Korn - Eaten Up Inside Lyrics

I'll die smiling,
Something the past
Someone said to me will,
Make me laugh,
And I'll lay back and fade away,

Let me go I'll be fine,
Frozen here in time,
Sick of being alive,

Eaten up inside

Let me die,
Go away,
I never got what I wanted,
I never got what I needed,
What's on my mind,
Who can say?
It's my invention I'm beating,
I can not stop all this bleeding,

I'll be ready,
Give me the morphine and I'll go to sleep,
As I dream maybe I will just slide away,

Let me go I'll be fine,
Frozen here in time,
Sick of being alive,

Eaten up inside,

Let me die,

Go away,
I never got what I wanted,
I never got what I needed,
Whats on my mind?
Who can say?
It's my infection I'm feeding,
I can not stop all this bleeding

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Korn Eaten Up Inside Comments
  1. Snarflelocker

    There's a few songs on SYOTOS that this could've replaced to earn it another star in most reviews

  2. Mi Scusi

    Pretty much better than anything on the new album and it's a bonus track. Korn, come on.


    yeah this is pure munk riffage right here with the digitech whammy. While i do like the new album I do agree riff wise its lacking

    Dark soul

    It's also a lot better than most songs on syotos

  3. Lord Kayn101

    Why isn’t this song on ITunes, that’s so dumb

  4. Ryan Szichak

    Still one of my favorite songs by Korn and amazed it was never released outside of special edition discs or never played live.

  5. 790757 6743

    I remember back when I was in elementary and getting into rock music, I would listen to it on Pandora. Pandora still has the non-album songs like this. I never knew the song but I remembered the lyrics "let me go I'll be fine, frozen here in time, sick of being alive, Eaten up inside"
    & I went crazy trying to find it but like, every time I tried to look at the list for songs on SYOTOS, it wasn't there. Glad I found it though haha.

  6. Francis Desmet

    yeah just kill me thank you! this is my song or just shoot a bullet to my fucking brain just for fun i suport sucide i will see you all in hell!

  7. kornknight1




  9. Fill Freire

    these lyrics are so dark, why the lackluster? if you are going one direction, go all the way, suicide is the province of sentient beings, instincts going dark..

  10. MetalReptileMKII

    Beginning reminds me of Doom

  11. Jazzy J

    Completely forgot about this, now I've found it again. It feels as if I've only just heard it for the first time.


    Let me go I'll be fine frozen here in time

  13. HER3 T0 ST4Y

    There was one point in my life where I had no idea what this song was. One day in the shower, almost the same exact same tune from the into came into my head and thought, "thats pretty badass." Then I came across this song and shit bricks almost immediately.

  14. Cwm368

    Awesome track

  15. Maria Rodriguez

    this is my shit

  16. Anthony Abato

    i always heard "something perverse someone says to me", also im pretty sure its "sick of being alive", and i think its "its my infection im beating", anyone agree or disagree?

    Crow Montez

    Anthony Abato I agree.


    it says the lyrics on screen (7 months later- i know)

  17. WAVY

    Sucks you can't find this on Apple Music or Spotify 😢😢😢


    John Smithly I remember I used to have it from iTunes a while ago. Sucks it's gone

    King Rulers

    Used to be on Spotify, after they took it off I bought the album. So their plan worked.


    King Rulers Yet you're listening to it on YouTube?

    King Rulers

    Fallout lol, sometimes I'm out and I don't have a walkman anymore to listen to CDs.


    Makes sense, glad you're supporting a true genius!

  18. CandiBunni

    These lyrics are all kinds of wrong.


    @***** I was referring to the lyrics that the uploader provided. They're not the correct lyrics.

  19. Jekyll Hyde

    KoRn rules!

  20. NecroMonster

    Amazing band amazing music, the only band that speak out to me ❤️🍀

  21. Paul Munizzi

    Never ever gets old

  22. zachary Rexroad

    Never gets old

  23. Физика ФМФ

    quite well

  24. kyle doom

    i find it awesome like thare music

  25. Zeph ster

    Does anyone else find this album cover insanely creepy

    sotu 2004

    Zeph ster go look at a cannibal corpse album


    ITS HIDEOUS```````````````````````````````````````

    Bo Shredd

    @sotu 2004 lol or don't


    sotu 2004 eh they’re albums are just edgy.

    Ethan Peterson

    @sotu 2004 i find things that actually happen more scary than skeletons doing weird shit or a dead guy eating out a dead girl