Korn - Bitch We Got A Problem Lyrics

For every person I've tried to be
There's another ten inside

And you move in a hostile way
Like you're recently wounded

We got a problem, it's plain to see
We got a problem

Which one, which one of you is into me?
Which one, which one of me is into you?
We're both schizophrenic I fear
See how many voices you hear
Which one, which one of you is into me?
Which one, which one of me is into you?
We are schizophrenic, don't stop
No, not till I fuck this all up

All the searching we do inside
Is a futile attempt to

And I know that you tried to hide
To center yourself, but

We got a problem, it's plain to see
Bitch, we got a problem

Which one, which one of you is into me?
Which one, which one of me is into you?
We're both schizophrenic I fear
See how many voices you hear
Which one, which one of you is into me?
Which one, which one of me is into you?
We are schizophrenic, don't stop
No, not till I fuck this all up

And you, and you, and you, and you, and you, and you

And this is me, and me, and me, and me,
and me, and me, and me, and me, and me

Bitch, we got a problem

Which one, which one of you is into me?
Which one, which one of me is into you?
We're both schizophrenic I fear
See how many voices you hear
Which one, which one of you is into me?
Which one, which one of me is into you?
We are schizophrenic, don't stop
No, not till I fuck this all up

Bitch, we got a problem!
We got a problem!
Bitch, we got a problem!
We got a problem, problem, problem
We got a problem, yes, yes
We got a problem
We got a problem
We got a problem, problem, problem

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Korn Bitch We Got A Problem Comments
  1. Jennifer Scisco Ison

    Is it weird that the username has slipknot in it, but it has a KoRn picture?

  2. AltFreak25

    I remember being in high school at my local Hot Topic and looking through the cds and picking this album up. The cover just freaked me out despite knowing who Korn was.

  3. Lil_Clorox

    People just don’t understand this illness. Terribly misunderstood. It’s so sad. Also Schizophrenia by X is a good listen for the same topic. Check it out.

  4. Cameron Lorenz

    This album is so underrated- yet so fucking epic. Bitch, we got a problem.

  5. Michele Di Martino

    Korn a palla!!!

  6. Raito Reaper

    Man... I was in a mental health unit when this came out. It was very accurate at the time. I used to use the gym in the unit and blast this through my headphones. Which were taken off me a few days later -_-

  7. Pandora Black

    I blame bullies for driving me crazy... They blame me for not being strong enough to resist... <3

  8. exiledPostman

    At 1.5x speed, this song sounds like a Mindless Self Indulgence song too.

  9. The Devil

    I got a problem with all the people who think schizophrenics deserve to locked up I'm schizophrenic and a psychologist I'm not proud to have paranoid schizophrenia but I live the best I can does this make me not a man

    Voodoo Vixen

    and you suffer from attention whoring.

  10. Dead Siocled

    -We're talking shit to KoЯn' untitled
    -So... What?
    -We got a problem!

  11. Dopey Delinquent

    I don't know why but for some reason ever since I was little some birds scared the living shit out of me and were my nightmare animal. I think it all started with a dream I had when I was maybe 5-8 years old.

  12. MiotaLee

    every time I watch Mr.Robot I think about this song.

  13. Dylan McCallister

    guy has a serious two face problem. being a different person around different people than when you are by yourself. if you get carried away, you live 5 lives with 5 groups of people and none of them know the real you. only that version. and you feel insane because you start thinking like 5 people all the time out of habit, and argue with yourself which thought or feelings is really yours and not just a part of the characters you play.


    shut the fuck up

    The Devil

    Dylan McCallister are you schizophrenic Mr McAllister I'm a psychologist and schizophrenic and have split personality so unless you have a degree in psychology don't act like you know a lot understand

    Voodoo Vixen

    who the hell cares?

  14. DivineChaos

    Ive never heard this korn song in my life.

    Atysh Alavy

    It's a weird album


    It's a great weird Album :)

  15. ChaosBringer

    Man with a name Slipknot4Ever0014 And a picture of korn uploding korn songs Damn


    +ChaosBringer 〉Gaming〈 And why?


    @TatiDraws why what?


    @ChaosBringer 〉Gaming〈
    why are you so "shocked" about it? :D

  16. Number13

    This song is perfectly crazy... I mean, the lyrics, the guitar riff... Juste awesome.


    i relate so much to this :/

    Mc Lovin

    ZiNK Edge lord prime over here.

