Kool & The Gang - WKOOL Lyrics

It's gonna be a scorcher out there today
It's goin' up to about 100 degrees
About 98% humidity
But you're tuned in to WKOOL
And we be coolin' all the time

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Kool & The Gang WKOOL Comments
  1. Maria Cavalcanti

    😍 astral perfeito

  2. yeoworld

    When Donald Trump finally looses 2020 election !

  3. Phúc Huỳnh

    *All the mens on the planet once received the news that no more: gold digger, feminist, thots.*

  4. NEW MAN xxx

    Who's here from wreck it ralph?

  5. Inessa A.

    Za par mjeseci ćeš shvatiti koji si xxx (autocenzura)

  6. Inessa A.

    I zaboravio si da sam uvijek (bila) uz tebe kada je (bilo) nešto važno? I da pratim što radiš i da te podržavam, a ako se baš ne slažem nužno ... hm .. da ... barem ti ne povlađujem reda radi i tješim te kad te nešto razljuti ili rastuži ... ili te nasmijavam i uzdižem ... u svakom pogledu

  7. Inessa A.

    Zaboravio si kako je sve počelo? Na početku bijaše ljubav. Pa 🧺 Prva u nizu 🧺🧺🧺🧺🧺

  8. Inessa A.

    Ne, nećeš prekršiti svoj glupi zavjet. Nećeš progovoriti 👻

  9. Inessa A.

    Nisam mislila noćas 👻

  10. Inessa A.

    Ok. I ja bih se radije ćavrljala s tobom. Dakle, otvori na 🐦 account, recimo REMBO i pošalji mi zahtjev pa se možemo dopisivati? Izbrisat ću sav taj 🔞

  11. Lee Sérgica Flores

    That movie "Kung Fu Football Club" starring the superb chinese actor Stephen Chow..<3

  12. Inessa A.

    Nisi sretan zbog rezultata, ili samo čekaš da zaspim? 👻

  13. Puffi Tjarks


    7 y/o me when i won in Uno against my family:

  14. ItzYaBoiUz

    When Trump finally gets impeached

  15. William Duraku

    When I get an a in my test

  16. Jeremy Hoffman

    The feels after The Rise Of Skywalker and that Star Trek officially wins.

  17. Jesús Mendoza

    Esto deberían escuchar los jóvenes no que hablan pura drogadicion

  18. Leah's Everyday Life


    Me: *finds out my crush also has a crush on me*

  19. lukatore123

    When you find money you forgot you had in a pocket.

  20. Derkeeto geima

    When someone that you and your friends hate dies:

  21. drechaniago

    when a bad people finally went straight to hell


  22. Catalina Quiroz

    mi villano favorito

  23. jun taiga


  24. Lucky Lever Studios

    Kidz Clips: *gets channel deleted*
    The entire YouTube community:

  25. JoyDeparted

    when math is real boring and the goth kid slides out a glock 18

  26. Chris Roberts

    The moment when the UK confirmed it was leaving the EU on January 31st !!

  27. Ga. B

    When you get hired after being unemployed!

  28. Graham Collins

    I like this song, reminds me of some happier moments amongst some not so happy ones.

  29. tea sis

    when you turn in a science project that has been giving you overwhelming amounts of stress:

  30. enerZise

    I am here celebrating because the black American community will give President Trump the popular vote in 2020. Almost every black worker I know says they are voting for Trump. I have yet to meet a Union Worker who says they are voting for a Socialists or Corrupt Democratic candidate. The Democrats voting to impeach Trump just gave him a 2020 win and the popular vote. Only insane people or hateful people vote for a failed economy and a crashed stock market. Our family did not vote for Trump in 2016 but we will be voting for Trump in 2020. Personal Socialists for Trump because every American needs a good job opportunity.

