Kool & The Gang - Heaven At Once Lyrics

Kool, you know I've been thinkin'
What do we need to make things
Better in the world today

You know that's a beautiful thought
We need peace, we need unity
We need peace for you and me

You know because we are so blind
We can't see, we cannot see the creator of a tree
The creater of a bee, the creator of you and me

What are you doin' to make things better
Well, you see we are scientists of sound
We're mathematically puttin' it down

And you know we're tryin' to find the key to the light
What do you mean by the key to the light
Well, brother you see, from the darkness came the light

We need that light to find peace and unity
Because there's so much illusion and confusion
So much destruction, so much corruption

What could I do
Well, you know that's why we have to save the children
Because you're gonna play a very important part

So you must continue to strive and bring this peace and unity
Because there's only way we can find heaven
Through peace and unity

Would that be heaven?
Yes, you know that would be heaven at once

Heaven at once, ooh heaven
Heaven at once, ooh heaven
Heaven at once
Heaven at once
Ooh heaven, heaven at once

Yes, it would be heaven at once

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Kool & The Gang Heaven At Once Comments
  1. Lester Jordan

    Even More in 2019

  2. Artur Sharafyan

    A song that makes you cry is good song

  3. THE M&M MAN

    In 2019, we are still searching for the key to the light. It is essential for us to instill honor, dignity and a desire to thrive in all our children. They are the future of tomorrow.

  4. Treyvor Clyburn

    Kool & the Gang great at both Jazz and funk

  5. Chad Kelham

    Gotta love 2:15...that’s where the real magic of this track begins

  6. Mary Hurtado

    I think this is my second best song of Kool & the Gang Heaven at once it's awesome and it's so real because I'm where succeed under our kids are going to be here in this world that has gotten so awful and our grandkids and then my first song of Kool & the Gang is Summer Madness so those are my two favorites I know they did ladies night and they did a lot of other things but those are the two best albums that I had I always love cool in the game they've been out for since the seventies and that's when I was growing up I was born 1956 so I've been around the block with all these bands and back so may God bless peace out.🎵🎵🎵♥️♥️♥️🎼🎼🎼🎶🎶🎶🎷🎷🎷🎸🎸🎸

    henry clemons

    I think you got it...Mary

  7. henry clemons

    stillin2018 and beyond

  8. Mary Hurtado

    Yeah when this album first came out Kool & the Gang Heaven at once I was only 17 years old my daughter was 1 years old I am 62 now and I still love this song so much and I love music so much and the words to this song is so so real because our kids after we pass away they're going to be on this Earth today and it's Heaven at once peace and unity so much destruction so much corruption Heaven at once these are awesome I was so awesome if you ever can download Summer Madness that was their best song ever

    steven gordon

    Mary Hurtado I'm right with you!

    maurice smith

    Very well said

    Mary Hurtado

    steven gordon am I not lying or what I remember when this song came out it was 1973 I was only 19 years old I am 63 years old today these messages of Music won't back in the day when we were 19 and 20 they made so much sense you know and that is going to be our granddaughters and great-granddaughters in this world when were six feet under can you imagine that they're just barely having their babies and how life has been so Grace and so self-destruction it's terrible I hate it but what can you do about it you know it's like Donald Trump I wish they would have sassinating him than Kennedy because you know what he treats people like shit he is the races motherfucker in the world and that is true that's why I say peace and unity Heaven at once I love this song I wish more people would really turn into this

  9. a century of black music

    amazing piece

  10. Roc Jackson

    Man...this jam still sounds great after all these years.. This is soul-stirring music..

  11. pablo tores

    " Sit yourself in Heaven at Once" Master W.F. Muhammad

  12. George Villanueva

    I was in seventh grade when I first her this song ,my older brother bought the album and this song is even more relevant today as it was when. I first listen to it...Positive Vibes y'all

  13. Moises Corral

    ....I went from Final Fantasy music, to Lo-Fi, to this... I love my taste in music. 😊

    Elijah Smith

    been evolving

  14. Futuristic Concepts

    ahhh back in the day man. back in the day. thanx for posting.

  15. Kurtis Blow

    The album cut that never was a single - you have to be a real fan to know this one - What a great group that actually taught me so much. Thank You Robert Kool Bell and Buzzy!!!

    steven gordon

    Kurtis Blow Well said man.

    Wahid Bayyan

    You are absolutely right,Heaven at Once was never released as a single. I think that the solos that my brother Khalis/Ronald on Soprano Sax,and Robert Spike Mickens on the Trumpet are still two of my favorite solo's performed by them both. Peace my brother.

    henryhansun Beats

    Thanks to you both for making my childhood memorable. The first time I heard this song, I was maybe about 14. The beginning horn piece is something I whistle all of the time.

    Bon Voyage

    @Kurtis Blow, it would have been a single release "if you ruled the world" while I got infected with Rap when i heard you the first time as young kid and was totally blown away. Krush Groove ..

