Korn - Lullaby For A Sadist Lyrics

Seething, I walk the circle
I called out long ago
But somehow I get lost each time
Feeding this hunger deep inside
That never lives
The voice within eats me up inside

One, I love hurting you
Two, I love your pain
Three, let’s get together and
Play the sinner’s game
Four is for the torture and
Five is for the shame
Cause every time you want it
I get off on this game

You wanted to play
The coldness follows
This isn’t a game
Your life, I’ll swallow
And I can’t help
But smile at your pain
You wanted to play
But I already won

Gloating, I plant the seed
Inside your head
Right away, watch it grow
Destroying your insides
Pleading to comfort you
With my sadistic ways
I watch the tears fall
I crack a smile

One, I love hurting you
Two, I love your pain
Three, let’s get together and
Play the sinner’s game
Four is for the torture and
Five is for the shame
Cause every time you want it
I get off on this game

You wanted to play
The coldness follows
This isn’t a game
Your life, I’ll swallow
And I can’t help
But smile at your pain
You wanted to play
But I already won

I look at you and start to crack
Start to crack
I give into, you take it back
Take it back
This lullaby is all you have
All you have
Sadistic pleasure, I attack
I attack
I attack
I attack
I attack

You wanted to play
The coldness follows
This isn’t a game
Your life, I’ll swallow
And I can’t help
But smile at your pain
You wanted to play
But I already won
I already won
I already won

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Korn Lullaby For A Sadist Comments
  1. Fight Potato's

    Thanks bro

  2. Judah Enjoys Education

    Man, I was completely wrong, I've been sleeping and underrating the newer korn songs. They are just as amazing as the old ones.

  3. Oliver Nasri Marks

    This is Steve Vai's favorite Korn song.

  4. Revel Ation

    I used this song for Darth Vader theme in wwe2k16 , life was good when we use to be able to use custom music

  5. Doug Hansen

    This song is SOOOO Good I almost wanna cry when I To it..
    WTF—KORN, is still writing the coolest truth👍🏼

  6. ShadowPlayz_YT

    I am sadist

  7. Martin Terrell and Jennifer Ann Weller

    One i love hurting jen 2 i love her pain!! she wanted play but i already won! destroying her insides! play this sinners game! ily jlo lullaby for sadists

  8. Eonian Zozo

    My maso ex and I used to listen to this and sing it together all the time..fuck I miss those days

  9. Red bear

    I love the Song, but It makes me think about Queen of damned soooo much! I really like this album

  10. ozvaldo valencia

    Lets thumb up people!!!

  11. Renata Balsan

    This music is so great! omg!!!

  12. Repent In Reprise

    Masochist here (;

  13. Zili Ohneland

    schöner Text!

  14. Tommy Munoz

    So finally listened to all korn albums after untouchables. They held off without Head but even with him back still boring korn whiny, crying, "poor me" bad mommy and daddy songs. David had a groove and style this drummer doesnt have hes so predictible. Only good albums were first 4. No wonder deftones distant themselves from korn.

  15. The unknown Betrayer

    Looks like this is the only song I feel like listening

  16. Jackie ann

    I just love Jonathan Davis voice! gaaaaah so fuckin sexy!🤘🏻😍

  17. VEGaBitable

    This song about gov.

  18. Chris Palminteri

    This Darkness has been part of Korn since the begining, go back to early albums, for all you twisted people, myself included, Beat it Upright..... Take a listen.....

  19. Menno Fennema

    best song ever.

  20. Youtube korisnik

    Let's twist again.

  21. Brayan Camilo Gonzalez Niño

    Who reminds of mystery of Sleepykinq?
    Re-nightmare/Doll eye

  22. Gage Sexton

    I love this song sooo much

  23. Matthew Wallace

    They really nailed this song <3

  24. Parker

    Reminds me of myself

  25. David Johnson

    It truly does sound like a lullaby. Glad I grew up with these guys. They got me through high school

  26. Stacey Macquinn

    Sick bastard rapist

  27. TheKcXiV

    I dont think this song means what people think it means! lol

  28. Secroom

    I love your pain


    one of my favorite songs ever

  30. jmkhughes

    I'm so obsessed with this song

  31. Federico Salcedo

    03:04 - 03:30 <3 <3

    Jaidee Sky

    My favourite part, too ^^ <3

  32. Keith S253

    This is the only song artist my mom
    /ihearher Listen to

  33. DC Leal

    This is beautiful

  34. terryjoellen1

    Great song!

