Kool & The Gang - Stone Love Lyrics

Girl, the first time we met, it took me by surprise
Ooo girl, you walked into my life with those street corner blues
You were living in the fast lane, much to my surprise, baby
But I fell for you anyway, I'm addicted to your love, girl

Hey, stone love, solid as a rock
I'm in love with you, baby
Stone love, solid as a rock

Girl, our love is so unique, it's one of a kind
And girl, whenever we kiss it's like a natural high
But we're living in the fast lane, red lights flashing, baby
Will we ever change the way we are? Stone love girl

Oh, stone love, solid as a rock
Stone love, solid as a rock

The life we live is a challenge
Always standing on the edge
May not be the best way but that's all we know
'Cause I don't wanna live my life alone no

Oh, stone love baby
I've got you, yes, I've got you
Got you under my skin, yeah, yeah

Stone love, solid as a rock
That's the way we are, baby
Stone love, together forever

Solid as a rock, the woman in my arms
Stone love, solid as a rock
Ooo baby

May not be the best way but that's all we know
'Cause I don't wanna live my life alone no

La la la la la, stone love
La la la, stone love, stone love
La la la la la, stone love
La la la, stone love, stone love
(Oh love, you're my love)

La la la la la, stone love
La la la, stone love
(You are every thing I wanted baby)
La la la la la, stone love
La la la, stone love, stone love
(Yeah, something about stone love baby)

La la la la la, stone love
(It's about me and you, stone love)
La la la, stone love, stone love

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Kool & The Gang Stone Love Comments
  1. Brian Bergstrom

    Ageless and timeless...

  2. sugar smith

    Always remember this song RIP CIZ

  3. Zohir Zouaoui

    La classe à l'état pure ' !! Ça me fait penser à la bonne époque.. 2020 est toujours aussi bon..

  4. Luzdivina Werner

    I just in Love with his voice and he is sexy too.love u jt. Kool and THE gäng.💋💔

  5. Karim Gateau

    Beautiful…..From  Paris ( France )

  6. Chidosaurus Dex

    Jojolion ed please

  7. B Classen

    Jt Taylor idgaf he's as old school as Maurice White........love them both!!!!!!!

  8. Lionel Kennedy

    Dennis Thomas is probably my favorite member of the group. What a character and he always has the cool hats 😎

  9. Lionel Kennedy

    JT has an awesome voice. One of the best falsettos I've ever heard.

  10. Lionel Kennedy

    This was a great comeback song for Kool & The Gang. I remember when this song came out and it is a banger!! They were on a bit of a hiatus before this dropped.


    I love you all KTG

  12. Alejandra Correa ramos

    Dic 2019???. Taylor

  13. Aimar Gaming MX

    The Best song ever of kool & the Gang 😎👊🏼

  14. Chris Caban

    God bless the 80s



  16. 紫垣顕

    K&G 最高❗️

  17. Abel Preda

    Comone m'y baby😘😘😘😚😚😚😚😔😔😔😔💖💋❤

  18. Abel Preda


  19. aaaaaaaaa4564564

    Slovakia?! I love this song. So nostalgic for me. Tghs is my childhood! 😪😪😁😁😍😍🤩🤩

  20. Abel Preda

    Yes yes yes yes. ..........👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💖💋💋💋✌🖐😔

  21. Abel Preda

    Stone loooove! Trop yes c'est tout m

  22. Ralph Richards

    Make America Kool Again.

  23. Ngoako Kgathi

    Love this tune!

  24. Blane Goggin

    JTT has such a bad ass voice. Looking back at songs like this makes me want to cry and party at the same time. We’ll never see musicians like this again.

  25. Sir Lion


  26. casen lemafé

    que devient le chanteur de kool and the gang ?


    Merci, cette chanson à changer ma vie.... Elle transport très haut... vraiment grand merci.