    - Hoheitszeichen -

    +Mc Lovin You want some McLovin?

  17. Scout

    That rough 3 second intro, the bass in the verses and the guitar in the chorus really reminds me of The Dope Show by Marilyn manson for some reason

    K Boyd

    +Alpha Lupus That's because there's a really similar sound at the beginning of The Dope Show as well.


    +K Boyd Yeah that's what i'm talking about, i love the similarity

  18. Jeb Bar

    I freaking love this! would love a music video of this.

  19. Glenn Swan

    korn ssssss

  20. My Email

    Dude I just found that out right now, that's why I'm here. I knew he played drums but not on this song until now...

  21. FTM1K

    Did you know Jonathan Davis actually plays drums on this song?


    I did. He's got the groove man

  22. Jander De Groote

    Love and meth made up for it.

  23. Zacca Around

    yes..you probably don't know the last song "never,never" :/

  24. Nora Lynn

    Korn* Thanks.

  25. Sedat KÖKÇE

    Korn candır gerisi heyecandır :DDDDDDDDDDDD

  26. Drmaxis2

    but Slipknot Loves Korn and Korn loves Slipknot....

  27. Brett the Behemoth

    Korn loves Slipknot.

    Jaidee Sky

    And Muse :D

  28. NightMareImbrium

    The only song keeping me going while jogging.

  29. Eric Sebena

    Metal is one of the broadest spectrums of music there is. There are more types of metal than there are rock.

  30. Sam Young

    Nu Metal, Rap Metal, Industrial Metal, Alternative Metal, and Dub Metal. Just because they aren't your shitty thrash metal doesn't mean they aren't metal, ignorant dumbass

  31. Sam Young

    I fucking hate when people say SLIPNOT AND CORN R NT METUL LUL uhhh wtf? just because it's not your shitty generic thrash metal that doesn't mean it isn't metal. Metal just means it's harder than rock, dumbassess.

    Ryan Vanderhoof

    Sam Young are you retarded nu metal is a genre of metal that was about incorporating other music styles in a metal fashion so to say

    Thrash metal is about speed

    Death metal bands are bands that normally had lyrics about death obviously

    Metal core is metal with influences from a hardcore scene

    Death core is like metal core from an influence of a hardcore scene

    It's just a sub genre but it's still metal

    In a way you can think of some types of metal being more flexible where as a rock (regular rock music) will either erode over time or break on heavy metal

    Depends on how big the rock is or how heavy the metal is

  32. daemonicwarrior

    17 people? Bitch we got a problem! love this song, don't stop till we fuck this all up :)

  33. Moser

    The cover reminds me of one of my art

  34. Brandon DeCavitch

    And Korn isn't metal search it up

  35. Brandon DeCavitch

    I agree

  36. Brandon DeCavitch

    I mean kind of cool

  37. Cat Cameron

    omg - almost forgot about this song!!! LOVE IT!!


    That's what I'm wondering... How is that related to KoRn!!??

  39. Genevieve Clark

    Love Always Yr wj

  40. Blue Angel

    Nice grammar. You like periods, don't you? <- Pun.

  41. poop

    awesome ass song

  42. elizibeth crunch

    All of them are good, Follow the Leader was probably the best though, I like these new ones especially this album the lyrics aren't just hate this pain that

  43. LimeGuy101

    I agree with you about Untitled, but it was more than half, about 70% of the songs on there were amazing, the others were just terrible. People just have an issue when something isn't heavy, ignorant imo. Peachy had 14 songs, and they all worked perfectly. Imagine KoRn as the raw, garage band, experimental, angry shit. Peachy combined that, with a true, innovative Nu-Metal sound, it's so perfect, so timeless.

  44. Imperial Storm

    Like I said, I like all of them but you have to admit Untitled was by far their weakest effort the first half of the album is good but then it becomes repetitive. Peachy seemed too short in my opinion and I like to consider it just a second part of Korn in terms of sound. Issues is actually a personal favorite of mine and the first Korn album I ever got. What I meant to say was that the odd numbered albums are more regarded as their best while the others have more of a cult following.

  45. LimeGuy101

    Life is Peachy is one of the greatest albums ever created, and most people I know say it's their favourite. Issues is also widely accepted as their best. It dropped off after that, but Untitled and III were both great.