  35. Elizabeth Ramos

    As a sadomasochist myself I find this song to be amazing. But I might be bias. Lol

  36. Shy Kyl

    As a masochist this warms my heart lol

    The game was rigged from the start

    Ngl this song gives me shivers and I hate this song a lot, it's played well, but to me I'm just "Ohgodohfrick"

    frank camacho

    Youre all soft.


    @Tord Larsson Yea, but for a masochist they like hearing this sung to them; makes them feel weak and that is sexy for masochist.

    Nitro Knight

    Shaina Kolbeck this looks like a fun part of comment section.....might as well sit back and enjoy reading these comments and such....................... although.......... where’s the popcorn???................🍿🥤

    Anthony Haller

    I'm both.

  37. Attila Felföldi

    Okay, this is song is truly fucking sadistic and I fucking love it. Reminds me of my science teacher


    what how?

  38. AlMSFM

    This has to be the most beautiful and calming song that korn has ever made. If I was a killer in a tv series in like anime, marvel or DC then this should be my theme, oh and I wouldn't mind listening to this when I go to sleep. This song is so creepy but yet calming that it's music to my ears.

  39. Odraleba Zerimar

    This song reminds me of when my ex tried to play me, but I was already a step ahead of her.

  40. Danny Chavis

    This is GOLD !

  41. Jackson K

    Korn at the Myth Live next week!!

  42. David Page

    jonathan davis has one of the most awesome unique voices ive ever heard ive been a fan for a long time there music never gets old thats what legends are you could always turn it on

    Bryan Lenihan

    David Page I'm sorry but listen to flymore

    Jaidee Sky

    Bryan Lenihan It's called "voice impression" and the fact he imitates JD's voice so well doesn't mean that he originally has a voice like him. There are a lot of good impressors out there but they are not the original

    Bryan Lenihan

    Jaidee Sky true true

  43. Marsh Mallows

    I get goosebumps everytime I listen to this.

  44. Mike Masser

    MK Ultra, trauma-based mind control, satanic ritual abuse.

    P B

    Mike Masser My fathers Second Name is machiavelli, but I think the sadist is worse off because you can shatter him with his ego... if you think to good of yourselve it is so easy to be controlled and be destroyed ^^ I guess that is the game

  45. this channel is literally dead

    For some reason whenever I listen to this song I feel really.... Happy.

  46. Potato Love

    this song reminds me of Loki lol idk why

  47. CenseMusic

    Change from Deftones and this song really makes me enjoy music.

  48. Grace x

    I love Paradigm shifts to bits, it's an album one can't possibly get tired of <3

  49. Metalhead Michael

    I'm so glad this didn't end up on KoRn III, if it did it wouldn't sound as good.

  50. Christine Saragian

    Korn is the fucking best! My all time favorite band!

  51. Lori Bartley

    This song is a pure masterpiece! Why it wasn't released as a single I have no idea. The bridge is purely breathtaking!The different voice techniques JD uses just proves his artistry all over again and again in this one song as if he really needs to. The lyrics......absolute shivers down my spine!! His lyrics have always been dominant and very impactful in his songs but this particular piece goes way above his usual level of "in your face" lyrics.......haunting melodies, rhythmic drums, the crescendo in the middle brings you to the brink of aching madness and just when you think you can't take anymore, he releases you. My favorite song. Ever.

  52. Robynn Combs

    best band ever

  53. Brad Maxwell

    "You wanted to play but I already won."

    - Donald J. Trump, 2017

  54. 90AMason

    I once heard this song was actually about diabetes. It kind of makes sense in a way

    Jaidee Sky

    Where did you hear it?

  55. Jms Sol

    you tell em girlfrand.

  56. lowsbody

    Some of the lyrics are wrong in this video.

  57. Travis Wilkerson

    It's a good way to sleep

  58. qwertydog979

    Toybox Killer's favorite song

  59. Noah Clark

    I love this song, some lyrics are not correct but this is the best one I've heard with 98% of the lyrics correct! Awesome job Danny TEU!! 😁😁😁😁

  60. Jackie ann

    KoЯn!!😍❤ fkn love this shit!

  61. Yuna

    i found myself here

  62. slip knotist

    I love this song.