  28. Eric Mersch

    Un bonheur j'adore j'adore

  29. Latonda Spencer

    Cool ass group 😎 I miss this kind of music! Take me back to those spring breaks Thanks Kool and the Gang and people stop saying there wasn't any Americans at live aid video cause this group rep thanks

  30. Helio marcos Santos

    Música maravilhosa..dancei muito...stone love....oh saudades dos anos 80s

  31. sofia's world

    Great band ever

  32. Lety Aguilar

    Like me much; good Song; wioow

  33. johnny castillo

    Bad ass music will live forever

  34. Jono Pillay

    Still listening 2019

  35. Franck JVR

    En Français 🇫🇷 tomber amoureux 🥰

  36. Zouli Mounir

    I love kool and his gang

  37. Giuseppe Marino

    James Taylor is the Voice greetings from Germany

  38. Cocoa Femme


  39. Danica Abboud

    Brings back great memories saw them in concert years ago they have so many great hits

  40. Laurent Layani

    40 ans de bonheur en écoutant du fynck

  41. Leonard Green

    I love this song this was the last of Kool and the Gang songs that I heard in the 80s I lost track of them after this came out. An amazing band/group.

  42. Jean Philipe

    The Best

  43. Alexandra Torres

    Gato canta nota 1000 além de ser sexy

  44. Martin Budesheim

    🎤🏵🎤🎗🎤🎹🎤🏵🎤🎹🎼🎤🎺🎷🎤🎹🎤🎤🏅🥇🏆🎤🎼🎹🎼🎷🎤🎤ich liebe 💖 alles von , der Music Martin , ich liebe 💖 alles von Kool and The Gang It is super 👍

  45. Moddie Seven

    One of my favorite feel good songs from back in the day. Absolutely love this Video, hadn't seen it in ages. Thank you, youtube!! Thank you very much.

  46. BLBM

    I've loved this song since I was a kid. I wish men returned to singing about the joy of love like this.

  47. Fabrice Goblet Kosniewski

    Que de souvenirs.I love you so much Kool and the Gang.

  48. Alexandra Torres

    A melhor de 1000

  49. GoogleLeviticus19-29

    i'm working on my computer while hearing this song next think I know
    i catch myself shaking my body in my chair, singing along without
    even trying ...... that's the power of this cool music.

  50. Cesare Maria


  51. Agueda Rojas

    El es ÚNICO......!!

  52. Nourdine Mezrar

    Lalala stone love ! 😉👍🕺🎤🎶🎵.. memories Dance floor..

  53. Narvia Williams

    💐J.T. Taylor and Kool & The Gang💐

  54. Paulette Sims

    This was another solid jam by Kool & The Gang.... ❤️

  55. Bleb Han

    Kool and the Gang had an album in the charts every single year from 1969-1986. Amazing!

  56. Bert The Nerd

    This is totally "not my style" kinda music , but the energy, joy and sunny atmosphere that's in this clip made it a classic. I still remember the first time I saw it on TV in a rock (!) program 30 years ago, called Rox Box, presented by the legendary Ray Cokes .... great times ....

  57. ellipsec01

    Why can’t music be FUN again like this song! Today’s music - garbage in/garbage out for music. These guys were brilliant musicians.

  58. anita phillip

    I Love the part that says, "whenever we Kiss its like a natural high". It reminds me of someone I kissed and thats exactly the feeling i get. I never want the Kiss to end.

  59. ellipsec01

    My favorite from them.

  60. Tashia Wilson

    This song is so Beautiful and Refreshing 😍😍😍😍

  61. robert neal

    My friends Lester W. and Chuck W. use to jam to JT and the gang.

  62. Alden R. Davis

    Love their music, still loving and listening to this song in 2019 with the old school power of MTV 🎶🎤😎🎵✨💫🎧🎼❤️✌🏿

  63. Karl Smith

    Made so many great tunes, great band, great music great times

  64. Fabrice Guay

    Mr James Taylor , respect !!!!

  65. Fabrice Guay

    Ça c' est le vrai Kool and the gang , avec un vrai chanteur !!!!

  66. anthony chiulli

    FRESH !!!!!!