  31. Paulina Martinez

    Si bien m recuerda una época poco felizzzzzz. Celebró no estar con ese loco. Horrible. Nunca lo ame ni lo amarras. Son errores. Q nunca más cometí. Hombres son los q m gustan y m gustan guapos. Muy carilindos... wooooow💙💙💙💙💙💙🌲💙💙💙💙

  32. Oliver Queen

    When you passed all your Fall semester Finals and finally able to get into the Christmas spirit

    Solo Aa

    Oliver Queen Tell me about it👏🏾🎉

  33. Cheryl Bedu-Addo

    When the president gets impeached and it's winter break:

    Jack Symon

    I’m British but even I know enough to understand that there will be literally no consequences to the Dons impeachment lol

  34. Fnufz

    *when you finally learn how to write bold letters*

  35. savannah

    When North Korea is threatening the U.S. with a “Christmas gift.”

    Bogdan Belecciu

    savannah unfunny


    Bogdan Belecciu ok boomer

  36. Matthew Gerald Garcia

    When you had a beautiful life.

  37. Magdalena Foissac

    Su mejor canción, lindisima música del recuerdo, nunca la olvidamos

  38. Mr Pumpkink

    my friends won 400$ in fortnite winter royale!!!!!!!!

  39. Jason Herrera

    When school is delayed

  40. joe gonzalvez

    Trump 🇷🇺 got impeached, it's time for celebration 🎵 🎶🍻🎊 🎉🎊 🎉🎉🎊 🎉🎉🎉 🎉


    Actually The house only votes for the President to be impeached. The impeachment is done by a Supreme Court Justice in the Senate. It helps if you know the law. Articles of Impeachment are only Articles. Your like someone who celebrates dinner when you only got the idea to have dinner with someone else and they have not received your offer to explain to them why they are meeting for dinner. The other party may still refuse and if you never send the invitation, then it never happens.

    There is an old saying, "Never count your chickens before the eggs hatch." There is another old saying, "He who laughs LAST, laughs BEST." You need to check Trump's approval ratings among Black Americans. In non-coastal states, Less than 15% in 2016 and over 30% today in December 2019. Why are non-coastal states important? Those are the states that Trump won to beat Hillary in 2016 and his ratings improved in them over the last two years. New York and California do not matter as Trump would never get those wins, so ignore them from the statistics. Our family did not vote for Trump in 2016 but we will be voting for Trump in 2020. I was born in 1966 and a Democrat from age 18.

    I worked for years for a Lawyer who was also a Democrat and a City Councilman in our city. He says Trump will be reelected in 2020 and the impeachment will fail because they never proved he committed High Crimes or Misdemeanors. Quid Pro Quo is not a crime. Obama, Biden, Clinton, Both Bush's and every President in history has done Quid Pro Quo's. It is also not illegal for a sitting president to ask a foreign president to start or restart to investigate corrupt American politicians that were actively preventing investigations in their nation. Our family will vote for Pro-American jobs, Pro-American Farmers, Pro-Border Security, Pro-Law and Order, Pro-International Fair Trade and Anti-Illegal Migration. This means we are voting for President Trump in 2020.

    simple heart

    When Hillary Clinton and crime cabal go to Guantanamo...or hell. Truly time to celebrate!

  41. mattratt512

    To the commenters, you all 🎸.

  42. Purple Moon477

    When exams are over and vacations start:

  43. Dian Melinda

    When school is done

  44. Lan Phương Nguyễn


    Me when i get an A+ in college:

  45. Don't Subscribe

    When the pregnancy test comes out negative

  46. The Soviet Union

    When Trump is impeached

    CoolHub Beats

    That's why I'm here 😁

    Cheryl Bedu-Addo

    Saaaaaaaaaame bro 😂😂😂


    I found myself hearing this music often, it's very good and the way the mans in the video are just happily groovin makes it even better

  48. Hector Reyes

    Donald Trump is impeached!!

  49. Lo Mein

    Me today

  50. Daniel Restrepo

    Donald trump is getting impeached

  51. weatherednboston

    Time to Celebrate!

  52. Johnny Smith

    Trump's just been officially Impeached - let's celebrate!

  53. MistressOnABeat

    Trump's Impeachment Day!

  54. joseph johnson

    When Trump got impeached!

  55. Michael Els

    Who's here after Trump's Impeachment?

  56. Pinochet

    When Trump is Impeached

    Maria Rojas

    Que wea Pinocho vo acá?


    When Bernie Sanders looses 🎶🎵🎶

    Shane Carlson

    And acquitted in the Senate!

