Konshens - Protect Me Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Man deh a road everyday
Road every night
A hustle fi the food fi mi kids appetite
Never take a break, flight to flight
Mi aim haffi higher than the Ifle height
So mi haffi get going
Yeah mi naw sit down
Nuh worry bout which gyal waan gi bun
No time fi jail suh mi nuh waan the gun
Plus like too sweet and mi nuh waan hi done

Protect me, protect me, protect me
Keep me free from Satan powers
Suh the pagans nuh get me

Jah-Jah protect me, protect me, protect me
Show me the real from the fake
Jah mi never know badmind suh deadly

[Verse 2:]
Jah-Jah cover me
Jah watch over mi
The mountains high
And the low valley
Mi member the days dem when mi don't have hi
Mi never beg a soul
Never see nobody
A you gi mi talent
Bless mi vocally
Fi sing over seas, and sing locally
No time fi watch who hold grudge over mi
Mi know the lady weh birth mi proud a mi


[Verse 1]


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  1. Богдана Полякова

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  2. kendrick caesar

    big tune

  3. Makeva Peters

    jah protect me × on till infinite

  4. Richard Williams

    fi real real tlk konshens


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    please subscribe

  6. Sydoh_ B

    Mo general,,, de Mountain higher and de valley lower
    Keep me from sietan power and pagan

  7. France clarke

    big tune

  8. chris smith

    hustle for kids dem dinner...str888

  9. Doudouh Zech

    hot like 7

  10. pyorty 123

    konshens mad love😍😍