Korn - Holding All These Lies Lyrics

Do you really want to see?
I don't think I can take this anymore
You are naive and I am nothing
I'm disgusting and so much more

Holding all the lies I told you
Feeling like somehow I spoiled you
Dying is a trial I've been to
This is the time for truth and pain

Do you really want to see the
Torment hatred of this world
Hand in a book and I believed it
All it brought me was pain and more

Holding all the lies I told you
Feeling like somehow I spoiled you
Dying is a trial I've been to
This is the time for truth and pain

Holding all the lies I told you
Feeling like somehow I spoiled you
Dying is a trial I've been to
This is the time for truth and pain

I believe, I believe

Holding all these lies I told you
Holding all the lies I told you
Holding all these lies I told you
Holding all these lies I told you
Lies I told you...

Holding all the lies I told you
Feeling like somehow I spoiled you
Dying is a trial I've been to
This is the time for truth and pain

Truth is pain
Truth is pain
Truth is pain
Truth is pain
Truth is pain

I believe
I never meant to hurt you
I believe
I never meant to betray you
I believe
I never meant to hurt you
I believe
I never meant to hurt you

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Korn Holding All These Lies Comments
  1. Arcanine452

    holy shit is that a guitar solo

  2. En Why

    These artist are all used against us...I believe Jon when he says, “I never meant to hurt you, I never meant to betray you...”

  3. Mr.SoloDolo

    WHY is this album hated on?? This song along with the whole 2nd half of this album have amazing emotional lyrics and singing.

  4. alko 22222222222

    The chorus sounds a little like a make belive

  5. Eddie Briones

    I love dis song I need a. Beers now

  6. Sam Mitchell

    3:44 first time I heard that. Went right through me. So much emotion. Damn

  7. Ratburn

    2:43 Is a badass part of this song

  8. Æva The Human

    I wonder how many people realize this song is about lying to your kids about santa clause? lol

  9. Diana Varela

    I spent a while trying so hard to remember this song, love it so much.

  10. pikindownunder

    43 y.o and still listening to KORN. One of the best songs and albums.

  11. Roy David


  12. Carlos Marcel Ferreira da Silva

    Awesome song.

  13. Rob Rotz

    Did you ever fuck up like this before
    Sadly I have

  14. Kevin Emme

    This song is to the fans. Jon feels guilt...

  15. Ted Ryan

    haunting..... I love the serenity of suffering too!

  16. Josh Vargas

    Those screams at the end just wow you can really feel pain behind Jonathan's screams in this one.

    Sam Mitchell

    Imagine what the new one is gonna sound like. Loss of his wife. Gonna be rough. I wanna hear it but I'm afraid at the same time.

  17. Edward R. Emerick

    This is not Ross Robinsons first time getting JD emotional like this for a recording. You should see the videos of JD recording "kill you" and "Daddy."


    Why would he do such a thing?

    TopDog Xylophone616

    To make it more real and raw

  18. George Marko

    Love is truth...Truth is pain...Pain is love.

  19. May

    Amount of emotions JD puts in his songs is unreal, as is the last part of this song. Fucking amazing.

  20. Roy David

    03:15 love that part... truth is pain!!

  21. Caio Cesar

    que porcaria de som, nem parece a mesma banda que fez life is a peach,issues, untochables, são albuns que vc ouve de cabo a rabo só musica loka, agora essa merda não dá p escutar, o Jonathan ta nojento com esse vocal, antes ele tinha muito mais melodia, não só ele, vide counting,ass itch,make me bad,ball tongue,hollow life,here to stay,somebody someone... cade a inspiração dessa banda ??? Parece que fazem de propósito p ficar ruim... não duvido viu...

  22. krisiic1982

    heart crushing chorus
    korn knows to put best songs in the end of album

  23. Jeb Bar

    So that's how a guitar solo sounds in Korn...

  24. Repent In Reprise

    Guys, someone said that Ross made JD sing this in front of his ex-wife when recording this. Is that right?

    Kat Von Davis

    wow I don't know but in this way it sounds more deep and dramatic too, painful but very emotional song 


    Yes. It's true.

    Ted Ryan

    Repent In Reprise his current wife. get your facts straight!

  25. patoxD

    a guitar solo??? :'D

  26. Brother in Christ

    IMO this is the best song on Ko®n 3

  27. Shirt Son

    Underrated album.. Better than their new one IMO

  28. norbonius

    What can we say? Ross Robinson's kind of a dick. (Yes, I also read the Cracked article.)

  29. Karmagedon

    where yre from?

  30. Gustavo Toso

    Yes Bro! It makes me creepy when i hear this, but it is so amazing when this happen, in this or in any others korn's music x.x

  31. AstroShark1

    I loved how when this album came out Korn said they were done with being experimental but as soon as this album flpeed hard in sales there working with popular dj Skillrex(whatever his name is) on there next album

    Caleb Hale

    AstroShark1 Skillrex lmao


    @Caleb Hale skilledtrex xD

  32. nroks

    omg, is he crying again? : /

  33. orlando mendoza

    Well that's what the article said and I believe it cause you can tell and feel the emotions through out this song and the ending part.