  46. LimeGuy101

    so you changed with KoRn? ....yet you didn't change.....I'm confused.

  47. UntitledKirk

    @NIGHTMARE10694 Hell yeah! Korn's music is constantly evolving, and it's awesome. It's what makes Korn KORN!

  48. Emiel Eijermans

    Bought the fucking LP!

  49. MetallicNate

    these bitches need to shut the fuck up hating on KORN cause ive listned to KORN for 10 years of my life and that isnt gonna change......just cause KORN changes doesnt mean we have to........before KORN i listened to that shit people call rnb......and after a year of Metal i said goodbye to it forever and i knew that i didnt need to be like everyone else for i made myself unique because KORN inspired me

  50. Justin Garvey

    wtf is in suggestions???

  51. joshua will

    YT needs a repeatbutton

  52. Imperial Storm

    Why does it seem like all of Korn's odd numbered albums are their best?
    3.Follow The Leader
    7.See You On The Other Side
    9.Korn III: Remember Who You Are

    Needless to say I like all of their albums but it just seems that way.



  54. juliansblog

    @yaquinta13 --> they have a distinctive sound, because they have a rattling slap bass! ;)

  55. Martina Durante


  56. Jack Willkinson

    Koяn is awesome, i'm a trve metal listener, but i like Koяn also. The haters have no clue!

  57. Ihatemyself

    When my gf turns 18 i'm telling her mom BITCH WE GOT A PROBLEM

  58. SanjiVinsmoke

    I think korn made one of their best albums with remember who you are, but I also like the old stuff, the first selftitled album is a masterpiece, but I became a korn fan with see you on the other side and the single twistes transistor, korn is just great, no matter if its the old stuff or the new, korn forever!!!

  59. Leonardo Andrade

    awesome song, incredible band

  60. Jakob

    I think their crackalbum, "Remember who you are" is the worst crap ever and the new song "Get up" is just poser stuff but this album, Untitled, feels very fleshed and thought out. I dig it hard. I like the first two albums and this one. The rest are just works of haste or greed, imo.

  61. Founder919

    How many voices do you hear?


    at least 20 at the same time sometimes ....

  62. Jessica Haley

    Johnathan's songs always hit home for me. His past and the things it did to his mind, everything I relate to.This song should be an anthem for all schizophrenic people.I've finally given up on the hope of love because schizophrenics are impossible.


    i kinda relate to this song so much :/

    Raito Reaper

    I don't think being scitzophrenic makes love impossible. It's hard sure but I believe there's a way through... Have hope ❤️

  63. Rod VonBoche

    Sheldonthedragon 2 years ago
    This channel is no longer available because the user closed their account.

    Yet people still answer... Mouarf !

  64. nikthedick123

    @Sheldonthedragon same, exept 3dg, im not a big fan of them.

  65. ejpollo1

    definetely one of the best on this album, im sorry korn but this album jst wasnt very good, but they made up for it in their newest album korn iii :)

  66. sixfeetontop

    @Sheldonthedragon Korn's website. Another thing is for the tix that go on sale on the weekend, for the fans that buy the first 1000 tickets, they'll get a $5 discount on their tickets, so make sure if you do get the tix, get em' nice and early!!:). I'm from Ottawa, Ontario Canada, and nothing this big ever comes to Ottawa, so I'm going to be sure to take the opportunity and catch this concert!!!

  67. sixfeetontop

    @Sheldonthedragon That's awesome, man! You'll be happy to know that Korn, Disturbed, Sevendust and another band I can't remember are all going on tour together!! They just announced dates for the 2nd leg of the Monster V tour. Tickets are either already on sale for some of the dates (in some markets), and the rest of the tickets go on sale this weekend:). So, hopefully, if they come to your town in the states or Canada, you can snag yourself some tix!! I'm sure you can get all the info at

  68. Phallen

    @WhatsHappening783402 I loved thoses albums.

  69. Sackboy7

    Gotta love this song. The only sad thing is...3:23

  70. Aloubin

    @JeanCoubat AMEN

  71. The Akatsuki Ramen

    @Sheldonthedragon i agree the last three but i never listen to three days grace so idk

  72. Fritz Tomsky

    still love issues the most. it's damn creative stuff. but this is good though.

  73. Zxenner

    Can't help it, but this album and Issues are definitely my favourite.