  63. AJ Cassidy

    this song is so god damn beautiful

  64. elina

    Listening this always before going to sleep ~

  65. Pizdeusz

    Gosh, love this song but it reminds me of the person that destroyed my life and blamed me for it mostly pretending she "totally didn't play with me" so i hate this song because of it. I guess love/hate feeling really make this song and other things in our life unique.

  66. MaskedHero

    Omg people, if you love Lullaby for a Sadist, hit that thumbs up!!!

    Satansfavoriteattackhelicopter 666

    Snowy Sugar yeah, they annoy me also.

    Keith S253

    MaskedHero666 na thumbs down no jk thumbs up buddy

  67. Klamuut

    The beginning guitar reminded me a little bit of heart shaped box from nirvana.

  68. Gabriel Broetto

    This should've be a single instead of Spike in my veins


    Gabriel Broetto Agreed.


    Yes, we all have been like the song in some way or another, at some point in our lives. I really enjoyed how they changed their style up enough and updated it with what's going on in the world today."well years ago" beautiful how they made it all come together so smoothly and articulate

  69. שמעון כהן


    Rivery Jerald

    why did i click that shit? CM PUNK LOOKING ASS POSTING GAY LOOKING ASS

    Hate me

    @Dmitry Smirnov CM Rollins with a photo of Dean Ambrose

    PD: Relax


    Well first... look up what a sadist is, then listen to the lyrics again and you'll figure it out.


    I believe this song is about processing dealing with the memory of torture, working through it at some point writing anything from the Sadists point of view is freeing - helps you realize it wasn't your fault they tortured you.

    שמעון כהן


  70. Jennacide Angel

    I swear there is still no one that compares to Jonathan's voice! I don't even know if I would be alive without Korn, I seen them in concert the most. And some people say there shit got weak or it all sounds the same. But damn, I don't fucking care of think that at all and never have. Every song I love. The bass and then the skat. Cmon its fucking beautiful💀❤️

    Cat Grace

    He's an angel so sexy lmao

  71. a dude

    i was listening to the album and i fell asleep at this song

  72. Kevin Gasper

    like throwing a rock in the water. with the ripples being me. well relate to them lyrics

  73. Snake

    Honestly, this album is underrated.

    Natalie v


  74. Timmy Khan

    I love it song \m/

  75. Lucas Burr

    Although this album is the shit I prefer life is peachy.


    i agree

  76. Jennacide Angel

    Fucking fantastic 😈

    Andrew Russell

    Jennacide Angel

    Andrew Russell

    Jennacide Angel

    Jennacide Angel

    +Andrew Russell yes lol 👻❤️👻

    Pinkie Pie

    like all his songs.

  77. Nettled Ned Flanders

    I have the album for this song.

    Helen van de Donk

    Lol me too xD

  78. Nikola L


  79. Lastrevio

    Is this a song about BDSM?

    Ethan Taaffe

    No it's sadism. It's about him liking their pain kind of


    @Ethan Taaffe hmm k den

    Ethan Taaffe

    +Lastrevio I think so don't take me word for it

    soundchain *

    One of a couple songs written about his son, zeppelin's, diagnosis of disbetes.
    Its a bitter sweet thing, giving him his injections and hating it but happy as it makes him feel better.

    Spike in veins also about it

    soundchain *

    Cant believe my tablet changed it:)

  80. Lastrevio

    How haven't I heard of this song before?

    100th comment

  81. Dark soul

    the paradigm shift, hands down the absolute greatest album ever recorded in all of history. it honestly makes all other music sound like complete shit in comparison that's how fucking amazing it is

    Dark soul

    +Blake Shepherd life is peachy is pretty sick

    andrew gonzales

    It's their most recently consistent album in terms of quality. I mean, it doesn't suck as a whole. Not their best, but up there with the best

    Jennacide Angel

    +Blake Shepherd hell yah

    Jaidee Sky

    My favourite album is Issues

  82. Armani Pereira

    This song is my essence.

  83. Cmikament

    I don't understand the old korn fans, they just like : If I knew 20 years ago that Korn would like this, I haven't listened to them.
    I mean, their songs are different every album since 2005. But their still good, I'm listening to Korn for one and a half year and I like their old songs as Inlike their newer songs.