  34. orlando mendoza

    I really don't care for likes, but yeah I just read that info on cracked. lol

  35. headspot29

    You just read Cracked.com. Just finished the article myself.

  36. orlando mendoza

    I just read that their producer of this album made jonathan get emotional to the point he cried. He also did that to one of the guys from slipknot. After one of the guys from slipknot found out his grandfather died the same producer made him sing back up vocals.


    Was that guy from Slipknot Sid? Was the song 515??

  37. Repent In Reprise

    Finally, someone else who supports this album and current well.... I don't particulary like their dubstep album, BUT, I support it and I respect it! They still do a good job on it... but it's just not a good mix, I think. Anyways, I think these songs in particular are also sung well by JD. I don't see why everyone is hating on this album! Plus, The Encounter was fucking badass!

  38. Lucas

    THIS is drumming

  39. Rand Smitty

    so many people prefer the old korn, i like it all

  40. HTF4ever1

    Oh my god..... that ending!

  41. Fox Mccloud

    is he crying in the end cause thats what it sounds like


    yes he is its about cheating on his wife.

  42. westgot

    Well in my opinion "Life is Peachy" is much darker... But I love this album, too. It's like the sequel to "korn" (first album) and "Life is Peachy".

  43. marlon Ivan Cifuentes López

    this song make me Cry!

  44. Eduardo Cortes

    amazing song very very deep i love it

  45. metalmurcielago

    JD cheating on his wife.

    jadejaguar CUontheotherside

    metalmurcielago ... which one the first or the second???? For this song I mean!!! Does he do things like cheating etc so he has stuff to write about? Just asking because there are other things he could evolve with his musical talents and write about other then angst filled songs look at SRV and CCR two of my go to favorites and Led Zeppelin blues and music to live for!!!

  46. HTF4ever1

    Favorite song on this Cd!

  47. D F

    Anyone know what this song is about?

  48. Pedro Seabra

    korn is just fucking awesome

  49. Killerman551

    damn I love this song this is the best song of the album with the old school essential

  50. fook yu

    Your not a real fan because if you were then you would put the backward Я on KoЯn.

  51. UntitledKirk

    Truth is pain

    Alexandru Valentin

    it is the only true and for ever lasting feel...

  52. UntitledKirk

    totally agree.

  53. dan drmm

    The best song of this album.

  54. Mish7x

    wow, i had a feeling he was. it's amazing that he could get through a song like this with all that emotion pent up inside him.

  55. Mish7x

    is he crying at the end?

  56. MusicMoviesGames

    Korn 4 Next? please!?

  57. MusicMoviesGames

    @metalmurcielago no what he meant was he's enjoyed every record they have put out so he's a real fan, once a korn fan always a korn fan I say! after I heard blind for the first time I was hooked and I knew right then i'd be hooked for a lifetime, if not on there new material on songs like blind, clown, helmet in the bush!

  58. alex grose grose

    @gummoboy333 lol head is riff god. after head gone korn stop playing nice riffs and heavy breakdowns. jonathan says that head was most talented member in the band

  59. MusicMoviesGames

    @kornboy3 that's a fair statement! and In turn I think head needs munky, though I enjoy heads solo work as well I just think his true calling in music is with the guys in korn!

  60. metalmurcielago

    @icoston15 a real fan would tell a band when they suck. otherwise ur just a sheep and no better than those idiots that only listen to whats topping the charts

  61. metalmurcielago

    @gummoboy333 makes sense. thank u this song has much more meaning to me now

  62. UncleJohn72

    @40silvastar K hahah.

  63. kieran gough

    @Alterbridge321 Way ahead of you.

  64. UncleJohn72

    @40silvastar That makes you sad? Listen to Daddy.

  65. kieran gough

    Jonathan has always written straight from his heart though, like in Issues, every song was about his depression, it's one of the reasons I love Korn, it's so real

  66. MusicMoviesGames

    @gummoboy333 I dont know for sure if the cheating on the wife part is a rumor it may be! but it was verified by band members that ross brought jons wife into the studio while the song was being recorded! and your right it's so much better when you know the emotions are real! I dont know why a GROWN man would cry on a song just for the sake of it, that seem's kinda far fetched!

  67. kieran gough

    This information makes this song that much more memorable

  68. alex grose grose

    @gummoboy333 dude i love mirror record man fuckin havvy!!. after head I hear no fuckin nice nu metal riffs .. you know.. munky need head!

  69. MusicMoviesGames

    @Brollyhero99TOP10 I hope they release another album in 2012! the one they released in 2011 was a dubstep album!

