Kool & The Gang - Summer Lyrics

Takin' a walk, summer nights
In the park
Old friends, checker games
Down the street, stickball playin'
Chill, to the beach
I can't beat the heat
So I hit the streets

Ooh, summer
Ooh, summer

Ooh, summer
Ooh, summer

Ooh, summer
Ooh, summer

Ooh, summer
Ooh, summer
Ooh, summer

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Kool & The Gang Summer Comments
  1. Bella Bella

    I've been looking for this song for many years, thank you for posting it! Best chill music 👌🖤 they're hardly play this on the radio.

  2. Elyse Morris

    wow, this is absolutely beautiful <3

  3. valyo kolev

    Summer 2019 in Primorsko

  4. Moto Channel Mexico

    Mmmmmm that ones like gravy baby. Have you ever eaten from those hot dog joints? Banditos or something downtown I was over there the other night with a fistfull of coupons eatin me some hotdogs fifteen or so when I met this beautiful woman she was a fan of this show and boy did I put a nickel in her love machine. It was Summer Madness. Crazy fingers all night long and in the morning I played her this.

  5. Ray Goss

    This song has better lyrics than most 2019 songs

  6. junior

    Man what a song just makes you think this is the kind of music I’m into some old school jazz

  7. wingbull2009

    This song sounds absolutely garbage on Sony MDR 7506. There's some kind of fucky phaser put in the audio

  8. Nik and Stein

    Right after work chill, never enough.....

  9. 805 Livin

    I used to drive my car to the beach early in the mornings every Saturday before sunrise and play this song on repeat while waiting for the sun to rise don’t know why I ever stopped doing that

  10. Justin Gunn

    Baby Boy

  11. EndrTheHentaiGod 24

    Just here cuz of Dilla, but I recognized this sample almost automatically

  12. myah walcott

    RIP NIP LA will never be the same...💙🏁

  13. xDenis

    vice city is 24K these days...

  14. I’m a degenerate 6969

    I’m vibin

  15. Ttigger

    Its not for girl 😏

  16. Jora Gameplay

    Grand Theft Auto Vice City ahhh nostalgia

  17. Jordan Westfield

    Use headphones a mustt

  18. Preference for Fbbs'

    Here because of Rocky.

  19. Pierre B

    c'est comme si on connecer pas

  20. Nasty Nas

    Patient: You gotta help me Doc, I... I have anxiety.
    Doctor: I've got just the thing for that.(hits play)

  21. Joe Lopez

    Slow Joe 🐢, relaxing Music Amen

  22. Steve Kalba

    Good follow up song is Walking in Rhythm by the Blackbyrds

  23. ReelGirl 8

    ZETA-4 WZTA 94.9 Miami radio station's Sunday Smooth Jazz program Sign-off song.

    (I can't be the only one who remembers...)

  24. xXJohnBlazeXx

    Zone out forget about everything if not just for a few minutes

  25. loco81cris

    why is that there's a gun shop in almost every corner in this comunity? [...] why? they want us to kill ourselves

  26. DV THE FOX

    GTA Vice City memories...

  27. BlueDecember06

    0:47 This moment when you realize somehow that you have heard this sound effect many times some edm musics or hip-hop beats / instrumentals

  28. Tommy Vercetti VC

    Fever 105

  29. Ky Minaj

    Driving to this song fast af , high af on gta is the smoothest feeling in the world!

    Alysia Alvarado

    not even in gta,, real life too!!

  30. Sproduce Beats

    This was the first song I ever sampled so it has a special place

  31. Humberto Da Costa

    A veces me subo al techo de mi casa a fumar un cigarro y pongo este sonido mientras aprecio la noche

  32. Sergio Garcia

    Tony hawk project 8 y gta vice City
    Escuchando esto bien astral
    Como se debe admirar una obra de arte

  33. Rafael Coria

    I wasn't born yet when this song came out, I luv the style of it the way that sounds, sounds smoooooooth relaaaaaaax music oooohhhh yyyyeeeeaaaahhhh.

  34. Travis Bishop

    I’m here because of a old Lebron James commercial that had this song in it! He was in a pool if anybody remembers


    Play this song smoke the joint and fucking enjoy the best moment of your life 🤘

    Peter C

    With you brother 😎

  36. Travis Smith

    Can't wrap my head around people that disliked this music?!