    Sam Loveless

    Cmikament it's a big Change but good in its own way I like all there old songs from high school and now the new song are starting to grow on me


    I’ve been a big Korn fan since the 90’s. When Brian left the band I was so mad I stopped listening to them until I heard of his returning. Since then I’ve been going back to see what I missed for several years. It’s definitely different music than before. I still have a hard time listening to the albums that don’t include Brian. Then when Serenity of Suffering came out I couldn’t help just be reminded of of why I loved Korn. I’m still getting used to a lot of those albums I mentioned. KoRn was my 1st concert on the untouchables tour in 2002. I was fortunate to see them as an original band. (Crazy night btw)... with all that said, KoRn is the only band on the planet I never get sick of listening to for 20 years.

    The game was rigged from the start

    While you can have your own opinion, I'm not going to say that the way they changed is bad, it's their band I personally don't like the newer KoRn, but I see the appeal, I just loved the heavy bass sounds more than anything, I'll occasionally enjoy a few newer KoRn songs but, I mostly enjoy KoRn III, KoRn, and Issues

    Red bear

    People don't get this: as humans everything we create evolves , changes with us! The guys have been through a lot, they grew up and so did their music! I have to be honest here, I prefer this versione of Korn because they are healthy in here, energetic and it's ok for me. I Also love their old sound, but this new sound Is not bad at all!

    Red bear

    @Dark soul i don't agree, the First album Is RAW, angry, sad, emotional ... All their discography Tells us about a journey of a band.

  84. miss queen

    wow 0.0

    miss queen

    +kc case ?

  85. Danny Chavis

    1 of my FAVS !

  86. Phillip Morrell

    This is a fucked up song but bad ass song but a lesson you got to learn

  87. mags davies AKA Pinky


  88. Cam Trask

    Intro sounds a bit like the ending of "Open Up" off of "See you on the other side"
    Love Korn! One of the greatest bands of all time. Their sound will never be recreated. Rock Gods

  89. kutabear

    My inner demon sings this to me every night before I go to sleep

    Calabaza ロゼマ

    kutabear Hey there pal, that was pretty edgy.

  90. Sylla_Headhunter

    That's the first song I ever heard from Korn and I love it~
    Have to listen to more songs now~

    Timo Jorigas

    Yup this Song is just awesome. But there are many other Songs of korn u'll like.

    Daniel Guns

    First two albums are completely mad, but they are way more hardcore than this.

    Shortstuff Jay

    Hope you've fallen in love with them by now!!

    Danny Peculiarbleeps

    I'm curious to think if you thought 'Issues' was bad. The most well-rounded album, in my opinion. Many people said it was "commercial" at the time of release. That is so funny to hear now.

    Jaidee Sky

    Check Issues and Untouchables!

  91. Garner Barker

    korn, love this shit! they never dissapoint

  92. Ber Tii Berti 89

    amazing , best song from the new album

    Ded forlyfe

    Ber Tii Berti 89 Victimized is better, but this is my fave off the album.

  93. Alfred Ekas

    A great sound...emotional

  94. Kelsey D

    korn. is life. this song. is an orgasm.

    Lucky LunaR

    You're an odd guy... I mean it's cool but yikes.

  95. Dido Taibi

    It awkes the Sadistic part in Me and i feel the DARKNESS, PAIN and HURT around me !

  96. Christian Peck

    This would be would be awesome for a Ty Lee/Azula amv!

  97. hidde kooistra

    korn is one of those few bands that is able to explain the sick and evil side of the human being, but also things where some people go trough in their lives, they do it in a way so unique, they are that band that has those creative out of the ordinary ideas and they can make it happen, and their sound is simply so unheard of, the atmosphere it creates, the erie yet melodic sounds they use in songs like this really goes together with the lyrics really well, simply some of the most brilliant musicians of our time.

    Jennacide Angel

    Oh man you said it! I get shivers of pure happiness everytime I hear a Korn song. No other band has made me do that. And Jonathan's voice!❤️💀❤️

    Sid H

    Yeah, it seems cool, but the rhymes are very simple and similar. Almost every song got rhymes like "me-be" "you-to", "cry-die"


    @Sid H Eh, I guess it's better than not rhyming? Then again songs don't need to rhyme to be good. To make a song good it just needs to be... good, unique, something new and fresh.

    Kσяиbsblittrrells evanescenceLinkinparkdan

    hidde kooistra i agree he’s so amazing so much emotion and truth

  98. harrietamidala1691

    I am surprised nobody has used this song for a Criminal Minds video. It's the perfect theme song for UnSubs.