  70. MusicMoviesGames

    @40silvastar well I believe this song is about Jonathan "cheating on his wife!" it's a pretty "heavy" topic to sing about in a song, and on top of that the producer Ross Robinson brought jons wife into the studio for this song and made him look at her while he was singing it, its true emotion!

  71. MusicMoviesGames

    @kornboy3 you got that right head kicks ass, but what truly makes a band what they are is when they accept there fate and still look into the future and "try" to make amazing music! and korn have gave all they can, no one denies head isn't the most talented member in the band. the band members themselves have said he was the most talented member! head recently spent ALL day hanging with jonathan and fieldy so who knows man? maybe head will prove to us there really is a god lol

  72. MusicMoviesGames

    @icoston15 you got that right! if its 100 percent korn I love it 100 percent haha...

  73. MusicMoviesGames

    @kornboy3 well the way I see it is the band really went downhill BEFORE head left! Untouchables and "Mirror" were pretty much non existent! 9/11 hit and people really strayed away from this style of music and on top of that those 2 records were very "muddy" and didnt have much radio appeal!I personally loved them though, K3 was a breath of fresh air for the band and they started to get good again in my eyes, but then they released the new dubstep/pop album,need i say more?lol

    Rob Rotz

    gummoboy333 yeh between the drugs with head, the piracy of the time and wanting out of the label those two albums were rather week but 911 happened between the two and i think it effected all music, numetal reached its peak and limp bizkit hadda fuck things up for thw credibility of the sound as well
    Dont get me wrong
    I did but and played the shit outta both those albums and the bizkit (except results may vary)

  74. alex grose grose

    @gummoboy333 dude korn is dead after Heqd left oke and they dont sel so many records anymore because the start to suck. that record is niet good but I suport korn

  75. MusicMoviesGames

    @kornboy3 wtf are you talking about dude? this kicks fucking ass! i will agree the new dubstep shit really isn't korn, and it's a letdown for the metal korn fans, but if you dont like this shit your not a fucking korn fan!

  76. alex grose grose

    @KornAddicted7 no head no nice korn music!!

  77. alex grose grose

    @KoRn4Life93 head is the man !

  78. kieran gough

    The crying at the end gives me goosebumps. Makes me sad.

  79. loca m

    hell yeaa i dont usually jam rocc but da,m dese fus got this shit ! i rather chill wit a roccer than a thug much love fo ya headbangas!!

  80. KornAddicted7

    @KoRn4Life93 Fuck of you brat if you dont like dont come here post that kind of shit... I´ve heard that head was going to do a project with them.. hope it pleases you you little brat

  81. BFMVHeadbanger

    i hope korns 11th album is like this

  82. MusicMoviesGames

    @Bumblebot12 It is a girl on the front and I agree she does have a cute outfit on, she looks young too don't think she could of dressed herself so nice lol there's another picture of her in the book or on the back cover, with a guy in black car and sunglasses pulls up beside her and talks to her, PEDO! lol

  83. MusicMoviesGames

    @Brollyhero99TOP10 TPOT < K3

  84. MusicMoviesGames

    @KillerTr3x don't FUCK up next time!lol

  85. MusicMoviesGames

    @KillerTr3x lol

  86. godyguy

    Holding ALL the lies!

  87. Valeri Yordanov

    @lilrockable Because We the old fans of KoRn still hopes that they will return to the roots...

  88. Trent Kozelek

    i hate this song, johnathan davis is hypocrite and his crying in the end of the song is insincere like him

  89. BladefromNEA

    @MrChill1121 Amen to that! I don't see how everyone says it was good up until issues or follow the leader. Some of my favorite stuff is from Take a Look In The Mirror. But I like it all....I'm a fan! Some was better than others, this is normal. Not every song has to be a copy of the last!

  90. Fumble

    If the person on this album cover is a girl she's got some sweet tastes in clothes =D Just saying

  91. Ian Coston

    Korn keeps making music and I keep listening...Because I'm a real KoRn fan!!!

  92. fadetoblack1290

    @spikehabit That god I'm not the only one. They were fucking excellent up to Issues in my opinion, now they just...ugh.

  93. kalvan5

    Thank god KoЯn is here im my life, wouldnt know what to do without em...

  94. Daniel Iglesias

    Man, I know a lot of "fans" of the old koRn are gonna kill me, but, this new drummer is just AWESOME! he's not like David, but he plays very well (sorry if my english is bad) and... OMGF!!!! JD put so much emotions in this sond, like many others

  95. Elisa C.

    capolavoro....non ci sono parole korn rules

  96. Greenebutt

    Darkest Album they made and one of the best I heard in a while compared to whats out now, this is just showing everyone KoRn is true Artist and stick to what they are good at, ppl don't understand someone like Korn who been around a while and can still find a way to catch you no matter what they come out with, they are good at what they do no matter what they sing about don't lose sight of that, don't forget where you can from! this is KoRn! Stand up! \m/

  97. Greenebutt

    Best album I ever heard! saved me from a lot of myself, Korn forever!