  37. Lil Phanta

    Best Beat to smoke to 🔥💨

  38. guesswho 22891

    I want to get high

  39. Peter C

    This tune soothes my soul and stimulates my brain Magic is in the air 🎶🎵❤️

  40. Thomas Williams

    its awesome until the horrible sound at 2:19 comes along.

  41. Hector Hawthorn

    Rocky 1 beginning when hes in his room..this playing on the radio.i wondered who sang it foreve.amazingness

  42. Rocka tansky

    Hard to believe this beautiful song was from 1974 !. It could have been released yesterday.
    Definately a song before it's time, and timeless.

  43. Xi DIAMOND

    Just heard this on radio

  44. ERnurse Blondie

    This song makes me feel like I can do anything....even if I can’t. This is the one song that every human should be required to listen to at least once! I get my daily fix!

  45. Andrew Law

    This song has Los Angeles, California writing all over it😍

    Seven Six Os Finest760

    All of Socal homie 😎

  46. rodneybriones


  47. Tyrone Brezell

    Music is medicine

  48. James Hampton

    Man, that's so good.


    black people are the flavor of everything

  50. Anthony Pena

    Imagine making love to this

  51. Christine Applegatec

    My father made a lot of sense most of the time. Time spent with Dad was cool!

  52. Erick Rishel


  53. freshdebesh

    I had this on repeat in my Cadillac on a rare, wet and rainy Friday night driving through the west side of LA and I felt blessed to be able to have this experience 🙏🏾

  54. Mark Love Law

    Man back.in the day, i could smoke one and drive all the way to Dallas just to turnaround and drive back. Playing this over and over. IN That ZONE !!!

  55. Johnathan Myers

    I never knew soul music had a "progressive" subgenre!


    I heard a piece of this song in babyboy didn't even know kool and the gang made this 🐐

  57. HashBandicoot

    "See this turtle food had more flies in it than moths..."

  58. FlameMarine _20


  59. Gian Franco Palatucci

    for better taste speed 0.75 and full bass

  60. soo seductive

    This song make you wanna smoke 💨 a blunt and think about life

  61. BananaGuy951

    *Children please, have a seat.*

  62. Lisa Nelson

    Listen to this when i use to load my mail truck it really smooth the soul

  63. ThePreachie

    Soulful Transcendence

  64. RedElephantStampede

    Rocky knew what was up

  65. manuel gneco

    Lebron James comercial.

  66. Mr Blue

    LeBron swimming pool commercial anyone?

  67. Nikola Marinkovic

    I want to read the comments when i hear this song..

  68. Unknown49 Gaming

    Makes me think of Baby Boy anyone else?

  69. izzy dt

    Rocky Brought me here ..... watched it first when I was 10 y/o

  70. Chad Williams

    Anyone remember this from Rocky?

  71. Abderr Aïzi

    its all about the bassline in the beginning❤❤❤❤


    coming from comment in Vanilla - Summer

  73. Black House

    Im a 70s baby... Still banging this 🔥 in 2019... 70s babies stand up!!!

  74. M Block Koof

    Will Smith samples sampled this foe summertime

  75. Marcus Vinicius Revermar Moledo Raimundo

    Vanilla - Summer brought me here.

  76. Ege Çağan

    i don't know if it's because i am too high right now but man , it's so orgasmic.

  77. Ruben Rodriguez

    My absolute favorite song ever since forever, turn it up.

  78. Lorenzo Sammarco

    If u like this u have soul.....if u dont like it....god bless u

  79. الزعيم الحصري

    This is so so captivating

  80. Piotr Stankiewicz

    I love that

  81. Макло


  82. CoyoteEnix

    Tony Hawk's Project 8. Yeah?
    VC as well...
    Gonna reimagine all of this...

  83. Cyclone Warrior

    0:48 sounds like Quincy Jones Ironside

  84. Damon

    Takes me back to 2002, the simpler times

  85. Rami Yako

    Summer madness with a marijuana joint = sleep aid REALLY RIGHT

  86. Mario Mitchell

    This song makes me wanna do homework

  87. Chapo x ABK

    Such a accurate discription

  88. Juan Febres

    Anthem of the Kool

  89. charles the entertainer 2

    Vice city

  90. Brandon Garcia

    bruh I love kidz bop 27

  91. Peter The Healer

    It is as surrealistic today as it was back in 1974.😎


    Got my Bose ear bugs on music sound great back in the days

  93. Quintin Groves

    Good content this is a classic Q food reviews god bless

  94. Moni

    Tony Hawk Project 8 Anyone?

  95. Win Cup

    Why there is no song like this anymore?