  57. Kokichi Ouma

    When Donald Trump is impeached

  58. Peaceful Dusk


    Tom vdM

    Peaceful Dusk Who cares? He’s still President. Dems just ensured his re-election!! Looking forward to liberal tears in 2020

  59. I Trxtxn I

    When Trump got impeached

  60. Caro Line

    Oh ya know why we all here today

  61. Andrew James

    Trump's impeachment brought me here.

  62. Lightning Racer

    Who is here for Trump's impeachment?

    Lo Mein

    I’m here for it!!! Party time


    The What?

    Pales Gensler

    I was looking for that comment.


    You mean the Democrat's ongoing effort to install Pence as president?

  63. Michael Persico

    Trumps finally impeached.

    Tom vdM

    Michael Persico But he’s still President bitches🇺🇸🇺🇸

  64. Rolland Goodwin

    Celebrating Trump impeachment🇺🇸


    Don't mind me! being a british, drinking tea and watching this unfold.

    Cheryl Bedu-Addo

    @Sanity I like your attitude, I'm not british but I'm with you lololol

  65. Adrian Dezendegui

    Playing this now with Trump Impeachment.... And later death

  66. squirrely

    When trump got impeached

  67. KICK it to the curb

    Playing this coz I heard Trump got impeached lmao

  68. Still Ill

    When Donald Trump is impeached

  69. RCP Pilot


  70. Quinn Mackay-Smith

    When Donald Trump is impeached.

  71. Samuel Silva

    When you bet and gain the lottery

  72. Maurizio Magagnoli

    Fantastica !!! Mauri Varese Italia w la disco Mauri chiamatemi discotecomani Varese Italia mauri 58 io c'ero !!

  73. Arlene Tognetti

    Kool and the GANG are the best And we need their music today, 2019: Keep up stay up and celebrate that we have the uplifting music of bands like Kool and the Gang! BRAVO~!

  74. Joshua Bowser

    Trump has been re-elected!!

    Celebrate good times come on!

  75. josephine nzisa

    When school s are closed for holidays

  76. Joe Harley

    Real Music.. No Auto-Tune... Look at all of those Horns. ...

  77. JaCkSoN

    Every news media outlet after the Trump impeachment

  78. Denton Scheibal

    When Donald Trump has finally been impeached.

  79. Kössi Kössinen

    When the electricity comes back after a power outage

    Adams Mohammed

    are you a Nigerian?

    Kössi Kössinen

    Yes portugal

    Adams Mohammed

    I know right .🤣😂

  80. oprah_did_9/11

    Star wars is dead.

  81. long h

    Omg i found it finally


    Congratulations !!! You can celebrate it now !!!

  82. Matias Piredda

    Logan Paul: **Loses against KSI and quits forever**

    Everyone with at least 2 braincells: 0:00

  83. MJ Teoxon [natat]

    *When furries are gone*

  84. KittenCronic

    Me when i complete a redstone project on minecraft:

  85. chan HAZI

    Is there anyone listening in December of 2019?
    I'm 28 years old now,
    Not the chaotic darkness like now
    I feel a wonderful time with hope in the future.

    Lo Mein

    chan HAZI impeachment day yay

  86. StevenXr8Boss1

    or....when the kids finally leave home, WOOHOO!!!

  87. StevenXr8Boss1

    When that asshole from work got fired

  88. Preston G

    the whole school when the annoying kid finally gets expelled:


    When you find out you won the lottery.

  90. OneChance !

    When the salary day arrive

  91. Ronny Jr

    When you eat sugar and your momma never realised

  92. The Scarecrow

    who is here because passed any sort of school exam or finals and wanted to celebrate

  93. Wicky Woo

    Mormons busted for stealing 100 Billion dollars by the IRS.... hahahahaahahahahahahaahahah

  94. LiamGamer TV

    Playing this on the way home on the last day of school

  95. German Azurin

    When you finished your last final

  96. Simron Biswas

    my lit teacher plays this before every test so that ten years down the line, we’ll hear this song and instinctively shudder

  97. Eduardothereal

    When Morgz deletes his channel

    Fortnite Chapter 2


    Fortnite Chapter 2

    Praise the lord