  74. Jason Buerlen

    @RickSquadron Keep it mind it's not the members of Korn who are necessarily choosing their singles...I don't know how the in's and out's work of record label vs. band members in making decisions but im sure 'corporate' has their say for sure....

  75. Alex Hernandez

    korn always make the best music!!!!
    they'll never get old!

  76. Melissa Jay

    I love this song, I actaually think tis one of their best XD

  77. SuperSaiyan666

    @awefuckit politics was on see you on the other side, wrong album guy

  78. Kat Forrester

    @mctworm honestly id have to say it kinda is crap compared to the earlier stuff, there very first album was better,as was untouchables,issues,and life is peachy. but i guess its just my opinon.
    i love KoRn and id rlly love to see them live but without Head and the other original members i dont think it wuld be worht much to me....sumetimes i wish i was born earlier

  79. Kat Forrester

    @Quaselfasel i dont mean to sound rude but korn and slayer arent numetal. at least i dont think so
    korn is hip hop/metal/industrial.
    and slayer is thrash metal
    but those r just my opinions
    idk about that other 1

  80. Rick .Frontman92

    This song was so single worthy, and so were songs like "Innocent Bystander" or "Love and Luxury", but instead Korn chose "Hold On" and "Kiss" as singles, which were really bad choices. I like those songs, but this and those 2 would've been a way better choice as a single

  81. Quaselfasel

    the only nu-Metal Band I listen to is KoRn, normally I listen to Dimmu Borgir Lamb of God, Slayer but this shit is good too !

  82. PhantomRaven

    Favorite albums are issues untouchables take a look in the mirror those in my opinion is the band at their prime every other album is good just a little different but not bad give them credit they kick ass.

  83. Lighteningzero

    I love the flame war everybody's started in the comments. I love the Old Korn and the New Korn, the Old Korn being a simple style. The New Korn having new atmospheric elements that can't be imitated or mimicked live. Either way, Korn is awesome and everybody needs to stop bitching.

  84. forcapone forcaPONE

    @IBeliveICanFly231 ahaaha)))) how old are u, 13?)

  85. Ednert jean-fils

    this is beast

  86. Ednert jean-fils


  87. LuisR410

    i hate this album so much(i like korn)
    i like there old stuff better like Life Is Peachy, Follow The Leader, and Issues

  88. daemonicwarrior

    i cant believe im only hearin this now,its probably the only 1 i havent heard XD im likin wat i hear =]

  89. Rod VonBoche

    "My idols ...............three days grace,Korn,disturbed,slipknot."
    God, get your ears out your ass...

  90. ki4tiq2

    @Sheldonthedragon agreed

  91. Happy Arnold

    @Sabberferkel Its not Crap, but i see where you are coming from. Their older stuff was way better because it had so much more raw emotion in it.

  92. Sabberferkel

    Und wen interessiert deine Meinung, bitte? Das hier ist ne öffentliche Plattform, Kritik ist nicht nur legitim sondern ja wohl erwünscht. Und nur so am Rande: Ich bin Korn Fan der ersten Stunde und behaupte einfach mal, dass ich das Recht habe, sie zu kritisieren. Erzählt mir doch nicht, dass ihr auf das Zeug hier genau so abgeht wie auf die alten Sachen, das geht nicht in meinen Schädel rein.
    Aber bitte - entweder bist du weniger kritisch, was okay ist, oder dir gefällts echt.

  93. Sabberferkel

    To my mind, it is, especially comparing it to older stuff. "Korn ist Korn and everything is great" is a statement that I cannot accept, because if Korn had started making music with THIS nobody would know them nowadays. And when I listen to this I just can't say: "Hm, it's great. I have some expectations, and since Untouchables they have not been fullfilled. If anybody likes that stuff, it's okay. I don't - so that's what I have to say. THIS IS CRAP!

  94. mctworm

    Dont player hate, bitch, this ain't crap.

  95. Sabberferkel

    Man, that's so boring. I really like Korn, and as I searched for this album on the internet this one here was said to be a very good song. Honestly - I can't believe that it is rated with 5/5 - that's not the same fucking quality you got from ADIDAS, Freak, Blind, Falling away fm, Here to stay, etc. You listen to it and keep nothing in mind, not a single vibe, no riffs. "Do what they say" is the only one which reminds me of good old stuff - this is bullcrap.