  16. Wahid Bayyan

    Wow "Heaven At Once" on the "Wild and Peaceful" album. I was around 12 or 13 and the first time that I went to the studio with my brothers. We went in around 6:00 pm and after about six hours I fell asleep on a piano bench and around midnight I was given a chance to be on what turned out to be Kool And The Gang's 1st Gold Album. "Wild And Peaceful".That's me and my big brother Kool on "Heaven At Once".The album went Gold but the memories Platinum.

    steven gordon

    Man thanks for sharing that. I bought the album and 8 track and rode with my little cuz listening. I would do the Kool part and he would be you.

    Wahid Bayyan

    steven gordon I'm sorry for just now reading this post about you and your little cousin and yet it still managed to touch my heart. Thanks for sharing that memory.

    Keith Hunt

    WOW! What a great memory. Philly artists have always been putting it down. I'm glad you were able to experience it first hand. Peace and Blessings to You, Robert 'Kool' Bell and the GANG!


    I love dialog the questions of the youth to the big brother and the answers its so genuine. Thank you brothers for one of many beautiful truth touching songs with a positive message. It holds true today 46 years later "Thats the only way you can find heaven is through peace and unity" Would that be heaven YES heaven at Once!

    Shaheed Turner

    I love this unforgettable track from the album Wild and Peaceful from Kool & The Gang classic Heaven At Once I haven’t heard it in a long time!!!! A great track to listen to pay attention to what’s going on in the world today like corruption, peace, love, unity and make this world a better place in our hearts and minds!!!! It’s the best classic song ever!!!! Thanks for posting this video!!!!! I love it!!!! I love the 70s!!!! Can you dig it!!!!!!

  17. 215Christ

    shout to newark nj for producing this band of brothas...

  18. Timothy P. Green

    This song still makes me cry. Then I get over it and feel that beautiful free jazz solo at the end. Genius track

    steven gordon

    Thank you Robert Spike Mickens. RIP

  19. Vink 420

    The scientists of sound putting it down !

    Charles Lucas

    Dropping it down mathematically as usual. One of my favorite groups.

  20. The sweez knees

    amaaaaaazing song

  21. Zombie Rofl

    Underrated song period.

  22. Darrell Swinson

    That's the great group and an awesome album!

  23. Bahamas Soul Radio

    serious stuff from Kool ,real real musicians not fake but real. DJ EXPAT

  24. lavon1A

    Thank you. Just beautifil

  25. steven gordon

    Listen to this with my little cuz....just loved this one.Thanks for posting

  26. Gary Ransome

    This is an awesome group!! I'm from Philly, and I used to see them at the now defunct "Sex Machine" on 52nd St in West Philly back in the '70's. Also used to see them at cabarets and house parties along with members of Mandrill and other groups, such as the Del-fonics, The Intruders and the like. This is the music I grew up with, thanks so much for posting this. Peace

  27. WorldGroovesVidz


  28. SuperXavier30

    @manteca62 ,.It really takes a certain mindset to get all the ingredients right, some 4 decades later we still celebrate this masterpiece.

  29. oliverecords

    I'm not a specialist at all, but, who ordered Malcolm X's assassination?

    Charles Lucas

    J. Edgar Hoover and his gang and some members from then Mosque # 25 along with the N.Y.P.D.

  30. SuperXavier30

    @French1966,.. Indeed!..Kool & The Gang have spanned the decades and pleased so many audiences with their positive & joyful Music. Appreciated!

  31. French1966

    Un des innombrables standards d'un groupe qui aura traversé 5 générations et fait danser des millions de personnes à travers la planète.
    Morceau de 1973 extrait d'un album sublime appelé "Wild and Peaceful" que du bonheur.

  32. SuperXavier30

    @derekhouston4,..Classic line, way before the Rap game!

  33. SuperXavier30

    @jimy0803,..The true beauty of “real music” my Friend!..Cheers!

  34. jimy0803

    the horns at the end are so soothing...

    steven gordon

    jimy0803 and they are real!

  35. SuperXavier30

    @azjoemex,..say it loud my Friend!..Thanks for passing by!

  36. Edgar

    Everybody probably already knows, but it just has to be said that Gilles Petersons famous Worldwide tune is at 0:59

  37. SuperXavier30

    @samvt ,Just glad you enjoyed!..Cheers!

  38. samvt

    thanks for uploading this!!!!!!!!

  39. SuperXavier30

    @fagaret ,As simplistic as that sounds,you're absolutely right!

  40. SuperXavier30

    @musicminor25 Agree and Appreciate!!

  41. Tommie

    @SuperXavier30 Brother, I still do!!! Thanx for responding.

  42. SuperXavier30

    @7SEVEN7ification Sounds like you had a great soundtrack in your life back then!

  43. Tommie

    Oh Yeah!!! Gettin' ready 2 grad from HS. Many memories!!!!

    Roc Jackson

    Tommie i

  44. trademark1874

    Reaally nice upload, SX!

  45. SuperXavier30

    @FunkyNu75 Cheers Mate, this tune is so

  46. SuperXavier30

    Not a problem,The album is a Masterpiece without a filler, but for me it's all about the underplayed slower gems like this!...Thanks.