at times. Too much up and down. A lot of the music is fuckin great, though. Damn I love Korn hope more songs on this album are better.

  20. Appo Darman

    Excision and Downlink with Korn <3

  21. BenCooper

    I'm only listening to this for one reason... Excision and Downlink

    Gage Keen

    nobody cares about the other two because Korn is the best and always will be

    Damianko Naisuu

    Why not both? Ekhm 3*


    I'm only listening to this for one reason: Korn.

    Lord Sativa

    Excision is good af and being mixed with Korn is awesome as hell

  22. I-Love-Music

    We all have secrets...
    KORN will solve them..."


  23. OmegaLuma

    "I hide in MySpace". Enough said. XD


    +360391incinerator The space you found.

  24. Maelo

    39 people crash against MY WALL!!!

  25. Justin Stanley

    IF Korn comes back to saint louis im gonna get tickets

  26. Justin Stanley

    KOrN is asssome i have listined to all there albums since 1996 starting with iSsUEs


    I know this is old but.... Issues wasn't out in 96.

  27. Shardi

    Wow I could listen to this for hours!

  28. Justin Somersett

    This bass just digested my lunch before I could.

    Marianne Grucza

    Go fieldy

  29. MetallicNate

    Turtle Beach Bass Booster FTW

  30. Sr. Peyote

    Me gusta también el metal pero veo que korn se popio mucho!

  31. rozsweird

    y que hace un fan de beatles aquí?

  32. Sr. Peyote

    El dubstep es una mierda!

  33. Beanie TSP

    destroid vs korn = heaven

  34. bob guerra

    Dub Metal

  35. Ariane Malinofsky

    I totally agree !

  36. yesssremix


  37. ARebornAlliance

    The new album is going to bring this album to it's Grave.

    jon morrow

    ARebornAlliance no

    Marianne Grucza

    Play korn at my funeral

  38. Jordan Sykes

    My medicine!

  39. Shane Aric

    Step 3 is genius-ly interlacing hypnotic lyrical commercialization/respect for other bands and musicians into songs... Not knocking it.

    You could consider My Space

    You could consider the Chorus giving props to Pink Floyd's the wall.
    And also the reference to the Pink Floyd song One Of These Days
    Is likely the most Genius of them all because the lyrics to that song
    Directly relate to the the message of this song.

    Can you find more? I'll bet you can! In this song and the album as a whole

  40. Christian Darrin

    nice piece of work :)

  41. Oden jr

    thank you ive been looking for step 3

  42. Joshua Tray

    step 3 is going full out badass-dom

  43. Oden jr

    step 1) korn
    step 2)
    dub step step 3) ???
    step 4) profit

  44. Ann Salander

    1:50-2:15... uff <3

  45. ZACH3443

    I mostly hear it referred to as death-step...just saying...

  46. Steven Simard

    Then why are you here?

  47. Corey Wayne


  48. zeroxepntance

    whenever im having a bad day this cheers me up :) excision with korn is perfect :)

  49. Alkatribe


  50. Andrew C.

    this sounds so beast in my base system!
    try it

  51. alicia jane

    better then narcissistic cannibal.

  52. Joshua Izzett

    I've heard someone call it Thrashstep before, I thought it fits pretty well

  53. MusicMoviesGames

    You will be saying the same thing about Facebook and Twitter in a few years lol!

  54. Niko Bellic

    The first time I heard this song I was in love

  55. Manii Marshall


  56. oisinmcdaid

    Yeahhh... Skrillex...

  57. oisinmcdaid

    It just goes so well!

  58. Brandon Cookie

    Abso-fucking-lutley no one

  59. KingHarlequin88

    Now this is a sexy sound. Great song.

  60. Pete Ruska

    This track has nothing to do with Skrillex.

  61. jason long

    yeah go skrillex!!!!!!

    swing from that noose you can do it!!!!!!

  62. Adrian Espiricueta

    why because you are closed minded.

  63. JeffreyKuntae94

    shit sucks balls

  64. Frozen-Queen

    KoRnStep biaaaaaaaaaaa

  65. Nudedragon

    In my opinion.

  66. Robin Norling

    oooh.. i see what you did there.

  67. Hayden Furry Foxy

    cool song

  68. John Martin

    this song is bassy for korn. especially since its got sick remixes with it. so it makes it twice as sexy and bad. ;P

  69. John Martin

    this is a sick vid. and also a sick ass song.

  70. Tyler Hardcastle


  71. Marcin Maliszewski

    Definitely the best song on The Path Of Totality. It's dark, groovy, drums hits hard, guitars are layed perfectly on top of the synths and JD's growls in chorus are just amazing.

  72. Spencer Thomas

    Excision for the win!! Imo, he's what makes this song amazing. Korn is mediocre.

  73. awesomegamedude8

    wait a minute, how was this comment posted then? either Chuck pressed post or you did after some days LOL

  74. DahakaMatthew

    0:11 gives me goosebumps, and then massive adrenaline rush at 0:31 again. Holy shit, Excision. If you guys haven't heard Excision's album 'X Rated' you've GOT to.

  75. ArkThompson93

    fallin awake in a nightmare...
    images of... *imagine JD* hoRROr AbOuNd!!

  76. John Ambriz

    thats why your name is Brown

  77. Kevin Buhler

    ya dont say

  78. MysterMyschievious

    No, Chuck Norris is just an actor who was very strong in some movies.

  79. Kevin Buhler

    lol, true that, man. I don't know what all the hype is about with Chuck Norris anyway. Is he really all that tough? I could probably take him! lol Hear that Norris?! If the rumors are true, why isn't he behind me right now smashing my face into my keyboaapifIOHE 8[eYY098 E hoihg[eoig HGEO88gh9h 90E OIGEWHpo8h


    this is going to be my paintball teams song

  81. Slam Priest

    Korn, We all love you ^^

  82. getdrunkandrock

    fuck! i suck.

  83. getdrunkandrock

    my fucking gfs dad met monky the other night. i was so pist

  84. Kristiyan Kazakov

    one day metalists and dubstep djs will say "dju rememver wen it all started and well say yeah 2011 with korn and excision

  85. Billy Blanks

    Korn is ushering in a new age of music, just like they did so many years ago. I fuckin love it!

  86. FtwHaters84

    This is the sound thats created when computers fuck!

  87. P Vaughn

    my favorite song on the album.... I love it

  88. Cupiid_

    I never would of thought KoЯn and dubstep could go so well together.

  89. CrazyAbe101


  90. Bird

    Metal mixed with dub step= FUCK YA!!!!!

  91. zeehereticpixie

    Mannnn, brostep combined with KoRn.... I don't know, it's pretty fucking hefty, just getting used to it x)

  92. Riley Hammond

    Metalstep ;)

  93. MusicMoviesGames

    Nu Metal Folder!



  95. MetallicNate

    Downlink is why do you think he toured with them

  96. Rafał Jabłoński

    dont describe yourself, maybe a litlle bit RESPECT 4 KoRn ? huh ?