  67. anthony chiulli

    Kool & gang 💥⭐️🏆

  68. anthony chiulli

    Them & SHALAMAR best groups.

  69. Chiquita Green

    2019 looking at my playlist and I didn't have this song.

  70. Mike Greene

    This shit flies!

  71. Verona Mohammed

    Always love this band

  72. Nia Skye

    J.T The Sexiest Man with The Most Beautiful and Sexiest Voice in the Music Industry.....So Wrong he never received all the Credit he deserved.....But He's Still My favorite...#1..
    Love J.T..😚❤💘

    Der Giesser

    🙏🙏🧡🧡🧡🧡...please walk into my Life..........😜

  73. D train 31

    Lalalalala stone love, c est ma préférée du groupe !!

  74. Floxy

    La la la la la stone love
    La la la stone love, stone love
    Talkin’ bout stone love babe , bout you and me girl.....This is back then when music was music, not the noise and profanity today they call music. JT Taylor the golden voice l love you forever. Thank you Kool And The Gang for good music and raw talent over the decades!

    D train 31

    On aime le même passage we like the same moment


    La music est universelle et éternelle

    D train 31

    @Floxy tu merites une soirée année 80!!:😘


    Je jure

  75. William Crew

    Rockin' the Stone Love in 2019

  76. Steve Birks

    "All I want is forvever" JTs duet with Regina Belle is our tune - PB & Mine - And are those windows same from "all I want is forever" is it the same locactiion for video ?

  77. Steve Birks

    Love Kool & the Gang ! - Started listening to them when I was 18 back in 1979 ! - Used to get the 12" versions where possible ? - Their music stood out from the rest of the 'Disco music that flooded our shores back then !
    As well as getting their new releases - I started search the guys back catalogue - Which was not easy back then - No Web to guide your way ! ...

  78. Hennessy Kwehnah

    couple of times they came to LIBERIA and the floors were always fill.
    thank GOD for the decade of the 80"s

  79. Catherine Bossi

    I Love his voice, I would give anything to hear him sing this to me. Love the dance moves too

  80. Luci Johnson

    Our society

  81. eddietools


  82. GENJAX X14

    The 80's was the shit!!!!(mic drop)

  83. Martin Budesheim

    In Love the best Music , vor me , Martin ampire Music okay Germany

  84. neurologists roberts channel


  85. waxwarrior03

    frankly this is the best cut on their Forever LP, most of the cuts on that album sound too sappy and groove-less, and are not in the same caliber as they delivered on Celebrate, Light of the World, Wild & Peaceful, Something Special, Spirit of the Boogie or even In The Heart... JT and Spike Mickens left after Forever, and much weaker fully digitalized Sweat was released in 1989.

  86. Karim Naous

    Best music

  87. shearglory

    Now This is my Jam! ” Stone Love” our Kool and The Gang. I know children think I am going back in time, U Tube. I listen Over and over!
    There is a Natural Friendship and Family. And we can see and feel that special Natural Love Of being together and in your music !

  88. Samia Yahia Cherif

    2019.....??? 2030... et encore !

    Der Giesser

    Please walk into my Life....🙏🧡

  89. Raimundo Nazareno Teixeira Guerreiro Junior


  90. Lillark Williams

    JT Taylor you are still jammin February 2019 yoyr music forever timless. So is that smile

  91. Mali Force

    2019 forever

  92. Mark Salazar

    JT is a legend and the founder of Kool & the Gang as the 2nd leader in 1979.

  93. Adaimy Puentes

    Amo esta canción.Bravo.

  94. Alfalfa Jones

    One of the MOsT Talented,Truest True Greats of the INDUSTRY!!!!

    Now let sum Completely Untalented Psycho Psychotic NOBODY run around here with that "Sold his Soul" to the "Devil" BULLSHIT..!

  95. Trey Meynig

    This song is very 1987

  96. Brenda Garrett

    2019..a stone love of my own... can't live without him...


    toujours aussi bon d"écouter ça